Divine Principle Lectures from the 120 Day Workshop

by Ken Sudo

Principle of Creation [Part 1]

The purpose of the 120-Day Training Session is to be a part of the body of True Parents - to be a small Sun Myung Moon - not only to be given forgiveness of sin but also to inherit Father's tradition. The purpose is to become a Messiah, a small Sun Myung Moon. Practically speaking, everyone of us must be a member who can witness to one person every ten days. This is our purpose. This training session will be divided into three phases. Phase one is the study of truth. Phase two is fundraising. Phase three is witnessing. The Purpose of phase one is not only to pass tests but to become a lecturer of Divine Principle, Victory Over Communism, and Unification Thought. When this period is over, you must be a wonderful lecturer.

Revised Introduction

Without God religion cannot exist. This discussion will start under the assumption that God exists, even though it will be proved afterwards.

Once born as a man, each one of us is looking for joy and happiness. Joy and happiness can be felt when our desire is fulfilled. But, when we look inside ourselves, our desire is not always pure. We call this impure desire the evil mind. When driven by his evil mind, man commits sin, or does evil, and because of the sting of conscience, he will be involved in remorse, repentance, misery and unhappiness. No one can be happy by doing evil - his evil desire or evil mind cannot make man happy.

On the contrary, there is another desire to do good, to be pure, and to be true within ourselves. This is called man's original mind. If man fulfills the desire of his original mind, even at the price of sweat, and tears and blood, he feels peace, joy and happiness, which can never be destroyed by any force. This is true happiness for which everyone has been looking.

No one can be happy by doing evil, or through the satisfaction of their evil mind.

It is only by doing good and by satisfying the original mind that man can be happy. Everyone knows that only by doing good can he be happy. Is there anyone who loves, who does only good? No one! Everyone wants to do good because everyone knows that only by doing good can he be happy. But no one can penetrate to do good, and everyone does evil. Driven by the desire of the evil mind, we are all involved in tragedy and unhappiness.

Everyone wants to do good, but no one can; no one likes to do evil, and everyone does. What a contradiction, what a contradiction man has. As the Bible says in Romans 3:10-11, "None is righteous, no, not one; no one understands, no one seeks for God.

Everyone is involved in contradiction, everyone is divided and torn into two selves, good and evil, struggling with each other. Those who have such a contradiction within them are said to be fallen.

When did man fall? When did this contradiction come into man? The original contradiction or struggle is a force of destruction and cannot be the force of creation or existence. Struggle makes a being destructive and cannot make a being exist. For as long as man came into existence there must not have been any contradiction or struggle. From the beginning of the creation of man there must not have been the contradiction or struggle. When man was created there must have been no contradiction. This is important. Man had no sin when he was first born on earth. This means that Adam was born sinless. This is important. Without using the Bible, I want to prove the first man born was sinless.

We are sinners, then sin must have come afterwards. There must have been no contradiction, no struggle between good and evil within himself. This is one important point. This means this understanding has two possibilities. One must be that original man might have been good or might have been evil. If there is only good, no contradiction; if only evil, there would also be no contradiction. Therefore, we must explain that original man must have been good. Then we can say man fell after creation. Someone might say that man was evil from the beginning.

Therefore, the next point. Man has the essential nature to come back to and reveal his original nature. Man dislikes evil and likes to be a good man. Man dislikes evil and likes goodness. This is man's essential nature. Then man's original nature must have been good. When man was first created he must have been a man of goodness only. We, his descendants, have both good and evil. Evil, then, must have come into existence after the creation of man; evil cannot be man's original nature. Therefore, evil can be solved. If man's original nature was evil, when the evil is eliminated, he cannot be man anymore. But because the evil isn't man's original nature, when evil is solved, man can come back to being an original man.

This is salvation; man can be saved. In whatever deep sin he is involved, the evil cannot last; it can be solved. What could be the solution of the evil, the solution of contradiction?

The fall of man means the separation of man from God. Everything came from God, and when man lost God he lost everything. Man lost truth , man lost love, man became ignorant of everything. Ignorance is one of the essential features of fallen man.

