Divine Principle Lectures from the 120 Day Workshop

by Ken Sudo

400 Years Preparation Period

(Diagram #137)

Did you sleep well last night? Then you don't have to sleep at all. How about the morning service? How many of you feel like you have had the experience of rebirth, that something is new within you? Those who cannot feel rebirth yet, raise your hand. When did you come? You must bear yourself; you're a mother, mother of a newborn self. This experience of rebirth must be the most precious experience in your life. Therefore, keep it precious. Always, the place of your rebirth must be your homeland. In whatever difficult situation you may encounter, you may be depressed, but you can remember the experience of rebirth in Barrytown. The experience of rebirth when you stood in the snow and prayed will make you revived. Every creation has the nature to come back to the origin. If you have an experience of rebirth in Barrytown, then this will be your motherland. Some of you must fight against a tiger in the jungle. Still, anytime and anywhere, you are reminded of the experience in Barrytown; it will be your homeland. It is you, yourself, who can make Barrytown your own motherland. This room is the maternity ward. My mission is midwife. Father and Mother are the parents, I am the midwife, and this house is the maternity ward. Anyway, the experience of rebirth is not always so dramatic or drastic. Sometimes someone can have a rebirth with a drastic or dramatic change. You cannot expect a dramatic change every day. The most important experience you can have is the daily experience of rebirth. We must be reborn every moment. This experience of constant rebirth, every moment, will make you happy and will make you great. You can feel "I am new," after ten days, after one month, after one year. Accumulation of everyday experiences of rebirth will make you great. Let's resume the lecture:

Preparation period for the Second Advent

From 1517, the beginning of the Religious Reformation, to the end of World War I in 1918, is called the Preparation Period for the Second Advent. Because of the corruption of Christianity in the Middle Ages, human nature was oppressed and suppressed by the darkness of corruption, and mankind has been looking for liberation from oppression. They tried to express their own nature and, as you know, when Charlemagne came, if he was successful in his mission, the Messiah would have come, and the kingdom of God on earth would have started there. Because of disunity between the Pope and Charlemagne, his mission wasn't successful and the foundation for the Messiah was invaded by Satan.

Before giving this lecture, I need to give other contents: Jacob had twelve children and his family went into slavery in Egypt and suffered tribulation so much. These 12 children each had a family and multiplied and multiplied. We call this a clan. Jacob's family was multiplied into clans and they suffered tribulation in Egypt by clan. We call this the Israelite clan society. They came into Canaan, and Canaan was divided into several territories. They established the Israelite feudal society. There was one strong central figure and they all obeyed him. This is the period of Judges. Based on the foundation of the feudal society, King Saul appeared. This feudal system appeared and was uplifted to monarchism: this is the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom was the Israelite Monarchic Society. King Saul was ordained by God through Samuel. This means that King Saul was the first king ordained by God. Before his coming there must have been so many kings and emperors who ordained themselves, therefore, they were satanic. King Saul was the first king ordained by God, so God must have expected much from him.

The name monarchism sounds out of date or obsolete because this is the age of democracy. But so far as God created monarchism, there must have been God's intention behind it. Then for what purpose did God create the monarchic society? We are living in a democratic society, which we are enjoying; so people think that democracy is best. We must have a clear understanding that the purpose of history is to create the kingdom of God. Which of the two do you think is better, monarchism or democracy?

Monarchism must be better because in order to realize the kingdom of God, God has to send the Messiah and we need a foundation for the Messiah. Throughout the history of restoration, God has had so many difficulties because of disobedience of Cain to Abel. Cain killed Abel 6,000 years ago. Ham also couldn't fulfill his mission. And the Israelites disobeyed Moses. There were so many troubles at the time of Moses. Moses wasn't king, therefore, he had no authority at all except from heaven. He had no earthly authority. Therefore, the Israelites didn't have to obey him so much. They did their own things because Moses had no authority. Now, if in case monarchism is established, it is natural for people to obey the king. This means that it is very natural for Cain to obey Abel - this is the social system. Therefore, if only the central figure, the king, is righteous, faithful and pious, and if he received and obeyed the Messiah, an entire nation would be saved at once. Monarchism is excellent to establish the foundation for the Messiah.

