Divine Principle Lectures from the 120 Day Workshop

by Ken Sudo


Tradition can be discussed from various points of view. Even the Messiah has a physical body and a physical body cannot be eternal. Then, even the Messiah must die physically. Then who can inherit what he has established while he was working on earth? This is one of the greatest concerns of the Messiah, himself -- even Father, Himself, is deeply concerned about this point. Who can inherit Father's tradition on earth, generation after generation? If tradition is not inherited and if people do their own things as they like, the Unification Church will be divided into several churches. This is Father's greatest concern. Then, how can we inherit the kingdom of God? Father gave us the kingdom of Heaven. In order to realize the kingdom of heaven Father established heavenly tradition.

You are not American anymore, you are not American. You are not Japanese anymore, not Korean at all. We are humankind centering in True Parents. As an example of the way of life, we have no example but the True Parents. We have no example of that way of life, or how to love, except by True Parents. The way of life must be a new standard of the way of life. The way of love must be a new standard of love because there is no true mankind so far. Father is the beginning of a new mankind. He is the ancestor of new mankind; through him all mankind must be born anew. Mankind living on earth must be born anew through him and even those who are living in the spiritual world must eventually be born anew through him. Therefore, before him there was no mankind at all.

Then how can we inherit heavenly tradition? Man lost the three great blessings. The Messiah came to save mankind, therefore, the Messiah came to make a pattern of how to restore the three great blessings from Adam. Adam was given three great blessings, but the angel was not. Therefore, the angel envied this point. The angel tried to get the three great blessings, and the three great blessings were taken by Satan. Therefore, the Messiah must restore the three great blessings under satanic accusation.

The Messiah came sinlessly, but in order to restore the three great blessings, he must be responsible for the sins man committed. Fallen man cannot solve sin, therefore, the Messiah must be treated as if he were chief of sinners, because he is responsible for all the sins and for all the kinds of sin that man committed. Then the mission of the Messiah will begin with the rock bottom of hell. He will be blamed by Satan. Under severe persecution of Satan, he must restore the first blessing.

As you know, God created Adam and Eve as Original Sung-sang and Original Hyung-sang. Then mind and body are united into oneness. This is man's perfect personality. The first blessing means individual perfection. Perfection means to be one with God because God is perfect. Therefore, if man is one with God, man is perfect. Therefore, if he is one with God's personality, if God and man are one, there is no contradiction between God and man. Then it can be said that man is perfect. If man had not fallen before he was 21 years old, then at that age he would have obtained individual perfection. Then, how do you think it would have been in the Garden of Eden if Adam had been perfect and sinless? What kind of man would he have been? Do you think that if a sinless Adam was 21 years old, he could have calculated differential calculus? He would not have understood it. Then how about professors of mathematics in universities? They can calculate, but they are not perfected man. Then the criteria for perfection cannot be whether a man can calculate differential calculus or not. Then the criteria or standard for perfection must be far different from whether he can do calculus or not. OK? If only his love for God can be stronger than any temptation, this is the standard of perfection. OK? If you have some possibility to commit sin, then you are not perfect. Therefore, if you look into yourself, you can understand if you are perfect or not.

One girl came, and she wrote love letters in blood to Father, still Father never clanged. Even though he was persecuted, he sympathized with her, he cried for her but he never was tempted by her. This is a real understanding of individual perfection. If you reach perfection then you are qualified to get married.

In order to be perfect, there are three stages. First truth; truth must be restored. Secondly, personality must be restored. Thirdly, heart must be restored. Restoration of truth, personality and heart because when man committed sin, man lost truth, personality and heart. We became ignorant of God's words; we cannot understand God's word. Then, is our way of life God's way of life? We cannot understand how deep God's heart is. The heart of creation, the heart of the fall, the heart of restoration: these are the three great hearts of God. We became ignorant of them; we cannot understand anything. We are now in the darkness..

