Divine Principle Lectures from the 120 Day Workshop

by Ken Sudo

Historical Parallels

(Diagram #136)

At the time of Adam, God's expectation was to establish the foundation for the Messiah, to send the Messiah and to start the kingdom of God even after the fall; but because Cain murdered Abel, the foundation for the Messiah was destroyed and no Messiah could come. At the time of Adam, Adam was supposed to fulfill the numbers twelve, four, twenty-one, and forty. This was not done. Then after sixteen hundred years, another chance was given for the Messiah's coming.

At the time of Noah, the Messiah was supposed to come, but as you know, because of the failure of Ham, no Messiah could come. The 120, 40, 21 and 40 numbers were fulfilled. But eventually, the foundation of substance was lost to Satan; therefore, no Messiah could come.

After another 400 years, Abraham appeared and he was supposed to fulfill the numbers 120, 40, 21, and 40. But because of the failure of his offering, he himself couldn't fulfill his mission. Also, as you know, what Adam lost must be restored through Noah. But Noah's mission wasn't successful. By the time of Abraham, Adam and Noah both had to be restored. Then, unless he pays his debts, he cannot start his mission. Then this is historical or vertical indemnity. A vertical indemnity condition should be cleansed horizontally.

This means Abraham himself must solve it. Therefore, when he was alive, this debt or this indemnity condition should have been solved. Therefore, a vertical indemnity condition should be indemnified through a horizontal indemnity condition. But Abraham also couldn't fulfill his mission. Therefore, these indemnity conditions must be paid through his descendants. His son and grandson had to be responsible for the payment of the indemnity condition. There were 120 years and these 120 years were indemnified through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Also, when Jacob was born there were twin sons, Jacob and Esau. They lived 40 years as brothers without conflict. This period was to indemnify this number 40. After that, when the time had come, they had conflict between them. Afterwards, Jacob was compelled to go to Haran and to suffer tribulations 7 years, 7 years, 7 years, 21 years is Jacob's tribulation period. This is to indemnify the number 21. Then, after coming back to Canaan, they had to prepare for going to Egypt. This means the indemnity period of the number 40. Therefore, although Abraham failed in his mission, this condition was now restored through this 120, 40, 21, and 40 period. And now, all the indemnity was paid.

Therefore, centering on Jacob, a new dispensation was started, beginning with the tribulation period in Egypt where they prepared for the Messiah's coming. Jacob had 12 children and 70 family members and they went into Egypt to suffer tribulations from the Egyptians. God sent the Israelites to suffer so much, because of the Egyptians. Egypt was satanic, and the Israelites had to suffer tribulations there 400 years because Adam, Noah, and Abraham failed. Isaac, Jacob and Esau are an extension of Abraham; therefore, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are three people who did one mission. Therefore, from Abraham to Jacob is just one mission. Eventually, Adam, Noah, and Abraham are three generations -- three people. Their mission was to establish a family level foundation for the Messiah. Yes, Jacob was successful in establishing the family level foundation for the Messiah. But eventually, no Messiah could come.

The dispensation had to be prolonged and expanded. From the family level foundation, a nationwide level foundation for the Messiah had to be laid. Instead of one individual, one race had to be chosen. Centering on the Israelites, a foundation for the Messiah had to be laid. Then, centering on Jacob, his twelve sons and the seventy family members went into Egypt to suffer tribulations. This period is called slavery in Egypt where many Israelites were killed like people in a labor concentration camp. When they worked, on their legs were iron chains so that they couldn't run away. All they wanted was death so that they could be free from these chains. Only when they died were they freed. They wailed over their destiny and the sound of their wailing reached God, and God was sorrowful, but He couldn't do anything until the time had come.

After 400 years, when the time came, God sent Moses as the liberator. Under the guidance of God, Moses and Joshua were finally successful in their mission. Moses and Joshua were successful in fulfilling the 120, 40, 21 and 40. Moses' 120 was fulfilled by the three 40-year periods of his life.

From the family level foundation for the Messiah, the racial level foundation for the Messiah was laid. Even though the racial level was higher than the family level, it was still not enough to cope with Satanic dominion. Therefore, the Israelites had to wait for another chance centering on the tabernacle, the symbolic Jesus.

The symbolic Jesus had come, but they had to wait for the coming of the real Messiah. Another 400 years passed after coming back to Canaan. They couldn't be united into oneness. There were conflicts; they were divided. The Israelites were divided into several territories. Their rulers were called Judges. Therefore, this period is called the period of Judges. The Judges had three missions: one as priest, one as king, and one as prophet. One Judge had three missions. Because of divisions, there were so many troubles from inside and outside. So finally, the people petitioned to be given a king.

