Divine Principle Lectures from the 120 Day Workshop

by Ken Sudo


Section I: The Significance of Resurrection

According to the Bible, when the Messiah comes again, it is the time of the end of the world. It is the time of the Last Days. At this time, dead people will be alive or resurrected. The main emphasis in the Bible, is that the time of the Last Days is the time when dead people will be resurrected. This is the chance of resurrection. The coming of the Messiah and the end of the world and resurrection will take place simultaneously.

Now, in order to understand the significance of resurrection, we must understand the meaning of life and death. We must understand the Biblical view of life and death because in order to understand the significance of resurrection, we must understand the meaning of death. Resurrection comes after death. Unless someone died, he cannot be resurrected. Then according to the Bible, Matthew 8:22, one day Jesus' disciples came to him and said that one of his disciples' fathers had died. The disciple said to Jesus that he wanted to bury his father. Jesus said to follow him and to leave the dead to bury their own dead. It's very clear that the "dead" to be buried signify the physically dead. But the dead who were to bury the dead are clearly the family members who must be spiritually dead since they were physically alive. We can therefore find two kinds of death. In Revelations 3:1, Jesus said to some church, "I know your works; you have the name of being alive, and you are dead." This must mean they are physically alive, but they are spiritually dead. In John 11:25, Jesus said, "He who believes in me, though he die yet shall he live." The former life is physical life and the latter life is spiritual life. In John 11:26 Jesus said, "Whoever lives and believes in me shall never die." Therefore, they will die physically but not spiritually. When we look at the Bible it is clear that there are two concepts of life and death. One was physical and the other was spiritual. Jesus' emphasis on life and death was not physical but was spiritual. (Diagram #73.)

From this point of view, in order to understand resurrection we must understand death and when it came into man. The Bible says that when Adam and Eve fell, death came into man. In Genesis 2:17, God said to Adam and Eve, "Of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat for in the day that you eat of it you shall die." And they ate and they therefore must have died. The angel and Adam and Eve must have died when they committed sin. Then what is death? To understand, we must know about life. Before death they must have been alive. Then, before death what were they like?

First of all, they were receiving love from God. God must have given love, which is life, to His own son and daughter. By being given love, Adam and Eve became more and more beautiful. They gave back beauty to God. This is the state of being alive. Then to be alive means to have the give and take action of love and beauty between God and man. This is life. To be alive means to be given love by God. To show beauty means to receive more love from God. This relationship must be the state of being alive. (Diagram #74.) When they committed sin, they became impure and there was no beauty anymore. Love was broken and give and take action between God and man was broken. This is death. Death means the destruction of the give and take action of love and beauty between God and man, and the establishment of give and take action between Satan and man. If we have no relationship with God and we are under Satan and are manipulated by Satan and are driven by Satan to commit, this is death. To be alive is to be under the dominion of God. This is life.

Through death, man came under Satanic dominion. Death is the same as the fall. To die means to fall, to commit sin. If we can clarify this point, we can understand that resurrection means to cut the relationship with Satan and come back to God. Resurrection means salvation. If we can separate Satan from within ourselves and feel God's love and have skin touch with God, this is resurrection. If you feel God's ideas, words, and love and everything because you are one with God, this is resurrection. It is very clear we can experience resurrection itself. Do you feel resurrected? How much?

In the beginning of the Unification Church, I could not understand resurrection at all. I was giving the lecture and I could understand the lecture, but I had no feeling because I myself was not resurrected. But one day, I went to practice witnessing in a suburb of Tokyo. And when witnessing was finished we came back, and I saw one man standing by a table where people were playing a game similar to chess. Some other young men were gathered around him and their faces and countenances were gray, no life. Their eyes were red. And without having any purpose in life, with hollow reddened eyes, he was just looking, and I felt that he is dead, he is dead. Now I could understand. In a couple of minutes another came with a young woman. I have never seen such an ugly woman in my life. Her countenance was also dark, pale, and gray, with no life. I felt the smell of death and I couldn't eat at all. They have no purpose in life; no relationship with God at all. This is death. I could understand. I went back to the Unification Church and as soon as I saw brothers and sisters I could feel life and I could see that they were alive. Have you seen anything more beautiful than life? Now I could understand the meaning of life and death.

