Divine Principle Lectures from the 120 Day Workshop

by Ken Sudo

The Meaning of Brothers and Sisters

What are brothers and sisters? If you shut your eyes, who do you think of first? How many of your friends can you visualize when you shut your eyes? Whose face can you visualize?

Your mother, your father, your teacher, or your friend? If you have even one or two people whom you cannot forget, you're happy. Many of us I think, cannot even find one whom we cannot forget. If you cannot love even one whom you cannot forget, you are sad. Your life must have been lonesome or miserable in a sense.

I myself have one unforgettable person - my physical father. He has many defects but still he's the one I cannot forget. He was sick and he couldn't work well. I was going to junior high school and I got up early in the morning to go to the train station by bicycle. When I arrived at the train station I found that I had forgotten my train ticket. The train was coming, but I couldn't get on board. When I looked around, I found my sick father coming after me by bicycle. He was sick and he could hardly walk, but still he came. His gray hair was white because of snow. And his hair and head and coat were covered with snow. I couldn't stop crying. Even though he had many defects, still, because of this one point in a sense, I cannot forget him. He's my unforgettable person.

Why is he my unforgettable person? Is it because he's my physical father? I don't think so. It's because he came after me even when he was sick. He had sickness in his back bone and he had a cast and he came on a bicycle. Because of the snow if he had slipped down, he might have died. But he didn't care at all because he intended to help me. This is the reason why I can't forget him. Not just because he's my physical father, but because he loved me at the price of his life. This is the reason why I can't forget his hair all covered with snow. His face was pale and he came. My father gave the most precious things he had to me. This is the reason why I cannot forget him.

My father is an unforgettable person to me but not to others. If he dies I will feel grieved because he sacrificed himself for me. But he didn't sacrifice anything for others. He never gave the most precious thing to others, just to his son. He can be an unforgettable person to me, but he cannot be an unforgettable person to all nations and to all mankind because he didn't give his most precious thing to his nation and his world.

Then who is the one whom mankind cannot forget? Jesus. He gave his life to all mankind. He gave his life which was more precious than mankind, than the lives of mankind, to all mankind. Therefore, whoever was given precious life from Jesus cannot forget him at all. Mankind remembers him even though 2,000 years have passed since he died on the cross, He died, but he's in our heart. Those who killed Jesus have disappeared, but he who was killed by them didn't die. He's alive in the depths of the heart of mankind. Mankind cannot forget him because everyone was given his life. This is the reason why we cannot forget him.

Then, how about ourselves? Is there anyone who cannot forget us? Who do you think remembers you when they shut their eyes? Is there anyone who cannot forget you because they were given life from you - because you sacrificed yourself? For how many people did you cry even one day? For whom have you ever cried one day from morning till night. For whom did you shed tears and sweat? For whom? If you can find someone for whom you shed tears and sweat even one week, then you'll be sure he cannot forget you, she cannot forget you. But if you haven't, you have none who cannot forget you. Then if you die, your existence in life on earth will be in vain. Without cause there is no effect. Without giving anything to others you cannot expect to be given anything.

Jesus came on earth to realize the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven isn't the dominion of force. The Kingdom of God isn't the dominion of violence. The Kingdom of God isn't the dominion of regulations or law. The Kingdom of God is the dominion of love. Jesus came to realize the world of love.

At the end of Jesus' life course, because of the disobedience and disbelief of Israelites, crucifixion was near at hand. Jesus knew that the only way to save mankind was to suffer tribulation on the cross, to shed blood on the cross, and to establish Christianity. Jesus knew already. When Jesus gathered his disciples at the time of Last Supper, he brought a basin full of water and he began to wash the disciples' dirty feet. The disciples couldn't understand at all what it meant. From Jesus' point of view what he spoke there were the last words to be given to the disciples.

Jesus knew he couldn't come back again. He had known the disciples three years. Jesus gave so many messages to the disciples, but they couldn't understand well. In the beginning Jesus had had great hope, but now Jesus was hopeless to realize Kingdom of God on earth. He could not see disciples anymore. That moment might be the last moment in which Jesus could see his disciples whom he loved most even though they were not so wise, they were not so excellent. Still, they were the only ones who obeyed Jesus, who loved Jesus. Jesus tried to realize the Kingdom of God upon this foundation: upon Peter, or James, or John, outcasts, or tax collectors. They were the only ones that he was able to realize, whom he was able to trust. But time was crucial and it was the last moment Jesus was able to see them. Jesus had to give the last words to his disciples.