Centering on the last Judge, Samuel, they prayed to be given one king and God approved it, and one king was given whose name was King Saul. He was a prominent figure, and God's expectation for him was great because this was the chance for the Messiah's coming. Centering on King Saul the national level foundation for the Messiah was supposed to be realized. For the foundation of faith the central figure was King Saul. The conditional object was the temple--God's words. This was based on a 40-day condition. King Saul was also the central figure for the foundation of substance. Centering on King Saul, if the Israelites loved and obeyed King Saul, the foundation for the Messiah could have been laid. Then upon this, the Messiah was supposed to come at the time of King Saul.

But to our regret King Saul rebelled against God. He didn't keep God's commandment. He didn't kill King Agag, King of the Amalekites, and other seemingly good people, and God was sad to see his betrayal against God. Now King Saul couldn't fulfill his mission. He was made king by God, but because of faithlessness, because he betrayed God, the Messiah couldn't come at all.

The next king was King David. He was a man of heart and also, he was strong and conquered so many kings and kingdoms. He covered a wide land including one part of Egypt; he glorified, he was strong, but finally he committed sin. He killed too many people. David couldn't fulfill his mission.

Next was King Solomon. He was wise and clever, but he had many wives. Do you know how many? seven hundred. Seven hundred wives. Still God didn't care so much, but once he married a gentile woman his blood lineage was defiled, therefore, God couldn't keep faith with him anymore. He was cast out and no foundation for the Messiah was laid even though at this time the foundation of faith, the temple was made. Even though the foundation of faith was laid, there had to be a central figure for the foundation of substance and King Solomon couldn't fulfill this mission.

King Saul, King David, and King Solomon couldn't fulfill their missions. Therefore, no foundation was laid, and no Messiah could come. This period was called the period of the United Kingdom.

For instance, when Adam couldn't fulfill his mission, Adam was divided into Cain and Abel. Likewise, Israel was separated into two. This nation had to be divided into Cain and Abel. And North, Israel, was Cain's position; and South, Judah, was Abel. Then after division, they were involved in corruption. Therefore, God sent prophets to them -- Jeremiah, or Elijah, and so on. God gave advice, but they couldn't harken to it. Because of disobedience to God's advice, they were compelled to be chastised and now the Assyrians came and invaded the North and destroyed it. And now Babylonians came and invaded Judah and many men there killed and women were taken away and babies were killed and mothers cried and prophets lamented. The people were taken to Babylon. Later, they came back. This period is was called Jewish captivity and return. The 210 years of this period indemnified the number 210.

Then, if only the number 40 was fulfilled, the period of indemnity would be finished. Therefore, this must be the time of the Messiah's coming. Therefore, instead of 40, 400 years after the appearance of Malachi who revitalized the Jewish state, the entire period will be indemnified. This period is called preparation for the Messiah.

When Malachi came, the Israelites were involved in corruption because of idol worship brought back from Babylon and the Jewish faith was in confusion. At the time, Malachi appeared and he revitalized the Jewish faith. He said, "Abandon idol worship and come back to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob." The people repented and came back. He said that the Messiah was coming. Then 400 years after the appearance of Malachi, the time had come for the Messiah to come, and Jesus came.

People couldn't understand who Jesus was. They were waiting for the Messiah's coming, but when the Messiah actually came, they couldn't understand that Jesus was the Messiah because impurity cannot understand purity. According to their interpretation of the Bible, the Messiah must come on the clouds and before the Messiah's coming, Elijah must come. Elijah went into the air in a chariot of fire. Therefore, Elijah will come on a chariot of fire again. Then the Messiah will come, they thought.

Suddenly, a young man appeared and claimed to be the Messiah. They couldn't understand, and they mistreated Jesus and persecuted Jesus and finally crucified him. Therefore, the depths of scars, the depths of the wound of God because of the crucifixion. Also, two thousand years of history of the Israelites was lost to Satan. Therefore, God had to start anew. The worldwide foundation for the Messiah must be laid. Otherwise, we cannot receive the Messiah again. When Jesus came the foundation could be a nationwide foundation. But this time, the foundation must be a worldwide dispensation, worldwide foundation.

Then what religion do you think must be responsible for that? Yes, Christianity. It was Christianity which could make the worldwide foundation for the Messiah's Second Coming. This is the reason why Christianity has become the central religion in the world. Therefore, instead of Jacob centering on victorious Jesus, the 12 disciples and 70 persons now fell into persecution under the Roman Empire, and so many were killed. They were crucified like Jesus. They were burned at the stake, and some became the prey of lions. Still, they kept faith and they made catacombs in which they talked. They loved each other. Tomorrow a husband might be crucified. The day after tomorrow a wife might be burned at the stake, but still they kept faith and loved each other, and they prayed with each other. They persevered, persevered and persevered, generation after generation. How great their faith was!

