Divine Principle Lectures from the 120 Day Workshop

by Ken Sudo

History of Restoration

Chapter 1. Providential Age for the Foundation of Restoration

Section III. The Dispensation for Abraham's Family

Because of the failure of Ham, the dispensation for Noah's family was lost to Satan. Therefore, God has to wait for another chance to establish the foundation for the Messiah. And now, after a 400 year period, God was able to find another man called Abraham.

God called Abraham from Ur of Chaldea. When he was called by God he forsook his estate, his belongings, even his family except for his wife, Sarah, and his nephew, Lot. Accompanied only by Sarah and Lot, he started, not knowing anything about where to go and only because of faith God took him to Canaan and he became the ancestor of the Israelites.

First of all, let's look at the foundation for the Messiah. In the foundation of faith, the central figure must be Abraham. Now, in order for him to be able to be the central figure, he has to indemnify the failure of Adam's family, and also of Noah's family. From Adam to Noah, 10 generations were lost. Therefore, after Noah, 10 generations went and Abraham was chosen as the central figure. (Diagram #118.) As mentioned earlier, 40 days condition must be restored; therefore, the number 40 was multiplied by 10. So 400 years after the appearance of Noah, a chance was given. Also, Shem is in the same position as Cain was, and Ham is in the same position as Abel. Therefore, God loved Ham and Satan took him. Now in order to restore the failure of Ham, God has to take Abraham from the bosom of Satan. Satan took Ham from the bosom of God. Therefore, God must take the son of Satan from the bosom of Satan. Therefore, Abraham came from the bosom of Satan. He was the son of an idol-maker. The idol-maker is the symbol of Satan. Therefore, Ham must be restored.

Also, the father of faith must be restored. Because Adam became father of faithlessness, Noah was supposed to be the father of faith in order to indemnify the failure of Adam. However, Noah's dispensation was lost to Satan. Therefore, now, Abraham has to become the father of faith, and he did. Based on this foundation, Abraham was chosen to be the central figure of the foundation of faith. God called him and showed him innumerable stars twinkling in the sky, and God said to him, "Can you count the number of the stars"' "No, I can't." Then God said, "Your descendants will be more than that." This means that this is the second blessing. Because Adam couldn't fulfill his mission, and Noah couldn't fulfill the three great blessings, therefore, the same blessing was given to Abraham. Through this course, the failure of Noah's family was restored, and in order to restore the failure of Adam, Abraham had to go to Egypt.

Abraham went with his wife, Sarah, and nephew, Lot. Sarah was a very beautiful woman. Therefore, Abraham was afraid that if the Pharaoh looked at her, he might kill him. Therefore, Abraham and Sarah made a promise to get into Egypt as brother and sister, and so they went. As expected, the Pharaoh took her and God attacked him. Now he could understand that Sarah was not the sister of Abraham, but his wife. Abraham took her back, together with things and with Lot; he came back to Canaan. This course symbolized the restoration of the failure of Adam. Because Eve was taken by Satan (diagram #119), also the children of Adam and Eve, and also the creation, everything was taken by Satan. To restore this failure now, this pattern must be repeated and this time Abraham must take his wife, nephew and things to himself.

Abraham was in the position of Adam and Sarah was in the position of Eve, and Pharaoh was in the position of Satan. From the above we can see he was taken by Pharaoh once, together with Lot, in the position of children, and also things, which is the creation. They were all taken by Satan once. Then afterwards God attacked him, God attacked Pharaoh. Now Abraham was able to take back his wife, nephew and things also; so everything was taken back. Therefore, he was able to restore the failure of Adam. First of all, Abraham has to restore the failure of Noah and next, failure of Adam. Now he was qualified to start his own mission and he became a central figure of the foundation of faith.

And now, the next mission was to offer a conditional object. Then God asked him to offer things: heifer, goat and ram; dove and pigeon. This has also the same meaning as Noah's ark: three stages: Formation, Growth and Perfection. Therefore dove and pigeon symbolize Old Testament Age, and goat and ram symbolize New Testament Age and this is Completed Testament Age. Therefore, this is personal Messiah. Heifer means wife. Therefore, all mankind is personal wife and is waiting for the coming of the bridegroom - this is the Messiah, the Lord of the Second Advent. (Diagram #120.) Anyway, this symbolizes the restored world: formation, growth and perfection. He cut the heifer and the goat and ram, but he forgot to cut the dove and the pigeon. So a bird of prey came and attacked this pigeon and dove in the darkness while he slept. Abraham heard God's voice.

