Divine Principle Lectures from the 120 Day Workshop

by Ken Sudo

History of Restoration

Chapter 1. Providential Age for the Foundation of Restoration

Section II. The Dispensation for Noah's Family

At the time of the dispensation for Adam's family, if Cain and Abel had been successful in their mission and the foundation for the Messiah had been laid, the Messiah would have come and the kingdom of God on earth would have been realized at the time of the dispensation of Adam's family. But, as you know, they couldn't fulfill their mission and God had to wait for another chance to establish the foundation for the Messiah.

Cain killed Abel. Therefore, Abel was no more and Cain was cast out. According to predestination, Cain wouldn't fulfill his mission, therefore, he was cast out. God cannot stop His predestination. Now, Abel died, but his faith remained because although he died, the fact that he had offered a successful offering on the altar, remained. Therefore, based on this faith, God was able to send another son, Seth.

Seth was a replacement of whom? Abel. Therefore, the lineage of Seth was Abel.

When, after 10 generations, Noah appeared, he was in the Abel position from the beginning. Therefore, it wasn't necessary to divide him into Cain and Abel. The Bible also says, "He was righteous." (Diagram #112.) He was in the Abel position from the beginning from the Principle point of view and also, at the same time, he was a righteous man. Therefore, God could start His dispensation based on Noah.

Noah was the central figure from the beginning. In order for him to be successful in his mission, he had to offer a conditional object. The conditional object was, as you know, Noah's ark of three decks built on top of a mountain. He was crazy from the beginning. He was crazy for God. Once given a revelation from above to establish the ark, he believed it, and he kept this belief amidst ridicule and scorn. One old man, one crazy man, building a ship on top of a mountain and he came down sometimes to the town, the downtown, and he's preaching: "The end of the world is nearer, be repentant of your sin." He is shouting and after shouting, he goes back to the mountain and is making a ship. (Diagram #113.) Who can believe him? They laughed, "Oh, look, look! Oh, a crazy man." "You know him?" "Yah, I know him well. He is famous." Many people would gather around him and tease him and ridicule him, and scorn him. Amidst the scorn and ridicule he still shouted: "The end of the world is at hand; be repentant of the sin you committed, otherwise you will be destroyed by God." He did it every day, every day, every day - one week, two weeks, three weeks, one year, two years, three years ... twenty years, thirty years, 120 years altogether. Can you imagine how crazy he was?

Several years ago, almost 10 years ago, we went for pioneer witnessing. In those days, one high school student was a pioneer witnesser. He heard half of the lecture of Divine Principle and he was touched and moved and inspired, and from that day on he began to street-preach. A 16-year-old boy began to street-preach even though there was no one else except for him - even on a rainy day, a stormy day, a windy day, and so forth. Even when he had an exam, he continued. His mother opposed him, but he continued. His friends came and ridiculed what he did. And after one year, another pioneer went and looked; someone is street-preaching something like the Unification Church ... She went and followed. He was street-preaching about Divine Principle. She was amazed, surprised and shocked and she was very happy. When they could understand each other, they embraced and cried. When we heard this story we were deeply inspired. But this was just one year - how about 120 years? Noah had extraordinary faith!

When the ark was made, God could approve his faith, and based on his faith, God was qualified to judge the evil people, and God said that the flood judgment was near at hand. And seven days before the judgment, Noah and his seven family members and many couples of animals got into the ark and Noah shut the doors. It began to rain, heavy rain - it rained just like a flood, just like a waterfall. Soon a flood came and everyone of those who had ridiculed Noah and scorned at him were now drowned and died. Still, it continued to rain, it continued to rain - it never stopped for 40 days.

Then it stopped raining, and soon the flood subsided. At once, Noah opened the door and let the raven fly. First of all, he let the raven fly, but the raven couldn't find any place to stay. The raven means the angel, Satan. Because of the flood judgment, the satanic element was completely eliminated. Therefore, there was no place for Satan to stay.

Next, Noah let the dove fly and locked the door. The dove meant Adam. This dove turned back without doing anything. The dove couldn't find anyplace to stay and came back. This means the ideal purpose of creation at the time of first Adam wasn't realized on earth and the ideal must have to come back to God.

Then, after seven days, another dove was sent out. This dove came back with an olive leaf in its bill. The second flight of the dove signifies the coming of the second Adam. In the Bible, Amos 3:7 it says, "Surely the Lord God does nothing without revealing His secrets to His servants the prophets." Therefore, this signifies that in case the Israelites cannot obey there is a possibility of crucifixion.