Just imagine, if America is monarchic and the President of America is like a king. If only he can understand Divine Principle, and if he can receive the Messiah and bow to him, then he has the absolute authority to cover all of the American people. "This week all of you don't have to go to school; you don't have to go to church. You don't have to go to work. Just stay in your room before the TV for a TV training session, then afterwards, maybe a test." He can change America in one week, and the world will be saved in three weeks! How wonderful monarchism is! If only the central figure is righteous and pious. This is why God tried to establish monarchism. But this is just like a bet. If the central figure is lost to Satan, at the same time everything will be lost to Satan. To our regret, King Saul rebelled against God and the foundation was taken by Satan, and King David and Solomon were also lost to Satan.

God's original ideal of monarchism was lost to Satan. Because monarchism was invaded by Satan, God had to abandon this system. Now God has to visit one by one, and ask "What do you think about this idea?" "It makes sense." "Then please, come with me and let's organize the foundation for the Messiah." What do you call this system? This is democracy. Monarchism was taken by Satan and the Israelite democratic type of society was established. And also, before Jesus' coming it was divided into two types, Cain and Abel, and they quarreled with each other.

On this foundation, Jesus came. Jesus came in a democratic type of social system. Even though there were kings, there was some type of democratic social system. There were two parties and they always had conflict. But, eventually, Jesus was killed by democracy. It wasn't king or emperor that decided Jesus' crucifixion; it was the people who decided to crucify Jesus--they decided by mob psychology. Eventually democracy was given by God to establish the foundation for the Messiah. This democracy was taken by Satan, and Jesus was killed by the democratic system. Now, the monarchic system was taken by Satan and the democratic system was taken by Satan. Both were unsuccessful. Therefore, this pattern must be restored again.

Instead of Jacob, centering on Jesus, 12 disciples and 70 apostles (there must be 70, also, or it is not principled) formed Jesus' family.. The 12 disciples witnessed and had spiritual children and made a spiritual clan. In the Unification Church, we have been a spiritual clan because the Unification Church has been indemnifying the failure of Christianity. Christians fell into persecution under the Roman Empire. Therefore, first of all, the Christian clan or society was established. After victory over the Roman Empire, Christianity was divided into several sees. Next, the Christian feudal society was established.

When Emperor Charlemagne appeared the Christian monarchic society was established and the purpose was the same. If only the central figure Charlemagne could succeed, the entire nation would have been involved and the foundation for the kingdom of Heaven on Earth could have been established. Charlemagne couldn't fulfill his mission, so Christian monarchism was now lost to Satan. Therefore, God had to abandon this monarchic society. This is the reason why monarchism became obsolete. Now it was forsaken by God and forsaken by all. (Recently there must appear some monarchic type of society; otherwise, it is difficult to establish the kingdom of God.) Therefore, Heavenly Father has to visit one by one and ask, "What do you think?" If people are positive, they organize the foundation on which to receive the Messiah, then this is the foundation of modern democracy. Because of the failure of Charlemagne, God was compelled to establish modern democracy. America is a symbol of democracy, and this is good, except it is not God's original idea to establish the kingdom of God. Democracy is the second best idea to establish the kingdom of heaven on earth. Therefore, we didn't know this point. Even historians. didn't understand at all about this point. Democracy has been the second best idea to establish the foundation for the Messiah.

When Adam failed, Adam had to be divided into Cain and Abel. Therefore, once Christianity failed its mission, Christianity must be divided into two. There are two types of democracy. One is Abel-like democracy and the other is Cain-like democracy. The final fruits of the Cain-like democracy is Communism, and the fruits of the Abel-like democracy is called the Free World. This is the position of final Cain and Abel. Therefore, because of the failure of Charlemagne, this world is divided into two. One, free nations, and one, Communistic nations. We know the fact that this world is divided into two, but we didn't know the reason why. Unless we can understand the Divine Principle, we can't understand the true view of human history.

Then now, how was democracy created? In order to establish some social system, there must be the foundation of ideology. There must have been some ideology as a foundation. In order to create ideology, we need human nature, so we need to restore humanism because humanism was lost and oppressed. In order to establish Cain and Abel social systems, the ideology must be divided into Cain and Abel. Humanism must also be divided into two. There must be a restoration of Cain-like humanism and Abel-like humanism. In order to establish Cain and Abel types of democracy, God has to make a three-stage preparation: formation, growth, and perfection. How was this pattern put into action?

First of all, Cain-like humanism was restored. This is the so-called Renaissance. The essence of the Renaissance was a revival of Hellenism. Hellenism is an ancient civilization in Greece and Rome. Therefore, the Renaissance had the same essential nature as Hellenism in Greece and Rome. A wonderful civilization occurred but the essential nature of this civilization was that it was man-centered.