Man has mind and body. Mind is internal and body is external. Man became ignorant both internally and externally. Man was involved in internal ignorance and became ignorant of original man's purpose of life, his origin, and his destiny. He doesn't know where to go. He doesn't know about the spirit world; he doesn't know the significance of life and death, because he became ignorant of God. He is also involved in external ignorance; he became ignorant of the laws of nature and the nature of matter. First of all, in order to be happy, man must be freed from ignorance. Man must be given the light of truth for which he has been seeking. In order to overcome internal ignorance, internal truth must be given; this is called religion. And in order to be freed from external ignorance, external truth must be given. This is called science. The purpose of religion and science is to solve ignorance, and liberate fallen man, and to make him happy. To make man happy, religion and science shouldn't be inconsistent or contradictory. But until now science and religion struggled with each other, and we thought it was inevitable. Then what could be the solution to this problem? In order to find the solution, let us look at the situation of modern Christianity.

As science has been increasing, religion has been decreasing. In the early church, the faith of Christians was burning, even under the persecution' of the Roman Empire. This fire of the early church has gone and even the zeal of the religious reformation is almost gone. Christianity is retreating. It has no fire, it has no spirit. Christianity cannot cope with Communism which denies God and destroys Christianity. Christianity lost the burning fire of love and cannot solve the problem of segregation. Jesus denied the illicit sexual relation so strongly and strictly, but Christianity has almost nothing to do with the solution of sexual corruption. If Christianity lost its power, and religion cannot solve the problems of this world, then man cannot have hope for religion. This is the reason why Communism is developing so much.

Then, why are modern religions disabled? Man consists of mind and body. Mind and body must be one. The happiness of mind shouldn't be inconsistent with the happiness of the body. Spiritual happiness should be one with physical happiness. They cannot be separated. Isn't it true? If you are sick and feverish and there is aching all over your body, can you be happy by reading the Bible? No. It is impossible. Most religions denied physical happiness and just emphasize spiritual happiness without assurance of physical happiness. Then Communism came with the promise of physical happiness.

Owing to the development of science, man came not to accept truth until it has a logical explanation and verification. In short, without a scientific approach, it became impossible persuade modern man. Traditional religion lacked this approach and now religion sounds out of date or obsolete.

A new expression of truth is necessary. As mentioned above, religion is almost forsaken by modern man. Unless it restores the scientific approach, religion cannot fulfill the purpose of religion itself. Therefore, in order to fulfill the purpose of religion, religion is in need of science. Science is based on matter which can be covered by the five physical senses. Owing to the development of the dispensation, God and the spirit world are getting closer and closer, day by day. Without a humble attitude toward God and the spirit world, science cannot explain everything. Modern science is not almighty. Almighty science should be more humble toward a hidden world - the world of God and spirit, the world of religion. Then, in order to fulfill the purpose of science, science is now in need of religion. Religion needs science; science is in need of religion. Religion and science shouldn't be inconsistent with each other any more. In order for religion and science to be consistent, there must come a new expression of truth which can cover them both. We need a truth which can unite religion and science in a harmonious relationship. A new expression of truth must come. It might even sound contradictory to the traditional understanding of the Bible. But even though the Bible is God's word, the 66 volumes of the Bible have limitations. ..Truth is infinite. There can be no infinite truth that could be covered by the Bible. When the time comes, God can reveal deeper truth. John 16:2S "I have said this to you in figures. The hour is coming when I shall no longer speak to you in figures but tell you plainly of the Father." John 16:12, "I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. When the Spirit of Truth comes, he will guide you into all truth........." What is the mission of the new truth? By the coming of the new expression of truth, we can cover science, religion and at the same time, we, fallen man, will be liberated from both internal and external ignorance. We can be exposed to the light of truth and can see man, the world and God. We can come back to the original man and the original world will be restored, man will find true happiness. The new truth must be able to liberate man from the contradiction between good and evil. He will be free then from evil or sin. Through this truth, the solution of sin can come about and God will be clear to us.

New truth must clarify the existence of God, the will of God and the heart of God. If God becomes clear, man can understand what is man, and man can restore the original relationship with God; the Father and Son relationship will be restored. Then all mankind will be brothers and sisters under one God. Therefore, this new truth must be able to establish the one world family under one God, and through the establishment of this one world family, the purpose of religion will be fulfilled, and the purpose of the ideology of goodness will be fulfilled. This truth will unite all religions and all ideologies of goodness. The purpose of Christianity will also be fulfilled. The hidden secrets of the Bible will be explained. For instance, the origin of the fall of man, the goal of the providence of salvation, the true meaning of the last days and of the resurrection, the secrets of history, and of the coming of the Lord again.