After another seven days, Noah let a third dove leave. The dove didn't come back. This means, even though the second Adam cannot fulfill the kingdom of God on earth, at the coming of the third Adam, the Lord of the Second Advent, the mission of the Messiah will be fulfilled and the kingdom of God on earth will be realized.

Then what is the significance of the flood judgment? Even one day of flood seems to be enough to destroy the betrayers or rebels, the evil people. Then why did God need 40 days judgment? As you know, the number 40 is the number of separation from Satan. Because of the four position foundation, four is the number of perfection, in a sense. Each position will reach perfection by passing through the formation, growth and perfection stages, and each of these stages has three parts. (Diagram #114.) Therefore, the number ten signifies perfection. We call ten the number of unity - the number of unity of perfection. Four multiplied by ten is 40. When each position in the four position foundation reaches perfection and can be united into oneness centering on God, there is no possibility for Satan to invade. Therefore, Satan must retreat. Therefore, when we persevere for a period of the number 40, then Satan has to retreat. This is the reason why judgment took 40 days.

Then why did merciful God kill so many people at once through the flood judgment? Why did God have to use this kind of cruel method? As you know, fallen Adam who has original sin but didn't do either good or evil was just in the middle position. If people are in the middle position, then only if they can show faith or only if they have faith, God can save them. But now, these people around Noah were descendants of Cain who killed Abel. Therefore, they were not in the middle position; they were only evil from the beginning. Therefore, God has no idea to have a direct connection or direct relationship with them because they are evil; therefore, God could not have communication with them, or divide them into good and evil; they were just evil. Therefore, the more the evil remained, the more the evil was multiplied. Therefore, the only way for them to come back to the middle position, to be saved, was to pay indemnity through physical death. Therefore, even at the price of their lives, when they got into the spiritual world, they were qualified to be saved in the spiritual world if only Noah's mission was successful. Therefore, God kept Noah's family in order to judge the others who were descendants of Cain.

God has created these kinds of events to fulfill the contents of the foundation of faith. As the dove signifies Adam and the raven signifies Satan, likewise, in many cases, through many symbols, God signifies many things. For instance, the black horse and black dog usually signify or symbolize Satan. The white horse and white dog symbolize God's side. Color symbolizes something: green, the Holy Spirit; gray, the angels; pink, the Messiah or Lord. Red and black sometimes symbolize the satanic side. Therefore, Satan sometimes appears in red robes in a dream or in a vision. But don't misunderstand if someone has a black or red Bible. Is it satanic? Not at all, not at all. Just imagine before Satan became Satan, nighttime was dark and black, and also the rising sun was red. Every color was made by God. Sometimes a color is used as a symbol, but it's God's creation. Blue, gold and orange, blue, blue, blue - many blues. Then dove and pigeon-dove and other animals symbolize something. Therefore, if you have a dream or some vision, if you understand this point, you can understand the meaning.

Then why did God reveal such events? God created this kind of event to establish a foundation for the Messiah. For the foundation of faith, the central figure was Noah and the conditional object was the ark. Now the indemnity period: first of all, 120 symbolizes 12; and also, the 40-day judgment is the number 40; and three times seven, therefore 21 days, 7-7-7; and afterwards there comes another 40 day period. All of these were created to fulfill the period of indemnity. (Diagram #115.) Because of the extraordinary faith of Noah, the foundation of faith was laid and if only the foundation of substance had been laid, the foundation for the Messiah could have been laid and the Messiah could have come. Then what happened to the foundation of substance?'

Next, for the foundation of substance, a central figure is needed. As you know, the foundation of substance must be laid between Cain and Abel; between brothers, not between father and son. As a central figure, the father can't be responsible to solve the relationship between Cain and Abel. It must be solved by the brothers, young and old.

Therefore, Noah couldn't be responsible for that. Noah had three sons; Shem, Ham and Japheth. They helped Noah even at the time Noah was under persecution. Shem's position was Cain's position, Ham's position was Abel's position and Japheth's position must be Seth's position because the mission of Noah's family was to restore the failure of Adam's family.

Noah was successful in establishing the foundation of faith, but centering on Ham, the foundation of substance must be based on the successful foundation of faith because they must be linked. They cannot be separated, as you know.

