Divine Principle Lectures from the 120 Day Workshop

by Ken Sudo

Principle of Creation [Part 2]

Section IV. Origin, Division, Union Action, Triple Objective Purpose and the Four Position Foundation

God has invisible duality within Himself, but when God's nature is substantiated, subject and object should be divided into two. It's very true; for instance, if you say, "Can you buy two apples for me?" the word for two apples is one. The word is invisible and is one. When two apples are realized or substantiated it is different.

Likewise, subject and object within God is one, but when God is substantiated in this world, the invisible duality must be divided into two. This is origin and division. Then when the substantial world is divided into subject and object, UPF will be given and through the give and take action between subject and object, there must arise unity between subject and object. This is called union. (Diagram #26.) Therefore, actually through this ODU action every creation can be multiplied. By being given UPF, subject and object can be united into oneness and give rise to new creations. This pattern can be applied to all creation.

Next, triple objective purpose. According to ODU action, we can understand that there are four positions centering on God. God Himself is the center and including God's position there are four positions to realize ODU action. As you know, in order for any being to be able to exist it must have give and take action. It must give and must receive. To be able to give it must have a subjective position; in order to receive an objective one.

First of all, God wants to be subject to give love to others. First of all, God can give 100% to Adam. God can give 100% love to Eve. Then God will be one with Adam and Eve. Next, God can give 100% love to children. Then, centered on God, man, woman and children must be united into oneness. Then the triple objective purpose centering on God will be fulfilled and realized. Then God can stand as God and will be stable. He will be stable as if He were sitting on a tripod.

Only when God has man and woman and children can He be as stable as God. Even though He Himself is God He cannot feel He is God and cannot be qualified to be God until He has man and woman and children. Until this time has there even been one moment when God was qualified to be God? Not at all.

Therefore, until this time, Heavenly Father couldn't be Father. God couldn't be God in the true meaning, because there was no object. Even when Jesus came, there was no perfect Eve and no children.

This means that even though God was God, He couldn't love as God, couldn't embrace mankind as God. He knew the joy of seeing His own son and daughter who were no older than 17, but He never knew the joy of seeing the married Adam, never had the joy of seeing the sinless children of Adam and Eve. He couldn't embrace anyone at all as God.

If Adam had been giving love to God first, then 100% of love would have been given Adam from God. Then he would have been qualified to love Eve with 100% love. Only when he loves God 100%, is man qualified to love woman. Mankind hasn't understood this point so far. This is what made the trouble. This is the fall. The fall means to love woman without loving God. Only when he loves God first is he qualified to love woman and children with 100% love. Then he will be stable as a man. The same is true for woman and for children. Then centering on God, the triple objective purpose can be realized in each of four positions so that eventually a twelve objective purpose can be realized. Then we call this the twelve objective purpose of the four-position foundation. (Diagram #27.)

What does the four-position foundation mean? As you know, love is the strongest force in the universe. Love cannot be destroyed by the sword. Love cannot be destroyed by God or by nuclear weapons. If centered on God, sinless Adam and Eve and children are united into oneness centered on love and are linked by twelve bonds of perfect or 100% love. Then can there be any force that can destroy this union of love? This is now a family, centering on God. Then love cannot be destroyed at all; there is nothing to destroy this union. It must then be absolute and eternal. Where there is love and joy there must be happiness; this must be the family of eternal happiness because of eternal love and joy.

This must be what every one of us has been seeking for. Truly this is God's purpose of creation; God intended us to have eternal joy and happiness. (Diagram #28.) Eternal love can be realized through this four position foundation, and even death cannot destroy this union of love. Once you love each other on earth this union cannot be destroyed for eternity. Parents and children and brothers and sisters can never be separated, though the time will come when they die in the physical world. If a husband or wife dies, their physical body disappears, but their mate is sure that their spirit is still with him because of love; even death cannot destroy this relationship.