This introduction is pretty deep and also practical. When you have no time you can use just the simple one we discussed before, but if you have enough time you should use this introduction. These contents are very inspiring. You should use this as an introduction to the Divine Principle. Also, you can use it for street preaching.


Instead of a long introductory lecture, I want to give a simple Divine Principle Introduction this time.

Everything came from God, but because of the fall of man, man lost God and became ignorant of God. Therefore, we became ignorant of everything. Ignorant of truth, love and beauty. We must find God again. Then how can we find God?

When we look around ourselves, we can find many creations: trees, flowers and birds, and when we investigate these visible substances, we can say that there are two possible ways in which they came to exist. Either they came to exist by themselves or they were made to exist. There are only these two ways. (See diagram #1.) The visible substances, such as trees and flowers, cannot by themselves make themselves to exist. Man cannot do this. Is there anyone who was born by himself, by his own will? America is rich. Okay, I'm coming to America. Is there anyone who was able to decide the place and time of his own birth? It is impossible. Visible substances cannot make themselves exist, because in order for them to be able to make themselves exist, they must exist in advance of their own existence. This is a big contradiction.

Therefore, visible substances must have been made to exist. Behind them there must have been something that made visible substances to exist. Then let's call this something God. (See diagram #2.) This is the promise made between ourselves. Then, God cannot be something that was made to exist. God must be something which exists by itself. God exists by Himself. Many atheists think that God is in man's imagination, that man created God. This idea is wrong. No one can create God; everything came from God.

God made creations to exist. God is the origin of creation. Trees and flowers came from God. Its very true. If you find a beautiful tiny flower, look how beautiful it is. Is there any man who can create this tiny flower? No, even the most excellent scientist cannot create one petal of the flower. Then who created this flower from earth, water and sun rays? Man cannot create this flower. The Being who created this flower must have greater creativity than man. Then who do you think is qualified to do this? God. Yes, in this meaning, God must have created this flower. Trees, flowers, and beautiful nature must come from God. My hands, my legs and my body must also have come from God. I am from God. You are from God. We are from God. Then we must have come from the same origin: God. We are brothers and sisters of the same blood lineage which came from God.

God is invisible or intangible. Then why? (Diagram #3.) In order for a being to be visible it must have first of all, essence. It must be confined within space and time and be given a specified position to exist. Then this being will be perceived with five senses. God is beyond space and time. Space and time have come from God, therefore, God is bigger than space and time.

It is impossible for God to be measured with the scale of time. We can say that God is eternal. He is beyond space; it is impossible for God to be measured with a scale of space. Therefore, we say that God is infinite. This is the reason why God is eternal and infinite.

Because God is eternal, the God who created this world must be the God of Adam, the God of Abraham and the God who guided the Israelites, and the same God who guided Jesus, and this God must be with us now. One God; He knows the past, He knows the present, and He can understand the future. Therefore, while God has essence, He cannot be confined within space and time and cannot be given a specified position to exist. God is beyond space and time.

It is impossible for God to be perceived with physical five senses. No specified position can be given to God. This is why we cannot see God with our eyes. This is the reason why we cannot touch God with our hands. This is the reason why we cannot hear him speak with our physical ears. This is the reason why God is invisible or intangible. Can you explain it by yourself? God exists and there is no specified place for Him to exist. God can exist everywhere. This is the reason why God is omnipresent. This is the reason God is omniscient. (Diagram #4.)

Therefore, we fallen men say that we believe in God, that we must believe in God. But throughout human history there have been some who could understand God's words not by the five physical senses but by deep intuition. Also, Jesus could understand God's words, and from the depths of joy, of communication with God he called God, Jesus called God, my Father. (Diagram #5.) And the same Jesus said to us to pray to our Father in Heaven. This means that we can call God, our Father. Jesus' Father must be our Father. Jesus and we must be brothers. Then how can we find Father in God? If only we find Father in God, we can be brothers and sisters.

Section 1. Nature of God and World of Creation

Then how can we find Father in God? As previously mentioned, the substantial world is the world which was made to exist. Then behind the substantial world, there must have been someone who made the substantial world exist. We call this someone God. Then the substantial world must have come from God. This is cause, and this is the effect. The relationship between God and substantial world must be the relationship between cause and effect. Then, while we cannot observe God's nature directly, when we investigate the nature of this substantial world, we can understand God. (Diagram #6.) The Biblical foundation is Romans 1:20.