He said, "Know of a surety that your descendants will be sojourners in the land that is not theirs and will be slaves there and will be oppressed for 400 years." - Genesis 15:13. The Israelites had to go to Egypt and suffer so much for 400 years. Then why? Only because he forgot to cut the dove and the pigeon did his descendants have to suffer so much in Egypt. It's incredible. It's unreasonable. Why? Because we must understand the Providence of God in the pre-Old Testament Age was just symbolic. Can you eat this green paper? Can you use this paper as Kleenex? For what can you use this green paper? For what? It doesn't work at all. Cannot eat it, cannot use it as a towel, cannot use as Kleenex; then why do you like this so much? This is symbolism. It symbolizes much food, much Kleenex, $100. We are using symbols. Then this idea must have come from God. Therefore, God can use symbolism. Therefore, small things have great meaning. So, if this pigeon was lost to Satan, mankind might be lost to Satan. Then why did forgetting to cut the dove and pigeon cause such a big trouble and tragedy for his descendants? In order to understand this point, you must understand what is meant by cutting.

The most important reason is that "to cut" means to shed satanic blood. Therefore, the fact that he offered the dove and the pigeon without cutting meant to have offered it without separation from Satan. This is just like Cain's offering, so pure God couldn’t receive it. This is the reason why the bird of prey is Satan. Satan was able to accuse it. Therefore, he failed in his offering now.

Abraham failed in his mission from the beginning, so he could be cast out of the dispensation, but to his gratitude, this was the third dispensation: Adam, Noah and Abraham. There is one reason God can work more than usual because already Satan had invaded the first and the second stage, so God had a special privilege to start again. Therefore, even though Abraham failed once, God was qualified to let him start again. In order to start again, he had to indemnify the failure of the offering. He had to pay a greater indemnity condition. God asked him to offer his own begotten son, Isaac, who was born when Abraham was more then 90 years old. God asked him for his lineal son, whom he loved most. He had to offer his own son as an burnt offering, according to Genesis 22:2.

As a burnt offering, this means he had to kill his own son on the altar and so he must be burnt. Was it possible kill his own son whom he loved to do that? It is impossible. He had to kill his own son whom he loved most, more then his own life. How is it possible for him to do that? It is impossible. But he also knew that he had failed in his offering. he knew that he had to obey God at any price. He hesitated, hesitated, hesitated. He groaned and he brought Isaac to Mt. Moriah. For three days he groaned - he was frantic. He couldn't kill his own son. He couldn't offer his own son, but also he couldn't disobey God.

Finally, he made up his mind to offer his own son and he bound him, and put him on the altar, and with a big knife he was about to kill his son, when an angel came to him and said, "Don't kill him, don't kill him, don't do that!" Isaac was saved, and he was saved more than Abraham.

Abraham loved Isaac more than his own life, because he was a father, but God loved Isaac more than Abraham loved him; therefore, it wasn't the life and love of Isaac, but Abraham's faith, that God required. Abraham loved himself, but he loved Isaac more than his own life and he loved God more than the life of Isaac. Therefore, now, Abraham showed that he loved God most. Because of this faith, if only he showed faith before God, then Abraham didn't have to kill Isaac, because it's not the life of Isaac but Abraham's faith that God required. Yes, this was a victory of faith, and afterwards he became the father of faith.

Jesus said, "Those who want to gain their life will lose it, and those who lose their life will gain it." Therefore, if we offer our most precious thing, then when we lose it, we can gain it.

What is my own Isaac? This is the question. What is your Isaac? Did you offer your Isaac or not? Are you keeping your own Isaac or did you offer it?