Based on this understanding, I can speak something about eternal life. Jesus emphasized eternal life. God made man after His own image and men were to be united into oneness with God and were supposed to get married sinlessly and have sinless children -a sinless family, tribe, and nation, all centering on God. Man should have been alive. This should have been a world of life. But because man committed sin, Satan, not God, had dominion over Adam and Eve and all mankind. This is a world of death, a world of Satanic dominion. Even though many people are driving cars and walking on the street, they are dead. Subway trains are like hearses to carry the dead bodies, bound to hell. They are alive, but they are dead.

The reason why they died was first of all because of disbelief in and disobedience to God's words. Therefore, in order to resurrect men, God's words must be given anew. And this time, instead of disbelief, there must be belief in the words of God, and obedience to the words of God. Then dead people can be resurrected. The mission of the Messiah is to bring these words of God. Only when the Messiah comes will the truth be given to dead people. Then they will be able to come back to life and to God. This is resurrection. When the Messiah comes, the evil dominion will be destroyed, and this will be the end of the world, and mankind can come back to God. (Diagram #75.) If men can restore their relationship with God then when they get into the spiritual world, the same God will be waiting for them with both arms outstretched. Even though the physical body dies, man is one with God and in this meaning men are alive. The spiritual world is eternal and we can also say that the words of life are eternal. To be alive eternally means to be one with God eternally. When we are one with God, we can feel, we can have skin-touch with God eternally in both worlds.

Man died because of faithlessness, so in order to be alive he must believe and obey the Messiah. Then he is qualified to have eternal life. In Matthew 11:25-26 it says that even though the Messiah comes, if people do not hear his words and do not believe his words and do not obey his words, they have nothing to do with eternal life. When these people die, the same Satan is waiting for them in the spirit world. If men are alive physically, they are still dead spiritually. After physical death, we have a spirit body and we can live in the spirit world as spirit men, but even in the spirit world, if we cannot have a give and take relationship with God, we are still dead. It doesn't matter at all where we are. The most important point is if we are one with God or not. If we can understand this point, we can understand that spiritual life must be more important than physical life. If someone sacrifices physical life for eternal life, then he must be great. It is the criteria for faith. Can you think more of eternal life than of physical life? If you can say yes, then this is great. 

Section II. Resurrection Providence

As previously mentioned, resurrection is salvation. Resurrection is recreation. Recreation will take place in accordance with the principle of creation. In order for Adam to be able to reach perfection, first of all he had to be given God's words. This is a life element. In order for dead people to be resurrected, they must be given God's words or the life element. Resurrection takes place by believing in the truth and practicing the truth, or God's words. (Diagram #7b.)

Secondly, the spirit body can grow by being given vitality elements from the physical body. Without the physical body, there is no spiritual growth. Therefore, resurrection takes place based on the foundation of the physical body. When spiritual growth as well as physical growth takes place through the three stages of formation, growth and perfection there is also spiritual growth through the three stages of form, life and divine spirit. Resurrection takes place through three stages. Also, a special case: because, for instance, if you have good ancestors, you will be chosen to be a central figure, resurrection takes place on the merit of the age. Therefore, based on these principles, resurrection will take place.

How then has man been resurrected throughout the history of restoration, the resurrection of man on earth? Adam was supposed to reach perfection by being given God's words, and by being given a spiritual element and by receiving vitality elements. This is the spiritual growth of Adam. As you know, on the way of perfection Adam and Eve fell into hell. They must be saved. Because of the fall, they died, so they must be resurrected from death.

Resurrection in the Old Testament Age was based on the foundation of the victory of Jacob. Moses came, and the Ten Commandments and Mosaic Law were given. By being given the Mosaic Law, the physical body and spiritual element benefited. The spiritual element could stimulate the body of a man. Being stimulated by this spiritual element, the man would do very well and his physical body could give vitality elements, and he would be resurrected to this extent. (Diagram #77.) This resurrection is called formation stage resurrection. Fallen man could then come back to the degree of the babyhood of sinless Adam. They have knowledge and experience but their internal level is not so high.

