The Tradition, Book One

by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak


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Chapter 5
Il Jeung Prayer and Fund

The Association of Il Jeung Prayer

History True Father proclaimed the Day of the Love of God (refer to chapter 14, Holy Days and Holidays: Day of the Love of God) on May 16, 1984, at East Garden at 12:54 a.m., and formally announced it to the congregation at the Belvedere Sunday service on May 20, 1984. To be able to inherit the benefit of this day, Father has asked us to join the association of Il Jeung prayer, begun May 19, 1984.

Significance The term "Il Jeung" in Korean means "one heart." By participating in the Il Jeung prayer association, all members are able to receive the significance of the Day of the Love of God and able to become a second-generation Reverend Moon.

At the time of the establishment of the Day of the Love of God, the True Parents proclaimed that the sovereignty of God's true love had finally moved from the individual, family, and national levels to the worldwide level and that all indemnity has now been paid on the worldwide level. In order to receive this benefit, each member must be an active participant by individually establishing the tradition of offering prayer conditions through the association of Il Jeung prayer.

Participation in the (Association of) Il Jeung Prayer Father invites each member of the worldwide Unification Church, according to his or her individual schedule, to offer such a prayer vigil 00 midnight to 4:00 a.m.) once each forty days.

The tradition of Il Jeung prayer vigils will continue indefinitely.

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Participation by Blessed Members. Blessed members may wish to offer this condition individually or with their spouses.

Participation by Blessed Children. Blessed children who are able to understand the significance of such a condition may wish to voluntarily participate in the Il Jeung prayer vigil once every forty days. Parents and child(ren) should discuss whether all children in the family should pray as a unit or to join the prayer vigil of their parent(s).

Focus of Prayers. Although not inclusive, prayers offered during these vigils might focus on, among other things, how one can more purely dedicate him or herself to serve God, True Parents, and the True Family, as well as how to better fulfill the mission and generate unity.

Use of Candles.

Blessed Members. Each blessed member may light his or her Ae Chun Candles during all or part of the prayer vigil, if desired. However, it is urged that a member not use the pair of candles bequeathed to that couple. This pair of candles should be reserved basically for the purpose of multiplying more as necessary. (Refer to chapter 17, Ae Chun Candles, for details on use and multiplication.)

If both blessed and single members fulfill the Il Jeung prayer condition the same night and are using a church center prayer room, blessed members may light their Ae Chun Candles, if desired and convenient.

Single Members. If a single member has inherited a Shimjung Candle, he or she may burn it during all or part of the Il Jeung prayer, if desired and convenient.

Format. There is no standard format for the Il Jeung prayer vigil; however, some suggestions which may be used follow.

This prayer vigil may be offered alone or with other members. If many members have assembled, it is suggested that one member lead the prayer vigil. He or she may lead songs periodically: Internal guidance, short sermons, or a reading from the Principle, the Bible, True Father's words, etc., may also be interspersed throughout the vigil. The vigil leader may ask for several individual representative prayers to be offered as well as unison prayer. It would also be appropriate for the leader to ask if anyone wishes to share a short testimony.

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The Il Jeung Fund

Fasting Condition

Each member is also asked to make a one-day (or at least one-meal) fasting condition once every forty days. This may be done on the same day that one offers the Il Jeung prayer; i.e., on the day a member begins to pray from 12:00 to 4:00 a.m., he or she should either skip one meal or fast the entire day.

If fasting that day is inconvenient, another day may be chosen.

Contribution to the Il Jeung Fund

An Il Jeung Fund should be established by each individual, blessed family, center or nation, depending on the situation. The money saved through fasting should be donated to this fund every forty days.

The minimum donation should be the cost of the meal(s); however, there is no limit to the amount that can be donated.

Use of the Fund

In the future, True Parents may suggest uses for this fund.

The money should ideally be gathered each year (by nation). Direction on where each nation should send all funds will be forthcoming from international headquarters.

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