Divine Principle Lectures from the 120 Day Workshop

by Ken Sudo

The Fall of Man

I. Introduction

Once born as a man, each one of us is looking for joy and happiness. Then how is joy produced? As you know, we can feel joy when our desire is fulfilled. Our desire, however, is not always pure. From the depths of our inside some impure desire comes out and drives us into doing evil. Sometimes we are driven by lustful desire. The moment we commit fornication we may feel temporary joy -but from the next moment on we must pound our chest and ask, why did I commit sin, why did I commit sin? (Diagram #49.) Remorse and repentance will come and we'll be involved in a miserable situation because of the strong sting of conscience. I shouldn't have done it. Why did I do it?

This joy cannot be true because truth is eternal. True joy is eternal, so the next moment after we commit sin, the joy will turn upside down into grief and lamentation. This joy cannot last, so the desire behind this false joy must also be false. This joy must be evil. This desire must be false and evil. We call this our evil mind. Every one of us is looking for true joy and happiness. No one can be made happy by doing evil. Evil leads us to misery and unhappiness. It is very true; no one can be made happy by doing evil.

Our essential desire must be to do good. As long as our desire is to be happy, our desire will be to do good. Even from the depths, there arises another desire - the desire of doing good. We call this desire the original mind. From the depths of our inside we desire to be good, pure and true. Our essential desire must be to penetrate to be good and to be true, even though there are so many barriers. It is very difficult to be good in this evil world. It is difficult to penetrate to be true in this untrue world, and to be pure in this impure world. Still our essential desire must be to penetrate to be good, true and pure. Even at the price of sweat, tears and blood, if we can penetrate to be good, we feel peaceful joy, pure and peaceful joy.

When Stephen, the first martyr in Christianity, was stoned, his skin and system were torn because of stoning, but he saw Jesus at the moment before his death. He then died with a peaceful look, happy because of being with Jesus. If he could see Jesus, he could see God. He died in peace. Even at the price of sweat, tears and blood, if we penetrate to be good, pure and true, we feel peaceful joy and happiness. Who can destroy this? This happiness and joy must be eternal because no one can destroy or steal it.

Then, when we see inside ourselves, we find two selves; one has the tendency to be involved in doing evil, and the other has a desperate desire to do good. Then which of the two is the genuine self, the true self? The true self must have come from the true origin. In this meaning God must be the true Father, the genuine Father. The original mind must be united with God. Then, to our regret, there is another self which is doing evil in defiance of the original mind. This self must be false. As far as a false self exists within me, there must be an origin of the false self, because I am a resultant being, not a causal one. An origin in defiance of God - we call this origin the false father of my self. In this meaning, we cannot deny the existence of Satan. When you give a lecture, through this kind of approach you can prove the existence of Satan to anyone. So many people have been unable to understand the existence of Satan, even though they have read the Bible. From now on we must clarify the existence and nature of Satan or there will be no solution to sin in this world.

When we see inside ourselves, we cannot deny that there are two selves. One is good and one is evil. No one can be happy doing evil. No one wants to do evil. No one at all. Is there anyone who did not do evil at all? Why not? I don't like to do evil at all, but I do it. Without exception, except for the Messiah, even though every one of us wants never to do evil, we have still done it. Why? We want to do good but we cannot. I don't want to do evil; I am doing it in defiance of my own will and desire. Someone else must have driven me into doing evil. Within ourselves, there is a terrible contradiction. Salvation means the solution to this contradiction.

Those who have this contradiction of good and evil within themselves are said to be fallen. From this point of view, we are all fallen. To be fallen does not always mean to commit fornication or crime. Those who have a tendency to do anything in defiance of the original mind are called fallen. This is the real aspect of sinners. Then, how did this contradiction come about?

In the beginning, God existed. Man came from God. God is a God of goodness. Then the first man who came from God must have been a man of goodness. This means the first man who came directly from God must have been sinless. (Diagram #50.) But we who are descendants of him are now fallen, and have both an evil mind and an original mind within us. Then how and when did evil come? We must investigate this point.