Fallen man-centered civilization is far distant from God. Because of fallen nature, man is far distant from God, and fallen man started his own civilization centering on himself. This must have been fallen man-centered civilization. The physical expression of the essential nature of this civilization was the Greek myth. There were man gods who had fallen natures, so they quarreled with each other, had jealousy against each other, fought against each other, and sometimes corruption came to the gods. Therefore, Greek gods in the myths are just an expression of fallen nature. This was fallen man-centered civilization, far distant from God. Therefore, this pattern came back again. It was good to liberate humanism--humanism is very nice, it's good to be free, to love each other and to express human nature through fine art, sculpture, and science. Nevertheless, there was no idea about the providence of God. They didn't know God so well, so they didn't know that they were sinful. They didn't repent, so there was no experience of rebirth, just an extension of fallen nature.

The conscience of man was satisfied, but man was born as a son of God, so man's original mind wasn't satisfied. Man's original mind must have been seeking for God. Man must have been seeking for God-centered humanism. This is Abel-type humanism, or Hebraism. There must come a revival of Hebraism. What was the revival of Hebraism? This was the religious reformation, which is Abel-like restoration of humanism. Cain-like humanism was restored, now Abel-like humanism was restored. This was the religious reformation. They emphasized humanism centered on God. Freedom of religion was emphasized because in Roman Catholicism, between Jesus and the many people there was the pope. The Pope was the representative of Jesus, therefore, this was a Christian monarchism. Christian monarchism, or spiritual monarchism, was the original ideal of God. Because of the failure of Charlemagne, monarchism had to be destroyed. This was the Reformation. According to Protestantism, the Pope was denied and it was said that everyone was qualified to have direct communication with Jesus. Therefore, Protestantism is a democracy. Therefore, spiritual monarchism was destroyed and spiritual democracy was established. This is the essential meaning of the Religious Reformation.

From now on, we must discuss with politicians or scholars this point of view. Unless they can understand the real meaning, mission, and purpose of democracy, we can not give an understanding of the mission of America. We can then persuade congressmen, senators, and governors. You should have a deep understanding of history. Also ministers and bishops don't know at all why they have to have conflict, or what the essential meaning of Protestantism and Catholicism is. They just thought that Martin Luther began Protestantism; but God started it. Catholicism also came from God. This pattern is just Cain and Abel. Abel is Protestantism because it came afterwards.

Freedom of faith was emphasized by Martin Luther, Zwingli, and Calvin. Therefore, the essential meaning was Christian democracy. According to the opinion of Karl Marx, the external situation should be changed first and then the internal situation. This is his opinion. Historical facts say that revolution came first in the spirit world or the religious world, then the political world and then the financial world. Therefore, the opinion held by Karl Marx is completely wrong. It is just upside down. Therefore, if you can understand these points, you can overcome Communism.

Both types of humanism were restored; this is the formation stage from 1517 to 1628 until the Conference at Westphalia. Now the next stage must come. Humanism was restored, and based on the restoration of humanism, a new ideology must come, Cain and Abel both. Based on the development of the Renaissance, they began to enjoy their own human nature, but they still were not fully satisfied, and they began to think, and they began to emphasize the significance of man's reason, and they thought that man's reason was man's highest faculty. This was the Age of Enlightenment. This was the next stage. People began to discuss even on the street. Talk, talk, talk. Discuss, discuss, discuss, to find a new way of life.

From the beginning, some logical foundation was laid. So first of all, Descartes introduced the deductive method, the typical theorem, and through application of this they thought they could understand everything. For instance--man is mortal. Socrates was a man. Therefore, Socrates is mortal. He is mortal and cannot escape death. He is a man, therefore he must die. If someone comes to you and says you will die, once born you are destined to die and you must die. I can agree with you, that is true. This is the deductive method.

From England, another way of thinking was introduced centering on Francis Bacon. His idea is just the opposite way of thinking, called the-inductive method. Bacon thought truth lies in facts, therefore, through investigation of the facts, we can find the truth. For instance, someone brings back a green frog and investigates whether it has a belly button or not. He investigates and investigates but finds no belly button. Then he looks at another one, a red frog, still not finding a belly button. So he comes to the conclusion that a frog has no belly button. This is principle, this is truth, this is a typical example of the inductive method. You cut frogs, many frogs in primary school, didn't you?

