Divine Principle Lectures from the 120 Day Workshop

by Ken Sudo


A. Trinity

God has the dual characteristics of Original Sung-sang and Original Hyung-sang, and they are united into oneness to form the perfect personality of God and the essential nature of God. They need ways of expression of positivity and negativity.

I won't give the entire Christology lecture this time, just rebirth and trinity.

Perfect man is as precious as God and has eternal and unique value. This kind of thing you can study by yourself. God has dual characteristics of OSS and OHS and these can be expressed through attributes of positivity and negativity. (Diagram #93a.) So God has Original Positivity and Original Negativity. God's nature can be substantiated through creation. And when God's positivity and negativity are substantiated they pass through the intermediate status of Logos--Logos masculinity and Logos femininity. This is a status without spirit body or physical body, this is just like the Holy Spirit--no special physical or spiritual body, just an intermediate status. Through this positive and negative aspect of Logos, God's positivity and negativity will be substantiated. This is Adam and Eve.

God's intention has been unity with Adam and Eve with 100% love. If this 100% love is substantiated, nothing can destroy the love between God and man. Then there is no possibility of fall anymore and there is no need of any commandment. Then they can have give and take action between them and it wouldn't constitute sin and they would not need the commandment. (Diagram #93b.) They would love each other as husband and wife. This must have been a sinless marriage with 100% love. Centering on God, Adam and Eve should have been married sinlessly. This union would have been eternal because love is perfect and the strongest force in the world. This is called trinity.

Centering on God, Adam and Eve should have been united into oneness with eternal love. This is God's original ideal trinity - eternal sinless marriage centered on God. Starting with this trinity, Adam and Eve could have been the sinless parents of all mankind, through whom sinless descendants could have been born. This is God's desire. This is the foundation for the kingdom of God. This is the original ideal of God's trinity. Now, God's intention has been to create Adam and Eve, and to realize a sinless trinity on earth--sinless marriage centering on God.

As you know, because of the fall of man, this idea was destroyed by Satan; this ideal trinity wasn't realized because of satanic invasion--Adam and Eve were both defiled by satanic blood. So a satanic trinity was established, and satanic parents were realized through whom sinful children were born. They could not solve this problem and this defiled blood lineage was passed on to their descendants, generation after generation. Heavenly Father never intended to have such miserable children. They were born but they couldn't understand or hear God's words. Therefore, they were dead; dead children. Because they were dead, they couldn't speak God's words. Therefore, they were deaf and dumb. And also, they couldn't see what is going on. They were deaf and dumb and blind idiots. Thousands and thousands and millions and millions of such children. What a miserable parent Heavenly Father has been. (Diagram 994.)

B. Restoration of Original Trinity Through Rebirth (Diagram #95.)

Heavenly Father once decided He would never fail to realize His intention. Therefore, He must realize His original ideal trinity and also He must recreate His miserable children.

To do this, He sent the second Adam, the second incarnation of Logos--the second sinless son of God was born, and this was Jesus. He became the tree of life. Then, because of the crucifixion, He became a spiritual tree of life. After crucifixion and resurrection, Jesus had to start as a spiritual, sinless Adam. This means that he was qualified to be the sinless father of all mankind, spiritually.

In order for a father to be a father, he needs a spouse. Without a spouse, man cannot be a father. In order for Jesus to be a father of mankind, he needed a spouse position; therefore, Heavenly Father sent the Holy Spirit in the position of his spouse. The Bible says the Holy Spirit was his helper. The Holy Spirit has no spirit body or physical body but she functions as if he is alive. She gives deep inspirations and deep guidance of a feminine nature. Centered on God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit became one and a spiritual trinity was established and realized. This means that mankind was given spiritual parents.

However, because of the fall of man, Adam and Eve, who were to be the spiritual parents of all mankind, were lost to Satan. All mankind became as orphans. From the depths of our insides we have been seeking for those parents. Man was given parents through whom we can be born sinlessly, because the father, Jesus, was sinless and the Holy Spirit, mother, was sinless. Therefore, mankind can be born spiritually through them. Jesus was spiritual, Holy Spirit was spiritual, so children must be spiritual. Therefore, through spiritual parents, a chance for spiritual rebirth was given to us. So Christians are children who are born from Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Christians never knew this key point. They thought Jesus was the Lord, my savior, who came to solve my sin. It is true, they couldn't understand that Jesus was a parent.