Ever since the creation of the world His invisible nature, namely, His eternal power and deity, has been clearly perceived in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.

Within God there must have been the original nature of the substantial world; this original nature must have been the nature of God. Based on this understanding, let's investigate the nature of God.

First of all, He has dual characteristics of internal character and external form. When we investigate the creation, we find that the substantial world can be divided into six categories: man, animal, plant, molecule, atom, and particle. When we investigate man, man is divided into two: man and woman. But we can understand that to be a man or to be a woman is not so essential as that he or she is a human being itself. Man is as precious as woman and woman is as precious as man. Difference in sex has nothing to do with the value of man. Man is more masculine than woman, but it is impossible to say that man is more precious because of his masculinity. Woman is usually more beautiful than man. Always? I hope so. Woman is supposed to be more beautiful than man, but it is impossible to say that she is more precious than man because of her beauty. Difference in sex has nothing to do with the value of man. What could the essential factors be that decide the value of man?

We can find another set of dual characteristics within God like an invisible mind and visible body. When mind and body are united into oneness, this oneness means man's personality. The oneness can create the personality which can decide the value of man. The relationship between mind and body is like the relationship between words and deeds. If he says good and if he does good, as he says, and if there is no contradiction, it is possible for it to be said that he is a man of character. Jesus said love your enemies and he did it. When he was on the cross, he prayed for the people who nailed him. He said forgive them because they don't know anything. We are deeply touched because there is no contradiction between his words and deeds. His personality moves us much. Therefore, personality must be the essential factor to decide the value of man. (Diagram #7) Also, we call man's mind the internal character of man and his body the external form of man or, sung-sang and hyung-sang.

By the way, I want to explain something about the relationship between sung-sang and hyung-sang. First of all, hyung-sang is the second sung-sang. Why can we say that? For instance, in the case of man, man is divided into mind and body. Body follows mind. We do what we want to do. Our mind came to Barrytown first and our body followed. We are here now. Our body is just a shadow of our mind. We can say that hyung-sang is second sung-sang. Man is made after the image of God, invisible God according to the Bible. Therefore, God is sung-sang and man is hyung-sang.,. Therefore man is second God, or visible God. Therefore, we can see God in man. This is the reason why Jesus said, he who has seen me has seen God. Jesus was a reflection of God, therefore if we could see Jesus we could find God in him. Therefore in this meaning we can say that Jesus was God. And next, mind and body cannot be divided. If mind and body are separated, man will die. Mind and body are two aspects of one man. Likewise sung-sang and hyung--sang are two aspects of one being. Therefore, they cannot be separated. Also, God and man cannot be separated. Other relationships of sung-sang and hyung-sang: mind is cause and body is effect, internal and external, vertical and horizontal.

We can find another aspect in the relationship between sung-sang and hyung-sang. Late President Eu always spoke about sung-sang and hyung-sang and people even gave him the nickname of sung-sang, hyung-sang. Let's investigate this understanding about man to see if it can be applied to other categories or not. Sung-sang is mind and hyung-sang is body. In the animal kingdom - animals can be divided into the two aspects of instinct and body. Also in the plant kingdom - plants can be divided into plant mind and plant body. Many scientists are investigating the nature of the plant mind which can respond to man's mind. Even within the molecule, there is an invisible directive nature and a body, which is atoms. When we investigate an atom, we can find also the same invisible directive nature and also a body. This is a particle. Also, when we investigate the particle there must be some invisible directive nature based on a body which is energy. Then man, animal, plant, molecule, atom, particle make up the visible substantial world and they can be divided into the two categories of internal character and external form or sung-sang and hyung-sang. (Diagram #9.)

Within God, there must have been the original nature of the substantial world. Therefore, there must be within God the original internal character and original external form or original sung-sang and original hyung-sang. Therefore, there must have been original internal character or SS and original external form or HS within God. This is called God's Original Dual Characteristics of SS and HS. And God is one; therefore, the original SS and original HS must be one within God. Original SS is just like the mind of God and original HS must be like the body of God. And this oneness between them must be the essential factor to decide the value of God Himself.

