Divine Principle Lectures from the 120 Day Workshop

by Ken Sudo

Spiritual Problems:

Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve and the archangel that seduced Eve - we must resume and indemnify the positions of these three - the seducer archangel, Eve who was seduced and Adam who was tempted by Eve and committed fornication. Also, the same applies to the position of Cain who killed Abel, of Abel who was killed by Cain because of his arrogance and of Seth who didn't know anything. Seth was just a good person who didn't understand anything at all. "Oh, what's going, on. What happened? Yes, what's new? What happened? What happened?"

Therefore, out of one, two, three, four, five people and the angel, who was good? Who was enough? No one. This is the reason why we cannot find anyone who is enough, even in this room, including myself. This is the reason why everyone has some strange problems. Someone is oriented to arrogance, someone is oriented to this problem, Chapter II. Someone else is like Cain, always complaining and criticizing others and judging them, without doing anything by himself. Someone else is just, "What's going on?" Someone else has all these natures together within him.

Eventually, every one of us is just a mixture or combination or melting pot of fallen nature. We are the same as Adam's family; we are members of Adam's family. They were conscientious but had nothing to do with God, therefore, many of us are conscientious, but cannot understand God. "Oh, what's going on, Heavenly Father?" I can believe Him, but I cannot feel Him. This kind of problem. I think when things were going wrong, Adam was just taking a nap or was a little spaced out. His betrothed was being taken away by the angel but still he didn't know at all. "Oh, what's going on."

Therefore, we are here to indemnify the failure of each member of Adam's family. As you know, in order to indemnify the failure of Cain and Abel, we must restore the relationship between Cain and Abel. They failed because of lack of love, therefore, we should love each other as brothers and sisters. Cain should have loved but didn't. Lucifer and Eve and even Adam shouldn't have loved each other in the way that they did, so they failed. Therefore, we must not love like the angel did; no matter how much you feel love, you must not.

In the case of the Cain and Abel problem, if you don't feel love, still you must love. In the case of the Adam and Eve problem, if you feel love, you must not love. This is indemnity. As you know, because of the fall of man, mankind lost its parents because Adam and Eve were supposed to be the parents of mankind - the true, sinless parents of mankind. As you know, they failed. After the fall, they had Cain and Abel, and Cain killed Abel. This is the course of the fall. If they didn't commit fornication, there would have been no need of division between Cain and Abel. If there had been no division, there would have been no murder. Fornication was the root of sin, and murder was the fruit of sin. Fornication is internal and murder is external.

Because of fornication, man lost God. Man became separated from God. Therefore, man has to live by himself. Brothers became egocentric and egoistic, but still they tried to have dominion over the world. This is the reason why man began to kill and to have conflict.

In order to restore the failure of Adam's family, first of all, the solution comes through the reversal course of the fall. Cain and Abel must be saved first, centering on the victory of Abel. This is the foundation for the Messiah. But unless the relationship between the angel and Eve, and Eve and Adam is also solved, no sinless parents can come. The Adam and Eve problem, fornication, is even more essential than murder. First, murder will be solved and the foundation will be laid, but the Adam and Eve problem must also be solved.

Jesus said if someone opposed or persecuted him they would be forgiven, but if they defiled the Holy Spirit, they could not be forgiven. Why? Jesus was in the position of John the Baptist working to restore the failure of John the Baptist. Therefore, he was solving the Cain and Abel problem. But this problem is external. This is the reason why men could be forgiven even if they persecuted Jesus. But when the Holy Spirit is defiled, this cannot be forgiven. The relationship between Adam and Eve is more essential than that between Cain and Abel. If the root is destroyed, there will be no fruit. But if a branch is broken or leaves are taken away, as long as the root is steadfast, the plant can bear fruit.

If you have a problem between Cain and Abel, sometimes the Cain position accuses the Abel position or because of some trouble between Cain and Abel, the person in the Cain position leaves the Unification Church. But he will come back. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I was wrong. I couldn't understand the meaning of the Cain and Abel problem. Then I accused you and I'm sorry." They pray together before Heavenly Father, that's all. Heavenly Father can forgive. Okay?

But if you commit fornication, however you try to be cleansed - you may pray deeply overnight or try to be cleansed through fasting; it is impossible to be forgiven; the sexual relationship is far deeper than the Cain and Abel problem. The Cain and Abel problem will be forgiven if we apologize. If we once commit fornication, it cannot be forgiven by apology. Even if you pray with tears of repentance, it doesn't work. Fornication is a deeper sin than even murder.

