Divine Principle Lectures from the 120 Day Workshop

by Ken Sudo

Spirit World - Dominion

Next, spiritual problems; there are many spiritual problems. Man is given three great blessings. The first one is individual perfection, the second one is multiplication and the third one is dominion. Dominion means dominion over the physical world and also dominion over the spirit world; dominion over the visible substantial world and dominion over the invisible substantial world.

Before the coming of Adam the spiritual world was just the angels. Then man was made to be a lord over creation. Adam was supposed to be lord over creation. Because of the fall, an angel had dominion over Adam. This was the so-called reversal of dominion. An angel had dominion over Adam, so when he went to the spiritual world, he came under the dominion of the fallen angel. When the descendants of Adam go to the spiritual world, they also come under the dominion of the angel.

Unless we who are living on earth subjugate the spiritual world we cannot restore the third blessing. The time of the last days is the time when the solution must be made. There must be a severe conflict between those who are living on earth and the spiritual world under the dominion of Satan. This is the reason why at the end of the world, at the last days, so many spiritual problems can happen or must happen.

Because of the fall of man, the angel Satan has dominion over the physical world. Fallen man came under the dominion of Satan, and the third blessing was lost to Satan. Therefore, there will be many disturbances or interferences from the spiritual world and we must subjugate them. Otherwise, we cannot restore the third blessing.

Originally, the spiritual world was a world where those who fulfilled the purpose of creation could go. But man fell, sin was multiplied, and six thousand years of sinful life on earth came to fruition in the spiritual world. Therefore, the present spiritual world is a sinful world.

The fallen spiritual world is the Cain world and the physical world is the Abel world. Cain must love and obey Abel. This is the reason why when the Messiah comes to the earth, the spiritual world must also come to the earth. The Messiah doesn't come to the spiritual world first, first he comes to the Abel world, the physical world.

The spiritual world can be saved through the physical world. This is the meaning of returning resurrection. If man had not committed sin, and a sinless world had been realized, the spiritual world would have been the subject and physical world the object. The spiritual world is the world of the angels. This is the reason even Jesus worked as an angel.

Through the coming of the Messiah, God, Himself can come down to the earth. God sent the Messiah to earth. According to the expansion of the victory of the Messiah from the individual level to the family level and from family level to nationwide level and from nationwide level to worldwide level, God can come down to the earth. Then the spiritual world which exists between God and the visible substantial world will be squeezed.

The Messiah can introduce, can bring God down to us. Therefore, the spiritual world which exists between God and the visible substantial world will be squeezed in between. Then the spiritual world will be forced to give influence to the physical world. Yet the spiritual world is also divided in two, into Cain and Abel --good spirit and evil spirit. According to the expansion of the providence of God, which of the two do you think can come down to the earth first? The good spiritual world or the evil one? Evil one. Therefore, after the Messiah's coming, first of all, strange spiritual phenomena can happen. Not good ones. This is the reason why there are so many crazy people, especially in America, because America is close to God. Therefore, America needs so many mental hospitals. The influence of the bad spiritual world causes craziness, mental damage, neurosis, streaking, and also sexual corruption.

Therefore, so many struggles will occur when the Messiah comes. No one can understand what is going on. Then afterwards, when this evil influence is solved, the good spiritual world will appear. When we can overcome this kind of evil influence, afterwards the good spiritual world will appear to help us. Then many people will begin to be given revelations from above about the Unification Church. Father gave an example: "Some day in a countryside, an old woman will become open spiritually. The old woman could say that 'Oh, tomorrow it looks like heavy rain.' People laugh, 'Oh, no, no, it's very fine. Why it looks like rain tomorrow?' But when they get up the next morning it's raining dogs and cats, cats and dogs. Then people are reminded 'Oh that old woman said it would rain, and it rained. Oh, her words came true.' And they forget very soon

"In a couple of months the old woman may say, 'You know that man working there will die very soon.' Why, it cannot be true, it cannot be true because he is very strong and very healthy.' Within one week he dies suddenly. 'Oh, what happened, what happened? Did he die? Did he die?' The old woman says, 'You'd better go to the Unification Church. I think you'd better go to the Unification Church, otherwise it's not so good for you.' 'Oh, the Unification Church. Oh yes, yes.' Then one word of the old woman will save a hundred people at once."

