The Tradition, Book One

by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak


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Chapter 8
Holy Salt


According to the lunar calendar, March 16, 1960, is the date of our True Parents' Holy Blessing. This was also the day Father created and used Holy Salt for the first time. He used it to sanctify the church hall before the ceremony, and taught its importance at the meeting he held afterward.

After the ceremony, he distributed Holy Salt to those in attendance. He asked those individuals to pass on Holy Salt to members throughout the world.


All things of the environment were created for human beings. Adam and Eve needed a pure environment. Due to the fall, everything was lost and came under Satan. However, God's salvation process focused first on restoring humankind. True Parents are the first true couple in all of history. Until the True Parents were completely installed, God could never concentrate on restoring all things.

According to the Principle, True Parents are the perfected ideal man and woman and the first God-centered ancestors of humankind. Just as Adam and Eve, they need an ideal environment. After True Parents' Holy Blessing, the environment was not yet ideal. In order to purify the environment and all things, therefore, True Father created Holy Salt.

At the meeting after his Blessing, Father gave a portion of Holy Salt to each member present, informing them that when any item was sanctified with Holy Salt, it no longer was part of Satan's dominion

but would instead belong to the sovereignty of God. Through our

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belief in the True Parents and by standing on their foundation of victory over Satan, Holy Salt has the same effect on things when any member of the Unification Church uses it.

The "new heaven and new earth" referred to in the Bible actually began at the time of the True Parents' Holy Blessing. When we use Holy Salt, we become participants in building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. From a providential viewpoint, whenever we use Holy Salt we engage in battle with Satan. We take things from his world and ask God to accept them under His dominion.

Members of the Unification Church need to understand that it is a privilege to be able to use Holy Salt. Each member should be conscious of its meaning. Striving to live spiritual lives, each of us is desperate to become free of Satan. Using Holy Salt, in a very basic way, we obtain some of that freedom.

Father stressed the importance of Holy Salt in his speech entitled, "The Seven Day Fast," given on October 24, 1974.

In our movement we must elevate ourselves to such a standard and in doing that we use Holy Salt to sanctify ourselves. It is not God's intention to have His children use things and eat things stained by satanic control. . . God permitted me to create Holy Salt to sanctify all those things, to bring them into the condition where they are pure enough to be used by His children. . . The value and significance of the Holy Salt is to eradicate or annihilate or exterminate what is satanic, and if you use Holy Salt you are always sanctified.

Those who are assembled here may not have known the importance and the value of the Holy Salt. From now on you must feel that you must always have Holy Salt with you. Up to the present you have not had such a notion.

Choice of Material

Father had to choose a substance which could conditionally purify and sanctify the things of Satan's world and spiritually make them holy even though they would physically look the same. Since salt has traditionally been considered a type of preservative, this was the material he selected.

Duration of This Tradition

After one nation is restored to heavenly sovereignty, the members of our church who reside in that country will no longer need to use Holy Salt; all things will naturally be sanctified.

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The use of Holy Salt will continue, even after the sovereignty of one nation is established, until all people and all things of the creation are under God's dominion.

Multiplying Holy Salt

Members of our church can multiply Holy Salt when necessary. However, it is best for a leader or church elder to multiply Holy Salt for use in the center and divide it among the members.

It is also a good practice for spiritual parents to give or to make Holy Salt for their spiritual children when they first join.

It is suggested that Holy Salt be multiplied on a table or on paper which has been spread on the floor.

Materials Needed to Multiply Holy Salt

One must have a quantity of previously sanctified Holy Salt (referred to here as "seed" Holy Salt), even if it is only a few grains, in order to multiply Holy Salt. A new container of regular salt must also be purchased.

Preparation. Before buying the salt, set a condition to sanctify it or to separate it from the dominion of Satan. Take a minimum of a few grains of Holy Salt to the store and if it is possible, sprinkle them on the carton to be purchased. Silently and discreetly pray that by the strength of Father's original condition of creating Holy Salt, this new salt will allow all things sanctified with it to conditionally come under God's sovereignty.

If the store is crowded or for another reason it is inappropriate or difficult to do this, pray a similar prayer when removing the container of salt from the shelf.

Clean the environment to be used to multiply the salt.


Make seven equal piles of new salt as well as a pile with an equal amount of "seed" Holy Salt.

(Note: If just a few grains of this "seed" Holy Salt are available, the seven piles should also each consist of only a few grains each. Multiply only this small amount at first and go through the same procedure a second time in order to make a greater quantity.)

The "seed" Holy Salt should be in a pile above the new salt. (See diagram 8.1.) The positions shown represent one possible placement

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of "seed" Holy Salt and new salt but are not absolute. Whether the "seed" Holy Salt or piles of new salt are placed in other positions is arbitrary; the important thing is that the piles of "seed" salt and new salt are equal in amount and that there are seven piles of new salt.

Prayer content when multiplying the salt should follow along these lines:

In the name of the Holy Father, Holy Son, Holy Spirit, True Parents, and my name, I pray that this salt win be sanctified and become Holy Salt. May the spirit of Cod and True Parents dwell within it. By Your holy power, allow it to become Holy Salt.