In this meaning there is no grief, no tears and no more death at all. This is the kingdom of God, because of perfect love, 100% love. Therefore in our life we have three great celebrations. They are birth, marriage and funeral ceremonies. Your funeral ceremony must be the greatest celebration in your life because it celebrates the accomplishment of your life on earth. Family members and friends will come to a person to celebrate his death at his funeral ceremony and he can attend from the spiritual world. They can enjoy each other, sing songs and admire his past life. he have nothing to admire so far, but in the kingdom of God everyone will be qualified to be admired by the other.

Just send them off to the spiritual world. See you soon. This is the funeral service. Maybe you will be entombed in the Holy Ground. In the future this will be the best place to meet each other from the spiritual world to the physical world. We have a terrible image of the cemetery, but imagine, would you like to go to Jesus' tomb?

Children will be able to enjoy themselves there. From the spiritual world many people will come to have communication with people on earth. This family of eternal love must truly be the realization of the purpose of God's creation.

Section V. Purpose of Creation

A. SS and HS Purpose

There is SS and HS purpose. SS has some expanding nature: this is the purpose of serving the individual. For instance, in the case of a tiny flower, you can ask the flower, "Why are you blooming so beautifully?" The tiny, tiny flower will answer you, "I'm blooming to make you happy." Then through inviting bees and butterflies to have give and take action, their species can survive eternally. So there is both SS and HS purpose.

Man also has a dual purpose. We have a mouth. Then a mouth should also have a SS and HS purpose. The SS purpose is to speak, the HS purpose is to eat. Your mouth will serve yourself by eating, but do you speak to you? Sometime, in this case you are subject to whom you must speak, but generally the SS purpose is to speak to serve others. In God's original world there was no contradiction between HS and SS purpose.

By fulfilling the purposes we can make both ourselves and others happy, but between subject (SS) and object (HS), which do you think is more important? To live for others or for yourself? In case of an emergency what do you think should be sacrificed, SS or HS purpose?

Because of the fall, man sacrificed SS purpose for HS purpose; this is evil. (Diagram #29.) Good people must sacrifice themselves for the sake of mankind. In America this kind of tradition is natural. The body is an expression of the inside, so even at the price of our lives we must make mankind and God happy. We must also understand that SS and HS are inseparable. They are two aspects of one being, one purpose.

B. God's Motivation f or Creation

Every time He created something, God said it was good. God must have created this world as the object of goodness. Seeing good things, we feel joy. Pure joy comes from goodness, not evil. (Diagram #30.)

When the ability of an artist is substantiated through his works, his ability will come back to him and it will stimulate him, and he will feel joy. So the most important point is that he can't feel joy by himself, no matter how great an artist he is.

God can feel joy when He invests His nature in creation. Then if this mirror is tarnished, can God see His face in them? No. If a mirror is convex or concave, what happens? How about a beautiful girl? If she looks in such a mirror she will see maybe a big nose and big eyeballs. However beautiful she may be, if the mirror is odd, then she cannot feel joy. Likewise, when man is unclean or impure, God cannot find His pure reflection in man, and cannot feel joy. (Diagram #31.)

C. Object of Goodness for God's Joy

Joy comes from the fulfillment of desire. We can give joy to God through fulfillment of God's desire. What is God's desire? According to the Bible, in Gen. 1:28, God expressed His desire to man and said, first of all, to be fruitful; this is individual perfection. This is called the first blessing. After individual perfection is achieved, God said, "multiply." This is marriage and bearing children and we call this the second blessing. Afterwards God said to man, "Have dominion over creation." This is the third blessing. We call these the three great blessings. We are born on earth to fulfill three great blessings. (Diagram #32.)