In the case of man, man is divided into SS and HS; this is mind and body. When they are united into oneness, this oneness can stand for man's personality, which can decide the value of man. In the case of man, man says good but he does evil sometimes. And because of the contradiction between his words and deeds, it is impossible to say he is a man of perfect personality.

In the case of God, there is no contradiction between His words and deeds. His original SS and original HS are one within Himself. There is no contradiction between His words and deeds. His essential nature must be perfect oneness and perfect personality. (Diagram #10.) He must have a purpose as we have, a will as we have. When his purpose is fulfilled, He will be filled with joy. If His purpose isn't fulfilled He must be filled with grief and lamentation. Without love there is no personality. Therefore, in the depths of perfect personality there must be perfect love. Then God's essence must be perfect personality centered on love.

Love needs an object of love. Without an object of love, love doesn't exist. Without a husband, a wife cannot be a wife. Without a wife, a husband's love doesn't work. Without children, a parent's love doesn't work. Even God, without objects of love, cannot give love. Then His love doesn't work. From the very beginning His desire must have been to love. This is the reason why He created man and the universe. Man is created because of His love and for the sake of His love. Among so many creations there can be nothing that cannot be from God's love. Even trees, flowers, fish, snakes, mosquitoes - there must be a deep reason for which God created mosquitoes. We must find that.

God created man for the sake of love. Love is the motivation for creation. God created man only to give love. But if I have a bucket full of love and the love is flowing but the container to catch it is small, can I give all the love I have? If I give much, most of the love will be spilled away. Then in order for me to give all the love I have, I need to have a big bucket, of the same size and capacity. Then I can give all the love I have. Then maybe my love will be empty because I gave all. This is the reason why the Bible says man is made after the image of God. Man has the same size and capacity that God has. Only when He created man as a perfect object of love, God was qualified to give all the love He had. (Diagram #11.) By loving God can be happy; without man, God cannot be happy. God intended to invest Himself into man - jumping or diving into man. He jumped into man, therefore no God. Then where is He living? He must live in man. We must cleanse our insides so that Heavenly Father can dwell in me. He can speak through me and love through me and work through me. Then my words can be God's words, because He speaks through me. My love can be God's love and my works can be God's works. This is a man of God.

Jesus was a typical man of God. God spoke through him; therefore, his words were God's words. His love was God's love and his works were God's works through him. Jesus said, therefore, that he who has seen me has seen God. Man is a temple of God and a reflection of God. Because man is a reflection of God, man has personality; but God has perfect personality. Because of commonness of having one personality, God and man can have communication between themselves.

God can give love to man and inspiration or revelations to man. Man, from man's side can speak to God; this is called prayer. Revelations were compiled and put into the Bible and the Divine Principle. Through understanding the Bible, DP and prayer, we can have deep communication with God. We can be closer and closer to God and finally we can feel and have a skin touch with God. Then we will be peaceful and joyful on the depths of His bosom. We can feel joy and peace. Now we can understand what is the essential nature of God - perfect personality, centering on love.

We call this oneness harmonized subject of original SS and original HS. This is the essential nature and perfect personality of God, centering on love. From His personality comes God's will and God's purpose, desire, and dispensation. Therefore, His personality must be the essence of the universe.

Then also, God has the dual characteristics of positivity and negativity. As previously mentioned, creation is divided into six categories. In the case of man, man is divided into man and woman. Animals can be divided into male and female. Also, plants can be divided into stamen and pistil. Molecules can be divided into cat ion and an ion. Atoms can be divided into positivity and negativity and also particles.

Then we can say that visible substances can be divided into the dual characteristics of positivity and negativity, or masculinity and femininity. Then positivity and negativity must also have come from God. Within God there must have been original positivity and original negativity or original masculinity and original femininity. (Diagram #13.) Also, God is one; therefore, original positivity or masculinity and original negativity or femininity within God must be one.

This oneness we call harmonized subject of original positivity and original negativity. We can say that original positivity and negativity are one within God with no separation. We must investigate what this oneness means. Now we can understand that there are two kinds of dual characteristics. One SS and HS and one positive and negative; mind and body, man and woman. Then in the Original, or God, there must be two kinds of dual characteristics. What is the relationship between their,? Unless we can understand this point we cannot understand the nature of the visible substantial world. Let's examine the relationship between OSS and OHS and original positivity and original negativity. I will give a simple explanation.

