Divine Principle Lectures from the 120 Day Workshop

by Ken Sudo

Family Problems

How many are here in Barrytown with the approval of their physical parents? OK! Then how many are here whose physical parents are opposing the Unification Church? OK!

Adam, son of God -- Satan took him and God shed tears of grief. Therefore, because of restoration, God will take back his own Adam from Satan's side. Your physical parents are not Satan, but behind them is the Cain position which represents the satanic position. Therefore, when children are taken by God, the parents have the same feeling that God felt when he lost his children. This way there is restoration, an indemnity condition. Therefore, the parents must have shed tears when the Unification Church "kidnapped" their daughter and their son because Satan kidnapped God's daughter and son.

The purpose of "kidnapping" is not kidnapping itself. The purpose is to save, to give eternal life, to give eternal joy and happiness.. Also the reason why God has chosen you is not only to save you, but also to save your family. Father, who had to indemnify Jesus' course wasn't qualified to love his own family in preference to loving us. Therefore, he never spoke the contents of the Divine Principle to his mother or to his brothers and sisters at all. Therefore, they couldn't understand who Father was. By doing this, God got victory. Therefore, we are now qualified to love our family first in advance of loving other people. Therefore, because of this reason, under the direction of Father, we are intending to invite parents to Barrytown. Then not only you but your entire family will be members of the Unification Church. Great? (Yes.) This is Father's idea.

Then planning. We will invite your parents and maybe serve the best food just like at Father's banquet. Beautiful table flowers will be arranged and maybe the family members who are their children will gather here and serve their parents directly. And good entertainment, music and singing, will be chosen and given to the parents. And a short lecture and a very tasty one, too, will be given. A very nice one will be given to them -- a short and delicious one both physically and spiritually. They will be happy and become absorbed, and beautifully dressed, their children will come and serve them and maybe the bedrooms will be special ones and also the best transportation -- everything. Maybe two days, something like that. Then also they can have questions, and a group leader will serve and answer every question they have. Then they will go back or sign membership.

I have experience -- once 200 came and the next time 400 came. In the beginning they are very suspicious: "Ooooooo! What's that?" But they are suspicious because of ignorance. They don't know at all. They know "time changes all things," that's all. Because they love you so much, if the ignorance is solved, they can be won at once, but when they are ignorant, they are arrogant. The more they know, the more humble they will be.

Many people couldn't join because of family problems. Soon you will be responsible for this kind of problem and how to solve it. The best method; if you are responsible for a Center, is to have a parent like Mrs. Morey. She worked very hard in Ohio, if there were problems between parents and children who heard Divine Principle. Before there is any trouble, visit with your spiritual children's parents. If they have heard strange stories or something, if they are negative from the beginning, they'll become more so. So before they become negative, go to them with a big smile and a souvenir. If you can get someone like Mrs. Morey, go together. If you are the central figure of a Center, you should get good parents to join -- even one parent who is positive and helps the Center and can understand Father is good. Mrs. Morey always testified about her daughter, and trusted her daughter. Then whatever she said, other parents could trust it. Can you say something? What would you do?

We must attack first before Satan can attack them. This is the secret. We must captivate the parents before Satan can invade. At the same time, there might be a special case. We must understand sometimes parents are too stubborn. Sometimes parents can't understand at all. In this training session one girl was taken home by parents. She called recently for just ten minutes to say she still had faith and was trying to come back to us.

Anyway, maybe your mother cries, "Look at the newspapers, look at Time magazine. Ministers said this; "The Unification Church is heretic. The Divine Principle is jargon. Rev. Moon is a false Messiah." Anyhow, they try to take you back. The motivation is their own love, but because their love is fallen, they can not understand this is evil. How terrible it is to oppose the Lord of the Second Advent, they don't even know. In this sense they are very miserable, but they don't know their own misery. If you look at tears from your Mother's eye and say, "Oh, my Mother, you're crying. OK, OK. I can quit the Unification Church and go back to school, go back to a job, and maybe get married as parents require." Your parents will be happy for a couple of years if you do this. OK? 'A couple of years or as long as seven or ten years -- I don't think ten years. But sooner or later, they also can understand what Divine Principle is because this movement will cover America. Then how do you think they will feel? Then they can understand that Rev. Moon is the Messiah, Lord of the Second Advent. If your parents are Christian, how do you think they will feel? Will they feel that they are successful? They will say to you, "Oh, what have we done? We rebelled against the Lord of the Second Advent because we didn't know at all, because we couldn't understand at all. Why didn't you push us into your will? Why didn't you penetrate this way if you knew the Messiah?" Then afterwards remorse will continue forever. Even when the kingdom-of God on earth comes, then in heaven still the fact that they betrayed and rebelled against the Messiah won't be erased.

Therefore, if you truly love your parents, in case of difficulties, penetrate. You are above 18 years old and it's legal -- you have the right to decide your own life. The Constitution approves it. If your parents can't understand at all, sneak away and come back. Your parents will be angry with you for several years. They might write against the Unification Church -- anything might happen. But when the time comes, they will understand what the Unification Church is. Then they can say, "Owing to your faith, we were saved." And however ignorant your parents may be, afterwards they will be proud of you forever even in the spiritual world. "My son was great!" "My daughter was great!"

Now which case do you think is better? The former one or latter one? (Latter one.) Therefore, you must understand what true love is. Don't be shortsighted. You must understand what is true love from the eternal point of view. If you are saved, if you come to the Unification Church and are given the blessing through the Messiah, then owing to this merit your family also will be taken to the Messiah. The purpose is to save your family, not to compromise.

First invite them to the Unification Church. In case of difficulties, at least try to keep them from rebelling against the Unification Church. Afterwards, your parents can understand. Afterwards they will be grateful for you eternally. Therefore, give them a letter. The purpose of the letter is to show that you have changed in a wonderful way. How much you love, you can show through the letter. OK? Have you changed? (Yes!) How much? (Lots.) OK? Still, this is the foundation.

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