Two different ways of thinking were introduced to mankind, and based on these understandings, one is reason and the other is experiments. Truth can be found by reason and experiments. From this theorem science began to develop. For instance, according to an ancient philosophers' opinion, a heavier mass can reach the ground faster than a lighter one. But from the experiments of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, a big one and small one reach the ground at the same time. Thousands of years of authority was broken by one experiment. From this, science developed. This idea was applied to the investigation of human life. From then on, they discussed this on the street. They became hungry and thirsty on the street and so the coffee shop was opened. This is the origin of the coffee shop.

The freedom, equality and dignity of man was emphasized. They had their own ideal world of freedom, equality and dignity. When they looked around them, they could find so many barriers to be broken through. They began to organize themselves in order to break through the barriers. These new values are all very nice but among the people who professed them are those persons who created the new age of Enlightenment like Rousseau, Montesquieu or Voltaire.

Rousseau, according to his confession, said he couldn't believe in God. He wrote a book called "Emile," a famous one. "Emile" is the name of a boy, and in this book he was educated as a child of nature, not as a child of God. Rousseau had a deep influence on a famous educator, John Dewey, who created pragmatism in America. Dewey's book called empiricism laid the foundation for education in America. He introduced many experiments; this is why you cut many frogs. Therefore, because of this educational system, many people became inductive. Because of this education, many young people can't understand revelations. This has made many difficulties for the Unification Church in America. Therefore, this idea had a negative influence on the Providence of God. Anyway, Dewey couldn't understand God.

Montesquieu also mistreated Christian ideas, especially those concerning spiritual phenomena. His followers inclined to be anti-Christ or atheistic because they emphasized the importance of reason and thought man's reason was his highest faculty. Therefore, they thought God could not exist. Following this reasoning, people became more atheistic than before; the Cain-like view of life became more established, and the Cain-like view of history was established.

In order to cope with this idea, an Abel-like ideology must be established: a God-centered philosophy. This type of philosophy has emerged, beginning with Emanuel Kant. He thought man's reason is great, but God is beyond man's reason, and that therefore faith has priority over man's reason. Hegel consummated this development in philosophy. He thought that the development of this world is the reflection of the dialectical action within God. He developed his philosophy thinking freedom was the greatest value and that it was realized in Prussia.

Many young leftists opposed him and Hegelians divided into two; the pro-government and anti-government Hegelians. Left wing, or anti-government, Hegelians developed atheism and from this stream came Karl Marx. He thought that God was in man's imagination. Therefore, it wasn't good to be dominated by man's imagination, that is, God. Marx thought we must liberate man from God.

Philosophy is good for stimulating man's mind but cannot stimulate man's heart, so philosophy is not enough. The near revival movement took place, the spiritual reformation, or second religious reformation. For instance, the Wesley brothers had a deep spiritual experience with God and they founded the so-called Methodist church. Also Fox founded the so-called Quaker religion. He had a spiritual communication with Jesus. He must have prayed deeply and then have been influenced by the spiritual world. Maybe this is why the Quaker religion is called Quaker.

Swedenborg was a scientist, but when he was 53 years old he was spiritually open and traveled for 12 years throughout the spirit world and got so much information from the spiritual world, he brought it back to this world and wrote a book which no one could understand. Through this, people knew about God and some had experience with Jesus directly, and with the Holy Spirit. Some people began to lead a strict life, a life of faith, which was pure and stoic. Therefore, some people don't drink even coffee; stoicism. Therefore, they were called Puritans. Their way of life was called Puritanism. Therefore now, instead of a Cain-like view of life, now an Abel-like view of life was established.

Now the final stage must come to establish the two types, Cain and Abel democracies. First of all, during the Age of Enlightenment, people thought man should be free, man should be equal, and man should be dignified, having nothing to do with race or position or other things. When people tried to establish their ideal world, they found the biggest barrier was monarchism. For instance, in France, when they became aware of the original status of man, they found so many difficulties because of monarchism. "Why does only the emperor have freedom and why is only he dignified and equal?" They said, "We aren't free, we aren't dignified, and we aren't equal. The emperor is improper; therefore, he should be destroyed." They discussed the matter, organized the bourgeoisie, and then they attacked the monarchy. This was the famous French Revolution. Louis XVI was killed and Marie Antoinette was beheaded at the guillotine. (According to information, the ghost of Marie Antoinette is haunting Paris now. I don't know; I'm not sure; I've never seen her.) After a bloody, bloody revolution, monarchism was destroyed and democracy was established. But, those who initiated the revolution were also atheistic and the foundation was atheistic, so this pattern must be the Cain-like democracy.