This spirit body is called the form spirit, and based on this resurrection the next chance of resurrection was given to mankind. This was the time of the Messiah's coming. People received a new message from Jesus. This was Jesus' words. It stimulated tile physical body of Christians and if they received and obeyed Jesus' words he could give wonderful vitality elements, and now his spirit body could grow to this extent. This resurrection is called growth stage resurrection. But still, this spirit is called the life spirit.

The next chance must be given and this is the Messiah's Second Coming. When the Messiah comes, based on the foundation of Christianity, the Messiah will come and he can give a new message to all of mankind. If someone works very hard for the Messiah, then he can give vitality to his own spirit body and can grow to this extent. We call this the divine spirit. Finally, he can reach perfection. This resurrection is called perfection stage resurrection and at this level man is qualified to get into the kingdom of God. Even the leaders of the Old Testament Age were not qualified to get into the kingdom of God, because their degree or level of understanding was below this; they were able to get into Paradise, but not the kingdom of God. Paradise is not the kingdom of God-it is just the porch or entrance gate to the kingdom of God. Jesus declared the kingdom of God but he couldn't realize the kingdom of God on earth or in heaven either. Just Paradise. In Luke 23:43, Jesus said, "Truly, I say unto you, today you will be with me in Paradise." Jesus declared the kingdom of God but could not realize the kingdom of God. (Diagram #78.) Even Jesus could not get into the kingdom of God. No one could exceed Jesus, so there has been no one at all who has gotten into the kingdom of God except for the Lord of the Second Advent. He will open the gates to the kingdom of God. He must be the first one to enter the kingdom of God and afterwards his followers will follow. Heavenly Father has been looking with both arms outstretched, but so far no one has been able to get into the kingdom of God. This is the time of the end of Christianity and the beginning of the new age.

Therefore, this is the same period as when Adam and Eve fell because of an illicit sexual relationship. The pattern will be repeated. This is the time of sexual corruption. There is so much sexual corruption because this is the equivalent to the period of Adam and Eve. Especially the young generation is suffering from juvenile delinquency. Adam and Eve, when they fell, were in the juvenile period. Sexual corruption is prevailing all over the world, especially among young people. Eve had a sexual relationship with both the angel and Adam. Now, even women in this age group have many, many illicit sexual affairs. Usually woman's nature is not so aggressive, and doesn't like promiscuity. This is woman's nature, but now because of this age, even woman is promiscuous. Man and woman became closer and closer here so that in this age men and women resemble each other. Strange phenomena are happening. Men with long hair, etc. In Japan, the Eve country, many men walking on the streets look like women with their long hair.

At this time, Adam and Eve rebelled against God and started Hell, and this was the beginning of the primitive communistic social system. Therefore, now, if we rebel against God and if we fall again, all mankind will be involved in Communism. The same pattern will be repeated. Adam and Eve denied God, so there are many atheists against God. At the same time, Adam and Eve were able to have communication with God to this extent; likewise, now there are many people who can have communication with God and the spiritual world. [How many have ever experienced communication with God? Close to half. This is a phenomenon of the end of the world.

Therefore, when the Last Days come, so many people will be given revelations from above, and among those who are given revelations from above, some are given revelations that tell them that they are the lord. This doesn't mean they are the Messiah, but does mean man is qualified to have dominion over things. This is the blessing of dominion. (Diagram #79.)

Next, man is supposed to be a representative of the Lord of the Second Advent in a small territory or area. He is a John the Baptist figure. Even within Christianity there are many new denominations filled with spirit who are waiting for the Messiah's Coming. These new denominations are like John the Baptist figures. Not just one person, but one religion is like John the Baptist. For instance, in Christianity, in Korea and in Japan or in America, Jehovah's Witnesses or Seventh Day Adventists or even Mormons must be the foundation for the Lord of the Second Advent within Christianity. I know in Japan several special churches that receive so many revelations. In one church, the founder was able to cure many people; he was even able to raise a dead man. Many people said this is just like Jesus, and some people may have gathered around him. Buddhists and Shintoists are waiting for The Lord of the Second Advent. These religions are just like John the Baptist figures. As you know, Hinduism must also be like a John the Baptist figure. God prepared them and chose them to be responsible for the Messiah's coming. They are to come from the four directions.