They couldn't understand the relationship between Jesus and Christians, so they thought they were servants. They couldn't understand that they were children of Jesus, nor could they know to call Jesus father. Jesus was father and the Holy Spirit was mother's position. The most important key point in Christianity is to realize that Jesus was father and that Christians are children of Jesus and that salvation is not just forgiveness of sin, but rebirth. Salvation is the new start of a new life. Christianity couldn't understand the meaning of salvation, the relationship between Jesus and Christians. Christians are given new life through Jesus. Christianity has been great, but as you know, salvation through Christianity couldn't be the solution for this world. In spite of the Messiah's coming, this world was manipulated by Satan still, and the evil has been multiplied and multiplied. This world is satanic, so Christianity couldn't be a solution for this world, not because of faithlessness, but because of the crucifixion itself. Because of this reason, God's original ideal of trinity wasn't realized at the time of Adam, and at the time of Jesus was only half successful. Heavenly Father couldn't give up and won't fail to establish a real trinity on earth to save all mankind and bring all His children back to God Himself. To do this, now God has to send another Adam, the third Adam to realize the sinless trinity on earth.

He must be the tree of life -- the sinless perfected Adam -- both spiritually and physically. Then he can be father of mankind both spiritually and physically. In order for a father to be a father, he needs a spouse; therefore, Heavenly Father must have prepared the Bride of the Lamb. Now, centered on God, the Lord of the Second Advent and his bride can be united into oneness. Now there can be realized the trinity, both spiritual and physical. Through the Lord of the Second Advent, children can be reborn both spiritually and physically. All mankind can be born as sinless children through the Lord of the Second Advent. This is salvation in the Unification Church. We can be sinless both spiritually and physically. Then we have nothing to do with Satan anymore.

Even through faith in Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection, it has been impossible for a pious Christian to get married sinlessly and have sinless children. No matter how pious and faithful a Christian has been, his descendants have been sinners. From this time on our children will be sinless. This is true salvation in the Unification Church.

The mission of the Unification Church is to consummate the mission of Christianity. Therefore, the Unification Church is different from the Christian Church. We must clearly understand the difference between the Unification Church and the Christian Church. Everyone likes this idea because it is natural. Our essential and long cherished desires are now being accomplished through Father's coming. Through unity between sinless father and his sinless bride there must be born lineal sinless children of the Lord of the Second Advent. Father is sinless, Mother is sinless, and their children are sinless. Then a sinless family on earth will be realized. This is called the Messiah's family; it will be realized. How happy Heavenly Father will be to see such a wonderful sinless family on earth; it is the very foundation for the kingdom of God.

This was established in 1967, on December 31. Therefore, the next day, 1968, Father declared God's Day. The sinless family was established on earth. How happy Heavenly Father was to see the victory of a sinless family. Father got victory; mother got victory. I heard that when Father declared this holiday, he cried to Heavenly Father to look at his daughter, to see her victory, and he was proud of his spouse, our True Mother. This is the victory of the Messiah's family. Then, however great the Messiah's family may be, if we can't have any relationship with the Messiah's family, we have nothing to do with salvation. Then how can we relate to the Messiah's family?

We must understand that we are here as sinful man and sinful woman, even though we are in the Unification Church. Then, in order to be saved, we must have a relationship with the Messiah. What kind of relationship should we have? Man fell away from God because of disbelief and disobedience. Therefore, in order to indemnify the failure of Adam, we must believe the Messiah is the Messiah and we must obey the Messiah as Messiah and we must love the Messiah as Messiah. Finally the most important point is love. Love is the key to salvation and rebirth. Then why is love necessary? In order to be saved, why must we love the Messiah? Father said get into the marrow of the sinless Adam. What does it mean?

The marrow is the core of the bone. The bone is the core and marrow is the core of the core; therefore, this means the core of the core of the Messiah. This means heart -to get into the heart of the Messiah, sinless

Adam. This means love. Love the Messiah. Jesus said love me more than others. If people didn't love Jesus more than others, Jesus said they were not qualified or worthy of Jesus. It is true.