Owing to the Age of Enlightenment, science developed, and the so-called Industrial Revolution took place. Due to the Industrial Revolution, big machines were invented. In the Middle Ages maybe one man was lord, gave some string to the women, and each of them now spun the cloth and wove the cloth and she brought it back and went back and forth, and the clothes were sold for money. The lord bought materials, and gave them out and the women wove more clothes. This kind of production system became outdated when the big machines were invented. Instead of coming one by one, the girls came to the factory and worked, and were given wages. The production system was changed to capitalism. Therefore, because of the Industrial Revolution, capitalism was developed.

Because of the development of capitalism, society was divided into two. One was the working class, the other was the capitalist class. The working class was divided into two and class struggle began. Because of the exploitation by the capitalist, the working class suffered very much. Many conscientious people sympathized with the working class and tried to liberate the working class from the exploitation of the capitalist. The first idea to liberate the working class from capitalist exploitation was socialism. Many idealistic socialists tried to persuade capitalists not to exploit people. But observing them, one man laughed at them and said it was impossible. He said it wasn't the capitalists, but the capitalistic social system itself that was wrong. Unless the capitalistic social system itself was destroyed it would be impossible to liberate the working class from exploitation by the capitalists. Therefore, the capitalistic social system itself should be destroyed, even by violence. Who was he? Karl Marx.

Karl Marx was born in Germany and was Jewish. Jesus was Jewish and Karl Marx was Jewish, also. Marx studied philosophy in Germany and violence in France. Together with Engels he wrote the Communist Manifesto in 1848. Stimulated by this Manifesto: the working class rebelled against the authority, but the rebellion was subjugated very soon and Karl Marx disappointedly went to England and started to study the method of exploitation in the capitalistic social system. His works were summarized into three books, called Das Kapital. You must study VOC soon, and you can understand the contents. The main theory of Das Kapital is the theory of exploitation, or theory of surplus value. His understanding was silly and foolish but still it worked for a while. Simply speaking, Marx says, "He is rich and we are poor; let's take what he has." Many conscientious people can't agree with this opinion and would say, "He is rich because he worked very hard, but we are poor because we are lazy." Marx says, "He is rich but we are poor because he exploited our tears, sweat and blood. He is rich but we are miserable, so let's take." This is Communism; it's very simple. Communism is the philosophy of hatred, not love. In 1883 he died; he couldn't live to see the realization of the Communistic world.

After Marx's death, Lenin appeared and founded Communism on hatred and revenge. Communism started on hatred and Lenin started on resentment. In 1917, Lenin succeeded in the Russian Revolution and subjugated the Mensheviks as the boss of the Bolsheviks. After the successful Russian revolution he arrested the ex-emperor and his family and shot them in a basement. The bloody dead bodies of his wife and four daughters and one boy were thrown in a sulfuric tank and melted. The top leader of Communism did it and afterwards he said that 1/10 of the population of Russia should be killed to avoid the anti-revolution movement. He died without the realization of his will.

Stalin inherited his mission and did even more killing than Lenin. Stalin killed more than 1/10 of the population. According to official information, at least 20 to 30 million were killed due to the Russian revolution. In several years, the average was more than four million killed every year. More than 10,000 were killed every day because of Communism. Can you imagine such a revolution in America? If Communism is continued several more years, it will happen some day, because of one important aspect of Communism, dispossession by the government. Many farmers rebelled against Stalin, and he got angry with the farmers and took their food, and more than five million died at once because of starvation. His wife saw this and became crazy because she must have opposed him. Very soon after, she disappeared. No one knows--maybe she went to spirit world--this is what the top Communist leaders have done. Therefore, however wonderful the purpose may have seemed, when we see this historical fact, we can see the essential nature of Communism. Stalin died in 1953 and when he entered into the spiritual world, what kind of people do you think will come to him? How many people will welcome him? Thirty million people will come to him and they will accuse him: "You killed! You killed! You killed!" Was Stalin happy in the spiritual world? This is the destiny of the leaders of Communism: rock-bottom Hell. Could Communism make those who were mistreated by Communism happy? Eventually, Communists would destroy the happiness of mankind' so Communism is evil.

After the Russian revolution, the first Communist country in the world was established. In 1928, a new economic policy started. In 1936, Stalin's constitution was approved and Russia became one of the top leaders of the world, along with America. Eastern Europe and mainland China were involved in Communism. Soon North Korea was involved in Communism, and even America was threatened by Communism.