Then what is the reason why the Adam and Eve problem is so deep that it is not forgiven? The reason is that fornication or adultery means the destruction of the purpose of creation - that is why fornication, constitutes such a deep sin. Many young students think about fornication. Yes, it's natural because it is the action of instinct. It's natural. Heavenly Father gave this instinct, therefore, I'm just using it. Many American people think this way. It's okay to be like an animal because man is just an extension of the animals. Many people think this way. They don't know at all how deep a sin it is to commit fornication.

As you know, man was made after the image of God. We ourselves must understand more deeply why fornication is sin. According to our understanding so far, we thought; 'Oh, this is the reason why man fell, therefore, we must not repeat it again. Therefore, fornication is a sin.'

We must have deep understanding. Man is made after the image of God and God has Original Positivity and Original Negativity, Original Masculinity and Original Femininity. Man is made after the image of God into man and woman. By the unity between man and woman we can give birth to children and establish the four-position foundation. This is the family of eternal love and joy.

If someone, an angel, maybe another man, comes and takes the woman away and gives children, this time centering on Satan, what happened? This is fornication. This is adultery. Even in America, as you know, this pattern is very routine. A woman who has a husband can have sexual relations with another man. This is destruction of the four-position foundation which is the purpose of creation and God's ideal. Fornication and adultery definitely destroy the kingdom of God, God's purpose. Therefore, fornication and adultery are two sins which not only defile the object of fornication or subject of fornication but also destroy and defile God's purpose, God Himself.

Therefore, even though both of the fornicators can forgive each other, unless he or she is given forgiveness by God, this problem is not solved. But as you know, it is impossible for God to forgive, because without an indemnity condition even Heavenly Father cannot forgive. Therefore, unless sin is indemnified by man, it's impossible for God to forgive and, as you know, fallen man cannot indemnify the sin he committed because he is under the dominion of Satan. Therefore, he cannot subjugate Satan. This is the reason why the sinless Messiah must come. It's only the Messiah who can solve fornication and adultery.

As we studied already, because he paid the indemnity for six thousand years of human history, Satan has no right to accuse the Messiah anymore. If the Messiah says, "Okay, I can forgive you," then Heavenly Father will approve of it. Then, once approved by God, our sin will be forgiven. The Messiah paid all the vertical indemnity conditions so there is no sin that the Messiah cannot forgive. However deep a sin you may have committed, there is no sin that the Messiah cannot forgive. If the Messiah says your sin is forgiven, God will approve it and it has come true.

We are investigating the essential meaning of fornication or the essential meaning of the fall of man. From another point of view, some brother feels love towards a sister. He thinks, "Oh, I love her. Oh, she's very nice." You must not feel this way. What will happen next? Then hug, embrace, next something, next something, and next something. And like this, and finally ... This is the nature of the problem between man and woman. In the beginning it's just a slight feeling, but this feeling develops so much, so the final result must be what? Fornication. Is it love. (NO) Here are some sisters. We must understand that these sisters are in the position of restored Eve. Six thousand years ago Eve died - she ate and died. From that time on Heavenly Father has tried to restore her, to revive her, and after six thousand years of trial and six thousand years of effort, Heavenly Father is now able to give life to her. She's revived now. She's alive again. How happy Heavenly Father must be to see His daughter is alive again. She has begun to breathe and to open her eyes and speak to Father. How happy Heavenly Father is. And she stood up and smiled towards Heavenly Father. The next moment a rascal came. A rascal came and raped her again, and with slight screaming she died again. And Heavenly Father has no mouth to speak out, to shout and to scream.

Do you understand what I mean? Those who sinned again with a sister have committed a deeper sin than Satan. Sisters are the precious daughters of God. Therefore, if a brother feels, "Oh, she's very nice. I want to speak to her and shake hands with her, and put my hand on the back of her shoulder and embrace, and next, and next, and next - if this kind of thing happens, can it be love? This is murder, not love. This is spiritual murder.

The purpose of love is to make others happy. This kind of love destroys the happiness of the sister. Then is this love? This love is in a sense worse than physical murder, because if she is killed by someone, if she didn't commit sin, then she will be taken to Heaven. If someone makes her commit fornication, she is also involved in fornication and adultery. She also will be taken to hell. Therefore, fornication is worse than murder. Don't think that it is love. And also a brother is as precious as a sister. He is restored Adam who was revived after six thousand years of effort by God. Brothers and sisters are both as precious as original Adam and Eve, or in a sense, more.