Why does fulfillment of the first blessing bring joy to God? Perfection means to be one with God. Individual perfection must be unity with God on the individual level. When man's personality is one with God's personality, with no contradiction between there, then man can be said to have reached individual perfection. Then God and man can be one. Then man can dwell with God and be a temple of God. His mind and body are united and he is a man of deeds. I-le is one with God through 100% love, and he then cannot be separated from Him. Then he feels like God. When God feels joyful, he feels joyful. When God feels pain, he feels God's pain. When God cries, he cries. When God grieves, he grieves. When God laughs, he laughs. He cannot take rest while God cannot take rest, because he is one with God. He cannot leave, the Unification Church until God leaves the Unification Church. Because he is one with God, his tears aren't his tears; God is shedding tears through him. His smile and sweat must be God's smile and sweat. His love is God's love. This is perfected man. He is one with God; and he must be a man of goodness. He cannot be apart from God. God is good and has nothing to do with evil. He must have a desire to do only good. I-le can do anything he likes and it is good. He is free, and this is true freedom. This is real understanding of individual perfection. Man doesn't have to be regulated by commandments. (Diagram #33.)

Then comes the fulfillment of the second blessing of God. Man is made after the image of God who has the original masculinity and original femininity and they must have been given to Adam and Eve. Sinless man and woman can get married sinlessly and front the depths of this love there can be sinless children. This sinless family must be the realization of the second blessing of God. How great it is to get married sinlessly and Have sinless children. When we have each other eternally in perfect love, this is the fulfillment of the second blessing of God. Then why is the sinless marriage and sinless children the way to give joy to God? (Diagram #34.)

When man has achieved the first blessing man is one with God. Therefore, he resembles God completely. He must be the untarnished mirror of God and he must be the substantial body of God. He must be a beautiful mirror of God and a perfect object. Then why can the second blessing be God's joy?

God has dual characteristics of masculinity and femininity. Man is both Adam and Eve. Then why can the sinless family be God's joy?

The relationship between masculinity and femininity or positivity and negativity is subject to object. This means that Adam is like mind and Eve is like body. This is like the shape of one perfect man. Therefore, the family must be an extension of the individual, and man can find his own image and joy in his own family.

Because the family has the same shape as man and man is the substantial object of God, the family must also be the substantial object of God, and God can find joy in the family. Through the second blessing God's joy and man's joy can be produced. (Diagram #35.)

How can the third blessing be the fulfillment of God's joy? God has His own subject and object. Creations are made after the image of God. Subject is man and objects are creations. Then, through unity between creation and man a harmonious world must arise. Man can give love to creation and creation will give back love to man. For instance, man will give water and fertilizer to an apple tree. When this love is given to the apple tree, it will give back beautiful flowers and fruits to man.

So dominion over creation doesn't mean destruction of the purpose of creation, but fulfillment of the purpose of creation. When man and creation create a harmonious, beautiful world, God must be happy. Why? Man is subject and creation is object. This is like mind and body. This is the same as perfected man. This harmonious world has the same shape as perfected man. Therefore, man can find his image in this perfected or harmonious world, and God can find His image in this harmonious world. This means the fulfillment of the third blessing must be both God's and man's joy.

When we are walking in beautiful nature we feel happy. Green fields are now ready to go to the hand of sinless Adam, then they will be happy. (Diagram #36.)

The purpose of man is to realize the three great blessings. The first blessing is realization of a harmonious relationship with God. The second blessing is realization of a harmonious relationship with man. The third blessing is realization of a harmonious relationship with creation. We are here, first of all, to create a harmonious relationship with God, next with man, and next with creation. Then you can be the center of harmony of this world. This is the purpose of man.

The pattern is good, but is there anyone in this world who has fulfill even the first blessing? People reach adulthood, have babies and cannot be happy because they cannot fulfill the three great blessings. There is a much more detailed explanation of this point. By fulfilling the first blessing we can feel happy. Yet being happy as an individual is not enough: we need a spouse and children. But even if you fulfill the second blessing and have no money to eat or live, can you be happy? Then we need the third blessing.

God cannot be happy unless we are happy. If we can understand the true meaning of the three great blessings, no one can deny that God is love. The pattern was good so far, but the contents were bad. The multiplication of sinners cannot bring happiness, and is not the blessing of God. (Diagram #37.) Impure man has tried to take dominion over the creation and there have been so many conflicts. In order to realize the ideal world, what must we do? We must solve sin, and this is what the Messiah can do. This is why we need the Messiah. People have never known how they can be happy.