Isaac died already in this sense and before Isaac, Abraham died already. Abraham tried to kill Isaac, it's not just fiction, it's from real determination. Must be real. "If I make determination to give all, then everything will come back. Therefore, I can make determination." Heavenly Father knows what is true, therefore, his determination was real. Then he "died" already because Isaac "died" already. Therefore, in this meaning, they are "dead" already. Therefore, "forgiven" Isaac and "forgiven" Abraham were "arisen" Isaac and "arisen" Abraham. Therefore, through this period they died and they were able to indemnify the failure of the first offering. Now, centering on arisen Abraham and arisen Isaac, God could start a new dispensation again.

This first dispensation was taken by Satan, so another foundation of faith was established. This time the central figure became Isaac. The conditional object was not the ram. (Diagram #121a.) And now the foundation of faith was restored again.

Abraham was great but we must understand that Isaac was great in his faith. Maybe he was six or seven years old, or seven or eight - I don't know. His father came and bound him and came with a knife. Then if he was a usual boy, what would he do? He must have cried, "Bah," but he didn't do anything, he trusted his father, he trusted Abraham till the end. Therefore, his faith was great, even if he was a baby boy. Now the foundation of faith was laid, so now if the foundation of substance was laid, the foundation for the Messiah could be established.

Isaac was given two sons: Jacob and Esau to indemnify the failure of Adam's family. Therefore, this was the relationship of Cain and Abel. The central figure must be Jacob. Cain killed Abel; likewise, Esau was about to kill Jacob. (Diagram #121b.) The first birthright was given to Esau, therefore, unless Jacob took the first birthright, he couldn't fulfill his mission. Therefore, he was smart and deceived his brother and his father, and he was given the blessing as the firstborn son. You know the story.

When Esau arrived home, already the others had given blessing to Jacob. It wasn't in time. Esau got angry with Jacob; he intended to kill Jacob, but Jacob was wise and clever, and with the cooperation of his mother, Jacob crept away to Haran, to his Uncle Laban. Laban was satanic, and Jacob had to suffer so much.

First of all, Jacob met with Rachel, and he fell in love. So, for her he had to work seven years. After seven years, when he was given his wife, he saw from her face, she wasn't Rachel but Leah, Rachel's elder sister. Jacob had been deceived! His Uncle Laban said, "According to tradition, before the elder can get married, the younger can't marry." And afterwards, another wife, Rachel, was given. Jacob had two wives. Oh, terrible. (Laughter) It's in defiance of Divine Principle. You have many questions. Therefore, maybe Jacob committed adultery. Don't you think so? Something is strange. But God loved him so much. Another seven years he had to work for Laban: 7-7-7, 21 years. Father said 20 years, but according to Providential time, it was 21 years. And after 21 years tribulation, on leaving Haran, his wife Rachel stole many treasured idols. Laban chased after him, investigated, but couldn't find anything. His wife Rachel had hidden the idols under the saddle of a horse.

Restoration of the birthright is the condition to have restored the first blessing.

Satan took it and gave it to Cain. Therefore, from God's side, this birthright must be restored. Now, Jacob restored his birthright, the first blessing. Now, as with Ham, Jacob restored "Eve" and children. This is restoration of the second blessing. Satan took Adam's wife and children; therefore, Jacob, who has to restore his position, must restore "Eve" and children from Satan's bosom. This is the reason why he went to Haran and got Satan's daughters. Jacob was the Messiah figure, therefore had to restore lost Eve; this is the position of Leah. Also he had to restore his own bride, who was reborn through him. This is the reason why he has two wives: the second blessing. Stealing the idols is the restoration of the third blessing.

When they came to the River Jabbok, the branch river of the River Jordan, an Angel attacked Jacob and there he struggled with the Angel overnight. Finally, on being able to subjugate the Angel, he received the blessing of, "You are Israel." "Israel" means 'winner"! Then why was he the winner? Why did the Angel give him the name of "Israel"?

It is because he got the idols from Satan, so he restored things from Satan. This is the restoration of dominion over the visible substantial world. Victory over the Angel means the restoration of dominion over the spiritual world, the invisible substantial world. Therefore, through this course, Jacob was able to establish a condition to have restored the three great blessings. This is the reason he was called to be victorious.