Sometimes people think a John the Baptist person is the Messiah himself, like the followers of Guru Maharaji, but these figures are to support the Messiah. If followers think someone is the Messiah because he cured people and can do as Jesus did, and the people bow before him, and he is given the revelation that he is the lord, he will probably think that he is indeed the Messiah. This is called the false Messiah. If a false one thinks that he is the true Messiah, he will accuse and persecute and rebel against the real Messiah, and will be taken away by Satan. Jesus was worried about that. They were originally good people and important persons for God, but because of ignorance and arrogance they will be the antichrist..

Then what is the criteria or standard for the Messiah? He must be able to save mankind. If only he can save mankind, it doesn't matter how he comes. It doesn't matter what color he is or if he is short or tall. In order to solve sin, he must be sinless. Jesus was sinless so he was qualified to solve sin and be the Messiah. How can you check if someone is sinless or not? If someone is sinless he is qualified to solve sin. Only purity can solve impurity. Only a sinless man can save mankind. If I am one with sin, then I cannot see sin, I do not feel sin, and I am very happy with sin. I don't feel sinful and impure. I feel happy; this is big happiness. Then in order to understand sin, I must be distant from sin. Then I can clearly understand all sin. In order to understand original sin, I must be distant from original sin. Then the man who found the origin of sin must be sinless. Who found this original sin? Father found the original sin, so he must be sinless. He is, therefore, qualified to cleanse sin: he can solve my sin and he can be my savior.

This method is the best to explain to people that Father is the Messiah. If only they can understand the fall of man they can understand that Father is the Messiah.

This is a digression but an important digression. At the time of the last days there will be many spiritual disturbances that we must go through. If we pass through these difficulties, if we can reach perfection, we can take part in the first resurrection. This is the original idea of God's dispensation. (Diagram #80.) This is the original idea of God's dispensation. According to Revelations 14:1-3, on Mt. Zion stood the Lamb, and with him a hundred and forty-four thousand who had his name and his Father's name written on their foreheads. His name means the approval of the Lord of the Second Advent. Father means God. They must be approved by the Lord of the Second Advent and authorized by God. If the Lord of the Second Advent approves, God approves. The Messiah will give direct selection and will say you or you are okay, come on. Then Heavenly Father will approve it. This is a blessing. The first resurrection means a blessing. It has been a deep desire of Christians to be a part of this blessing. They persevered, and persevered without being blessed; they shed blood without being blessed. The blessing is not just marriage. The blessing means the true solution of original sin. This is the true meaning of the blessing. This is why it has been the desire of Christians.

Then why 144,000? First of all, Jacob had twelve children, and each of the twelve also had twelve; at the time of Moses 12 multiplied by 12 is 144. The pattern of 144 was laid or established. At the time of Jesus, a pattern of 12 was established. At the time of the Lord of the Second Advent, a pattern of 12 must be established. One hundred and forty-four thousand is the foundation for the kingdom of God and also, these are people to whom the Messiah can give the blessing directly. The Messiah cannot give a direct blessing to all mankind. These people will be given a blessing from the Messiah directly. Then the number of 144,000 might be changed; this is symbolic. The number of the blessing has been changed every year.

Christians thought that these people would be glorified so much, but they must suffer and sacrifice to save mankind. Is there anyone who doesn't want to go to the kingdom of Heaven? Would you like to buy a ticket for the kingdom of God? If you bought a ticket for the kingdom of God, I hope you can sell it, and buy a ticket for rock-bottom Hell. You must go to rock-bottom hell where it smells strange and is dirty and you almost can't breathe at all. You can ask someone what he is doing and bring him out of hell, kick out from rock-bottom hell to the kingdom of God. One by one, try to find them in the muddy place and when there is no one in hell, finally you start for the kingdom of God. When you came back to the kingdom of God, how do you think Heavenly Father feels, good or not? If you go to Father and say, "Heavenly Father I cleaned out hell and I came back now," He will say, "Who are you? Where from?" "I came from rock-bottom hell." "That's very strange, I don't like you, get away, go back." Then how do you do? Go back to hell. When you arrive at rock-bottom hell, Heavenly Father is waiting there for you. This is the kingdom of God. Can you understand what I mean?

