True Family Values Third Edition - Joong Hyun Pak and Andrew Wilson - 2006

 Table of Contents

Entire Book (pdf)

Family Pledge, Contents, Prefaces, and Introductions (pdf)

The Premise: Our Family of True Love (pdf)

Pledge 1: Partners with Christ in Establishing God’s Kingdom (pdf)

Pledge 2: The Vertical Axis of Love (pdf)

Pledge 3: The Textbook of Love (pdf)

Pledge 4: The Universal Family (pdf)

Pledge 5: Reaching to the Spirit World (pdf)

Pledge 6: Spreading God’s Blessing (pdf)

Pledge 7: The Culture of Heart in the New Millennium (pdf)

Pledge 8: Complete Oneness in Love (pdf)

Conclusion: Blueprint for the Kingdom of Heaven, Postscript, and About the Authors (pdf)

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