There was no reason for Satan to be qualified to invade Jacob, and therefore, through this, the vertical restoration was finished. Unless you can understand these deep contents, you can't understand Father's life course, Father dispensation. If you can understand, you can clearly understand the meaning of the Day of Victory Over Resentment. Therefore, without deep understanding of Divine Principle you can't understand Father's dispensation. Therefore, if only this victory is expanded horizontally, victory must be sure. Therefore, now, Esau was still angry with him but Satan couldn't help Esau at all, so Satan had no reason to invade Jacob anymore. Therefore, if only the horizontal relationship is restored, then Cain and Abel could be united into oneness, Jacob and Esau could be united into oneness. This is the restoration of the three great blessings.

When he came back and Esau was about to kill him, Jacob gave wonderful souvenirs to Esau; he brought back big Johnny Walkers to make him happy, and also lambs, sheep, everything. Esau harbored resentment for more than 21 years, but he liked the souvenirs so much that his feeling vanished. Finally, when Jacob and Rachel formally appeared before Esau, Jacob bowed to Esau and said, "My Lord;" Then the next moment, all of Essay's feelings disappeared and love came out. He dashed to Jacob, and Jacob dashed to Esau and they embraced each other with tears of love and joy. This was the victory of Jacob. Therefore, the victory of Jacob was the victory of love and service and wisdom.

Now, centering on Jacob, Esau loved and obeyed Jacob and offered things through Jacob. So the foundation of substance was laid. Both the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance had been laid. Then, based on this victory, the foundation for the Messiah was now established. This was the first time that the foundation for the Messiah was laid. Therefore, Jacob was the first man who fulfilled man's portion of responsibility. This is the reason why God loves Jacob so much. Therefore, now God was qualified to send the Messiah on earth. Nevertheless, according to historical facts, no Messiah came. Then why not?

Centering on the victory of Jacob, the family level foundation for the Messiah was laid; this means symbolically that the sinless family was established. Although God wanted the Messiah to come, already Satan had nationwide dominion because of many kingdoms in Egypt, in the East, in Asia, and in Europe. Therefore, if the Messiah came to Jacob's family alone, then Satan could crush this family. For instance, like this chalk, c.r.u.s.h ... and the Messiah would die. He would be killed. Then no foundation for the Messiah at all, no salvation at all, for he would have been killed. Therefore, God couldn't send the Messiah; so instead of sending the Messiah, this foundation must be expanded for God to cope with Satan. Then this family means Jacob's family. This is the symbolic understanding on which the Messiah is qualified to come. That is why Jacob's family was kept clean lineally, no marriage with gentiles, just Israelites. From family level to tribe, from tribe to race, it expanded, expanded, and expanded. This race was called what? Israelites. Moses was responsible to lift up the family level foundation for the Messiah to a racial level foundation for the Messiah.

Now kings appeared and their mission was to lift up the Israelites from the racial level foundation for the Messiah to the nationwide level foundation for the Messiah, so that God could cope with Satan. Therefore, at the time of kings, it was a chance for the Messiah to come. Therefore, restored land. But as you know, the kings couldn't fulfill their mission. King Saul rebelled against that King David also couldn't fulfill his mission; King Solomon couldn't fulfill his mission; so the foundation for the Messiah wasn't laid. Therefore, no Messiah could come. So 800 years of dispensation was lost to Satan and in order to indemnify this failure another 1200 years were needed and now another chance came for the Messiah to come. This is the chance of Jesus' coming. However, Jesus was crucified on the cross and no kingdom of God was established. Therefore, 2,000 years of Israelites were lost to Satan. In order to restore this failure, now all mankind has to go through another 2,000 years and this is the time of the Messiah's second coming, Lord of the Second Advent. Now, through the coming of the Lord of the Second Advent, the kingdom of God on earth will be realized. This is our fundamental schedule, or framework for realizing the kingdom of God. Therefore, always the foundation for the Messiah must be laid and upon this foundation, the Messiah can come, and sin can be solved, and a sinless world can be realized.

Jacob seems to have been sneaky and sly. Therefore, many Christians don't like Jacob because of the following: he deceived his brother; and when his brother got angry with him, he sneaked away to Haran; and when he came back, they stole idols; then they Here thieves. Deceived his brothers and sisters and father and stole treasure from his uncle's home; then it must be in defiance of the Ten Commandments. He had two wives, so he must have committed adultery. "Oh, terrible man. We don't like him," Christians say. Christians didn't like him, but God liked him so much. Why? Because Jacob deceived Satan, not God. Satan deceived God, therefore, in order to indemnify this failure, Satan must be deceived from God's side. This is the reason why Jacob deceived his elder brother Esau, also Isaac, and his Uncle Laban. (Diagram #123.) This is the condition to restore the first blessing.