Figure 8-1

8.1. Seven piles of new salt should each be equal in size to the pile of "seed" Holy Salt

8.2. Strew "seed" Holy Salt on each of the seven piles of new salt 8.3. Gather all piles into one; mix it well

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Take some of the "seed" Holy Salt from the pile and hold it in your right hand. Sprinkle it on the seven divided piles of new salt (diagram 8.2). Mix the "seed" Holy Salt into each of the seven piles. Next, mix all the piles together (diagram 8.3). When all the piles are mixed together, the salt becomes Holy Salt.

Don't become overly concerned about how well mixed it is The most important thing is to have a pure attitude and clear understanding of the significance of Holy Salt when performing this procedure.

An additional prayer may be offered, if desired.

Outline. A simplified step-by-step outline of this entire procedure is:

1. Obtain a quantity of "seed" Holy Salt 2. Purchase a container of new salt 3. Clean the environment 4. Make seven equal piles of new salt and one pile of "seed" Holy Salt (refer to diagram) 5. Offer a prayer (according to the content given above) 6. Place "seed" Holy Salt on each of the piles of new salt 7. Mix this "seed" Holy Salt into each pile 8. Mix all piles together 9. Prayer (optional)

Using Holy Salt


There is a basic prayer to offer when sanctifying an item with Holy Salt. Pray "in the name of the Holy Father, the Holy Son, the Holy Spirit, the True Parents, and my name" that this/these item(s) be sanctified and claimed by God. (The actual words "in my name" should be spoken; do not substitute your personal name.)


Following the prayer, either sprinkle Holy Salt two or three times on the item in the form of a cross -- from north to south, east to west or think of forming the cross while sprinkling the Holy Salt three times on a small item (diagram 8.4).

Use of Right Hand. Hold and sprinkle Holy Salt with the right hand.

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Figure 8-4

8.4. Procedure to sanctify an item with Holy Salt

Storing Holy Salt

To insure safe storage, Holy Salt can be kept in an airtight container with a lid; this is not mandatory. Beautiful or ornamental jars are often used to store Holy Salt and then used on altars as decorations.

It may be a good practice for each center or blessed family to keep a minimum of one container of Holy Salt in a public place (e.g., the kitchen) for use in sanctifying items brought into the center or home.

Keep The First Holy Salt Given to You

Every member should keep even a small amount of the first Holy Salt ever given to him or her, either at the time he or she joined or first understood its significance. This Holy Salt should be kept separately and not used to sanctify items on a daily basis. If the supply is large enough, small quantities of it could be used as the "seed" Holy Salt when multiplying Holy Salt.

Carry Holy Salt With You

Father has suggested that it is a good practice to carry a portion of Holy Salt. Since the purpose of carrying Holy Salt is to be able to use it whenever necessary, it is suggested that this not be the Holy Salt originally received.

If desired, place Holy Salt to be carried in a very small jar or a plastic bag which can be pressed flat.

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Use of Holy Salt

Purchased Items

All items purchased for individual, family, or center purposes -- groceries, clothing, furniture, vehicles, etc., should be purified with Holy Salt when brought into the center or home.

On Gifts. Use Holy Salt to sanctify a gift received from a non-member. A member may also wish to use Holy Salt to sanctify a gift received from another member unless he or she specifies that it has already been done.

It is not necessary to sanctify with Holy Salt a gift to be given to a non-member. It may be done if desired, but a conditional prayer specifying that it will be given to a person outside the church should also be offered.


When a person moves into the center, his or her possessions should be sanctified with Holy Salt. Each item does not have to be sanctified individually with Holy Salt; it is acceptable to sanctify some possessions representing all. This should be done only once. After moving to another center, belongings do not need to be purified with Holy Salt a second time.

From that time, the member should sanctify all purchases with Holy Salt.

When associate or home members accept the Principle and understand the significance of Holy Salt, they should begin to sanctify purchases with Holy Salt. Their belongings and home may also be sanctified with Holy Salt in a representative fashion.

Rooms or Areas

Although the following content explains the method of using Holy Salt to sanctify the main room(s) in a building our movement has purchased, this method may also be followed on occasions when a room or area must be cleansed and purified (e.g., in the case of a low spiritual atmosphere, or in preparation for the Three Day Ceremony or Eight Day Dedication Ceremony).

Stand in the center of the room facing north (toward the direction of north) with Holy Salt in your right hand. Follow the same basic prayer included in the section Using Holy Salt: "Prayer," substituting appropriate words where necessary.

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Toss a small quantity of the salt toward the north wall of the room. Next toss the salt to the south, east and west. From the center of the room spread the Holy Salt in a circle as a condition to cover the entire room (diagram 8.5).

Use Holy Salt to sanctify a special area of a room (in which an altar will be placed, for example) in the same manner.

Figure 8-5 (contained in the file TT1-0805.PCX)

8.5. Procedure to sanctify a room with Holy Salt

Building or Property

Buildings and properties which are purchased by our movement or members should be sanctified with Holy Salt as soon as possible, especially if they are used by our movement (i.e., not rented out).