A. Origin of Sin

We can find a description about this point in the Bible - the so-called story of lost Paradise. According to the Bible, as you know, God created the Garden of Eden where everything was good. He said it was good, and when the time had come, God sent His own begotten son and daughter, and how glad He was when they gazed upon Him with pure eyes. He could see His image in the eyes of Adam and Eve. How joyful Heavenly Father was. He gave three great blessings to them. But even God couldn't give a blessing without any kind of condition.

According to the Bible there are two trees - one is named the tree of life, and the other, the tree of knowledge of good and evil. They are given the freedom to do anything they want except to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. And God said, according to Gen. 2:17, "Don't eat, for if you eat of it, you will surely die." But there appeared a serpent saying to Eve, if you eat of it you will be like God. When Eve saw the fruit, it seemed pretty nice to eat. Tempted by this serpent, she ate. Maybe it was nice. Then she let man eat. When they both ate, they became aware and ashamed of their own nakedness. They made an apron of fig leaves and hid themselves - they hid what they had done.

Soon after, they heard God was drawing near to them. They were ashamed of their own nakedness and they hid themselves. And God came and could not find His own son and daughter where they were supposed to be. God said, "Where are you, My son, where are you, Adam? Where is My Adam, My son?" In this short passage there must be the hidden grief of God, who lost His own son, and finally, God found Adam behind a shrub and said, "Why did you hide yourself?" They said they were ashamed of their own nakedness. "Who told you, you are naked? You must have eaten of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which I prohibited you to do. Why did you do it?" Adam said, "The woman whom you gave me gave it to me." And God said to the woman, "Why have you done it?" Then the woman said, "The serpent beguiled me."

God cursed the serpent and He destined the serpent to live on the dust of the earth. This means he was destined to have nothing to do with God, and he has to be the king of Hell, Satan. Woman was destined for more tribulation in her child bearing. You may think that that is why woman has to go through labor pain, but this does not mean physical pain - it means the pain of rebirth. With nothing to do with God, she must pay so much indemnity in order to be saved. Man was also destined to shed sweat in order to eat. This also means that without shedding sweat, he cannot come back to God. They were cast out of the Garden of Eden. This is a famous story which each one of us knows. This story seems to be mythological but this is the word of God and there must be a secret key as to how evil came into man.

First of all, we must investigate the fruit, to see what it is. Some Christians think this is a literal fruit, an apple or an orange. Can this fruit be an apple, banana, or pineapple, mango? If someone thinks it is a literal fruit he can find many contradictions in the Bible. First of all, Gen. 1:29 says God gave fruits and vegetables to man as food. If this fruit is usual or regular like an apple, then it cannot be a sin to eat the fruit. This, then, cannot be a usual fruit; it cannot be literal. (Diagram #52.) Jesus said in Matthew 15:11, not that which goes into the mouth of a man defiles him, but that which comes out is what defiles him. Then eating whatever we eat cannot constitute sin. Then this fruit cannot be literal. Also, is there anyone who eats food for death? We eat food for life, but this fruit brought death. If we eat of it we are destined to die. There is no edible fruit for death. This fruit cannot be literal.

Someone said that God gave a test to see whether man would obey Him or not, by giving poisonous fruit. Just imagine, if you have a lovely child, two or three years old, and he is asking for cake. Then before giving him the cake you inject it with potassium cyanide. The child is about to eat it and then the parents say, "Don't eat of it; if you eat of it you will surely die." I will see if this is my son by seeing if he eats this cake or not. What silly parents they are. Can God be as silly as this? This is a silly idea. This wasn't a test. If they had committed sin, it would be natural to punish them even by death. But they didn't commit sin at all. Why should God give such a severe test? If they failed, they would have to die.

All these kinds of Christian ideas are wrong. This fruit cannot be literal. This fruit must be symbolic. In order to understand this, we must understand the meaning of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which bore the fruit. The fruit can't be literal; therefore, the tree which bore the fruit cannot be literal either. We cannot find but one description of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Bible, but to our gratitude we can find many descriptions of the tree of life. If we can find the meaning of the tree of life, we can find the meaning of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

According to the Bible, when Adam didn't commit sin, tree of life was near to him, but when fallen Adam tried to get to the tree of life, God sent angels, cherubim, and prohibited him from going to the tree of life. Still, he couldn't give up. Accordion to the Bible, Proverbs 13:12, hope deferred makes the heart sick but a desire fulfilled is the tree of life. The Israelites must have been looking for the tree of life. Even in the New Testament Age in the Book of Revelations 22:14, it says, "Blessed are those who wash their robes for they will inherit the right to the tree of life." Therefore, pre Old Testament Age people, Old Testament Age people, and New Testament Age people, all of them must have been looking for the tree of life. The tree of life must be an idealistic state to be met - the almost unreachable goal of man. It was never to be forgotten.

