The Tradition, Book One

by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak


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Chapter 6
Pictures of the True Family

Pictures of True Parents and the True Family


When selecting a picture of the True Parents or True Family to be used as the main photograph on an altar, choose a picture that is appropriate as an official photograph.

Photographs which show our True Parents or the True Family in a more casual stance might be used in the home or placed in a personal album.

Picture Size. Choose the size of the pictures in accordance with the proportions of the room.

Limited Number Per Room. True Father has mentioned that no more than one to two photographs of the True Parents or the True Family should be in any one room, including the prayer room.

Carrying a Picture of the True Parents

On the True Parents' birthday in 1984, True Father recommended that each member carry a small picture of the True Parents at all times.

True Father is quoted as saying in "Let Us Go Over the Hill," given on February 7, 1984:

From now on, we are going to stress the value of carrying my picture. Without the protection of God, I could never have survived the untold hardships and difficulties I have faced. So for anybody who carries my picture from now on, it will serve as protection for them. At the time of the Jewish Exodus, God sent a plague upon the houses of the Egyptians which killed all their firstborn sons. All the houses which had the blood of the lamb on their doorway were spared that tragedy. Therefore,

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the Israelites were spared. By the same token, isn't it possible that during some modern-day calamity, those who are carrying my picture would be spared? That is the way the spirit world looks at it.

Now that Heung Jin Nim has passed into heaven, the spirit world is intervening more and more with worldly affairs. So those who are carrying the True Parents' picture will unquestionably be given protection by angels and good spirit world. If you could open your spiritual eyes, you would see the same kind of phenomenon occurring even now, here in this room.

Use of Pictures

Pictures of the True Parents and True Family can be used as desired in services, celebrations or ceremonies.

Placement of Pictures

Members may desire to place a picture of the True Parents or True Family on a desk, on a dresser, or in the middle of a small altar.

Such a picture of either the True Parents or the True Family may be placed in the center of any altar. Other articles and other pictures should not be placed directly in front of this picture.

Pictures of Heung Jin Nim

Pictures of Heung Jin Nim may also be displayed in a room or on an altar as desired. However, a picture of Heung Jin Nim should not substitute for a picture of the True Parents or True Family, but it can be displayed in addition to that photo.

Although not necessary, a picture of Heung Jin Nim may also be carried by each member.

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