Section VI. Creation Process of the Universe and the Growth Stages of Creation

The creation process will be skipped and we will discuss the growth period of creation. Creation took time from cause to effect. The creation took time, even one creation, one plant, one animal, one man takes time to grow, to reach perfection. This is called the growth period.

For instance, if you can find the tiny seed of a morning glory, the black and tiny seed, if you crush this seed, however much you may crush it, you cannot find a flower. But once sown in the soil, with sufficient warmth and moisture, the seed will sprout and will grow and finally a beautiful morning glory will bloom. Then within this tiny bud there must have been the latent possibility of a beautiful morning glory. The period through which the latent possibility can be realized is called the growth period.

Man is made after the image of God, but when he is born he cannot hear, see or understand anything at all. He is just a lump of flesh. He can just suckle milk, that is all. As time goes on, he can grow, braving many difficulties in life and finally he can reach perfection and be the substantial body of God, second God, or visible God. This is man's perfection. There must have been a latent capability in man to be an image of God.

The growth period is divided into three: sprouting, growing, and blooming. This is called formation stage, growth stage and finally perfection stage. In the case of man, there are seven years of babyhood, seven years of childhood, and the next seven years course is adolescence. Therefore, 7-7-7, 21 years is the period for perfection. When you reach 21 years you must-celebrate having attained adulthood. (Diagram #39.) This is true all over the world. In Asia we also celebrate 21 years. The problem is that presently this is just physical perfection, not spiritual perfection. So physical desire has had dominion over spiritual desire. Because our spirit cannot control our physical desire, many young people commit sin.

From this pattern came Jacob's course and Father's 21 year course, and the 777 blessing. Each of the stages is divided into three degrees, or levels. Perfection level is the first degree. There are three levels, eventually there are nine. When we go through this period, from the beginning and reach perfection, we reach 10 which then has no limit.

We use this kind of calculation: according to the Bible, formation is the evening. We have the saying that history is made in the dark. Father's mission will finish in seven years. If you join Father's seven year course, this means that this is the most glorious time in your life. At the end of the course, people will go to Father, but he will say that he has finished. How can you help?

When Jesus was starving, no one gave him food, no one helped him with his task. Then Jesus said to go away from him. How great it is to be here in the Unification Church now, not after the seven year course. Afterwards, many people will come with millions and millions of dollars, for what? He, will say, "My mission is finished. You can bring this money to others and help others. I don't need it anymore." This is the significance of the third seven year course. From 1960 to 1981, if you can join the Unification Church during this period, afterwards even the President or Rockefeller may come, but Father will say, "My mission is finished." Can you go back to the past?

Those who joined and took charge of the burden of Father will be far greater than the President. We must understand this value. Even if Father died tomorrow, no Messiah would come again. So another seven-year course and this is the final chance to serve the Messiah in the entire human history for eternity. It is great that you are here in the Unification Church. If you can go to an overseas mission or serve here in America, and make a story to move people with tears, then this will remain eternally. Each one of you is making history of eternal value to serve the world and all men. We are preparing for it now. If you prepare now, you can raise one person every ten days in the field, even without food, sleep or money. Then you can tell the story of your pioneering and the people of the state will cry because of gratitude. Are you excited? In one year there must be 30 people or more. You must go to a city where no one has gone except the MFT. Success or failure will decide the destiny of America.

Man can become perfect through three stages. However, man fell. Salvation comes through three stages. Testament means God's promise to send the Messiah. Messiah Jesus came., the Old Testament was consummated because the promise was fulfilled. The New Testament is the new promise of God to send the Messiah. The New Testament will be consummated when the Messiah comes again. Through the coming of the Messiah the promise will be consummated, so this is called the Completed Testament age.