When someone dies, what is the last words which will be given his own family members? Can he joke? No. He cannot joke. The last words which he will give at the last moment of his life must be the most serious ones, the most important ones, giving the most serious contents which he cherished throughout his entire life and which cannot be fulfilled. Then even Jesus' last words must have been the ones which he cherished throughout his entire life and which could not be realized. Then what were his last words which he gave to his disciples. The last words Jesus gave to his disciples were words of love: Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. The most essential desire of Jesus must have been desire of love that he cherished in the depths of his bosom. His desire was love, love all mankind, love brothers and sisters, love disciples, love Israelites, love mankind. His essential desire must have been to embrace his disciples, to embrace his race, his nation, his world. His desire must have been to embrace all mankind, entire mankind, in his arms. He must have desired to shed tears of love, to shed tears of joy because of love. Love. But he couldn't love all mankind, he couldn't love is nation, he couldn't love his family, he couldn't love his disciples. And no one loved him. His family didn't love him, his disciples didn't love him, his race didn't love him, his nation didn't love him, his world didn't love him. No one loved him, so Jesus couldn't love anyone at all in a sense.

Therefore, his grief must have been the grief of love. If he has resentment in a sense, the resentment must have been the resentment of love. He wanted to love, but he couldn't love. He expected love, but he wasn't given love. He died in the resentment of unfulfilled, unaccomplished love. Therefore, he left the last words of love. The only way for Jesus to be able to love mankind was the crucifixion, Therefore, at the final moment he decided to receive the cup in order to show his love. Therefore, the crucifixion was the symbol of the love of Jesus. The crucifixion was the only way for Jesus to show his love. This is the reason why mankind was given love through the crucifixion. If the motivation wasn't love, we could not feel love. If the motivation wasn't love, Jesus couldn't be the unforgettable person to all mankind. Therefore, Jesus' crucifixion was a crucifixion of joy because it was the last chance for Jesus to be able to show his love, how deep his love was. Since he couldn't realize the world of love, his spirit died in the depths of grief and anguish and a resentment of love.

Then for what purpose are we here now? The mission of the Lord of the Second Advent must be to fulfill what Jesus should have done. Therefore, the mission of the Lord of the Second Advent must be to realize the world of love on earth. He came in order to make up for the grief, lamentation and resentment of Jesus. He came to realize the world of love. You must understand we ourselves are here to realize the world of love. We, too, are here to make up for the grief of Jesus. Everyone of us is here to fulfill what Jesus should have done. Everyone of us has same mission Jesus had. Jesus was supposed to realize a sinless family centering on himself. Therefore, every one of us must realize sinless family centering on yourself. Jesus came to realize a sinless tribe, sinless race, sinless nation, centering on ourselves. Otherwise, we cannot realize Jesus' mission at all. Christianity couldn't understand this point at all. Christians thought Jesus came just to die and just to give life to us and only through the crucifixion and resurrection. If only we have faith in Jesus, we are given forgiveness of sin and we are given forgiveness of sin with grace. That's all. But Christians never knew that everyone of us must live like Jesus.

A modern Jesus. Everyone of us must realize what Jesus should have done. Jesus should have gotten married sinlessly. Jesus came to marry a sinless spouse and to have sinless children - to realize sinless family. Christians never knew it. But now that we know, we ourselves, everyone of us, must get married sinlessly and must have sinless children and must establish a sinless family centering on ourselves. Otherwise, Jesus' mission can't be fulfilled. We must be the Messiah for our own family.

We are chosen by God to be a Messiah in a sense of family level Messiah and tribal level Messiah and even nationwide Messiah. Overseas missionaries are going to be nationwide Messiahs - without them the nation cannot be saved. Therefore, if you can save one nation, you can be a nationwide Messiah. And if you can save one race, then you can be a racial level Messiah. If you can save one family, you can be a family level Messiah. Our mission is to be a Messiah. This is the reason why Father gave the message that we must be, everyone of us must be, a small Sun Myung Moon.

Then how can we be Messiah? In order to be a small Messiah, everyone of us must make up for Jesus' resentment. His love wasn't realized. Therefore, we are here to love. We must love others instead of Jesus. Then how can we love? How can we indemnify Jesus' love? If everyone of us has the same mission as Jesus had, than everyone of us must be Jesus himself who came again after 2,000 years. In this auditorium if there are 300 brothers, then every brother who is here is Jesus himself who came again, because everyone has same mission as Jesus had.

