The Tradition, Book One

by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak


Chapter 11
Unification Church Flag

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The Unification Church flag represents our movement.

The colors of this flag are red and white. Red, the color of the Unification Church symbol, represents power, energy and positivity. White, the background color, symbolizes purity and holiness.

Use of the Flag

As Decoration

It is recommended but not necessary that each national headquarters or church center obtain a flag and (alongside one's national flag, if desired) hang it outside the center. It can be used with a flag pole or hung straight (vertically) down.

A Unification Church flag may be hung to decorate a main hall or room for Sunday service.

A Unification Church flag may be displayed in a prayer room.

Small or large flags may be used to decorate rooms which will host banquets, meetings, etc. At East Garden, small Unification Church flags alternating with flags of different nations are used as decorations for the True Children's birthday celebrations.

By Blessed Families

If blessed families living in their own homes have been presented with a Unification Church flag, they may also wish to display it.

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At Seung Hwa Ceremony

If possible, a Unification Church flag should cover the casket of a blessed member during a Seung Hwa Ceremony and then be buried on top of the casket.

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