If there is someone who wants to be glorified, this is the one who bought a ticket to rock-bottom hell by himself. How can he be happy in the kingdom of God to see the miserable brothers and sisters? Can you look at the misery of the world from the kingdom of God? By sacrificing his own happiness, going into rock-bottom hell and serving and saving brothers and sisters with sweat, tears, and blood, all the men will be happy. But even after making others happy, God may forsake you. No one may respect you; you might be forsaken by all, like Jesus. Even if you are forsaken by God, to see the happiness of others and happiness of Heavenly Father, and feeling happy yourself, then this is the kingdom of God. Do you want to go to the rock-bottom of hell? From now on, we can go to the rock-bottom of hell. This is the pioneer witnessing spirit. Let's go to the rock-bottom of hell. Blessed members must go to the rock-bottom of hell first; this is why Father decided to send the blessed members as overseas missionaries.

Section III. Resurrection Providence for Spirit Man in the Spirit World

Through this understanding we can understand that when the Messiah comes again, those on earth can join the first resurrection and be given a blessing by the Messiah. They will be harvested to the heavenly barn. But there must have been so many faithful Christians who love God and because of persecution were killed by satanic force. How can they be saved and resurrected? First of all, through the returning resurrection of spirit men. Someone whose name is A worked very hard for God. A is the spirit man of Mr. A. He received God's words and they gave stimulation to his physical body and he worked hard and got many vitality elements. Therefore, his spiritual growth reached this level, and because of righteousness and because he loved Jesus more than his own life, he was killed. (Diagram #81.) Then he can have no vitality element, anymore. Then there is no growth anymore. Then he cannot get into the kingdom of God. How can he be saved? God gave a good method: through another man, B, who has a deep relationship with A, usually a descendant is best --a physical or spiritual descendant. A spiritual descendant means that if A is Christian, another Christian would be a spiritual descendant. While we are alive with a physical body, we must grow and reach perfection, for in the spirit world it is very hard to grow. When we lose our physical body, we must wait for a chance to help someone like this man B. A will come to B and help him. This help will be given to the physical body of B and through the physical body the vitality element will be given to the spirit man B'. Through the vitality element, B can grow. At the same time this vitality element owes much to A. Therefore, this vitality element will also be given to A and by being given vitality A can also grow to the same extent as B. Then through this cooperation, now A can be saved and resurrected. This is called returning resurrection. Now we can understand the method of the solution of the spiritual world.

The spiritual world knows earlier than the physical world. Chosen people in the spiritual world must have been waiting for Jesus' coming. When Jesus came on earth, now A came down to the earth and cooperated with those who were living on the earth in those days and gave deep inspiration to them and B was guided to Jesus through spiritual guidance. Even you might have had some experience that usually you didn't go to a certain place, but for some reason you went there and you met someone who was witnessing. This means that it was not your will that took you there but guidance from the spiritual world. Your ancestors who know the Messiah is already here must have guided you, even though you didn't know at all. If under the guidance of the spiritual world, Mr. B comes to Jesus and hears his words and loves and obeys Jesus and does his own best, then through Jesus' words and his vitality element he can reach resurrection to this extent, the top of the growth stage. (Diagram #82.) This vitality element will also be given to A and A can also reach to this extent. Israelites in the spirit world must have been resurrected to the same extent as Christians. But now, both A and B must wait for another chance for resurrection, in the spiritual world. This chance is the chance at the Second Coming of the Messiah.

