Tapping the Unlimited Reservoir
Paul Werner - July 1986

 Table of Contents

Cover and Preface (pdf)

Chapter 1: The Image of God (pdf)

Chapter 2: The Manifestation of God (pdf)

Chapter 3: The Presence of God (pdf)

Chapter 4: The Power of God (pdf)

Chapter 5: God's Perfection (pdf)

Chapter 6: The Will of Gods (pdf)

Chapter 7: The Sovereignty of God (pdf)

Chapter 8: Experiencing God (pdf)

Chapter 9: The True Parents - The Identity of the True Parents - True Parents as Our Example - The Authority of the True Parents - Attendance to True Parents - Inheriting from the True Parents - True Parents as Messiah (pdf)

Chapter 10: Heart - The Nature of Heart - Parental Heart - The Relationship between Heart and Intellect (pdf)

Chapter 11: Love - The Nature of Love - True Love - Loving - Compassion - Experiencing Love - The Power of Love (pdf)

Chapter 12: Blessed Marriage and Family Life - Significance of the Blessing - Creating a Blessed Family - Education in a Blessed Marriage - Priorities in a Blessed Marriage - Blessed Marriage as an Offering - Responsibility of a Blessed Family - Love and Respect - Blessed Marriage (pdf)

Chapter 13: Restoration and Salvation - Historical Restoration and Salvation - The Foundation for Restoration and Salvation - The Process of Restoration and Salvation - The Nature of Restoration and Salvation - Restoration and Salvation and Our Relationship to God - Restoration of Resentment - The Effect of Restoration (pdf)

Chapter 14: Repentance (pdf)

Chapter 15: Forgiveness (pdf)

Chapter 16: Perfection - The Nature of Perfection - The Process of Perfection - Perfection and Our Relationship with God (pdf)

Chapter 17: Human Responsibility - The Nature of Responsibility - Self-Control (pdf)

Chapter 18: Leadership - Our Attitude as a Leader - Examples of Leadership - Responsibilities of a Leader - Points on Leadership (pdf)

Chapter 19: The Reality of Satan - The Nature of Satan - The Reality of Satan - Relationship with Satan - Battling Satan - The Traits of Satan - The Power of Satan (pdf)

Chapter 20: Respect (pdf)

Chapter 21: Self-Respect (pdf)

Chapter 22: The Basic Needs of Life - Our Needs - Physiological Needs - The Need for Safety - The Need for Love - The Need for Self-Esteem - The Need for Self-Realization - Our Obligation (pdf)

Chapter 23: Our Offering - The Importance of Attitude - The Value of our Offering The Process of our Offering - Our Offering as Indemnity - Acceptance of our Offering (pdf)

About the Author (pdf)

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