And then, in 313 A.D., Emperor Constantine was about to go out for battle when he saw the shining cross in the sunset sky and he was filled with awe. He abruptly approved Christians. He gave the famous Edict of Milan. Then Christianity was approved and Christians came out from the underground church. Then they could give sermons or speeches to anyone. At the time of Emperor Theodocius in 392 A.D., Christianity became the state religion. This is the victory of Christianity. Christianity began with persecution under the Roman Empire. Many Christians were killed because of their faith. They were killed because they were faithful. They were killed because they loved Jesus more than their own lives. They were killed because they were righteous and good. Then the Roman Empire which killed the Christians must have been an evil empire. Therefore, Satan must have been manipulating the country. Then did Christians get victory by the sword? Then with what weapon? With faith and blood. With blood, they became a bloody offering; they became an offering on the altar of Rome. They were offered on the altar and by shedding blood, they were able to open the way of salvation to the men who killed them.

Likewise, when Jesus came, he was pure and sinless but by shedding blood, Jesus was able to open the way of salvation to all mankind, even those who killed Jesus himself. Therefore, God sacrifices those whom he loves most. Jesus was sacrificed first of all because God loved him most. Likewise, pure Christians received that they were able to open the way of salvation to the men who killed them, the citizens of Rome who killed the Christians themselves. Thus Christians won victory.

Canaan was divided into several territories. Likewise, Christianity was divided into five regions or sees: Rome, Constantinople, Antioch, Alexandria, and Jerusalem. Except for Rome and Constantinople, they were invaded by Gentiles. But now Rome became the center for Roman Catholicism, and Constantinople became the foundation for Greek Orthodoxy. When Christianity was divided into five regions the spiritual rulers were called Patriarchs. Therefore, this period is called the period of Patriarchs. They had three missions: One as the pope, one as king, and one as monk.

The same pattern was repeated; Rome was invaded by barbarians, and ruined. Just as King Saul had appeared, Charlemagne appeared -- he was great. Just as King Saul was supposed to realize the ideal of the tabernacle, he was intended to realize the Ideal City of God as seen by Augustine. Charlemagne was intended to establish the Christian Empire. Therefore God's expectation for him was great because this was also a chance for the Messiah's coming.

First of all, the central figure in the foundation of faith was supposed to be Charlemagne. The conditional object must have been some 40-day condition and also the Christian church. The central figure for the foundation of substance was King Charlemagne. If the Christians, the second Israelites, obeyed King Charlemagne the foundation for the Messiah would have been laid. Then the Messiah could have come at the time of Charlemagne and the kingdom of God on earth would have been established. And also Charlemagne was supposed to be one with the Pope. The Pope's mission was spiritual and his mission was physical. When the physical and spiritual elements were united into oneness, the foundation for the Messiah would have been laid, but there was a big quarrel between Emperor Charlemagne and the Pope. Because of division and conflict, Charlemagne couldn't stand as the central figure for the foundation of substance. Therefore, the foundation of substance was taken away by Satan. No Messiah could come.

Charlemagne's sons were not so good, and his grandsons were bad. The three grandsons quarreled over control and eventually the mission to establish the foundation for the Messiah was lost to Satan. Therefore, the United Christian Empire was lost to Satan and had to be divided, too. It was divided into West Frank and East Frank. West was the Cain side and the East was the Abel camp. After division, corruption came. The corruption became extreme.

Popes became arrogant. They excommunicated kings and emperors. Some king or emperor came from Germany and stood in the snow for three days to be forgiven. At the same time, many illegitimate children were born whose father was the Pope. One pope was killed by the man who was the legal husband of the woman with whom he was committing fornication -- adultery. His name was Pope John XII. Therefore, the corruption was extreme.

God was sad and sent monks to them. For instance, Thomas Aquinas or St. Francis. St. Francis was famous because of his pure life of faith. It is said that he talked to flowers and birds -- he was able to communicate with them. And when he was praying he saw a vision of crucified Jesus. The same scar was inscribed in his hand and leg. Then, according to Father, he must have prayed so much. And one night in an inn, at midnight, a friend awoke and found Francis praying beside the window. He was standing and it was a full moonlight night and the moonlight was shining on his face. He was praying with tears trickling down his cheeks, "Father!" His friend was deeply moved and the next morning he confessed his sin and was baptized, and became Christian. St. Francis was famous because of his pure life of faith. This man came to popes and gave advice, but the popes couldn't understand at all. They couldn't harken to God's advice.