The problem between man and woman, Adam and Eve, is the most essential one to be solved. Once failed, there is no solution at all - we have no idea how to solve this situation, this problem, this sin. When you are blessed, you must write your autobiography of sex before True Parents: "I committed fornication with someone, I repeated fornication with someone, with someone, next someone, and next someone and next homosexuality with someone." You don't have to write anything about Cain and Abel problems because this is not so essential as the Adam and Eve problem. If only you have a restored relationship, then everything is OK in a Cain/Abel problem, but not if you commit sin in Adam/Eve problem.

By the way, homosexuality is more impure than a usual sexual relation. As you know, the relationship between Adam and Eve when Adam and Eve committed fornication wasn't good because it was before perfection and also Adam had sex relations with Eve who was defiled by satanic blood. Therefore, it constituted sin. Still the relationship between Adam and Eve is proper. Adam should have been the subject, but Eve became the subject and that was wrong. But still the relationship itself is principled. The relationship between the angel and Eve was unprincipled, and there is no excuse.

The relationship between man and man and woman and woman is even more improper than that between the angel and Eve. Between the angel and Eve, the relationship was masculine and feminine. Man and man and woman and woman, this is more improper and therefore, the sin is deeper than the angel's was. Impure. Disgusting. Gruesome. But when people are involved in such a relationship, they do not feel so impure because he or she is a disgusting person in this sense. Therefore, they don't feel impure, somehow.

Therefore, many things. Autobiography page number one, page number two - must be submitted to the Messiah. This is judgment. Yes, it's a terrible feeling if you fill in the paper. In Korea, some woman was very shy (in the beginning each of them talked to Father directly, not on paper) and she couldn't tell. Then spiritual world, I mean an angel, came to Father and said she did it this way, but she never confessed. Then she was cast out from the list of the blessing. Therefore, the Unification Church is a terrible place because once committed, it cannot be erased unless the Messiah forgives. The reason why we submit the contents of sexual life before True Parents is to be forgiven. It will be divided in two: before Unification Church and after Unification Church. If you have done something after joining the Unification Church, can you write? It's terrible. But still actually, recently, many happened to commit the act within the Unification Church, in the field, in the MFT, on the fundraising team, or somewhere else, because the people didn't have a deep understanding of this meaning. Therefore, they couldn't nip the problem in the bud.

The Unification Church is not a church of perfect, perfected people. We are here because we are not good. We are not perfect. We are here to solve sin because we are sinful. Therefore, a member of the Unification Church is a sinner. We must restore the world, but we must also restore the Unification Church members themselves. First of all, the Unification Church must be saved. You must understand. Especially in America, the environment is not good because of so many sexual corruption outside. Even in the Unification Church we haven't enough understanding of the significance of this problem. We don't feel so bad, even if someone committed fornication. "Oh, did he commit? Oh." That's all. Not so shocking. Because the outside world is so much corrupted, this is the reason. Therefore, some happened in the Unification Church already. After the Unification Church, not before. It's a terrible situation.

Then how can we avoid such events? First of all, we can understand the significance of the Adam and Eve problem. If you understand this kind of contents, you can quit, you can stop.

Next, you can understand the results of the fall. If some brothers and sisters love each other and the feeling is something more than brother and sister, who can say that nothing will happen? If something happened, then when other members come back, they don't feel good. Afterwards, they say, "Oh, why did I do this? Why did I do this? Why did I commit sin?" But passion is stronger than reason. Therefore, we cannot restrain ourselves and passion destroys everything. And afterwards, however deeply they repent, it is already too late.

When brothers and sisters came back, they didn't say anything. They disguised it, as if nothing had happened; but still their inside is like this (he demonstrates). Then one day, the sister comes to the brother and says, "I'm going to have a baby." "What will you do? I'm going to have a baby." It can happen. Can you stay in the Unification Church? Can you ask money from the Church Director to take care of the newborn baby properly? Can you explain the situation to the Center Director' No. Then they both must disappear. They will have an apartment, maybe a small house ... rent maybe $75 a month ... something like that. Would you feel happy there?