Then what could be the unreachable goal for which we have been looking? Man lost man; man became ignorant of man, himself. Man has been looking for himself. We are man, but we are not man. True man, we are looking for true man. This tree of life must be Adam who fulfilled the purpose of man, or sinless perfected Adam. Yes, if man didn't commit sin he would have been sinless and reached perfection. (Diagram #53i.) How beautiful he would have been. This is man whom God desired; sinless, perfected Adam. Now we can understand the tree of life is not a literal tree, but perfect, sinless man.

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil which stood beside the tree of life must stand for woman. This woman had the possibility of good and evil. If woman is perfected, she has no possibility of fall, no evil at all. Then this tree must have been Eve on the way to perfection. (Diagram #53ii.) The tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden cannot be a pine tree, apple tree, or palm tree. They symbolize man and woman, sinless man and sinless woman for whom God has the desire of perfection.

Can the serpent be a literal serpent? This serpent could understand language. Is there any serpent or snake that can speak a language? If you are walking in the countryside and one day a snake comes out and says, "Hello, how are you?" it is strange. The serpent cannot be literal. Then what does the serpent symbolize? According to the Book of Revelations 12:9, the ancient serpent who was called the Devil or Satan, was thrown down to the earth. Then he must have lived in heaven. Sometimes heaven means God Himself. Sometimes it means heaven as a creation as in Genesis 1:1, where it says God created heaven and earth. Usually earth means the visible substantial world, and heaven means the invisible substantial world. Then this means that the serpent must have lived in the invisible substantial world. This serpent must be a spiritual being. This means he cannot be perceived by the physical five senses - he has a spirit body. He could understand God's words because he told Eve that if she ate of the fruit, she would be as wise as God. Therefore, he could understand both God's and man's words. In order to understand the words he must have a spirit mind. When we investigate the Bible, we cannot find anything at all which has this content except an angel. Then we can come to the conclusion that this spiritual being must have been an angel. (Diagram n'54.)

God created angels first, as the mediators between the visible substantial world and the invisible substantial world. Angels are given the mission of messengers from God; angels brought so many messages from God in the Bible. They brought messages to Mary, Joseph, and the disciples of Jesus. Also, angels were created to serve God and man. If they are servants to God, they must be servants to man. Thirdly, angels were created to admire God and his creation! Therefore, when Jesus was born, angels appeared and sang a song, as a choir of angels.

Even now, Michael and Gabriel are working very hard. In the beginning of the Unification Church we met Michael many times; he appeared and admired our Father and also gave advice to us. He worked very hard. One day we asked Father, "How can you understand what is happening all over the world?" He said if he wanted to know he could understand everything. Sometimes he doesn't know because he doesn't want to know. "How?" we asked. Father said he can give direction to the angels and the angels will go at once. They can bring everything to Father. It is better than the telephone. Among angels there were three archangels: Lucifer, Michael, and Gabrielle. Under them were many angels.

According to this interpretation, some angel must have tempted Eve and made her commit sin. An angel who was created to be the servant of Adam and Eve must have somehow made them commit sin. Then what kind of sin did they commit?

II. Course and Motivation for the Fall of Man

God created the invisible substantial world first because this is the sung-sang; He created the visible world or hyung-sang world second. Therefore, God created the angels first and with the admiration and support of the angels, He was able to create the visible substantial world and finally, He was able to create His own beautiful son and daughter, Adam and Eve. God must have been happy to see His own beautiful son. From His joy He gave man the three great blessings and the commandment, to prevent the fall.

