To Bigotry, No Sanction, Reverend Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church

by Dr. Mose Durst


"The best book available on today's most important and controversial religious movement. A classic of modern religious literature, and an inspiration to religious seekers everywhere."
Dr. Joseph Bettis, Professor of Religious Studies, Western Washington University

"One does not have to be a member of the Unification Church to enjoy and profit from Dr. Durst's account of his spiritual journey. He has found a way to serve God that is wholly satisfying to him, and as a result, he is quite naturally, a happy man."
William A. Rusher, Publisher, National Review

"Exciting and engrossing-a revealing view of the structure, lifestyle and moving principles of the little understood and much maligned Unification Church."
Jeremiah Gutman, President, New York Civil Liberties Union

"An inspirational account of the quest to end human suffering. Illuminating in describing the true nature of religious conversion."
Joel Fort M.D. Psychiatrist, Author

"An important and informative book."
Dr. Frederick Sontag, Chairman of Philosophy Department, Pomona College, California

"A moving brief in the world court of public opinion."
Professor Albert P. Blaustein, President, Human Rights Advocates International

"The odyssey of a scholar and a church in a society which has responded to proffered love with hate and distrust."
John W Baker, General Counsel of the Baptistjoint Committee on Public Affairs

"A sensitively written book-a warm personal testimony."
Professor Osborne Scott, City University of New York, President, International Coalition Against Racial and Religious Intolerance.

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