The Tradition, Book One

by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak


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Common Terms for Candles


The term "seed" candle and matches refers to the candle and matches which an individual receives from a leader or church elder. If possible, the candle should never be burned completely nor should all the matches be used; the "seed" candle and matches are usually reserved to multiply more.


The term "bequeath" indicates the action by a church elder or leader in passing on the tradition of the candles and matches.


The leader "bequeaths" the strength and power of the candle through prayer, by lighting his or her own candle with either a Shimjung, Birth or Ae Chun Match and then each member's candle from that flame.

Candles and matches are to be sanctified before they are bequeathed.


In the case of Shimjung and Birth Matches, the leader "bequeaths" matches by praying over each box or book of matches (and if possible placing one match from his or her box in the new box -- not "seed" matches but from boxes of multiplied matches) before giving one to each members inheriting a candle.

Ae Chun Lighters or Matches are bequeathed in a different fashion. Touch either the new lighter or box of matches to the flames of both the Father and Mother Candles during the ceremony.

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The term "inherit" indicates the action by a member in receiving the strength and power of the candles and matches through obtaining his or her own "seed" candle and matches.


The term "multiply" indicates the action by a member who wishes to have more candles and matches to use. This may be done as often as necessary.

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