Before the appearance of Adam and Eve, it was only the angels who were able to have direct communication with God. The animal kingdom didn't have spirit bodies with which they could communicate with God directly. Plants and minerals also couldn't have direct communication. Only the angels were able to speak with God. In this meaning the angels were closest to God and the most beautiful to God. God must have given great love to the angels. Let's give some figurative number 50 to the degree of love given by God to the angels. Then, the angels were given the most love and should have been the most happy. When Adam and Eve came and God began giving them love, Adam and Eve became beautiful and they gave back beauty and they became more and more beautiful. The give and take action between Adam and Eve and God we can say would be figuratively 70. Now the angel could understand that Adam and Eve were given more love than he was. The love given by God to angels was the same but Adam and Eve were given more love.

Lucifer felt as if God's love to him was lessened and he felt lonesome. He felt envious and in order to make up for the feeling of lessened love he had to find another subject who could give love to him because love comes from a subject. He couldn't expect more love from God, so he had to find another being who could give love to him. Because God is Lord of the angels, then the son of God is also Lord of the angels. In order to be given love, Lucifer drew near to Adam and Eve. At seeing the beauty of Eve, which he has never seen before, he was completely charmed and enchanted.

Her beauty stimulated him so much, he began to give love to Eve and Eve, who was susceptible and innocent, responded to his love and was happy so she began to give love back. The give and take action of love became stronger and stronger, and the degree of love became more and more and became the figure 80. She knew she mustn't commit sin, because God said don't eat of it. A commandment stimulates reason, but not emotion or passion.

Love became passion, and passion is stronger than reason. She knew very well that she mustn't commit sin - she kept saying, I must not, I must not. She knew the way she must go, but she could not restrain herself and the angel could not restrain himself, either. They were overcome by passion and now they had an illicit sexual relationship. Now, they committed fornication and God had said if you eat of it you shall die, and they died. (Diagram #55.) This is the meaning of eating. They died because they ate. The original sin was an illicit sexual relationship between the angel and Eve. Therefore, the lustful desire must be the most essential and most deep-rooted sin which all mankind have. Everyone knows this desire is impure, but no one can be pure from this impure desire. At the time of war, soldiers will be justified by the war, but war cannot justify rape or fornication This is the most deep rooted sin which mankind has.

There is one story from the Middle East. One Buddhist preacher persuaded a famous prostitute not to commit fornication. He visited the prostitute many times and finally persuaded her not to commit sin and she shed tears of repentance. According to custom there, those who were repentant of sin must be confined in some house or some hut, and inside it would be hollow like a cave. She must be confined for three days or something like that. No ventilation. And after a few days, if she was alive then she was forgiven. If she died, it was because of punishment. She was determined to be confined and did it.

The Buddhist preacher confined her and the next moment he was swept with desire for her and knew how much he loved her. While he was persuading her, he could not understand how much he loved her. After she was confined he understood how much he loved her. Every hour he was walking around the cell and couldn't sleep. When the time came to open the cell, she was alive and he embraced her and fell. Therefore, preaching doesn't work or reason doesn't work because fornication comes from illicit love. Love is the strongest force in man. Therefore, there is no force in man that can correct the direction of twisted love. Man cannot solve this desire by himself. In order to solve this desire for fornication or adultery we need a stronger force than man's love.

Only God's love can solve this impure desire of fornication and adultery. Frankly speaking, God's love will be substantiated by the coming of the Messiah. Only the Messiah can solve the problem of sexual corruption. If there comes someone who can solve this sin, he must be the Messiah. The Messiah comes to solve this sin. This is the main part of original sin. Only the man who can solve original sin can save us from fornication. Because original sin is this illicit relationship, religions which have been responsible for the solution of sin, have prohibited illicit sexual relationship. The primary one here is Judeo-Christianity. In the Ten Commandments, adultery is forbidden. Any Israelite engaged in fornication would be stoned to death. Jesus said, if someone sees a woman with lustful desire he has committed fornication with his inside. If your right eye commits sin it is better for you to get into the kingdom of heaven without eyes than to go into hell with eyes. If your right hand commits sin, cut it off and throw it away. Jesus was so strict because Jesus knew this was original sin.

