Divine Principle Lectures from the 120 Day Workshop

by Ken Sudo

History of Restoration

Chapter 1. Providential Age for the Foundation of Restoration

Section I. The Dispensation for Adam's Family

When Adam fell, God must have tried to save Adam, because God loved Adam. Why couldn't God save Adam's family? First, in order to save Adam's family, God had to send the Messiah through them; to do this, a member of Adam's family had to establish the foundation to receive the Messiah.

First of all, the central figure must be found to fulfill the foundation of faith. According to the Bible, the central figure wasn't Adam himself, but the son of Adam. Why? Because of the fall of man, although Adam was born as a son of God, his blood was defiled by satanic blood. Also, God's intention must have been to take him back to God's side, but because of the midway position, Satan was qualified to accuse. If God took him back to God's side unconditionally, then Satan could accuse.

So God couldn't do that. If Satan tried to take him to his side, then God would never give approval to him. Then without approval even Satan could not take him to his side. However defiled he was, Adam was Adam, son of God and without approval from God, even Satan could not take him to his side.

In order for God to have communication with Adam, Adam should be separated from satanic blood lineage. Adam must be separated from evil nature. Then he must be cut into two. But this is physically impossible. God now gave him two sons, Cain and Abel. One represents evil and the other represents goodness.

Now the Abel position represents goodness, and Cain's position represents evil. Abel is symbolic of purity and therefore God was able to have communication of give and take action with him. God was able to start His dispensation with him. This is why Abel was chosen as the central figure; God was able to have contact with him. This is the first reason.

Second reason. Because God loved Adam, God was betrayed and deeply hurt by Adam's fall. Because of the depths of His wound, even God couldn't start salvation with him. First, because good and evil must be separated. Second, for this heartistic reason; Instead of Adam, God started His dispensation with Abel.

Now a conditional object must be offered. Abel brought the offering to God. Also, Cain was given a revelation from above to offer something; Cain brought some vegetables. But when he made an altar, he began to pray a prayer of offering and the next moment a gust of wind blew away the offering. He didn't know what happened. He could understand that God refused it. He did his best, but he was refused by God. He came back with a broken heart, because he loved God. When his younger brother Abel came out and seemed to be arrogant, Cain became furious and said, "Come out with me." Abel went to a field with Cain, and there Cain killed him. Blood was shed, and he fell down dead. (Diagram #105.)

Cain now stood with bloody hands and God appeared to him and said, "Where is Abel, your brother?" He said, "I don't know. Am I my brother's keeper?" God said, "What have you done! The voice of your brother's blood is crying to me from the ground." To hear God's voice, Cain was scared, covered his face and ran away, to the East of Eden. He was afraid that he would be killed, but God protected him.

Now Cain killed Abel, the elder killed the younger. Now the evil, satanic side killed God's side. This is the first murder in human history. Human history began with a victory of evil, not goodness. Therefore, evil prevails first. Then even in World War II, Japan attacked America first in Pearl Harbor. Now the Godless ideology of Communism is covering the world. The next time, the God-centered ideology will cover the world. This is the tragedy of God's family, because tragedy began with fornication between the angel and Eve and now ended in murder. If we see this fact, we can understand the story, but from the practical point of view, there are many things to be considered.

Cain and Abel became the representatives of Satan and God. Also, the same pattern is found in Jacob and Esau. God said, "Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated." Why must the elder be representative of evil, and the younger of goodness? Even St. Paul couldn't understand why.

The fall between the angel and Eve is called the spiritual fall, and then the physical fall. In the first case, both the angel and Eve had an evil motivation. The first one was entirely evil because it was a self-centered motivation. Also the relationship between the angel and Eve is entirely unprincipled. So there is no excuse at all.

In the second fall, the motivation was better than that; Eve intended to go back to Adam her proper spouse. The motive was better, although she could understand very well that she was defiled by satanic blood. Not so good, but better. (Diagram #106.)

Cain and Abel were both born from the physical relationship between Adam and Eve. Truth is truth that they both had the same fallen nature, so they both must have inherited the same satanic blood lineage from fallen Adam and Eve. Then because of the symbolic dispensation, the firstborn, Cain, was considered to be the fruit of the first sin, and Abel the fruit of the second sin. Then in this meaning, Cain must be the fruit of the deeper sin. That is to say, he belonged to Satan, and Abel belonged to God. This is one reason.

Another reason is that Satan had priority to take either one of them, but Satan knew the firstborn son has the birthright, so Satan took the firstborn. God was compelled to have the left-over. So God has to begin His dispensation with the leftover.

Then now we can understand; but why did God refuse Cain's offering, even though He accepted Abel's offering? Some might think it was natural for Cain to kill Abel because God was partial to Abel. Was God partial?

Cain was in the satanic position. Therefore, his offering was symbolically defiled by satanic blood. So a pure God couldn't take it. What should Cain have done? The reason the offering was refused was that it was symbolically defiled. (Diagram #107.) Cain had to establish a condition to cleanse the sin. This the foundation of substance. The central figure must have been Abel, who was closer to God.

Now, centering on Abel, Cain should have established the condition to remove the fallen natures, all four of them. Fallen nature number one, failure to take the same position as God. God loved Adam and the angel. The angel made a mess of the happiness of Adam and Eve who God loved the most. In order to indemnify this failure, Cain, instead of the archangel, has to love Abel. (Diagram #108.) Therefore, love must be restored here. Without proper reason, the angel destroyed the love of Adam and Eve. Now Cain must love Abel unconditionally before God.

