To Bigotry, No Sanction, Reverend Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church

by Dr. Mose Durst

The Way Of The Pioneer

by Kwang Yol Yoo

The non-believers are to the believers
As a vast sea to a tiny hill.
A time of heartache.

Far too extraordinary tidings come over the mountain peak.
You believe not because it's believable but because you have to believe and want to believe.
You believe while going forward, just as I.

No matter what they say,
We, Destined pioneers,
Go forward with faith.
First, along the confused and busy road.

One individual may fall,
His breath stop along the way,
But the whole has as much grandeur as hardship
And our confidence goes far beyond the disbelief of others.

You are as valuable as your youth.
No! Of more inestimable value than one can count.
Precious, beautiful, powerful jewels of heaven.

In your mind and body
Lies the fundamental ideal,
The original desire,
And love, life, and joy are blending together.

You are blessed, chosen from the people of the whole world.
You are the ones who will ease God's ancient grief,
You will bring man's life to bloom.

You will put the seal of eternity on the happiness of home,
And you will color heaven and earth with the primary color of love,
Showing that "All people are true brothers."
Now the boat is leaving with its whistle piercing the air.
The promise of inevitable fulfillment
Draws near to us as time passes.

Blessed youth!
Fulfilling your mission with responsibility,
Fill the earth
With as many tents of heaven as there are people.

Let all things in the cosmos
Make haste
To reach the eternal blessed land flowing with milk and honey
Restoring Golgotha;
Never again will we see sin or feel pain in our consciences.
The soul will only breathe happiness
And live forever and evermore.

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