In some cases, those who have been members of the Unification Church afterwards leave the Unification Church and marry someone; this is a shame. It is terrible fornication before God because he or she who left the Unification Church has denied the Unification Church. Therefore, for awhile he or she must feel happy because of marriage; but sometime he or she will be reminded of the Chapter II lecture. What does marriage mean? He or she can understand. Once saved by the Lord of the Second Advent, he or she betrayed the Messiah and committed fornication against him. They have a baby. Therefore, the husband must work. But can they be happy? Not at all. Always they must work under the strong sting of conscience from morning till night.

Also, very soon this movement will cover America and the world. In seven years or ten years this movement will cover America, and all Americans will understand what Divine Principle means. Then their neighbors will understand about them. What happened with them. Then they will begin to whisper, "Do you know them? They were in the Unification Church from the beginning, but they failed and fell away. They had a baby. They betrayed the Unification Church, betrayed Father, and married and have children now."

Still it's okay, because of their own sin they are blamed and accused. They are paying their own indemnity. But some day their boy will come back from school and cry out, "Oh Mammy, Oh Daddy, why did you do that to me? My friend told me. Mammy, what happened, what happened? Why did you bare me? I shouldn't have come. I shouldn't have been born. It would be better to have died!" Could you console him? Could you make an excuse for him? A terrible situation. Then if you commit this kind of sin, your descendants will accuse you. It was a betrayal against the Messiah. How terrible it is. This is judgment.

Then you cannot be happy for life, and if you go to the spiritual world will you be welcomed by your ancestors? (No) No. You came into the Unification Church earlier than others, owing to the good works offered by your ancestors. They might have been martyrs at the time of persecution under the Roman Empire. Your ancestors might have been ministers or preachers or bishops who served God so much. Owing to their merit you are here now in the Unification Church. Then, if you commit fornication and have children without any relationship with the Unification Church, then when you go to the spiritual world, you will be accused by all your ancestors and also by your descendants and the people around us. We will be judged by the past, present and future. This is hell. Even though no one accuses you, still your conscience - will accuse you forever. Even though you are invited into the kingdom of God, still you cannot be proud of anything at all. Do you know what I mean?

How terrible fornication is. Especially after the Unification Church. Do you feel still that you can commit fornication? (No.) You say "No" now, but you might forget in three days, in three months, in three years. Therefore, if you feel something very dangerous around you in this meaning, remember this story and the screaming of restored Eve.

If you remember this story you can nip the feeling in the bud, don't you think so? (Yes.) Therefore, understand the significance of the Adam and Eve problem and the results of the Adam and Eve problem.

Also, be careful of environment. The reason why man can commit fornication is very simple: because there is woman. Can you eliminate woman from the earth? No. And for woman the reason why she might commit fornication is very simple: because there is man. Then man should be eliminated? Then mankind will be eliminated from the earth. No solution at all! Therefore, this method is not good.

Then be careful about your environment. A man and woman shouldn't stay in one room a long time. If they are apart, then there is no possibility of fornication in case of necessity, talk just necessary things. In some team, some place, the leader was very strict and said men and women shouldn't talk at all. I think it's too much. Men and women have a common purpose - therefore, men and women can shake hands spiritually. Brothers and sisters can go spiritually arm in arm toward one goal. Looking at the same purpose. But if the sister becomes his purpose and he becomes her purpose, then it's not good.

Looking at the same goal, the same purpose, to enter the kingdom of God, all looking at the same Father .... it's OK. In this meaning, brother and sister must be one, completely one, can melt each other into one. They must be melted into one with each other. Therefore, look at it this way. Man can be one, should be one, should be melted into oneness as brothers and sisters.. Love each other, help each other, talk to each other to the extent that outside people might envy, "Are you boyfriend and girlfriend?" "No, no, no, we are not." "But I see that you are loving each other more than between boyfriend and girlfriend." It's OK. But deeply. Unless the direction is changed, it's OK. If a brother comes the wrong way, then you can cry, bite, roar like a lion. And if a sister comes the wrong way, then you must have the vigor to knock her down. If we are turned the irony way to each other, each of us will be an enemy, an eternal enemy. Turned to Father, brothers and sisters are the most wonderful in the world, but once turned the wrong way they are the terrible enemy of each other. She feels he might kill me and he feels she might kill me. It is eternal death, and in this way brothers and sisters might be sometimes a terrible enemy to each other.