Then why is love so important to salvation? We must understand. We are born through our mothers' wombs, but our mothers are sinners. The womb of my mother was defiled by satanic blood lineage. Before coming into my mother's womb, I had been one seed of my physical father. But my father is also a sinner; therefore, the seed itself must have been defiled by satanic blood lineage. Therefore, from the beginning I was born as a sinner, a defiled seed sown in defiled soil--a sprout that was defiled from the beginning and grew up and lived on earth, some 20, 40, or 60 years. Eventually, no matter how long we may have lived on earth our life would have nothing to do with the kingdom of God Jesus said, in John 3:3, that unless one is born anew he cannot see the kingdom of God. Our entire life has nothing to do with sinless blood lineage; our entire life has been defiled by satanic blood. Then our entire life course must be reckoned with first and we must start anew. This is salvation.

Our entire life should be denied once. This is the true meaning of self-denial. This is the reason why religion requires self-denial. And at the same time, after the self-denial, by loving the Messiah more than my own life, I can get into the marrow of the sinless Messiah and I can be one seed of the sinless Messiah symbolically. Then this seed will be sown into the womb of a sinless bride, and we can sprout. New life will be born. Who is this child? It is me. Who is my father? The Messiah is my Father. Who is his bride? She is my Mother. My father is sinless, my mother is sinless; then I must also be sinless. The new self must be a sinless self. Man has both a physical and spiritual body; then we can be sinless both physically and spiritually. Then we have nothing to do with satanic blood lineage, because we are born sinlessly through the Messiah and his bride. Then we can be one member of the Messiah's family. This is true salvation in the Unification Church. In this meaning, some day we can be a true son or daughter in the Messiah's family.

Under the blessing of God, with the approval of God, man and woman can be united into oneness and can realize a trinity. God's original ideal trinity will be realized on earth.

According to the Bible, after death there is no marriage. Throughout human history, there must have been many wonderful couples on earth, even your parents must be a wonderful husband and wife. When they get into the spiritual world they are destined to be separated because the marriage has not been approved by God. Unless approved by God, it cannot be eternal. Therefore, marriages are destined to be separated. Do you like this idea? No. There must be love and it must be eternal. This is our essential desire given by God. But from now on marriage can be approved by God. But God is invisible, so the Messiah will approve you.

If we are blessed by the Messiah and get married sinlessly, this marriage will be eternal. Thousands and thousands of years, millions and millions of years, the same husband and wife can love each other more every day. How great it is. This is just the beginning of the sinless marriage on earth. Blessed members must be deeply grateful for being given the blessing and other members must be prepared to be qualified enough to be given the blessing. Then there will be so many sinless marriages and trinities on the earth, and so many sinless children can be born. Sinless means original sin was cut off, but we still may have many troubles.

At the time of Jesus, Mary was able to have a sinless baby, Jesus. Jesus' other brothers and sister were sinful, only Jesus was sinless. From now on, children from blessed families will be sinless and the more the better. Therefore, you should have as many children as possible. One, three, five, even a dozen or more children is no problem. This is the true meaning of the second blessing. The second blessing doesn't mean the multiplication of sinners, it means the multiplication of sinless people. Then, centering on the Messiah's family, multiply, multiply, multiply, and thousands and thousands and millions and millions of sinless children will be born. This world will be covered with sinless children like Jesus. If they grow and reach perfection, that is like Jesus himself. Maybe hundreds of thousands of Jesuses living on the earth. This must be the kingdom of Heaven on earth. Is it okay?

Therefore, the kingdom of Heaven doesn't come by Communistic revolution, doesn't come by education in schools and universities, doesn't come from political ideas, it comes from the solution of sin coming from the Messiah. In this meaning, only the Messiah can solve sin and create the kingdom of God on earth. Now we are here, and by loving the Messiah more than our own life, we can be born anew sinlessly and get married-sinlessly, have sinless children and establish the kingdom of God on earth. More than a thousand children have been born on earth already. When we were sleeping and hanging around, history was being made in the dark. People don't know at all that the kingdom of God is coming step by step. By loving the Messiah and obeying and believing the Messiah more than my own life, and by doing what he requires with great faith, now we can realize the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven.

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