Also, to restore the second and third blessings he did something, but centering on God. Therefore, to understand the Bible, we must understand the standard of good and evil. Where is Satan? Where is God? We must be able to distinguish God from Satan, otherwise, we cannot understand anything at all.

His course symbolizes the course of the coming Jesus, symbolizes Jesus' course. His desire headed towards Canaan, his native land, to the family level restoration of Canaan. This pattern was inherited by Moses, and Moses' desire was headed towards restoration of the racial level of Canaan, racial or nationwide level of Canaan. Jesus came upon the nationwide foundation and his desire and hope was to restore worldwide Canaan. Jacob, Moses and Jesus went the same course.

When Esau was about to kill Jacob, his mother came and helped him to go to Haran. Haran was the land under satanic dominion. On returning to Canaan, Jacob journeyed a three day period before coming to the River Jabbok. Likewise with Moses, when Pharaoh tried to kill him, his mother came and helped him to get into the palace of the Egyptians. Later he went to Canaan by way of the Red Sea.

Also, Jesus had to go through the same course. When King Herod was about to kill Jesus, his mother journeyed with him to Egypt and afterwards he came back again. He had to go to the satanic world. Therefore, the same pattern is repeated. Therefore, Jacob's course also symbolizes the course of the Lord of the Second Advent. Therefore, this symbolizes the course of the followers of the Lord of the Second Advent. Therefore, every one of us has to go through the same course as Jacob went.

When we were walking on the street, someone came to you and said, "Do you know Reverend Moon? Did you hear about the Divine Principle?" ' God called you and you obeyed the witnesser and went to hear the lecture on Divine Principle without knowing where you were going. Is this right? I think so. You never knew that you were destined to be taken to Barrytown or destined to go on an overseas mission. You never imagined this on the street. Only God planned from the beginning. You never knew that. You just obeyed God. You had appointments, you had school, you had a job, but anyway you attended the workshop. Who's position is this? Jacob? Abraham. We resume the same position as Abraham.

Now the lecture began, and surprised, you thought: "Oh, what's that? Oh, oh, this makes sense, this makes sense. But, I must be calm, I must not be brainwashed. I must be calm. Let's see if this is good or not. However enthusiastic the lecturer may be, I'll never be involved in that; let's see. Oh, what's that, what's that. Yes, Christian." (Laughter) But when the lecturer finished, then, "Oh, great." (Laughter) When you are hesitating, "Oh, what's that, what's that." Whose position was that? This is the one who cannot deserve anything at all, good or not; this is Isaac. Cannot decide anything at all, good or bad, just thinking. And after the lecture finished, "Oh, yes,, it's great, okay, okay," then whose position is this? Now this is the position of Jacob. And if someone says, "Oh, Divine Principle is Divine Principle, but I cannot join the 7-day workshop anymore. I have a job, I must go back to school. Good-bye. God bless you." (Laughter) "Goodbye." Then whose position is this? This is the position of Esau who is allowed to kill Jacob. Therefore, God cannot start His dispensation with Esau but can start it with Jacob.

Then, you have to go to Haran. Do you know what Haran is? Is it 40-hour witnessing in the rock-bottom of Hell? (Yes) Before going to the rock-bottom of Hell you must go back to your family, your school, and your job. Under persecution, you must restore your family members and your things. First of all,, you must bring your brothers and sisters, even your parents to the Unification Church, and sometimes things. At least you, yourself, must come back. And after many tribulations you will come back to Canaan and when Canaan is very, very near, an Angel will come to you and attack you; this means you came back to the Unification Church. Although you have so many tribulations, when you come back people do not ask so much about what happened to you. Then you cry out with tears, "I shouldn't have come; my mother cried and I quit school. My heart was broken, only because I believed in the Messiah, only because I believed in brothers and sisters. They are very nice, but now they are not so interested in my toil. Hmm! I shouldn't have come." You might be forsaken from God's side first. "Then the Unification Church is very cool and cold. I never knew knew that. I shouldn't have come back. I shouldn't have come."