How about Christians in America now? They are not worthy disciples of Jesus. When the final religion comes on earth, the new religion will never approve sexual relationships which cannot be approved by God. Even a marriage which has nothing to do with God must be denied once and started anew. Unification Church relationships between man and woman are the most strict because we know this is the reason why man fell. No one who committed fornication or adultery can enter the kingdom of Heaven, unless the Messiah gives forgiveness based on deep tears of repentance.

Adam was the representative of God, so Eve was to be the wife of God. The angel who was the servant of God seduced Eve and she became a fornicator. The spiritual body has more sensitive senses than the physical body's five senses. The sexual relationship between Eve and the angel must have been a spiritual relationship, so we call this the spiritual fall. The spiritual fall was not a dream, but a real event in the spiritual world. Driven by passion, they committed fornication, but when the passion had gone, Eve became sane and understood what happened to her. Based on the understanding or knowledge given the angel, she could understand that her husband couldn't be the angel, but must be Adam. She knew now that she had committed sin. She felt guilty, and she was afraid of it. She had fear and shame. She felt even from now on, she should go back to Adam, her own husband.

Also, because Eve was defiled by Satan, she became impure, and from her eyes Adam seemed to be very pure and beautiful. (Diagram #56.) Therefore she felt love toward Adam and wanted to go back to him. She loved him. Adam and Eve both had physical bodies. She became closer and closer to Adam who was innocent and knew nothing at all. When Eve came close to him, stimulated by fallen Eve, he must have felt the latent sexuality within him stimulated. They had a physical sexual relationship. This was the physical fall.

When the angel died and when Adam died, how sad Heavenly Father was. But without giving up, God continued to give love. Now, because the angel had committed sin, he was pure and beautiful no longer. He became defiled. Therefore, there was no joyful love anymore. The relationship between God and the angel was cut off. Now the angel turned upside down into Satan. The angel became the first betrayer against God and the first destroyer of the purpose of creation.

The purpose of creation is the three great blessings- the kingdom of God. Satan was the first destroyer of the three great blessings, the greatest happiness. Satan became the destroyer of your own happiness. Is there anyone who can be happy by doing evil? Satan tempts us and drives us into doing evil. By doing evil, our happiness and joy will be crushed into pieces. This is Satan. Every one of us wants to be pure and good. Then someone must have driven me into doing evil. This is Satan. You can be sure that Satan is working on us. He is the destroyer of the happiness of God and man. Unless we can subjugate Satan and eradicate his influence, mankind cannot be happy at all.

Where is he now? He is in the spiritual world, but fallen man who cannot understand the spiritual world cannot subjugate Satan at all. Has the FBI ever arrested Satan? No, because he is living in the spiritual world. Only the Messiah can arrest Satan; therefore, we need the Messiah who subjugated Satan. We must understand why we need the Messiah. (Diagram #57.)

Eve, who was born as a sinless daughter of God, became the wife of Satan. Her blood was defiled. Adam also, born as a sinless son of God, became defiled. Neither one could solve the problem of Satanic blood. Then it was passed on to their descendants, generation after generation, without any solution, and it was multiplied and multiplied. This is why millions of people have an original mind and an evil mind. You are experiencing a terrible battle between God and Satan within yourself. Jesus said in the Bible, John 8:44, "You are of your father, the devil." This means the devil or Satan is our father, to our regret. God is my Father, but at the same time, Satan is my father.

III. The Reason Why Adam and Eve Didn't Prevent the Fall

Then what is the force by which the angel fell? God gave man freedom, so some say man fell because of freedom. Eve was given freedom to keep the commandment or not to keep. If she kept the commandment, life would be given to her. If she could not keep the commandment, she was destined to die. She chose death. By her own will? We must have a clear understanding.

At the fall, Eve had only her original mind. This mind must be in accordance with God Himself. Did God desire for her to die? This was not God's desire. She had no idea at all, no feeling at all, to choose death with her freedom. She was completely principled and could only think within the Principle, God's words, before the fall. She could not think of violating God's commandments. She couldn't choose death by her own freedom given by God. Freedom cannot be the causal force of sin.