This is the influence of the good spiritual world. This kind of phenomena will glimmer in the third seven-year course. Then the influence of the spiritual world will be perceived by the five spiritual senses. Then we can have the same kinds of spiritual phenomena as our physical five senses. Therefore, we can hear: clairaudience. Therefore, someone can hear a voice from the spiritual world. Always, someone comes and speaks to you, sometimes strange things. Therefore, you have so many troubles because some spirit men have strange ideas. They had strange ideas when they were on earth, therefore, they still have some strange ideas. Then if you hear their voices, you will be crazy. "No, no, no, no." Bad voices come. One girl went on a 40-hour condition and she became exhausted. Those who are low spirits couldn't chase after her, and she is fine now because the strange spirits left.

Sometimes an evil spirit comes which smells strange. If you take care of a person possessed by a strange spirit, sometimes it smells strange. We have five spiritual senses so we can have five kinds of phenomena spiritually. The touch, smell, taste from good spirit and from evil spirit is almost the same, but their purpose is different. Therefore, unless we have criteria of good and evil, we cannot discriminate good from evil.

One example: In the beginning of the Unification Church in Japan, one wonderful sister and one wonderful brother had a dream, and their dreams were the same. The same night the sister dreamed that the brother was coming to her smilingly. The brother dreamed the sister was coming towards him smilingly in a beautiful wedding dress. She must have thought, "Yes, he must be my husband." She was very happy. He must have thought, "Oh, she must be mine."

They didn't talk to each other, but they had this dream between them. Afterwards, for some reason, one of them talked to the other--maybe they felt something special. They became too happy and then told someone. This story came to the central figure who felt, "Oh, this is terrible!" Then the central figure talked with them and explained what it meant.

Even in your case, if you have a dream about who will be your spouse, don't believe that. Sometimes a person has a dream and when some special chance comes, they will be taken by Satan. Even when we were blessed, many people around us had dreams. Brothers and sisters never imagined, but the spiritual world gave inspirations and so-called revelations because the spiritual world was very interested in the Unification Church. So they whispered, "Ah, look. He and she must be, must be." But Father's eye was far distant from the eyes of the spiritual world.

Even the spiritual world is a fallen world. Therefore, you cannot rely on the spiritual world. So don't think a revelation is excellent because it came from the spiritual world. Don't think this way. The spiritual world is far lower than the Unification Church on earth. A lecture on the Divine Principle is far greater than the inspiration from the spiritual world. The highest inspiration or highest revelation from above is Father's words.

So if Father says, "Go out and raise money," this is a revelation. "Witness to one person per month," this is revelation, the highest revelation to save the world.

Don't obey spiritual world but obey Father. Whatever the spiritual world might say about your own blessing, don't believe that, but just obey Father. From whom would such a dream come? An evil spirit or Satan. If you have such a dream, you must understand that the purpose of this dream is to make you fall.

Many spiritual problems occurred because of ignorance of this point even in America. Sometimes a spirit comes saying "I'm Moses," and he cries sometime "and couldn't fulfill my mission," or "I was forsaken by God." Even Satan can come in the name of Jesus. So if a spirit may say, "I'm Jesus," don't believe so easily. Don't believe until you can check if it is good or not. Sometimes a spirit comes as if he is the spirit of Father himself, even through a spiritual person, spiritual brother or sister, and members who don't know anything are amazed. We had so many experiences like this, and most of then are false. In the name of Jesus, Moses, Abraham Mother Mary, and even in the name of Father himself, Satan beguiled us and made us rebel against the providence of God. Spiritual phenomena isn't so easy to understand.

Unless you check the purpose of the phenomena, you shouldn't obey it. In the usual case, it's very difficult for you to understand if it's good or not; Then report it to the central figure. If the Regional Commander cannot understand, then to Headquarters. If Headquarters cannot understand, then Father. Father can understand definitely whether it's true or not. Unless you understand Divine Principle very deeply, it is easy to be misled by the spiritual world.

One time when we were praying, one girl went out and was walking around. The group leader found she was missing and we went out and found her. She said she heard my voice from outside saying, "Come down, come down, come down, come." I had never called at all; Satan had utilized my voice. Afterwards, we found some strange man handing around there, and if our brothers and sisters hadn't tried to find her, she might have been raped. This is Satan.

In one training session, a brother was raising money, fundraising. He heard, "Come back to Belvedere." Because he thought God had told him, he quit fundraising and went back. He couldn't understand God and Satan. One important direction of evil spirits is to lead people to rebel against Father, against the central figure. Suddenly all central figures seem to be satanic. "Oh, my group leader was satanic, my lecturer was satanic; oh, President Salonen is satanic." He will leave because of his good nature and because of ignorance.