This is the same situation as when Jacob was attacked by the angel. Then you must go through this course. Then, even forsaken by the central figure, even if you are not recognized by the central figure, or any other brothers or sisters; and then you can ask the central figure, "Please give me my mission." Show how faithful you are; what you can do. Realize God's desire, and you can subjugate the angel. This means you can give deep inspiration and impression to the central figure, or to some brothers and sisters; you can subjugate the angel. Next, you'll be given a chance to subjugate Esau. This is your witnesses or your responsibility. This is the rock-bottom of Hell. Now you can go to the rock-bottom of Hell under the approval of your central figure.

In a sense, even pioneer witnesses are now at this point. Then by serving, loving, giving all you have, if you can touch and move outside people, then they will welcome you. Then you and they can embrace each other with tears and they can come back to God. So you will be successful in your mission of witnessing, and, as Esau and Jacob united into oneness, now you will be qualified to be given the blessing. Therefore, this course is the same course as Jacob went, and Moses, and Jesus. Also, we must go this course.

One thing is that Jacob deceived others, but we must not deceive others. Okay? This dispensation is different. Don't steal things from the outside world. Okay? Don't misunderstand me; we must buy, don't steal. Don't deceive others.

Questions and Answers After Abraham's Course

Q. What restored the third blessing in Jacob's course? Was it taking the idols or defeating the Angel?

A. The essential meaning of the third blessing is to have dominion over the creation. Creation is both the visible substantial world and the invisible substantial world. Therefore, in order to establish conditions to have restored the third blessing, we must restore the condition to have restored things first and also the spiritual world. Okay?

Q. If the path of Moses, Jesus, and the Lord of the Second Advent were similar, then what were the things, like the idol in Jacob's time that restored the visible things, and like the wrestling of Jacob in comparison to Moses, Jesus and LSA?

A. This is a condition to have restored things. Therefore, when Moses came from Egypt, they brought many things: cows, and chickens, also pigs and many things like this. This is things. He fought under Satan with prayer. Okay?

Q. Although Abraham fell, how is it that God can use him again? Because when the other central figures fell God couldn't use them again.

A. Formation stage is Adam's family; growth stage is Noah's family, and next Abraham's family, perfection stage. So, because Satan had invaded the formation stage and the growth stage, then the perfection stage belonged to God from the very beginning; no special indemnity condition was required. Therefore, God could repeat it.

Q. When Joseph, the son of Jacob, subjugated his eleven brothers, was that the expansion to the tribal or racial level and was that the beginning of the racial level when they wont to Egypt? Was that a necessary condition for them to fulfill before they could go to Egypt?

A. Jacob had twelve children; this was expansion of the tribal level. This pattern was supposed to be realized at the time of Jesus. Therefore, this pattern will be realized here centering on True Parents again. Therefore, reorganization of tribes will be established, beyond races. Therefore, Father is really impartial to any races, to any tribes, to any nations, any country, just aligned with God's will, that's all. Therefore, there are many misunderstandings about Father. He's truly impartial.

Q. Mr. Sudo, in Abraham's family, if he had succeeded in making the offering, you seemed to imply that a family alone is not enough, but it would still have to be national. So how would the foundation of substance have been made and how would it be national?

A. If Abraham didn't fail from the beginning, and his offering was successful, because he was in the Abel position, then Ishmael would have been Cain and both would have been united into oneness, then a foundation would have been laid: then the Israelites wouldn't have had to leave Egypt at all, and therefore Moses wouldn't have had to come, and the foundation for the Messiah would have been established in Canaan without going into Israel. Okay? In that case, the Providence of God would have been easier, much easier. I'm sure the Messiah would have come at that time in Canaan, and the kingdom of Heaven would have been established there. Then there would be no trouble between Israel and the Arab countries. Therefore, because of the indemnity condition for this failure, now there is a terrible battle between Israel and Arabia. This is a good question.