Second, leaving the proper position. In order to restore this failure, Cain has to establish a condition to have Abel as the mediator. (Diagram #109.)

Third, reversal of dominion. God was supposed to have dominion over Adam and Adam dominion over Eve, and Eve over the angel. But because of the fall of man, the archangel became Satan. Now the angel had dominion over Eve first, then Adam. (Diagram #110.) Now we are under Satan, in a sense. If we try to do good, we do evil, and we do the evil we don't want to do. Satan can invade us and our original mind will be torn. Our original mind is crying to God.

Satan dominated man and now Cain must be dominated by the Abel figure. Not by violence, but by love and obedience. So Cain must obey Abel; this is the reason. And another one, as Father said this morning, we must have a deep understanding about Cain and Abel.

Because of the fall of man, the angel became Satan. If we are born sinlessly, we are sinless children without any effort. But evil nature came into man and we are destined to give the same nature to our children, unless we can solve original sin. From the angel to Eve, from Eve to Adam, from Adam to descendants, this was the multiplication of sin. (Diagram #111.) In order to restore this fallen nature, goodness must come from God, through Adam to Eve, through Adam and Eve to the angel; this is the reversal course. Cain can receive good things from God, not directly, but through Adam and Eve. This is Abel's position or that of the central figure. This pattern must be applied to our routine life of faith. This goodness doesn't come directly through Cain but through Abel.

The message of God will be given to the Messiah first, and then it will be given to us. The Messiah's words must be God's words, the highest Abel position. Also, because of give and take action, goodness should be offered through Abel to God, so Cain should have made the offering through Abel to God. Without Abel, Cain's offering was impure; therefore God couldn't receive it. Abel's position is like clear water. Cain, in effect, brought a dirty shirt directly to God, and God didn't like it. When it is washed clean, God can receive it. The offering should have been offered through Abel. Cain couldn't understand this point. Even though you are given some revelation from above, do you go directly or not? You must ask the central figure. Even though it is true, under approval of the central figure is the way to do it.

If Cain loves Abel and if he thought of Abel as his mediator, and if Cain made the offering through Abel, then the foundation or condition to have removed the sin would have been realized. Centering on Abel, the foundation of substance is restored and already the foundation of faith is restored. This is the foundation for the Messiah.

But now, to our regret, Cain killed Abel and he couldn't love Abel at all, couldn't treat him as a mediator, couldn't make the offering through Abel. From that time on, God's dispensation was prolonged to this time.

What is the relationship between Cain and Abel? We must understand a deeper meaning between Cain and Abel. First, the meaning of the offering. Abel's offering must be pure. When Abel's position is pure, then God can take it. By loving Abel, Cain can be one with Abel. Also, God can take him. We understood the relationship between Cain and Abel as elder and younger. The younger is closer to God, elder is distant from God, something like that. From the point of view of offering, Cain offered Abel to God. Therefore, Abel must be an offering always, a pure offering. If there is a condition through which Satan can accuse, Abel cannot stand as Abel. This is the reason for Abel to establish a condition to restore the three great blessings. If Abel is more than the original Adam, then no accusation at all.

Why is Abel an offering? Abel must cleanse his own sin. Abel, who has a condition through which Satan can invade, is not Abel. He must be more than Adam before the fall of man.

Abel's position is given, but unless we fulfill the contents of Abel, Abel cannot be Abel. He is alone: then he is disqualified to be Abel and God cannot receive him. If we investigate within ourselves, we can find an original mind and an evil mind. This is Abel and Cain. In the evil mind, when God's words come, good and evil can be divided into two: it is very clear that this is evil and this is good. We never understood that fornication was so evil. But through understanding of the Principle, Cain and Abel are separated within myself and begin to fight against each other and a terrible battle begins within me.

For instance, maybe someone is walking on a dirty and impure street of New York, and some temptation comes from the depth of himself, but he knows that this is the reason why man fell. A terrible battle ensues inside, but in the final moment, "Heavenly Father, I can't stand it any longer; just shut your eyes," and he drops inside some place and commits sin. Afterwards, how does he feel? After this rush of passion, when he comes out he has to pound his chest, "Why did I, why did I, why did I?" Then his original mind is crying to God from the ground. In this time, which of the two won, Cain or Abel? Cain won. Abel was killed by Cain and his blood is crying to God from the ground. The same thing happened within him that happened 6,000 years ago. If the same temptation comes, but after a terrible struggle with a rush of passion, finally he could get victory; always he was defeated but the next moment he dashed to the street, and the next moment fell down and saw how beautiful the sky is. How beautiful the twinkling stars are! He has never seen such beautiful twinkling stars in New York. We feel victorious, pure joy comes from the depths of myself, "Oh Heavenly Father, I got the victory." Now Abel subjugated Cain and centering on Abel, Cain was subjugated.

Within myself, the internal foundation for the Messiah was laid, and the Messiah can come to me internally. He can give forgiveness of sins and eternal joy. Therefore, we can feel joy and happiness. Pure joy and happiness. This is the victory. Therefore, we must always fight against satanic temptation, and always fight within ourselves, then the accumulation of separation from Satan will increase your personality with love. The more purified your love is, the more Heavenly Father can work through you. Therefore, if you continue this kind of battle within you against Satan, then one month, one year, three, five years, you, yourself, will change completely; God will work through you, and you will have a clear mind. Therefore, if you cherish impure desire within you, it grows and thrives and finally blooms and bears fruit. Therefore I say, "Nip it in the bud." This is the best method to purify ourselves inside. Try even three months and you can change yourself. "Nip it in the bud." Purify ourselves inside, with prayer.

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