Satan is a terrible, terrible one. When you realize the faithfulness and obedience of brothers and sisters, and then make a mess of their happiness, this is the nature of Satan. If you can understand this point, then you can clearly understand how Satan invaded Judas Iscariot, and why John the Baptist couldn't obey Jesus--same pattern. They had a spiritual problem.

There is also so-called possession. The mechanism of possession is this. Someone whose name is Mr. "A" worked very hard and for some reason he died. His internal development was to a certain extent--he wasn't perfect. Because he had died, no vitality element comes anymore. In order to be perfected, in order to be resurrected, he needs to cooperate with another person "B" who has same contents as he has. This is called returning resurrection. Anyway, in case of returning resurrection, sometimes abnormal phenomena can happen. Imagine the spirit man sitting behind the driver in the back seat of a car. The driver is not so skillful. "Oh, you should learn how to do this way, this way, this way." This is the usual returning resurrection or cooperation.

But sometimes the spirit man cannot persevere anymore, cannot be patient anymore. "Hey, I can drive you, I can drive for you!" Then he goes maybe 100 or 150 miles an hour. Terrible. Within one hour this car is broken. This is possession.

When an evil spirit can utilize the physical body of another person, the evil spirit doesn't care at all if this physical body is broken or not. He drives the physical body as he likes. The character changes at once. The physical body is the same, but he is a completely different person. His own spirit man is crying. Usually, before possession, he fights against the spirit. But still he cannot cope with a strong spirit and is broken down, and begins to speak strangely. Then if someone calls his name, he cannot understand. Also, the spiritual world doesn't know what is going on, on earth. So when a spirit man drives a physical body, terrible things happen.

Before I came to Barrytown I was responsible for Region VIII and we had a Chicago campaign, when one brother got possessed. He began to clean the room every day. The spiritually possessed sometimes begin to clean. He was just learning about Divine Principle, and in the beginning there were many phenomena. I tried to solve them, but from the beginning it was very difficult. I had no idea. When we were in Chicago, at the motel, he ran away. Brothers chased after him, down by a highway and tried to catch him on an overpass, but the next moment he jumped. Still after jumping he was running. When people are possessed, unusual things will occur. Maybe even five brothers cannot catch a possessed person because he becomes very strong, and this means so much exhaustion of the physical body. Possession is terrible on the physical body.

Another example. Some brother was given revelations. He got a revelation from above: "You must save Japan." He began strange preparation according to direction from the spiritual world and soon he felt as if he was perfect. Because he was perfect, in his mind he was a tree of life. He felt he didn't have to be ashamed of his nakedness and he sat in the middle of a room in the Center, naked. When a brother dashed to him and covered him, he got angry and shouted and shouted and cried, and it was a terrible scene. We brought him to a Training Center that was far distant from Tokyo. Then the two brothers became a guard. The two brothers were so tired, but they guarded him by turns. Because they were so tired, finally both fell asleep. The next moment the possessed brother woke up and slipped away. The two brothers chased after him. Then a taxi came and the possessed brother got into a taxi and dashed. Then another taxi came and the two brothers got in. It was already dark. The two brothers' taxi missed a turn. They went on, but they couldn't find the taxi. Then, when they were looking, the other taxi came back from the other side. The taxi driver who brought the brothers said, "Some strange man?" The other taxi driver said, "Yes, yes." "What happened?" "The strange man said to stop, and he dashed out and ran away somewhere to the -mountain." For two days the brothers tried to find him. They couldn't find him, and since then there has been no information at all until now. His parents could understand and didn't cause so much trouble. I'm not so sure, but maybe Satan killed him.

I know another case in Japan where someone died because of spiritual possession. It became a big trouble. It was brought to court. Something happened . . . and the Communists accused us so much. Therefore, the spiritual problem is not so easy.

Case Number 1 is very easy to solve: if only you can understand the Principle you can solve this problem. Case Number 2 is pretty difficult. The best method of dealing with possession is prevention. In case someone is being possessed, he or she has reason in the beginning based on Divine Principle. When he or she is fighting against an evil spirit, if only the person can understand the depths of Divine Principle and can understand how to prevent possession, he or she can do that. Spiritual things can happen when the atmosphere has intense impact. This is the reason why, when a Divine Principle lecture is going on or after a Divine Principle lecture, someone may become possessed. Because of God's words, trainees and not only trainees but also the spiritual world behind them, will be disturbed and in complete confusion. Therefore, confusion in the spiritual world will be reflected to a spiritually weak person. Therefore, one idea, if you feel danger somewhere, is to leave the training session for some quiet center, where there is not so intense a spiritual impact; then the danger usually vanishes.