Q. When Noah was in the ark and sent out three doves, and the first one came back with nothing, the second one came back with an olive leaf which was a symbol of the tree of life (which was partially fulfilled), and the third one didn't come back. There were were several other situations where the same kind of thing happened referring to Adam, the Messiah and the LSA. So, I was wondering; why was it necessary to send out the third one, and why did Abraham have to offer the heifer? Were these symbolic of the LSA? Was God figuring in advance that the Messiah of the First Advent would be killed? Because it seems as if all the offerings were offered in that way to necessitate the Second Coming.

A. As the Bible says in Amos 7:3, God reveals Himself first, and He reveals His plans to servants first. In order for man to be able to prepare for something forthcoming, when God does anything He shows something in advance of His action. Anyway, God intended to prepare man for the coming dispensation.

Q. My question is very similar to the one asked before. In Noah's family, when he sent out the second dove and the dove came back with an olive leaf kind of symbolizing the possibility of the crucifixion of the Messiah, there must have been some foundation. Is this foundation because Cain killed Abel? Then the Messiah is Abel and the people around the Messiah are in the Cain position? Is that right?

A. Yes.

Q. Mr. Sudo, to what extent were the central figures in God's history aware of God's dispensation; like Jacob taking two wives, and that type of thing ... ?

A. They didn't know Divine Principle, but if they were conscientious, they were supposed to be able to fulfill their mission. Also, man has his original mind; therefore', if he prays, if he has a pure heart, then God's desire will be given to him. Without such a deep explanation of Divine Principle, they could have felt something. Still, it must have been far more difficult than our time. Because of the victory of our True Parents, we are given very clear understanding of the Providence of God. Therefore, in this meaning, if we don't fulfill our mission, those who have fulfilled their mission in the past will accuse-us; and they are qualified to accuse us because we know everything. Sometimes, it is better not to know. Once we know, then we have no excuse.

Q. Mr. Sudo, I want to ask a question concerning Jacob's subjugation of Cain physically and spiritually. What is the significance of his doing this in relationship to the coming of the Messiah? Would the Messiah receive greater merit for this, and would it therefore be easier for him to subjugate Satan on say, a worldwide level or a national level?

A. Communism is in a worldwide Cain position. So, based on unity within the Abel camp: Korea, Japan and America, then the Cain world may be subjugated and the perfection stage worldwide foundation for the Messiah can be established, and upon this foundation the messiah can stand as the Messiah all over the world. This is the goal of the third 7-year course. Before doing this, we must finish the vertical indemnity condition. This is the victory of Father in the Day of Hope campaign, through which Father had established the condition to have exceeded Christianity. Therefore, Christianity must obey, because rather did what Christianity should have done ' . Christianity didn't do it, so the Unification Church did what Christianity should have done. Therefore, Christianity is destined to obey the Unification Church. If they oppose us, they will decrease. They are destined to come to the Unification Church, if only we can fulfill our portion of responsibility. This is the victory over vertical. restoration, and afterwards Communism will be subjugated.

Q. What is the significance of Abraham not called Abel from the beginning, and Noah is?

A. The reason I explained; Noah came from the Abel position at the beginning, but this Abel was taken by Satan. This Abel means that Noah's dispensation was taken by Abel.

Therefore, the next time, because of the Principle of Restoration, God has to restore a central figure from Satan's side. Because the central figure, Ham, was taken by Satan, therefore the next time God has to restore the central figure from Satan's side. This explains Abraham's case, which is to go through many difficulties.

Q. In the Bible, in Genesis, and also in the Principle, we know that history and everything began by the creation of Adam and Eve, as the first parents of mankind. But there is some problem; there is something that remained a mystery for me and for many. How about the procreation of angels? Where did they come from? Angels have been created before man; they were already made. Did God create angels one by one, or has there been a procreation? Or many at one time?

A. I don't know. Ask Father. One thing I can say. The Angel has no wife, yet. Therefore, God must have created them one by one. This is my opinion, but it must be approved by Father; otherwise, I can't say officially. Okay?

Q. Are there female angels?

A. Not yet. Afterwards, in creation, they will come.

Q. You told us that we have to follow a similar course to Jacob and I wanted to find out what kind of conditions we have to lay for the second and third blessings. Do we have to fight an Angel?

A. Yes, many angels. In our life of faith we must subjugate the spiritual world, and we must overcome spiritual troubles. This is victory over the spiritual world.

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