In some cases, especially from sisters, I have heard many times the central figure is Adam. In the beginning, she feels just respect and love for the central figure, but gradually, her feeling changes. If another girl comes up to him and is talking and they are very happy, if the sister looks and sees this happiness, does she feel happy or not? If she feels happy, then her love must be pure. If someone is happy with him and she feels, "Oh!" then her feeling must not be pure. You must be careful of your own feelings; otherwise, this love might be changed into commitment of sin.

You can stay with True Parents or Father even for ten hours or a hundred hours, no problem, forever, no problem. It's OK. But maybe some man twenty-five years old and an eighteen-year-old-or twenty-year-old girl stay in one room a long time without approval and work talking, talking, talking - this kind of thing is not good. Therefore, if I love them and feel something strange, I can say let's go out and talk. The contents of talking is very nice but still sometimes, you feel strange because when the angel seduced Eve, maybe Lucifer told only the truth of how great Heavenly Father is. Heavenly Father created the world this way and Heavenly Father's expectation for you is this way. The angel must have told and yet, by talking to her, he came closer, and closer, and closer, and closer, and closer, and closer, and closer. But sometimes, even in talking the contents of the Principle, sometimes the feeling is not pure between brothers and sisters.

In the 21-Day Training Session I said about hitchhiking, "No, no, no for sisters but for brothers, it's OK." Then a brother said, "No, no, no!" Then it's terrible in America! Therefore, in case of emergency you can call the Center. You can even call Headquarters. Therefore, you should have the telephone number and some spending money to make the phone call. Never hitchhike, and be careful of cars. If you are walking somewhere and a car comes to you and stops and, "Please where are you going in the dark?" "0, I am going somewhere." "Okay, I can take you." It's a terrible temptation. You know? So many young girls are raped because of this.

This happened in Japan. One man, one man just like Satan disguised as a poet ... romantic atmosphere and it will be a joyride, and okay I can bring you back ... and we will drive fast in the mountains. He killed eight girls and he dug a hole and buried them. Therefore, be careful of cars. Never be tempted to hitchhike. Just call the Center or my office and let them come to pick you up, okay?

Also, be careful during witnessing or selling. Once we sold an air rifle, and one sister met a sailor maybe on the wharf of a port. And he was a very nice guy and he was interested in an air-rifle. He said "Okay, okay I can buy it . . . but . . . I have no money . . . but in the cabin I have money somewhere. Therefore, I can make a down-payment." He was a very nice guy. Therefore, she never doubted him and went in the cabin. As soon as they got in the cabin, he locked the door. She shouted, and she was almost raped, but someone heard her screaming, and knocked on the door from the outside. "What happened? What happened?" The sailor was scared and opened the door. She was so depressed for a couple of months that she couldn't do anything at all. This kind of thing can happen.

Another case is a girl who was witnessing and met a man who was unemployed. He expressed how sad his situation was, and she sympathized with him. She was a very nice member, and she felt, I'm the only one who can save him. She met many times with him and every time she met with him she told about Divine Principle - just Divine Principle and how wonderful the Unification Church is, but he wasn't interested in her talking at all. The less he was interested, the more she tried to talk to him. Finally he asked her, "Why do you try to persuade me so much?" She said, "Because I love you." He was amazed. "Do you love me? No one ever loved me. No one ever loved me. Is it true? No one ever loved me. Is it true? Do you love me?" "Yes, I love you," her smile was pure. Then he said, "Can you come to my apartment? Then can you teach me Divine Principle?" She was very happy. As soon as she began to teach Divine Principle, he locked the door and she was raped. And from that time, she couldn't do anything at all. She left the Unification Church. She tried and tried to come back again and again but still she couldn't. In such cases, we must be cleverer, wiser, and understand the motivation of the man. Therefore, especially in the case of sisters, in the case of witnessing, if you feel that the motivation is impure, definitely impure, you must cut it off. Therefore, if he is looking for the truth of God, when you visit the apartment of a man, don't go by yourself. Go with a brother or at least with another sister. OK?

Also, in a sense, she couldn't understand Divine Principle. Because it wasn't she herself, but God who could save him. Also, if you are out witnessing and some man comes because you are very nice, he is half interested in truth and half interested in you. In the beginning it's inevitable. In this case, in the beginning see him once or twice, but the next time you must introduce your guest, your spiritual son, to the central figure and show that you love your central figure more than your guest. Then the route will be closed through which your guest can find a woman.

The relationship between man and woman has three modes. This is just man and woman. This is Father and daughter, and this is Mother and son. Therefore, one, two, three.