Even in this training session, one sister was sent back, and she's very nice now. If she had stayed here, she might be terrible. So avoid spiritual impact or intensity. If someone feels strange, then don't pray. It's better not to pray.

Maybe he can strengthen his own spirit, maybe by reading Divine Principle. Not by attending an intense lecture, but just by reading Divine Principle you can become calmer and calmer and calmer.

Talking with brothers and sisters who are spiritually higher than he is, hopefully three of them, may help. He himself can understand that if the spiritual overcomes physical man, then the spiritual world itself cannot be saved. If he himself can understand deeply how to overcome spiritual phenomena, his own spirit will be strengthened. Then, if you feel something spiritually strange, report it central figure, and ask for help.

But in case the possession happened and the person can't understand that it happened at all and is talking strangely and doing strange things, first of all, call his own spirit Call his or her name. Sometimes the person cannot answer because a different person possessed him or her. Let him or her see a picture of himself or herself or brothers and sisters. "Who is he?" Then, "He is Joe. He is Tom. She is Cindy." Something like that. And show the person his or her own picture. Then, "Oh, yes, yes, yes, this is me." Then they can revive. I am successful through this method sometimes.

"And where are you now?" Sometimes the person cannot understand. "For what purpose did you come?" And remind them, "I came to a training session." Then one by one gradually restore his or her sanity. Then afterwards do the same pattern: reading the Divine Principle, or talking, and persuading.

Secondly, persuade the spirits behind him. The spirit behind him cannot be saved himself if that spirit doesn't leave this man or this girl. From the standpoint of the Divine Principle, we can try to explain this. Usually it doesn't work too much. But still, try it.

And third, prayer. Usually if someone is possessed it helps if three or four pray. If he or she can restore his or her faith, consciousness or perceptiveness, then prayer is most effective. He or she will be revived, restored and recover.

Then next, let him or her follow your prayer. "Let's pray," you can say. "I can pray first, therefore, follow me in prayer," and you pray in the position of him or her. Then you begin to pray, " 'Heavenly Father ... Heavenly Father, ... I'm sorry I was under the dominion of an evil spirit. I am under the dominion of an evil spirit; but by doing this I cannot fulfill your mission. Because of this reason I cannot fulfill your mission ... my mission given by You. Please let this spirit go, and also the spirit cannot be saved by this providence. Therefore, in order to save this spirit and also in order for myself to be able to fulfill my mission, please let him go. Let this spirit go." This kind of prayer in the name of True Parents is a key point. Address the spirit three times, "In the name of True Parents." Sometimes the evil spirit tries to choke the person and usually it is very difficult for him or her to follow the prayer to pray, but still you must encourage, encourage, and encourage the person.

The final point of the prayer is the most difficult to say: "In the Name of True Parents," three times. When someone is possessed, it is very difficult to say this because spiritual world may be choking and threatening to kill him or her, but according to my experience, sometimes the spirit goes away.

But even after that, if you leave the person, another evil spirit may come or the same one may come back. Therefore, you must take care. It takes maybe one week to recover completely. In case it's impossible to stop the possession, sometimes you must send the person to a hospital. Also, let the person's physical parents know what is going on.

Next, evil spirits can also give indirect influence. One story. There were two fairly old women, sisters, who joined the Unification Church. Both, especially the elder sister, were spiritual. So one spring in the region a symposium was called and they had devotion every morning contemplating the waterfall. The elder sister was given many explanations from above. There was one brother who was responsible for the region--maybe he was the equivalent of a regional director--but still he was young only 22 or 23 years old. The spiritual ladies in his region were just like mothers in the beginning and helped him. He trusted them, especially the elder sister, and she was given many revelations about him.

She always said that he had a special mission. She said, "Mr. Kuboki, President of the Unification Church in Japan, failed his mission." Therefore, the younger brother must be responsible for the restoration of Japan. She said that he was in Jesus' position, and therefore needed three disciples first of all. Then spiritual inspiration came that one brother was in position of Peter, one in position of James, and one in position of John. These three persons were very nice, but very weak spiritually.