Because of disobedience to God's advice, they were completely chastised, and now because of disobedience, Satan could invade, and the Gentiles invaded Jerusalem. The pope was amazed and he decided to dispatch troops to vanquish the invaders. The troops were called crusaders. Once, twice, three times, four times, five or seven times, crusaders were dispatched. But finally the dispatch of the crusaders ended in tragedy. This was when they sent young boys and girls -- boys were killed, girls were taken away. This path of the Crusades wasn't successful. Because of this, the dignity of the pope was degraded so much. Then, instead of the pope, the kings and emperors were nearer to God than the pope. The Israelites are taken to Babylon; now, instead of Babylon the pope was confined to Avignon in the south of France. This is the period of papal captivity from 1309 to 1377. And afterwards, when they returned, it was called the papal return.

After the return, the corruption came again because the popes became infamous because of indulgences. People thought that once they bought this indulgence, their sin was forgiven and they could get into the kingdom of God. Therefore, ignorant people bought this indulgence certificate because they thought their sin would be forgiven and they could get into the kingdom of God. Therefore, many ignorant people bought many, many certificates. They were told that if they bought one, their friends, their family, even their ancestors could be forgiven sin.

One theologian became angry when he saw people being exploited with the certificate. "Show me, show me the Biblical foundation for the certificate. There is no foundation at all, no Biblical foundation at all." Now he proclaimed his 95 theses against Roman Catholicism. People were amazed, and turmoil occurred. The pope was informed. He got angry with the theologian and he gave a real excommunication to him. From this time on, there occurred a severe battle between Roman Catholicism and new Protestantism. After a long period of battle and conflict between them, through the treaty of Westphalia, a decision was made and Northern Europe was mainly involved in Protestantism while Southern Europe remained Catholic.

The religious reformation was initiated by Martin Luther. The mission of Martin Luther must be the same as the mission of mankind. Behind man, there is God. Behind mankind there has always been God. Human history has been the history under the guidance of God. God's connecting point with mankind must be the center of human history. Before Christ, God had contact with mankind through the Israelites. The history of the Israelites was then the central history of all mankind. Also Christianity must have been the central history of human history.

Then, if we compare the history of Christianity with the history of the Israelites, we can find a miraculous coincidence between them. Jesus' disciples were persecuted by the Roman Empire in the same pattern as the period of slavery in Egypt. Also Moses and Augustine had the same pattern, and after the victory of the Israelites, their land was divided into several territories. Likewise, after the victory of Christianity, Christianity was divided into several sees. There is a miraculous coincidence between King Saul and the Emperor Charlemagne. King Saul was the first king of the United Kingdom. He was ordained by Samuel, the last Judge. Charlemagne, who was the first Christian emperor, was ordained by the last patriarch, Leo III, in just 800 A.D. Emperor Charlemagne and King Saul both acted according to their own free will. Man is given free will but still a man is doing the same pattern as another man. Then the historical pattern must be far beyond man's free will.

Then, there must have been a greater will manipulating human history. Then whose will? God. God's will. There is a purpose of history: to realize the kingdom of God. Purpose comes from personality. As long as human history has a purpose, then behind human history there must be one will and one personality. Whose personality? God's. To see this fact, we cannot deny that one God has been guiding human history. Therefore, historical fact is far beyond man's free will.

Also, when Saul and Charlemagne couldn't fulfill their mission, their land was divided in two, and so they were divided in two also. When they were involved in corruption, advice was given, but they couldn't harken to it. Because of disobedience to God's advice, the Israelites were taken to Babylon! The popes were confined in Avignon! And also they came back. The Israelites came back and the popes came back; there was the Jewish return, and the Papal return. Then after the return, corruption came because of idol worship, and corruption came because of indulgences. And the reformer Malachi appeared, and the reformer Martin Luther appeared. No one can deny that there is miraculous coincidence between the history of the Israelites and the history of Christianity. Miraculous coincidence, same pattern.

Then, after the coming of Malachi, the greatest event in the history of the Israelites must have been the coming of Jesus. Because the entire history of the Israelites was just to establish the foundation for the Messiah, the Messiah's coming must have been the purpose of 2,000 years of history of the Israelites. Jesus came after the appearance of Malachi and if this is the case with the history of the Israelites, the same pattern must be the case with Christianity. Then after the appearance of Martin Luther, the greatest event must take place--the-conclusion of this 2,000 year period of human history and the conclusion of Christianity.