Just imagine that the brother sitting beside you is Jesus himself. If he is Jesus himself who died 2,000 years ago on the cross, how do you feel? And you, you are the very person who nailed him. Because we are in a sense representatives of fallen people, we are chief of sinners. Then, can you nail him again? No. Can you accuse him again? No. Can you persecute him again? No. Jesus is here with you now. Then we can do anything for him now because of the sting of conscience. "I'm sorry it's me who nailed you 2,000 years ago. I'm sorry it's me who accused you, who ridiculed you, who ripped you. It's me, it's me. I'm sorry. You can whip me. You can nail me now. You can accuse me now. You can persecute me now. Still I can persevere. I can do anything for you. I can do anything for you. Because I didn't love you, you died. Therefore, now I can do anything for you" Then you can understand what you can do with your brother who is just sitting beside you. If there is 50 years old brother here, without being blessed, then he is Jesus who couldn't get married. He must be miserable Jesus. Miserable, miserable Jesus, What should you do with him? If there is blessed brother here, then he is Jesus who got married. Now he is starting a new mission as Messiah from the point of view of the family level. What should you do with the Jesus who married his sinless spouse? Then we should respect him, we should serve him, we should be deeply repentant of sin, and we should admire him who got victory now.

If there is a 20 year old sister here, she's the very woman who was supposed to be the spouse of Jesus. Jesus' spouse was supposed to come from the house of Zechariah. Then if you are 18 or 20 years old, you must be the girl who came from the house of Zechariah. But because of Jesus' crucifixion, you couldn't get married to Jesus. And without fulfillment of any purpose of your coming, you died. Then, if there is a 20 year old sister, she is Jesus' bride who came again here on earth. Because I couldn't understand that she was Jesus' bride, that she was supposed to be Jesus' bride, I didn't respect her, I didn't love her, I defiled her and she had to die without the fulfillment of her mission at all.

She was supposed to be the Mother of mankind, but because of my ignorance, because of my failure, she couldn't be the Mother of mankind. But now she's here again. Should we be ignorant of her? Should we be ignorant of her mission? Should we be ignorant of her value? No. How precious she is! How precious she is! How valuable and precious she is now. She came here to do what she should have done 2,000 years ago. And now we should do what we should have done 2.000 year ago. How great it is: How great it is to have such wonderful brothers and sisters. To have such a great brothers and sisters here. To have such a precious brothers and sisters here. Then this is the relationship between brothers and sisters. If a sister has trouble, if she has terrible difficulties, everyone of us must rush to her to help her to fulfill,. to be a bride of Jesus again. If a brother is suffering, we must rush to him to help him to fulfill his mission as small Messiah.

This is the relationship between brothers and sisters. We thought we are brothers and sisters because we have common parents, True Parent. Therefore, we are brothers and sisters. Therefore, we should love each other as brothers and sisters. But this is not enough. We are here as a small Messiah to make up for Jesus' resentment of love. Therefore, I'm here to love to make up for Jesus' resentment of love and the resentment of love of Jesus' spouse, the bride of Jesus.

Then how can we love each other? Father came and said if he lived together with brothers and sisters for two days, he felt like giving everything he had to them. And Sunday he said he cannot stop loving, he cannot stop loving. Love comes out from the depths of himself, love springs like a spring. Love gushes out. He cannot stop loving he said. Then how can we come to love? How can we come to be able to love? Someone is waiting for love. Someone is just waiting for love. But it's impossible for you to be a man of love. The success or failure of witnessing will depend mainly upon love. Divine Principle is important but love is more important in witnessing. Therefore, in order to gain one spiritual child every 10 days, you must become a man of love. You must be winner of love. If you feel like desert in the heart, what should you do? The answer is very simple. Give the most precious thing you have to others, to brothers and sisters and to your guests so that they can be moved. It is by giving that you are given to. Without motivation there is no result, it is by sacrificing ourselves that someone can sacrifice for us.

It was by giving the most precious thing he had to me that my physical father became an unforgettable person to me. It is by giving his life to all mankind that Jesus became an unforgettable person to all mankind. And so many people even now are waiting to give their lives to Jesus because Jesus gave life to them. Our Father is an unforgettable person in our lives. His image and his smile and his life story will never be forgotten by us. His torture, his scene of torture, his scene of love will be deeply inscribed in the depths of our mind. No one can forget because he sacrificed his entire life for us. Therefore, we love him more than our own lives, and afterwards all mankind will love him more than their own lives. And our Father, True Parents, will be an unforgettable person for entire mankind for eternity. Yes, it's true.

Then, small Sun Myung Moon must be one whom so many people cannot forget. Small Sun Myung Moon must be a man of love whom many people cannot forget because he sacrificed his entire life for them. Because he gave the most precious thing he had, this love will be inscribed in their hearts and they cannot forget forever. Then if we begin to love brothers and sisters and each other now, then we will be disciplined in love. Then we can love our own spiritual children in the field, in our own nation. Then we can be the winner of love. And you can be a small Messiah; you can be a small Sun Myung Moon.

By serving others as brothers and sisters as true brothers and sisters who came as Jesus and who came as Jesus' bride, we can be a winner of love and we can fulfill our mission.

Thank you.

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