When Adam and Eve were oil the way to perfection, they were sinless but imperfect. God is perfect, therefore He could not have direct give and take action with imperfect Adam and Eve. God has indirect dominion over creations which are on the way to perfection. After man passes through the indirect dominion of God, then man can feel God directly through deep intuition. Men won't have to believe in God because they call feel God, have skin-touch with God.

The other Father came and said that when he was in prison God came and slept with him and embraced him. Father doesn't have to believe in God at all; he knows Him. This is one aspect of the direct dominion of God. God and man can work together and create the direct dominion of God.

First of all, what is the indirect dominion of God? Adam and Eve were supposed to reach perfection before the fall. Adam and Eve were imperfect even though they were sinless; therefore, there was the possibility of fall. In order to avoid or prevent them from falling, God had to give the commandment not to eat. By keeping the commandment they were supposed to avoid the fall. This was the condition by which they could reach perfection. This is called man's portion of responsibility.

Cats and dogs cannot create sin at all. There is no commandment for them. It's very simple. God never gave them a commandment. Only by the force of the Principle of Creation can they reach perfection. Also, man's body can reach perfection only by the force of the Principle of Creation.

Then why did God give only man a portion of responsibility? First, to give man creativity. God's intention is to make man have dominion over creations. If someone creates something by himself, the creation belongs to him without blame or accusation. Then, unless he can create something, he is not qualified to possess or own something. Without creation he is not qualified to own. Then in order to make man qualified to own things, for this world, God had to make man participate in God's creation. Otherwise man will be disqualified to own the creation.

Unless creativity is supported by freedom, it doesn't work. In order to be given perfect creativity like God, man must be given perfect freedom like God. You may think that God isn't so smart. Why did God give the possibility of the fall, the possibility of committing sin? If man isn't given the freedom which includes the possibility of the fall, then from the beginning man is disqualified to create himself. Then man cannot exceed other creations which are not given a portion of responsibility. They cannot do anything under their own responsibility; only man can do this. So man can be the lord over the creation. For this reason, God gave man even the possibility of fall. Otherwise, man could not exceed dogs and cats; man could not have been the lord over the creation. Man could not have fulfilled the third blessing. (Diagram #40.)

Only to man did God give the three great blessings because God wanted man as great as Himself. Some think that evil came from God because God created the possibility of the fall and man fell.

God gave man the possibility of the fall, but a possibility is not a fact. It was not God, but man, who substantiated the possibility of the fall. Therefore, evil began with man, not with God. This is the reason why man must be responsible for indemnification. You should have a clear understanding of this point.

Section VII. The Invisible Substantial World and the Visible Substantial World Centered on Man

The substantial visible world is that which can be sensed by the five physical senses. The invisible substantial world means the world that can not be perceived by the five physical senses but by the spiritual five senses. Maybe many of you have had experiences with the spiritual world. How many? Two who have had no spiritual experience raise their hand. (Diagram #41.) Then those who have been in the spiritual world please? Maybe later we can have some testimonies. Most of you have had a spiritual experience somehow.

Through your experiences you may have the idea that man is more than physical. I heard a story about a student who was studying in school and how one night he couldn't sleep and saw his mother in a vision in front of him. The next moment the vision disappeared. He couldn't sleep at all, and the next morning a telegram came, saying that his mother had died. Have you heard this kind of story? However many miles they may have been apart, the mother came to her son. The spirit man must be beyond the physical being. Then, we must have so many experiences, but we still need a vertical explanation.

From the usual point of view, God has eternal life. He is alive and will be alive eternally. Man is made after the image of God, as the son of God. Then the children must have the same nature as the parents, so our life must also be eternal. In order to fortify this opinion, let's think about something. Mankind has a desire for eternal life and love, then life should be eternal, since this is the desire of man. Man would like to be blessed eternally by God. Man is looking for eternal love and eternal happiness.