In the beginning, if you smile beautifully and say, "Won't you come with me to hear a lecture?" not because of the lecture, but because of you, many young men might come. It's okay. If sisters had cut you off from the beginning, one third of the brothers here would have been lost. In the beginning, a man will come close to you because you are a woman and he is a man. At the same time, because of the lecture he will be interested in Divine Principle itself. Then you can introduce him to the central figure and he can talk with him. You can show that you love the central figure so much the guest will feel, "Oh, this young girl loves that man so much more than me. Still, this Divine Principle is great. This is the reason why men don't leave. Therefore, the man cannot love the sister as a girl friend.

Then can he be in the Father position to you? It is impossible, because he has no foundation at all. Then the only way for the man to be able to reach the sister must be what course? Mother-son relationship. Therefore, if you take care of him even though you are young still he feels like you are a Mother. Many people are apart from parents, and they are lonesome. If they feel some motherly love, then they will come to the Unification Church. If you are 17, you can be like a Mother, 20 to 22 you can be like a Mother. It's OK. Then the new brother can become like a baby through the experience of rebirth.

In the beginning someone can come to the Unification Church through the relationship between man and woman, but still-this feeling must be guided well and given rebirth so you can be the Mother, and he can be your son, spiritually.

Therefore, in witnessing and selling you must be wise and you must guide others wisely - otherwise they will be lost and you, yourself might be lost, as you know. If you are careful, but still some emergency happens to you, and there's no help at all, the best method of self-defense is to bite. Yes, you can bite. Even sisters' teeth are very strong. If someone comes and tries to kiss you, bite off his tongue. You will be very famous. You can do that, because your body isn't yours. It is a residence of God, a temple of God, therefore, keep it clean and pure. This is your responsibility. If a man is killed by biting, then at once the Unification Church will be famous all over the world. Afterwards, no man from the outside will attack a sister of the Unification Church. The biting is self-defense from a legal point of view. If you kill him, it was just self-defense. You never intended to kill him. And afterwards you can call a policeman and explain what happened.

Once when a sister was selling air-rifles, she went to get money at some house and she was raped and she cried, cried, cried, and she was about to commit suicide because she was hopeless. She had come to the Unification Church to serve God and to serve True Parents. Her purpose was pure - just to realize God's desire. I heard of this event and just at this time we went to Korea and I asked Father what should we do with this problem? And Father said, "If the motivation is good, in order to fulfill God's purpose, because of inevitable reason this kind of thing happened, father can forgive. Father can forgive." Father said, "I can forgive."

Then next, if you have committed sin already what should you do? First of all, before the Unification Church, even before the Unification Church to tell the truth, there was no excuse. We are born in the midway position. The main decision of whether we belong to God or to Satan will be decided by whether we establish a good condition or an evil condition. If you committed fornication or adultery before you joined the Unification Church, Satan could have accused you and taken you to hell. The reason why you're here instead is that there must have been some good condition - maybe the good action of your ancestors. God had some condition through which He could talk to you. This is the reason why you are here now. If you had no faith, actually Satan would have accused you and taken you straight to hell. Those who have committed fornication and adultery are not in the midway position. They are destined to be taken by Satan.

This is the reason why Father came. Father shed blood because we committed fornication and adultery. Because of blood which he shed, Father was able to establish a condition to cleanse my sin. Father got victory over Satan and Father was able to indemnify all the indemnity conditions that were made. Therefore, if Father says OK, I can forgive you, then Heavenly Father will approve it. If Heavenly Father approves, no one, not even Satan, can accuse you. Then you are free from satanic invasion.

When we were blessed, after the blessing Father called us and we gathered around. Father asked what did you talk about together? You. You." He answered Father. One man told that he had apologized for what he had done when he was young. So many evil things he told to his wife in order to apologize. Then he began to speak the contents, when Father said, "Don't say that, because I forgave you. I already forgave you. Therefore, don't say that. Father said his unforgettable words to us, each of us. "Don't say that because I already forgave you." Father forgave my sin, our sin, that we can be saved, that we can be free from original sin. We can be pure. We can be free from original sin. Our descendants can be sinless. How great it is! However deep a sin you may have committed, there can be no sin that Father cannot forgive. How great it is! How great it is! How wonderful it is! Father shed blood to do this, only to do this. Therefore, this is our hope. If you have any hope, there cannot be greater hope than this. There cannot be greater hope than this. Hope of purity, hope of aimlessness . . . aimlessness and purity and true happiness. Therefore, if somewhere you feel guilty because of action before the Unification Church, be repentant deeply with tears of repentance and work harder than those who didn't commit sin. Some day you will be given forgiveness of sin.