This young brother went to them and said, "We got a revelation. Mr. Kuboki failed in his mission and God spoke to us. We must be responsible for Japan. It's a serious situation, and someone must be responsible for the position of Peter. Do you know who it is?" "No." "It's you--we got a revelation." The other 12 disciples were addressed in this pattern. The spiritual mother was just like Mary, and the other sister like the bride of Jesus. They began their own dispensation.

Even members of the main staff of the Unification Church went to him and tried to persuade him in the beginning, but it was impossible to persuade him. They had begun their own dispensation. They began to think they were successful in Jesus' mission. Jesus was crucified, but he didn't have to be crucified to save Japan; instead, he must marry. He married the sister spiritualist, the younger one. Can you understand? Chapter Two. This is Satan's planning. Therefore, Satan is not so easy to overcome. I think many of you have no experience fighting against Satan, actually.

I, myself, had had the experience of being involved by Satan's trick. It was different from this and in the beginning I couldn't understand at all, but afterwards I could understand how tricky Satan really is, so the next time Satan came it was very interesting to cook Satan. But before I cooked Satan, Satan was about to cook me. When I was deceived by Satan, afterwards I could understand the real reason why I was deceived by Satan. It was my own fallen nature through which Satan could invade. This is true in the example of the one possessed brother who may have died because of possession. He had many brothers, and the other brothers were very excellent. One became a doctor, one became a teacher, one a professor, but he wasn't so smart. Therefore, his parents always blamed him, "Oh, you aren't smart. It's only you who are not so smart in the family." So he was always frustrated. Finally he heard Divine Principle and suddenly he felt as if he was top in his home because he knew now the Divine Principle, highest truth in the world. He became very arrogant: "Now I can overcome my brothers." Satan never overlooked his arrogance and utilized it. Satan said, "You have a special mission." His arrogance was stimulated and finally, because of his arrogance, he was destroyed by Satan. Arrogance or lustfulness, vengeance or resentment--if you have these feelings, it's good prey for Satan.

Such terrible phenomena occur because of the fallen natures that we have. Father never did this; he was never invaded by Satan because he has no sin. When some spiritual phenomena can now happen around you, first of all you must pray deeply and find out why you are involved in such spiritual events. By praying, find the real reason why you are involved in such spiritual events--arrogance, lustfulness, vengeance, resentment, hatred, disobedience, lack of love.

Then next, we must understand how Satan tricks, and then repent. Satan doesn't like repentance. When you are repentant of your failure, Satan doesn't come. When you understand how Satan comes you will never be defeated by Satan the next time, and Satan will retreat. This kind of thing can happen in your Center or your region, so you must understand very well.

The best method to prevent satanic invasion or the influence of evil spirits, the final solution, is to love Father. If you can be one with Father, then since Father is perfect, Satan cannot accuse. Evil spirits cannot come to Father. If you are one with Father and are in the bosom of True Parents, you will have nothing to do with evil spirits and you can be in peace. These kind of stories are terrible, but if only your situation is being in the bosom of True Parents, then you are in peace, and no evil spirit can come. If you feel scared of the spiritual world or an evil influence sometime, you can have a picture of True Parents on your bed and you can pray through True Parents and you'll feel peaceful. If some strong spirit comes then you can keep him out in the name of True Parents, three times.

And some final advice. I mentioned just now a man who was like a regional commander but still he was involved in a Chapter Two problem because of a trick of Satan. He had had no brothers and sisters in his own physical family and was therefore always a "loner." Even in the Unification Church it was difficult for him to have good communication with brothers and sisters; he only prayed. He was a lecturer, teaching also the Fall of Man but he couldn't understand the Fall. He just went by himself like he had before the Unification Church.

Those who have no good communication with brothers and sisters, who are highly spiritual, have a tendency to be involved in spiritual problems. For that reason, he was standing by himself when the spiritual world came. The spiritual world also came with a trinity. When three come, a person may be completely involved in the spiritual world because he has no protection on earth. Those who have good communication with brothers and sisters have almost no possibility of being involved in spiritual problems.

Therefore, love True Parents and have a good relationship with brothers and sisters, then the Messiah will come and not Satan. It's very simple. This is the intrinsic solution of spiritual problems. Don't be a loner. Find good brothers and sisters with whom you can talk, and if you find someone who is inclined to be spiritual, you must help to prevent them from having spiritual problems.

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