Others might think that desire might be the causal force. She was given desire, but was not fallen, so her desire was also within Principle. Then could her desire lead her to death? No. Desire couldn't be the causal force of sin. She never desired to commit sin, because she knew that wasn't good. She didn't desire to commit sin; we must understand that very well. She must have hated to commit sin. Eve's desire was not to commit sin. Unless she committed sin in defiance of her own desire, then the force of sin which made her commit sin must have been in defiance of her own desire. She didn't want to commit sin. The force of sin must have been in defiance of her own desire and stronger than her desire. She knew that if she committed sin, she would have to die. (Diagram #58.) This force must be stronger than death, it must be able to even break through the fear of death. She wanted to live, not to die. Nevertheless, this force drove her to break through the desire of life.

What force was qualified to do that? Yes, it was love. This love must have been unprincipled. This is the cause of sin, unprincipled love.

God made love the strongest force; therefore, if this love is broken, there is no force that can solve this twisted love. Then why did God make love the greatest? If love were equal to the fear of death, not stronger than the fear of death, then she should have retreated.

Then why did God put love as the highest? Like Adam and Eve, love also must grow. It would have reached perfection when Adam and Eve had become one with God. This would have been perfect love. God intended to have dominion over the world, not with the force of Principle, but with love. Is there anyone who doesn't want to be dominated with love? Is there anyone who wants to be dominated by force or rule? There is not one who doesn't like to be dominated by love. We are happy when there is someone who loves us. This is the reason why God intended to dominate everything by love. Things reach perfection through the Principle, but the direct dominion of God is a dominion of love, not of Principle. Then if love were not the strongest force in the world and the fear of death were stronger than love, the kingdom of God could be destroyed with one pistol. Can you understand what I mean? Love is the greatest force in the world. When the dominion of perfect love is created, this dominion of love will be eternal, and nothing will be able to destroy it. Then we can enjoy an eternal world of love and happiness.

Still, love also must grow, and this takes time. When love is on the way to perfection, when love is growing, if other forces or other love comes, this love will be destroyed. Therefore, in order to make up for this gap God gave the commandment. If only man can keep the commandment then so far as he is holding on to the commandment, then he is the same as if he is perfected. If only he keeps the commandment, then he can be considered to have been perfected. Therefore, so far as he keeps the commandment, there is no possibility of fall. One reason why God gave man the commandment not to eat was to prevent man from falling.

Another reason God gave the commandment was so that man could fulfill his portion of responsibility. There are two reasons why God gave the Commandment to man. One, man's portion of responsibility, and the other, to prevent them from falling. (Diagram #59.) Then what is the deadline of keeping the commandment? It should be kept until love is perfected. If the love of Adam and Eve were perfected, God and man could be united into oneness with 100% love. Then to eat doesn't constitute sin.

Mankind hasn't understood this point so far. Man hasn't understood the heavenly secret about this point. Ministers, popes -- nobody knew at all. People didn't or couldn't understand what sin is. Only after perfection are we qualified to get married. This marriage doesn't constitute sin. It is sinless marriage. After this sinless marriage, the children would also have be sinless. Mankind hasn't understood this point so far. This is a new message given to all of mankind. This is the first time in human history.

Section IV. Results of the Fall

If Adam and Eve knew the result of the fall, they couldn't have fallen. But because they didn't understand the fall, they fell. First, the angel became Satan. Was it God's desire to make the angel Satan?

God never expected the fall. This is the tragedy of God, that the angel became Satan. This is the tragedy of the angel and the tragedy of all mankind. But it happened. Then next, God was supposed to have dominion over Adam-and Eve and the children. As you know, now Satan has dominion over Adam and Eve and their descendants. The kingdom of God was turned upside down into hell. We call this dominion, satanic dominion, or hell. As a result of the fall there has been a bloody struggle between races, religious, and nations. Even in our cases, Satan is having dominion over our selves. We want to do good, but we don't do good. We don't want to do evil, but we do evil. Satan is stronger than we are and we cannot cope with Satan. Our original mind has been suffering because of the fall of man.