Therefore, in order for Ham to succeed, he must be one with Noah. Ham must establish a condition to be one with Noah; they must be one in heart. Otherwise, Ham cannot inherit Noah's success. Then one thing happened. After Noah came out of the ark he raised grapes and made wine and drank the wine and slept in the tent in the same shape as he was born. Birthday suit! (Laughter) Oh, good expression. When the three sons came back, Ham found their father sleeping, and felt ashamed. He provoked his brothers; together, walking backwards, they put a cloth over Noah. When Noah was awake he got angry with his sons. "Who did it? Who did it?" And soon he could understand that Ham was the instigator or initiator of the action and Noah cursed Ham and the dispensation for Noah's family was lost to Satan.

Then why? Isn't it natural for the sons to cover their naked father? What is wrong? Noah's heart symbolizes the restored universe and Noah's position was restored Adam. Therefore, as you know from Genesis, before the fall of man, Adam and Eve were naked and they were never ashamed of it. They were pure, and Heavenly Father was happy. His naked son enjoying nature in the field. Now the position of Noah was restored Adam. (Diagram #116.) Therefore, it wasn't Noah himself but God who made Noah naked because God intended to restore heartistic joy through his nakedness. Noah's heart was in line with Adam's before the fall, before the fall. But when Ham and his brother came back, Ham was ashamed of the nakedness. This means he had the same feeling as Adam after the fall. Instead of fig leaves, now they used cloth. Therefore, Noah was in line with God, and Ham was in line with Satan. Therefore, the relationship between Noah's heart and Ham's heart - was impossible for them to be one heart. Therefore, Ham was disqualified to be a central figure of the foundation of substance. If Ham had been successful in his mission the Messiah would have come in the time of Noah based on the ancient civilization of the territory of the Tigris and Euphrates. In the ancient age, this civilization occurred but now it has disappeared because Noah's mission wasn't fulfilled. (Diagram #117i.) Then we must study many things. We can have lessons from this story.

The mission of the central figures is very important. The brothers just put cloth on their naked father, that's all. That destroyed the destiny of mankind, that cleaned the destiny of mankind. Just imagine - a boy is dying, a little son is dying, and the doctor comes and gives him an injection or shot to encourage his heart. His mother is crying; she has nobody at all. She can't do anything at all, she is just looking and crying. The life or death of her beloved son depends upon this doctor.

The son is mankind, the doctor is Ham and the Mother position is God. The doctor is asked to save the son, but the doctor isn't so serious. The mother is crying; the son is dying. The mother is crying - can't sleep at all - couple of days she never slept at all. When the doctor came, he wasn't so serious: and he made a mistake. The doctor made a mistake and now the son died. (Diagram 9117ii.) This mother's heart signifies, symbolizes God's heart when God lost Noah's family. Because of the failure of Ham, God lost millions and millions of people who were giving as contemporaries of Noah. Also, God had intended to save those who were in the spiritual world. Because of Ham's failure, God had to indemnify another 5,000 years and yet, God knew very well that the destiny of mankind, whom He loved, mankind's past, present and future, depended upon one action of the hand of the central figure. The central figure wasn't too serious, and he failed. Every expectation was lost and God had to go another way, to establish another foundation. This is how important the mission of the central figure is.

Even at the time of Jesus, it wasn't so many people, but a hundred fold people who decided the destiny of mankind; who obeyed Jesus or who disobeyed Jesus. At the time of Jesus the life of mankind, past, present and future, depended on the disciples, even three disciples, but they couldn't fulfill their missions. Likewise, even now the life and death of all mankind of the past, present and future is depending upon a hundred fold people called the Unification Church, who obey the Messiah. The life and death of mankind will be decided by us, will depend upon us, the members of the Unification Church. We must understand how important it is to be a central figure.

Then what was the reason why Ham failed? It was within common sense to cover Noah's nakedness, but his case was a special dispensation. This means that Ham judged the providence of God with his own common sense. This is the reason why he failed. Therefore, don't judge the providence of God from your own point of view. There is a difference between God's point of view and man's point of view. Man is fallen; therefore, his point of view is always different from God's point of view.

Does the Messiah come from man's point of view? Then from whose point of view? From God's point of view. Then if the Messiah does as others did before, then can the Messiah do what others couldn't do? Then if the Messiah cannot outdo others, is it possible for the Messiah to save mankind? Has there ever been anyone who was able to save mankind except for the Messiah? (No.) Then he must outdo others; is it possible for the Messiah to save mankind? Has there been anyone who was able to save mankind except for the Messiah? (No.) Then is he a man of common sense? (No.) Then he must be out of common sense. Okay? Then if he's out of common sense, how does he seem to the man of common sense? (Crazy.) Then the Messiah must be how? He must be the craziest man in the world. Okay? It's very true.