Regardless of whether a building or property will remain under the ownership of our movement, sanctify it with Holy Salt; however, be sure to use a conditional prayer. (See this chapter, section, Removing the Effect of Holy Salt.)

Building. The process described below should be followed when sanctifying with Holy Salt a building our movement has purchased.

When sanctifying a large home or an entire building, it is not necessary to follow the procedure used to sanctify a room (outlined in the above section) in each room. Do this only in the main room(s), and treat the

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other rooms in a more representative fashion. Open the doors to the other rooms and with the same attitude as when sanctifying the main room, toss a small quantity of Holy Salt either near or just inside the doorway two or three times.

When sanctifying a house or building, walk around the property on the outside of the building (its full perimeter, if possible) sprinkling small amounts of Holy Salt on the ground as you walk.

NOTE: In principle we do not plan to sell any property purchased. If, however, due to extenuating circumstances, a building or property will or must be sold, be sure to include the following words in the prayer during the sanctification with Holy Salt: "sanctify this property until our movement sells it."

Property. In sanctifying a property with Holy Salt, if possible, walk the perimeter sprinkling Holy Salt along your path. If the property consists of many acres and it is difficult to cover the entire territory, go to the center of the property and, following the directions under Rooms or Areas, sanctify the property conditionally by following the basic instructions.

Rented Facilities

House or Apartment. It is essential also to conditionally sanctify things that are used by church members but are not under church ownership. Therefore, when renting a house or apartment, sanctify it with Holy Salt (as described above) before moving in. It is important to mention a conditional time limit in the prayer, for example, "Separate from Satan and sanctify this apartment/house for the duration of time we/I use it. Please make this a holy dwelling conditionally and take it under Your dominion until we/I move out."

Motel or Hotel Room. Use Holy Salt to sanctify any rented motel or hotel room. It is essential that the sanctification be conditional. Refer to the above section for prayer content; mention that it should be purified only for the duration of your stay.

Instructions in the section Rooms or Areas, should be followed.

Businesses and Offices

Holy Salt should be used in a business related to the Unification movement which also employs non-members. If one is employed in a business not related to the Unification movement, one may wish to use Holy Salt to sanctify items. Do so with discretion and pray for sanctification during use only by you.

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It is not appropriate for a business to sanctify items which will be sold to the public.

Purification of House or Room with a low Spiritual Atmosphere

In the same fashion as described in a previous section, Holy Salt may be used when it is desired to raise a low spiritual atmosphere.

Effect of Holy Salt

On Things

Holy Salt is an effective tool for Unification Church members to use against Satan's power over the environment. Ultimate separation from Satan's dominion is connected to our attitude towards life. Each member must try to gain internal victory; victory is not achieved simply through an external condition.

Until sanctified with Holy Salt, purchased goods are not claimed under God's dominion. The food was probably not grown on a farm which God can claim; the clothes were probably not made in a factory dedicated to God's will. Yet things from Satan's world still must be used. Therefore, God can accept under His dominion purchased items that are sanctified with Holy Salt.

Even though sanctifying items with Holy Salt may seem external, the significance of the Holy Salt is that it allows sanctified things to become God's assets, rather than part of Satan's dominion.

Produce Grown on Church Properties. In principle, it is not necessary to sanctify produce cultivated on a church-owned farm managed by church members. When the seeds were originally purchased they were sanctified with Holy Salt.

On People

While Holy Salt is a condition to separate things and the environment from satanic dominion, it does not separate human beings from satanic dominion. Fundamentally it will not internally purify a person and should not normally be used on oneself when entering the center.

However, if a member feels the power of Satan strongly after being in a particularly impure environment, he or she may sprinkle him/ herself with Holy Salt. Although it will not cleanse the person, it may help him or her to feel as though his or her clothes are once again under God's dominion and/or that he or she is no longer attached to the satanic environment.

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Removing the Effect of Holy Salt

Sale of Property or Belongings

There is no formal method to remove the effect of Holy Salt. As was stated above, the prayer during sanctification with Holy Salt should specify it is a conditional use and include a time limit.

If no conditional time limit was mentioned in the prayer during sanctification with Holy Salt but the property or belongings must be sold, offer a prayer stating that even though Holy Salt was used, under the circumstances it has become necessary to sell it/them. Mention the reason, e.g., to get money for another purpose, the facility is no longer big enough or appropriate for use.

Donating Possessions

If a member donates his or her clothing, furniture, personal effects, etc., to an outside organization and no conditional time limit was mentioned in the prayer during sanctification with Holy Salt, he or she should offer a prayer stating that even though Holy Salt was used, under the circumstances (mention the reason), it is desired that the items be donated to others.

Items Returned to Store

When items have been purchased and sanctified with Holy Salt for use but must be returned to the vendor for any reason, offer a prayer stating why the item is being returned, following the same basic pattern described in the previous two sections.

When Using Holy Salt is Not Practical

Although it is not wrong to sanctify with Holy Salt the food in a restaurant or in the home of a friend, it is not always practical. Father has indicated that another condition will suffice under these circumstances. He has instructed us to blow softly three times on our food instead of using Holy Salt. Use discretion; focus on making a holy separation through the prayer you offer.

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