Let's suppose that God made man to perish. When our physical body dies, then how can we realize or fulfill the desire of eternal life and love? We cannot. Then God would be imperfect. If man was destined by God to be miserable, then God would be imperfect. Then this contradiction must have come from a wrong supposition. Then it must be wrong to suppose that when man dies he comes to naught. Then we must say that even though our physical body dies, our existence doesn't end. Our life must be eternal. (Diagram #42.)

Also, from God's side, God made man to love. The nature of God must be eternal. God created man as His son and daughter. Then, if the son and daughter come to naught, God's love cannot be eternal. God must always have a broken heart, God cannot be happy eternally. Then, even though our physical body perishes, our existence doesn't perish. You must be confident that even after death you can live.

Physical life is within limitations; as you know, visible things cannot be eternal. Therefore, they will perish sooner or later. Our physical body must perish; even the Messiah will die physically. Still existence itself is eternal. We have life without a physical body. This is called life in the spiritual world. Also, as man was made after the image of God, God his infinite abilities so man must also have infinite abilities. How is it possible for the infinite capabilities of God to be realized within the limits of the life of flesh? Is it possible?

Then, in order for our ability to be realized, even in the spiritual world, we need a body, because without a body we cannot realize anything. Diagram #43.) In order to enjoy your food in the spiritual world you need a mouth and tongue. Then Heavenly Father prepared another body in the spiritual world, the spirit body. The spirit body has five spiritual senses. According to information from the spirit world, the spirit world is far more fantastic than this world. Sometimes those who have a high spirit can attend their own funeral service. It is very natural. People on earth cannot understand anything, so they are sad. Then the spirit body will come down and give his own service. Afterwards through spiritual communication, we can get much information. He may say he is living in the wonderful spiritual world, and he has no earthly words to express the beauty of the spiritual world.

Father said when he goes into the spiritual world, in the place where he is to go, he will be able to pick up one pebble and never be bored for a thousand years, just seeing the beauty of this commonplace pebble. In the spirit world, instead of air, they inhale God's love. Sensitive people can understand the spiritual world directly. Not all of you are psychic. Prophets also are psychic people. If psychic people are high spirited then the high spirit world will come to contact them, and then a prophet could be a prophet. Sometimes, Jesus would appear to them. We have a spirit body already within ourselves. Therefore, if we are spiritually sensitive, we can see our own spirit body. (Diagram #44.)

From a vertical point of view, as you know, God has OSS and OHS. Then. as long as we have a visible substantial world, there must be an invisible substantial world behind it. This is the reason why the spiritual world can exist; it is natural. This world is a herald of the spiritual world. Life in this world must be the preparation for the coming spiritual world. Therefore, what good we have done here on earth will be invested in the spiritual world. Those who have done evil in this world will harvest evil in the spiritual world. In the spiritual world they can see past and future. People on this earth don't know what is going on, but highly spirited people can prophesy, and can understand the past.

Father can understand the past and the future. Father can call Moses and Abraham and talk with them. They didn't know why they failed, but now since Father came, they know why. After 6,000 years, they now know why they failed. Father told them in the spiritual world. Father is entirely different from other people.

God created the spiritual world first. The spiritual world is more causal and the physical world more resultant. Therefore, as long as the physical world exists, the spiritual world must exist. If we are in the physical world, then this places us at the same time in the spiritual world. This world is also spiritual. From the spiritual world, many trainees came behind each of you - maybe 100 people. The population in the spirit world is greater than in the physical world. Many people are here through you.

However wonderful the spiritual world may be, in order to go there what should we do? First of all, there is a relationship between physical man and spirit man. We have a physical body, and as mentioned before, we already have a spirit man. In order to control the spirit man, we have our existing spirit mind. The spirit mind is the mind through which we can understand truth, beauty and goodness and eventually God. Therefore, God can dwell in man through communication with the spirit mind, and God Himself can have dominion over man through this spirit mind. The spirit mind can have dominion over the physical mind and the physical mind can control the physical body. Then eventually, God can have dominion over man, in line with God's will, to make man happy. Then if this is the case, man should be happy. But for some reason, sometimes the physical mind is stronger than the spiritual mind.

