To Bigotry, No Sanction, Reverend Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church

by Dr. Mose Durst


In Pusan, South Korea, Rev. Moon built this hut from ration boxes.
It was in this building that the Divine Principle was first recorded.

After liberation from a communist North Korean concentration camp in 1950,
Rev. Moon carried his friend Mr. Pak to freedom in the South.

Rev. Moon leads a humble church service in Korea.

Left to right; Onni, Mrs. Moon, Rev. Moon, Mrs. Choi, and Michael Runyon.

Onni in June 1973.

Rev. Moon praying at the Dana St. church in Oakland, California, in 1972.

Onni with Rev. Moon in Korea, 1969.

The ocean is an important facet of church life.
Here Rev. Moon instructs seminary students in the art of net making, 1978.

At McDonald's in 1974. From left to right;
Dr. Durst, Rev. and Mrs. Moon, Mrs. Won Pak Choi, and Onni

Rev. and Mrs. Moon officiating at the marriage of Dr. and Mrs. Durst in Los Angeles.

The famous Boonville retreat where the only thing ever "locked in" was the fog!

Dr. and Mrs. Durst at a church Holy Ground outside Seoul, Korea.

Rev. Moon with Dr. and Mrs. Durst in Northern California.


Dr. Durst on his birthday, September 5, 1983, with Rev. and Mrs. Moon, and his wife.
The group was in Cartagena, Columbia at the annual media conference.

Mrs. Durst.

Dr. Durst.

Dr. Durst receiving the Order of Law, Justice, and Peace from the
Mexican Academy of Law, at the United Nations building in 1981.

Rev. and Mrs. Moon on an outing with church members in Korea.

Speaking at a press conference, 1982.

Dr. Durst at a church celebration.

Rev. and Mrs. Moon with their children and grandchildren, 1983.

Dr. Durst at East Garden, the US Church home of Rev. and Mrs. Moon.

Dr. Durst, Onni, and Yeon-do

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