Man is divided into mind and body and when they are united into oneness they give rise to the essence and personality of man. When you walk on the street, have you ever seen one who is a human being, who has mind and body, but who is neither man nor woman? If a person like this came to you, how would you feel? You couldn't feel good, because it is unprincipled. This means that however wonderful and beautiful man's essential personality may be, it is impossible for man's essence to be expressed by itself as just unity between mind and body. It needs the ways of expression of positivity and negativity. Can you understand what I mean? We call the ways of expression, attributes. The positive expression of man's nature is called man and the negative expression of man's nature is called woman. Differences in sex are differences in ways of expression, riot of contents; the essence of man is the same, the expression is-different. Value is decided by essence itself, not by expression.

If it is the case with man, how will it be with God? Even in the case of God, God has original internal character and original external form (OSS and OHS) and when they are united into oneness, this oneness stands for essential value of God, God's perfect personality. Then we can say it is impossible for God's perfect personality to be expressed by itself, and it needs the ways of expression of positivity and negativity. This is just unseen perfect man and unseen perfect woman. When man and woman are united into oneness a child must be born - children of man. Likewise, as previously mentioned, original positivity and negativity means unseen man and unseen woman - there must be given the children of God. Who is this? This is man. Man is born as the children of God through God's labor pain. Man cannot be the sculpture of God, but must be the child of God who is born through the labor pain of God. After the image of unseen man there must be born the male child of God. This is man. Then what is the name of the first born male child of God? We call him Adam. Then after the image of unseen woman there must be born the female child of God. This is woman. The first female child we call Eve. We can now clearly see that man was made after the image of God as it says in Gen. 1:27-28. Man is born as the child. of God. (Diagram #14.)

God must be the unseen perfect parents through whom man is born as the child of God. 1,"c@ call this unseen perfect true parents, Heavenly Father. Within Father there is a nature of both father and mother. There his love is as sweet as Father and as tender as mother. Sometimes we can suckle the milk of God and we can sleep on the lap of God in peace. We can be peaceful in the depths of His bosom. The conclusion to the relationship between God and man is that of Father and Son. Our Father asked and asked God, what is the relationship between man and God. God said, Father and Son relationship. We can find Father in God now.

Then, as a final conclusion, we can come to the definition of God. God is harmonized subject of OSS and OHS, and He is also the harmonized subject of original positivity and original negativity, or masculinity and femininity. He is the harmonized subject of perfect personality and His perfect Personality is expressed through the harmonized characteristics of positivity and negativity. God's nature is expressed in the unity between positivity and negativity. This is unseen parents. The expression is complex but the meaning is simple. What is God or Heavenly Father? It is through Him that I was born; He is my parents, our parents; He is the unseen parents through whom man was born. (Diagram #15.)

Section II. The Relationship Between God and Creation

First of all, let's discuss the individual truth body. God is an invisible subject. Creations are visible objects of God. Creation came from God, so creation should have the same nature as God has. God has the dual characteristics of OSS and OHS and also Original Positivity and Original Negativity. Also creation should have SS and HS, positivity and negativity. We call any being that has SS and HS and positivity and negativity an individual truth body. (Diagram #16.)

For instance, a small, tiny flower is blooming and within this flower is a stamen and a pistil which has positivity and negativity. This plant also has a plant mind and a plant body, and is an individual truth body. The dog is an individual truth body. (Diagram #17.) And man is also an individual truth body. Even man and woman must each be an individual truth body also. Within each individual. Each man and woman has a mind and an individual truth body.

In man and woman there is the nature of man and of woman there are both male and female hormones. (Diagram #18.) and body. So woman is an individual truth body; man is an individual truth body. We can see the same nature in minerals must be individual truth bodies according to this individual truth body is the substantial object of God. creations as in the nature of God. Every creation must be the reflection of God. The reflection of God is called an individual truth body. (Diagram #19.)