The spiritual mind is seeking for the truth, beauty and goodness of God. But because of the strong influence of physical instincts, the spiritual mind might be destroyed. Forced by instincts, knowingly we commit sin, and destroy truth and do impure things, because Satan can invade the physical mind.

Have you ever seen any dog or cat which is searching for truth, reading the Bible? Why? They don't like to read the Bible. Why? Because they have a physical mind and body but no spirit mind or spirit body. They can't understand truth, beauty, goodness and God. Have you seen any which is praying to God with a prayer of repentance? You never see this because they have no spirit mind. They are just doing according to the direction of their own physical mind, and it doesn't constitute sin because they are made like that. In the case of man, it is different. Man is given a spirit mind and so must seek for truth and for God. If man forgets to seek for truth he will be disqualified to be man. Unless man can understand truth, beauty, goodness and God he will be disqualified to be man. (Diagram #45.) Can you say you know truth? Do you know goodness? Do you know beauty? No, not enough. We are just restoring the qualification of man because we have been disqualified. This is resurrection.

On the other hand there is another being who has a spirit mind and spirit body but who has no physical mind and physical body. Then he cannot be perceived with the physical five senses. He can be perceived only with the spiritual five senses and is living only in the spiritual world. Because he has a spirit mind he can understand truth, beauty and goodness, and also the words of God. This being is an angel.

In order for the physical body to grow, it needs nourishment. Positive nourishment is air or sunlight. Negative nourishment is food and drink. By being given nourishment, both subjective and objective, the physical body can grow. Likewise, in order for the spirit man to grow, it also needs positive and negative nutriments. The positive nutriments are God's truth and love. In the spirit world, instead of air, we inhale God's love. God's love is the most essential element in the spiritual world. (Diagram #46.) When this life element is given from the spirit body to the physical body, the physical body will work very hard and do good deeds. These good deeds will be given to the spiritual body as objective nourishment - this is called the vitality element. When they are both given the spiritual element and the vitality element, the spirit man can grow. The vitality element is the negative element.

The formation stage of spiritual growth is called the form spirit. The next one is called life spirit. The final one is called divine spirit. When the divine spirit is formed, the spirit body shines brightly in the spirit world. We call this a halo. Many saints in the spirit world have this light behind them. Jesus has this divine spirit; he shines brightly. (Diagram #47.) Around him there was a wonderful atmosphere when he was on earth. Many people gathered around him because he was brightly spirited. At the time of transfiguration, Jesus' spirit body appeared and the disciples were then open spiritually. They could see Jesus' spirit body, bright and shining, the Bible says. This is because Jesus was a divine spirit. Therefore, the value of the spirit man will be decided on how much he was given God's love. How much he did good while he was on the earth. If we do evil on the earth, evil vitality elements will be given through the body, and the spirit body will be crippled. Then these are called ghosts. (Diagram #48.) A ghost is a spirit body of someone who didn't do good on earth. Would you like to be a ghost? Would you like to shine like Jesus? Then we must do good actions while we are here on earth. We must digest God's words and must do the contents. Otherwise, we cannot raise our own spirit body.

Finally, one story - a famous story. One famous evangelist had a vision in which he visited Paradise and asked the gate keeper of Paradise if he could see some pope or famous Christian leader who had died recently and who had gone to the spirit world. The gate keeper went into Paradise. It took a long time before he came out again. He said, "I'm sorry, but I looked and looked from corner to corner of Paradise, but I couldn't find him. The evangelist became tearful and cried, "Why can it happen, why can it happen?" Then he went to the gatekeeper of Hell and asked, "Can I see him?" And very soon he appeared again and said, "Yes, he is here." And the evangelist said, "It can't be true, it can't be-true." He cried and cried, "He was famous while he was on earth." Disappointedly he went back to the gatekeeper of Paradise and asked, "Who are living here?" Then the gatekeeper said, "Those who loved Jesus are living here."

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