From the beginning of our Unification Church, our members were very poor. In Korea, poverty is incredible. Even members of the Unification Church were starving, with nothing to eat. Father gathered the main members and said, "Gather all the money you have," and the disciples said, "No, no, no, if we gather it then we will have nothing to eat and we must die." Father said, "Get out. Get that money." Even the disciples couldn't understand Father at all, and opposed. Father gathered the money and began the girls' dancing team and bought beautiful clothes, drums and everything. Can you imagine the situation? People got angry with Father. Members who were just conscientious got angry with Father. Why can he be the Messiah? He has no right. He is cruel. They must have felt this way. But Father didn't. After 10 years, the Little Angels came to America and were so great a success that through their performance, Father was able to meet with even President Eisenhower. They had an important mission. Many dignitaries from all over the world came to Father and greeted Father. Based on this foundation, Father planned the American dispensation to save the world. After the great success of the Little Angels, people could understand. It took them 10 years to understand Father's intention.

Also under persecution, under severe, terrible, persecution, Father began to create their life in one big room of the Headquarters. Can you imagine? It was almost crazy. And this became the foundation of victory of the first 7-year course. So even the disciples have judged Father from man's point of view. But afterwards we can understand. Therefore, Father's craziness, or Father's being out of common sense will be justified maybe 10 years later - maybe 100 years later, Father's craziness will be understood by all. Do you like to obey crazy Father? (Yes.) Or do you like to keep your own common sense? (No.) Do you like to obey crazy Father? (Yes.) How much? (A lot.) How much? (This much.) Always? (Yes.) Are you sure? (Yes.) Then can you do anything crazy for Father? (Yes.) Yah! (Laughter.)

Let's go and make all mankind crazy. It's very nice - crazy people. Crazy people can understand the hidden meaning of the providence of God. Crazy people can love all mankind far more than other people; far more than the president of America. They can go all over the whole world shedding sweat and tears and blood, and give truth and love and life, and all mankind will be revived and all mankind can come back to God, and all mankind can be brothers and sisters beyond races, beyond nationalities, beyond everything. This can be a new mankind. All mankind will be saved. What a wonderful, crazy people they are. Great! Do you like to be crazy? (Yes) Okay. Then you can go anywhere. Can you go to African jungle? (Yes) To witness to a tiger? (Yes) To witness to a big snake? (Yes) Gorilla? (Yes) Anyway, if Father asks, can you go anywhere? (Yes) Then, can you go the North Pole? (Yes) To witness to a wild bear? (Yes) Can you go the South Pole? (Yes) To witness to whom? (Penguin) (Laughter) Husband and wife will be separated? It's okay? (Yes) One to the North Pole to witness to wild bears and one to the South Pole to witness to a penguin, and cannot see each other for maybe 30 years; it's okay? And when they meet again, maybe they're 55 or 60 years old. Do you love it? (Yes) Oh, I don't think so. (Laughter) But if it happened with you, it would be a world-famous story. Husband and wife, just blessed in Korea and separated for 30 years, 40 years and when they meet, they are already 70 years old. If it is Father's desire, how do you think? Can you do that? (Yes) Is it okay with you? (Yes) Heavenly Father is hearing, therefore, it will come true.

Anyway, we are crazy. This is the conclusion. Therefore, don't judge the progress of God from man's point of view. Sometimes, we can't understand Father at all. Sometimes, even from a Unification Church point of view, Father is beyond understanding. For instance, Father married Mother when she was 18 years old. Then it must be the same as the fall. What do you think? (No) Seven years, seven years, seven years. Therefore, you must be more than 21 years, otherwise, you cannot reach perfection. Then it must be the same as the fall. This kind of suspicion, doubt. Because you know Divine Principle, you might judge Father with your own understanding of Divine Principle. Eve fell when she was below 21; therefore, Father has to restore from this point. This is the reason why. Therefore, the usual understanding of Divine Principle doesn't work at all. What we are studying now in this room is just an introduction to Divine Principle. Don't judge Father even with Divine Principle. Therefore, our faith is not in Divine Principle, but faith in the Messiah. Okay? (Yes) Many Americans think "If I can understand it, I can obey." "Yes, it makes sense; therefore, I can do it." This means, if it doesn't make sense, I can't obey it. There are many members in the Unification Church in America like this. Father cannot rely upon such people because Father's dispensation is far beyond our understanding. Father gives directions - crazy directions - without any explanation at all. Can you still obey Father? (Yes) This is the key point. Have a clear understanding of the meaning of faith. Our faith is not faith in the Divine Principle, but faith in the Messiah, in the Messiah's word of truth.

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