Then how can creation, can the individual truth body, be a reflection of God? For instance, God has infinite nature and abilities A, B, and C. A is the ability of truth, B is the ability of love and C is the ability of music. God is original everything, so there is original truth, love and music within God. Then, as man is the substantial body and object of God, man has the same nature as God. Mr. A has truth within him and also love and music capability. Mr. B also has truth, love and music capability. Mr. C also has truth, love and music capability. But, Mr. A is like Buddha: he is most excellent in his understanding of truth. It is Buddha through whom the truth can be expressed 100%. Mr. B is like Jesus; he can understand truth and can sing a song, but as to true love he is second to none. No one can exceed him in love. It is Jesus through whom God can express 100% love. Also, for instance Beethoven. He has love and can know the truth but his music capability is second to none. God's expression of music can be fully expressed through him. Then if God loses him, God's love can't be expressed 100%. The same thing with truth and love capability. Then everyone must be second to none in some aspect or direction. Likewise, each of us is given some aspect through which God's nature can be expressed 100%. (Diagram #20.)

Within ourselves there must be a specific capability through which God's nature can be fully expressed. Everyone is number one. Don't be afraid, be confident. Heavenly Father cave you at least one capability by which you can exceed others. Don't be insecure. Everyone of us must be number one. Be confident. This is one aspect of understanding the individual truth body. Therefore, if God loses you, God cannot realize the purpose of creation eternally. Everyone of you is an indispensable person to God with no alternative or replacement. That's why God loves each one of you.

For instance, if some parent has twelve or thirteen children, and if for some reason, one of them dies and friends of the parent say, "That's all right, don't worry, you have another eleven," can that be a consolation? Each child must have specific value before the parent. Every one must be an individual truth body. If one is lost, the grief of the parents must be greater than to have lost the Universe. Don't think light of yourself - you are a precious and indispensable child of God. Each person is more precious than the universe to God. Don't kill yourself. Don't be depressed and don't think you are unworthy to be a member of the Unification Church. You are In individual truth body.

Then how can we say that the individual truth body is a reflection of God's nature? First of all, the essence of God must be oneness between original SS and original HS and the essence needs the means of expression, the attributes. OSS needs the ways of expression, attributes of positivity and negativity. OHS needs the same ways of expression. Positive expression of OSS and 014S will be united into oneness and give rise to original positivity. In the same way the negative expression of OSS and OHS can give rise to original negativity. This is God.

Only when man and woman are united into oneness car, they create the perfect image and reflection of God. This is the perfection of man. Man and woman cannot be perfected by themselves. This is why the), need each other. When God created Adam, Adam was happy with animals, but he soon became lonesome. God looked and had a good idea. While Adam was sleeping, God took out one rib from him and made it into a woman. Woman is called woman because it means from. Woman means "from man." Woman isn't happy by herself. She wants to come back to somewhere, and is always looking. Also, man is always missing something. Empty, his heart is always empty. This is the reason. Only when man and woman are united can they be the perfect image of God.

Jesus was only a partial reflection of God. Other creations are the symbol of God. The image is the same shape as God Himself, a mirror image of God. Other creations cannot be the mirror image of God, they are symbolic. Other creations also have SS and. HS and have the attributes of positive and negative. Then, including both man and creation we can clearly understand that the substantial world must be the reflection of God's nature. We can say that the substantial world, is just the reflection of God Himself-sometimes as the image of God, sometimes as the symbol. If we can understand this relationship, no one can deny that God created this world. God's nature is inscribed everywhere. The visible substantial world must be the substantiation of invisible God Himself so the relationship between God and creation must be that of SS and HS. (Diagram #21.)

Then, as you know, SS and HS are dual aspects of one being. Then this means they cannot be separated at all. God and creation must be inseparable and also SS is cause and HS is effect. Then HS came from SS and they cannot be separated. Wherever creation is there is God. When birds arc singing, God is living in the sun or in the twittering bird, and God is greeting you with the sun's rays. Wherever you may go, you can find God there. If you see God here in America, you can find the same God in England or in Asia, wherever you may go; the same God is with you. We have a physical body which is a visible substance. Then there must have been God with me.

From the beginning of our lives God must have been with US. Omniscient God and God of love, who has a perfect personality centering on love, must have been with you from the beginning of your lives. he must have been calling to you; oh, My Son, oh, My Daughter. When you Here committing sin, Heavenly Father was screaming with pain but we never knew that. Heavenly Father must have been standing just beside me or just beside you for 20 years or more, but we never know. God was talking with you and crying to you. Still, we couldn't understand at all. He was standing beside you but because we are insane and mad, we were crazy in the true meaning, we couldn't hear Him speak, hear His voice, couldn't feel His love, and couldn't feel skin-touch with Him. All because of sin.