Make a deep determination not to commit fornication and adultery at all. Put this into practice and the time will come when Father will give the blessing to you and your sin will be forgiven. Then if you commit fornication after joining the Unification Church, it is terrible. It is a betrayal against the Lord of the Second Advent and against True Parents. A Unification Church member knows Father, knows Divine Principle, knows the nature of the fall of man. Yet, he commits fornication. He has no excuse at all. Originally, he had no hope of salvation at all. Before the Unification Church the fornication and adultery happened because of satanic blood lineage caused by Lucifer and Eve, but Father has established a condition to indemnify the failure of Adam and Eve and Father is qualified to forgive. It depends upon Father's will. If Father says, "Yes, I can forgive," then the sin will be forgiven. If Father doesn't say, then it cannot be forgiven.

After the blessing, if someone commits sin, it's completely hopeless. Even Father has nothing to do with salvation then. 'If any chance is given, it will be after the salvation of Satan. Therefore, if we make a mistake, it's terrible. Therefore, the Unification Church is far more terrible than Communism. Therefore, you must keep yourself pure and clean because your body is the body of God, the temple of God.

You cannot understand the depths of sin, therefore, when it is sprouting you must nip it in the bud. Also, keep prayer, keep prayer. Without prayer, we cannot feel sin. We cannot feel how deeply we are involved. Without prayer, we cannot understand how terrible it is. Even if you know Divine Principle, still you don't feel it at all. Your body must be part of the body of Father and part of the body of Mother, who have no sin.

On account of sinless marriage and sinless descendant and solution of the past you must keep yourself pure and clean. If you fail in some small mission, couldn't raise money enough, just $20, just $10, it's OK. If you go out witnessing but cannot bring any guest from the street, even one person per month; if it's impossible, still it's OK; but never defile your own body given by God, because your body is a temple of God. A mirror to God, not you. It's not your body, but the body of Heavenly Father. We have nothing; our body belongs to Father - my hand is Father's hand, my mouth is Father's mouth, and my body is Father's body, therefore, I must keep clean. Even at the price of your life, keep yourself clean and pure. OK? (Yes.) Can you understand? (Yes.) Any special questions?

Question and Answer Period

Question: If you commit sin and belong to the Church, can you indemnify it by yourself, or must Father forgive you?

Answer: Can you indemnify it by yourself? You must try. Work for God three times as much as others. That's just a condition and forgiveness comes from Father.

Question: Could you tell us more about the spiritual fall?

Answer: The spiritual fall isn't a dream. The spiritual fall between the angel and Eve is real action between the spirit body of the angel and the spirit body of Eve. Adam and Eve and the angel had spirit bodies and spiritual five senses far more sensitive and delicate than those of the physical world. Therefore, it is not a dream. Therefore, many misunderstand, and think that spiritual events are a dream. Dreams come from stimulation - sometimes from the spiritual world, sometimes from the physical world, sometimes even directly from God and symbolize some meaning. For instance, when you are sleeping you dream that you are walking in the snow. It's very cold and you have no coat. Suddenly, your dream will be broken and you can find your blanket was off. Or our heating system is off because of no money. The dream came from physical stimulation. Or you dream your dead Mother appeared and said something, and afterward it came true. In such a case your Mother gave you stimulation from the spiritual world because your Mother knows what is going on. Through the dream you understand what is going on. This dream comes from the spiritual world. And sometimes a deep dream can come from God directly. Then God can show the providence of God through dreams. In the Old Testament, there are maybe some prophets who had a dream and could then understand the providence of God.

If you have a sexual dream, then you might think, "I committed fornication." But can you be responsible for a dream? Can you control dreams with your will? A dream has nothing to do with the will. Therefore, we are not responsible for dreams. But if you have this kind of dream, something must be cleansed. Something impure must exist within ourselves. Therefore, check your inside and repent and cleanse your inside. You won't have such dreams.

Question: What about sharing food with sisters?

Answer: Food has nothing to do with sex. You can give food to and you can be given food by a sister. This is brother and sister, not man and woman.

Question: I mean sharing things like drinking from the same cup . . .

Answer: It is better to separate than not to separate; but if it is washed cleanly, it's OK.

OK. (Applause.)

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