Now the chance has come. The time has come for the coming of the Lord of the Second Advent. This is Mr. C. Then both A and B will come to him and cooperate and give spiritual guidance and influence to Mr. C, who is alive when the Lord of the Second Advent comes, a contemporary of the Lord of the Second Advent. Therefore, behind you there must have been many good spirits who guided you to the Unification Church. Your ancestors, or maybe Christians. If you see the Messiah and see that he is the Messiah and say, I can do, I can do, and you do your best, much vitality will be given to your spirit body. You can be resurrected to the extent of perfection state at last. This vitality element will be given also to A and B and all three of you can get into the kingdom of God.

Therefore, eventually we can say that when the Messiah comes, the man, C, who had faith in him and understood him and received the Messiah, and obeyed and loved the Messiah can be given the blessing and be born again, can be married sinlessly, and have children sinlessly. His ancestors will be liberated. Therefore, eventually if only I myself can solve my sin through the Messiah, many Christians will be saved. In Hebrews 11:39-40, the Bible says, "And all these, though well attested by their faith, did not receive what was promised, since God had foreseen something better for us, that apart from us they should not be made perfect."

Section IV. Unification of Religions

There are many faithful Christians on the earth and when they get into the spiritual world, they have the same faith as they had on the earth. Therefore, in the spirit world they are also pious Christians. They believe in Jesus as the Messiah and love Jesus as the Messiah. Buddhists are living as Buddhists in the spiritual world, and they don't like Christians at all. They are in a place by themselves. (Diagram #83.) Hindus are also Hindus when they reach the spirit world. Conscientious people are also conscientious in the spirit world. This means that they don't have faith in the spirit world.

They don't do anything specially evil and don't do any special goodness: midway position. Finally, there are evil people in the spiritual world. They are doing everything evil in the spiritual world. Fighting, stealing, everything --even in the spiritual world. Also, if they rebel, they will also do this in the spiritual world. Those who crucified Jesus are still stubborn in the spiritual world and cannot understand what they have done even though they are in rock-bottom hell. You can go there and they can't understand. Even children who died when they were babies or going to elementary school or to kindergarten are in the spiritual world. This means that they are educated in the spiritual world. They sometimes return to their own mother from the spirit world and through returning resurrection they can grow in the spiritual world. When after seven years, if the mother gets into the spiritual world, a young and beautiful girl comes to greet her with a big smile, but the mother cannot understand who it is, the next moment the girl can change into a little baby and now the mother can be reminded and identify her. They can then start to love each other. Those who have ever lived on earth are all living in the spiritual world with the same persuasion with little improvement than what they lived by on earth.

Spirit world is now very much confused, because the physical world is confused. First of all, we must solve the problems on earth; this is why the Messiah must come on earth. The Messiah must solve the problems in the physical world first, then he can solve the problems in the spirit world. When the Messiah comes, Christians who sacrificed themselves most for God and mankind are qualified to come down to the earth through returning resurrection and give cooperation to Christians on earth. Inspired by returning resurrection, Christians will be guided to the Lord of the Second Advent and can understand he is the Messiah. Then Christians will bow to him and say, my Lord his come again, and they will work desperately. Then Christians in the spirit world will be saved at the same time.

Even a Buddhist spirit may be working in the spirit world to guide a person to the Lord of the Second Advent. Then a Buddhist on earth will feel it is Buddha's Second Coming. This is because even in Buddhism there is a hope for Buddha's coming back again. And also Hindus, and Moslems. They all have their different ideas, but the Lord of the Second Advent is one. Now they can understand that this is the man for whom each one of them has been waiting. From their own points of view, their conclusion was right.

Centering on the Lord of the Second Advent, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and even Moslems can be united into oneness. His truth is the final truth to save mankind and through him the final purpose of religion will be fulfilled. This is the unification of religions. Abel's camp will be united into oneness. Then conscientious people will also come and will say a great saint has come. Abel's camp or the camp of goodness must be united into oneness first. Then also the spiritual world will be united into oneness. Therefore, after the day of victory over heavenly resentment, there was a big celebration centering on True Parents. Jesus came, Buddha came, Confucius came, and everyone came. Now it will be possible after the forces of goodness are united for good to swallow evil up. Finally, the spiritual world and physical world will be united into oneness and the kingdom of God in heaven and on earth will be established. Every one will love each other as brothers and sisters. Every one will believe in Heavenly Father.

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