Then, how can Satan have dominion over this world? For instance, in the Bible, at the time of the last supper, Satan entered into Judas Iscariot. How could Satan enter into Judas? Satan is the fallen archangel, Lucifer. Under him there is a tremendous number of fallen spirits who committed sin while they were on earth. Evil spirit men who committed sin are all under him. Satan can have dominion over the evil spirits. Usually we call both of them Satan. Satan sent an evil spirit to Judas, and this evil spirit could have dominion over the spirit body of Judas Iscariot. Through giving a strong impression or feeling against Jesus, this evil influence came to Judas' spirit body. His spirit body started to do evil and he betrayed Jesus. Evil give and take action. Eventually Satan was able to give influence to the behavior of Judas Iscariot on earth. Then eventually, unless we can subjugate Satan, we cannot be free from doing evil. We can mainly subjugate the small satan. The Messiah can subjugate the big one. We can handle the small fry. (Diagram #61.)

In order to subjugate Satan we must understand where Satan is. What has he done? Where is he. Then we can take him to God's court. Then we can chop and Satan will be judged and subjugated. How can we understand where he is now and what he has done so far? We always say the Messiah is the answer but we must investigate more. First of all, we must find where he is now. Man has both an original mind to do good, and an evil mind to do evil. The mind cannot be subject. The mind is always looking for a greater being, for its own subject. Therefore, in order for this original mind to do good, the force of goodness must be given rise to. How can the force of goodness be given rise to? It needs a subject of goodness or good subject. Then, through give and take action between a good subject and the original mind, the force of goodness can be given rise to.

Goodness must have come from God. Evil ultimately came from Satan. In order to understand where Satan is and where God is, we have to understand what good is and what evil is. Then we can find Satan. Then we must have criteria or a standard to understand good and evil --absolute standard to discriminate good from evil. Then what is good and. what is evil? What is the definition of goodness? To be good is to be in line with truth. Then to be absolutely good must be to be in line with absolute truth. Then, absolute truth does not come from a relative world. Absolute truth doesn't come from a philosopher. Absolute truth must come from an absolute being --God; therefore, to be absolutely good means to be in line with God's truth, God's words or even God's desire. Then what is God's desire? God's desire must be to realize the purpose of creation. His will must be to fulfill the purpose of creation. The purpose of creation was lost to Satan so this purpose must be restored. (Diagram #62.)

Actually, God's truth to realize the kingdom of God on earth will be revealed through the Lord of the Second Advent. If something is in line with the words of the Lord of the Second Advent, then it must be absolutely good. Behind this goodness is the absolute goodness of God. If something is in defiance of the Messiah's words, this must be evil. Then, we can find where God is and where Satan is.

For instance, Communism is apparently very sympathetic with poor people. Can Communism realize the kingdom of God? It is completely in defiance of the kingdom of God, because Communism denies God. Therefore, Communism is absolutely evil. Usually we say that Communists are wrong and that they must be corrected, but if Communism is evil, it must be destroyed. Behind Communism, there is Satan. The other day I asked Father what Lucifer is doing and where. Lucifer is manipulating Communists; therefore, however sympathetic Communism may seem, don't be deceived by the satanic strategy. Sympathy is just a technique -- a satanic tactic.

We must understand where Satan is. In many cases in routine life if you want to obey the Messiah, there are hindrances that come to you from your parents, friends, and other sources. Your parents are not Satan at all. As Father said, we owe much to them and we must repay them by giving the message to them, but behind them, sometimes Satan works. We all should have criteria of good and evil. Unless we can understand Divine Principle, we cannot understand good and evil, God and Satan. Usually it is very vague, we cannot understand, we are just doing, that's all. Even Peter couldn't understand God and Satan. When Jesus said that he was going to be crucified, Peter came and said, "Don't say that." Then Jesus said, "Satan. You are thinking not of God but of man." Peter couldn't understand Satan, only Jesus could. Now, as members of the Unification Church, we can understand God and Satan.

Eventually, in order to be a good member of the Unification Church, you must understand God, the Messiah, and Satan. If you can understand these three points, you can be a great member of the Unification Church.

One comment -- this morning the MC prayed, "Heavenly Father, True Parents." This prayer is not right. Prayer should be offered to Heavenly Father through True Parents; True Parents is not the object of prayer. Heavenly Father is the object of prayer. The day before yesterday Father came and spoke about this point. Father said that he heard that someone is praying directly to Father. This is not right.

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