Communistic infiltration is strong all over the world. Free nations are like the flickering flame of a candle because of the strong infiltration of Communism. Communists do everything they can to invade free nations. Because of the victory of Father, the atmosphere is now changing. Especially, Japan was the flickering flame of a candle until Father came. How can South Korea and China cope with Communism? What country can cope with Communism in Asia? Not one. Entire Asia is involved in Communism and soon all of Europe will be involved in Communism; Africa also. Africa is now in a terrible situation --there are many massacres because of Communism instigated by Red China. Very soon America will be involved in Communism. Even now, there are many omens of the rise of Communism. American people have nothing to do. Especially young people have lost their purpose and are involved in corruption. The situation is terrible. They are looking for something stimulating, even streaking because of bad influence from the spirit world. The nature of Communism is destructive; therefore, they must be interested in destruction. Once Communism is started, no one can stop the movement of destruction.

We must rise before the movement of Communism. Father is now expecting to raise many members to cope with the rising tide of Communism. If America is involved with Communism, then what country in the world can cope with Communism? The future of mankind will be miserable. Especially, the Unification Church will be exterminated, massacred, or many of us will be involved in martyrdom. Brothers will be killed, sisters will be taken away and maybe raped. How terrible it ' will be--more terrible than the persecution under the Roman Empire. This persecution will last more than 1,000 years. If we fail now, the future of mankind will be miserable and terrible. God exists and the Messiah is here with us.

Based on spiritual revelation, Puritanism appeared and when they tried to realize their ideal world, they met with barriers of monarchism. They conflicted with monarchism especially in England. The first conflict is called the Puritan revolution of Cromwell, and it was only half successful; and when William of Orange, the son of the King of England, came back from Holland, he was successful in the revolution which is known as the bloodless revolution.

Through this, democracy was realized, which had the motivation of pure heart and faith although the essential nature of democracy is different. This democracy is Abel-like democracy. Now, based on this, they couldn't be satisfied; so in their search to find new land to establish their ideal world, they came to America. They were your ancestors. They were great; they built a church for God first, second a school for the generation yet to come, and finally they built log cabins for themselves to live in.

This attitude toward God was great, and God was happy to see this. This is why America has been prosperous and this is why God blessed America. America has been the representative of Christianity and the leader of the free nations. America has not been great because of the Empire State Building, but because of faith; faith in God. "In God We Trust," is the motto of America. America is now involved in corruption and is being invaded by Satan.

After WW II, democracy was exported to Asia, and Asian countries are not always theistic, especially Japan, so there are many atheists. However, democracy is Abel-type democracy, so they must also have an important role to restore the world, as you know. Based on democracy, based on capitalism, based on the political foundation and direction, democracy was combined with the capitalism of the economical foundation of capitalism and created so-called free nations and free world. Then from socialism to communism. Then this is final Cain. And now the free nations and free world are Abel. Now this world had been divided into Cain and Abel because of the failure of Charlemagne.

The entire world is the extension of the fall of man. This was extended and the world is finally divided into Cain and Abel. Communism is the final Cain of all mankind and the free nations are the final Abel of all mankind.. Communists may take over the world if America is overcome by Communism during the crucial moment in 1977-1978. This moment in history will decide the future of the world. It is a terrible situation.

The foundation for the Messiah will be destroyed and the mission of the Messiah will not be fulfilled, and there will be no kingdom of Heaven on earth. Abel must subjugate Cain. If Communism is strong, maybe America can attack a Communist country with nuclear weapons. But, after the extermination of the Communist country, how can you dispose of Communism in America with a nuclear weapon? It is impossible to dispose of Communism in America with a nuclear weapon. Ideology cannot be destroyed by force. Untruth cannot be destroyed by anything but truth, so we need New Truth. Can you find this new truth in Christian theology?

Based on Christian theology, there must be a new truth to overcome Communism. This is Divine Principle and its applications. When free nations can overcome Communism,. based on the foundation of new truth, and when Cain and Abel are united into oneness, the perfection stage worldwide foundation for the Messiah will be laid. Upon this foundation, the Messiah can stand as the Messiah and as the True Parents of all mankind through whom all mankind can be born anew. All mankind will come back. Communists and free nations will embrace each other with love and with tears of repentance before God. All mankind will be able to get married sinlessly and all mankind will be made anew and the sinless world on earth will start.

The Book of Revelations will come true. This condition should be established at the end of the third seven-year course, so that the Messiah can stand as the Messiah of all mankind. This is the coming of the Messiah "on the clouds." Now the kingdom of God on earth will be realized.

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