Then what do you think this is? This must be the coming of the Lord of the Second Advent. Because of this reason, we can say the Messiah must come here. Yes, the Messiah must come here. Then, in what way? We must check. We must come to a conclusion, through an understanding of human history. We can see the time of the messiah's Second Coming through this understanding. From Jacob to Moses, 400 years, and next 400 years, then 800 years, according to the Bible, plus another 120 years, therefore, 920 and 400 more, therefore, 1320. Then 70, that's 1390 and 140, therefore, I530 and then 400, therefore all told, 1930. According to the Bible, from Jacob to the appearance of Jesus was to have been 1930 years.

Also, according to scientific investigation, mainly using the carbon isotope, from Moses to Jesus must have been actually less than 1,200 years. Therefore, according to scientific investigation, this period must have been less than 1,600. Then many people might think, we can't believe the Bible because the Bible chronology is wrong. This opinion comes from ignorance of the hidden meaning of the Biblical chronology. The Bible says 400 years; Genesis 15:13--the Bible tells of 400 years for the Israelites, but according to scientific investigation this period was maybe 330 years. The Bible says 400 and science says 330. Then is the Bible wrong? No. Then there must be a good explanation. This 400 in order to be equalized to a real age must be equalized to the period parallel to the slavery in Egypt after the appearance of Jesus--the period which has the same meaning. This is a symbol, imago and substance. Therefore, in this meaning the number will come through here. In this meaning, this 400 must be prophetic. Then let's investigate this 400 to see if this 400 came true or not. Then the victory of Christianity was. Okay? Also, Jesus' birth is said to have been 4 B.C. Then how long was it from the birth of Jesus Christ till the victory of Christianity? The prophetic number was 400, the actual period was 396 years. Then this means 1% error. According to statistical understanding, plus or minus 2.5% error can come from meaningless random factors. This means 1% error has no meaning at all. This 400 came through here.

Next, the Bible says 400 again. Then the second 400 must come through in the same way. Yes, the coronation of Charlemagne was in 800 A.D. From 392 to 800 A.D. is how long? Four hundred and eight years. Two percent error. This is meaningless error also. Then the second 400 came through. And also a period was set of 120 years. The division of the kingdom was 918. The perfect age was 120, and the practical age was 118. Just two years error. And next 400 and 400 must come through again. The Divided Kingdom was said to have been 400 years, so the Divided Empire must be 400 years. Then, let's check. This period is from 918 to 1309; it lasted 391 years. Therefore, this is two point something % error--still within allowance. The next period the Bible says is 70 years. Then this must come through here and the Papal captivity lasted from 1309 to 1377. How long? Sixty eight years; therefore, two years error. Then next, the Jewish return was said to have been 140 years, so the papal return must be 140 years. They came back in 1377 and the appearance of Martin Luther was 1517. This period was just 140 years.

Then if this period came true the final period of 400 must come through here--from the appearance of Martin Luther to the appearance of the Lord of the Second Advent. Then the Messiah's appearance must be 1517 to 1917, 400 years. Therefore, around 1917 must be the time of the Messiah's coming.

Then what is the purpose of human history? The purpose of human history must be to realize the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, a sinless world on earth and in heaven. But sinners cannot solve sin; therefore, it's only by the coming of the sinless Messiah that the sinless world can be realized. The purpose of human history can only be realized by the coming of the Messiah. Therefore, it's only through the Messiah that mankind can be saved, that mankind can realize the kingdom of God. Then 2,000 years of human history since Jesus has been waiting for the appearance of the Lord of the Second Advent.

Then, from understanding history, we can say the Messiah must be here. Jesus said we may think there is life in the Bible, but he said no, that he himself was life. To Jesus, the Bible was the Old Testament. Now the Lord of the Second Advent may say that however much you read the Bible, you cannot find life. The Bible is good for testifying to the Messiah as the Messiah. In the Bible there are many descriptions of our age and the Bible indicates the time of the Messiah's coming. In this meaning, no one could ever read the Bible so far.

Now, new light has come, and the thousands and thousands of years of darkness will be destroyed. The thousands and thousands of years of darkness cannot cope with the light. What we have done in the darkness will be clear very soon. Those who have done in the darkness must harvest what they have done. Those who have done good in the darkness will get reward enough, more than enough. This is judgment. After the judgment of evil, goodness will be restored and all mankind can find God as Father. All mankind can be brothers and sisters beyond races, beyond nationalities, beyond their differences, being brothers and sisters and loving and trusting each other as brothers and sisters. Finally, this world will change into the kingdom of God. The dominion of Satan will be destroyed and God's dominion will be realized. The dominion of eternal love will be realized. It's the coming of the kingdom of God.

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