Divine Principle Lectures from the 120 Day Workshop

by Ken Sudo


Internal Guidance

1. God
2. Prayer
3. Sin and Salvation
4. Faith
5. Midway Position
6. Foundation for the Messiah
7. Foundation of Faith
8. Foundation of Substance
9. World Affairs
10. Tradition
11. Spiritual Problems
12. Adam and Eve
13. Dominion in Spirit World
14. Attendance
15. Family Problems
16. Meaning of Brothers and Sisters

Divine Principle

17. Principle of Creation
18. The Fall of Man
19. Purpose of the Coming of the Messiah
20. Resurrection
21. Predestination
22. Christology
23. Principle of Restoration
24. History of Restoration
25. Dispensation for Adam's Family
26. Dispensation for Noah's Family
27. Dispensation for Abraham's Family
28. Providence Centering on Moses
29. Providence Centering on Jesus
30. Historical Parallels
31. 400 Years Preparation Period
32. World Wars

Mr. Sudo Speaks to American Missionaries

33. Significance of Pioneer Witnessing

Practical Aspects of Training

34. How to Street Preach
35. How to Witness: Testimony
36. How to Be A Good Leader


Abbreviation Code
Diagrams, Divine Principle, Pts. I and II

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Table of Contents
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