Section III. Universal Prime Force, Give' and Take Action, Four Position Foundation

In order to explain the meaning of universal prime force, I must explain some aspects of give and take action. God has dual characteristics of OSS and OHS and original positivity and original negativity. Creations are the substantiation of God's nature. Therefore, the substantial world also has SS and HS and positivity and negativity. SS aspect and positivity is called subject. HS and negativity is called object. Subject and object means that each substance consists of a subject and an object. For instance in the case of mail, man has mind and body and also man has man and woman.

If you feel hungry and if you have no mouth, can you eat? Then you need a mouth. If you want to go to the top of the mountain, can you go there without your body? We need a body. Mind needs body, and body without direction from mind cannot do anything. Therefore, mind and body need one another. However strong a man may be, he cannot be a man without a woman. There is no husband without a wife. This means subject needs object. Object also needs subject. Without a reciprocal relationship between subject and object, they have no meaning of existence.

The reciprocal relationship between subject and object is called give and take action. Through give and take action, mind and body are united into oneness; man can stand as a man. And the unity between man and woman can give rise to offspring or children. (Diagram #22.) This is called give and take action. It must be such that everything can multiply, act, and exist through give and take action between subject and object. Then substance can be divided into subject and object. The give and take action between them gives rise to the force of existence, multiplication and action. This is called the force of give and take action. The substantial world is the HS world; then wherever HS exists there must be SS.

Then what is the SS behind the substantial world and the invisible substantial world? God. The force of give and take action must be the force of the HS world, a HS force. For instance, a man and woman love each other. This love must be the give and take action or HS force. Earth circles the sun; then in between them there is a reciprocal force. We can observe this force through the scientific method. We can perceive through our senses or the extension of our five physical senses that this is the HS force.

As long as HS force exists, there must have been SS force, from God. Without the UPF no force in the universe can arise. (Diagram #23.) The causal force of the substantial world must be there before the effect. Because God loves us first, then we can love each other. Because God is working, this world is alive. If there was no UPF, then we would die in the next moment. Animals and plants would die, gasoline would not burn, so we would not have any transportation. If we can understand this relationship, who can say that God does not exist? Every action of the earth derives from UPF. How great UPF is!

Any substance has a subject and an object and through give and take action between them, there arise forces of existence, multiplication and action. Behind give and take action there is UPF; behind the HS world there is SS, HS is second SS. Therefore, HS must have the same shape as SS. (Diagram #24.)

Within God there must have happened the same phenomenon. Within God there must be subject and object, eternal subject and eternal object. Through eternal give and take action between eternal subject and object within God, there is a UPF. In order for this UPF to arise, there must have been a more essential or more original UPF, within God. There must be two aspects of UPF. In the beginning there was one UPF with God. This UPF created eternal give and take action within God so that He could exist eternally. And from this eternal give and take action there must have arisen the UPF which can make the substantial world to exist. (Diagram #25.)

What is the cause of God? Why do we ask this kind of silly question? This question comes from the concept of the order of causality. God's concept of causality came from God; God is bigger than causality. This question itself is a silly question. Like God, we should be beyond causality, the relationship between cause and effect.


I would like to know, if the concept of cause and effect is still valid in relation to Principle, what it has to do with the 5% portion of responsibility, and also with the idea that every action has a cause in human life. How much does it have to do with the responsibility man has for growth and with predestination?

Mr. Sudo:

From cause comes effect. God is 95% of cause and man is responsible for 5%. Because of the fall they both lost. God must recreate 95'a and man must recreate 5'b.


I was wondering about the idea that each person has 100% of some quality. How do we find our individual uniqueness?

Mr. Sudo:

You will find it when you become perfect. It is very natural. There is a diamond and in order for it to shine it must be polished. Every one of us has latent possibility to be cultivated. This is called education in original world and restoration or salvation in the fallen world. He must first solve sin and be born again and reach perfection, then it will begin to shine.

Maybe Jesus had the best qualification to be a philosopher, but he didn't become a philosopher and his highest possibility was sacrificed for saving mankind. There is no individual truth body called the Messiah because in the original world there was no need for the Messiah In the original world Father would not have been the Messiah at all. He must have sacrificed his entire capability to save mankind.

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