First of all, truth must be restored. Then what is truth? If you can explain precisely how you can fulfill the purpose of man, then you can say that you know the truth. This is what saints and sages have been seeking for. How can you reach perfection: how can you realize the purpose of man? This is truth. Can you say that you know the truth? Do you understand that you do not know? That is why you are here. Therefore, first of all, truth must be restored. The truth was taken by Satan, and we lost the truth. We have been looking for truth from morning to night. No one knew it. Saints and sages and heroes, presidents, policemen, school teachers, parents, ministers, and priests never knew it. First of all, the Messiah has had to find this true way of life. The Messiah has had to find the truth through which all mankind can reach perfection.

Therefore, as I said in the testimony of Father, when he received his mission from Jesus, he began to research the truth by which all mankind could be saved and reach perfection, and realize the purpose of man. He asked God, "Who are you, and what is the relationship between God and man?" The answer came from above; "A Father and son relationship." "Then why was the relationship of love between God and man broken? Who broke it? How was it broken and by whom? Why does Satan exist in this world of God's creation? Why in this world of goodness can evil be created? Did God create evil? How did Satan become Satan? If God is almighty then why could God not solve evil? Why did God allow the evil to exist? Then why cannot God solve evil? If God cannot do that, who is responsible for that?" The Messiah. "If Jesus was the Messiah, then why wasn't the kingdom of God realized when Jesus came 2000 years ago?" So many questions did Father ask of God.

Also, Satan interfered with Father, and through a bloody struggle with Satan, he could understand and find the truth. Little by little, one by one. Finally, Father was able to find the original sin and the solution of sin; he could understand how to solve sin and reach perfection. After severe trial, Father's truth was approved by Jesus and by God. The contents of his research and his victory was declared as Divine Principle. This is why Divine Principle can be called the truth. Is it OK with you? Therefore, first of all, as the Messiah, he had to find the truth through bloody struggle with Satan. In order to get this truth, many indemnity conditions did Father pay. Many sages couldn't find the truth. Buddha couldn't. Confucius and Socrates couldn't. Many saints couldn't. Even Jesus wasn't able to understand the whole truth. Father found it, found the truth through which man can obtain perfection.

Sometimes Father comes to a training center in America, Japan or Korea, and hears trainees like you practice the lecture, and the best trainee is Father. He hears the DP lecture and gets a deep inspiration and impression. Mr. Choi was giving a lecture, and Father came and prayed for him. Powder of chalk fell down and the hands of Father became white -- still Father was praying.

We usually say, one word of 'indemnity’: we must pay indemnity or we can't be restored -- this is how we usually give the lecture. The word indemnity inspired Father so deeply and reminded him of his entire life course, because his life course is one of indemnity. This same word doesn't mean so much to us, because we don't have the contents. One word of indemnity inspired Father so deeply. Every word of DP, every word of Father's is one drop of Father's blood. No other man could understand these contents. Father paid indemnity and we are given the blessing. Father has sown and we harvest. Father paid for DP with the price of blood and we get it for nothing. This attitude is the tradition to understand truth. This is different from understanding philosophy or theory. In order to establish heavenly tradition, to inherit Father's tradition of truth, we must study DP and lecture. As you know, the contents of DP is just one third of Father's truth. From creation to restoration and the Messiah's coming is just one part. There is another deeper contents of DP -- one day Father told us two-thirds of it is in his sleeve. Have you ever heard how to realize the kingdom of God? Not yet. Father has so many deep secrets.

First of all, we must inherit heavenly truth, DP. If we can truly understand this truth, then it must be substantiated through real activity and behavior. If there is no contradiction between truth and action and behavior, we can say that we are one with Father in personality. Personality is the next thing to be restored. Father restored it first through a severe battle of nine years against Satan and he got truth and also we can see that the truth, his words and his behavior, is one. We can find this fact. Father is usually asking us to do this, just do this, and he usually doesn't give an explanation why. If he explains, it is just a superficial meaning and when it is successful he can give a deep providential meaning and the significance of what he has done. He usually explains the providential point of view after the victory; therefore, he tells what he has done and therefore there is no contradiction between his words and deeds. This is his secret. Usually, we say many things before doing them. Father never speaks until it is accomplished. Therefore, even the significance of Madison Square Garden campaign, Father didn't say anything, just that he had to be famous all over America. Just a horizontal understanding, but when we succeeded in MSG, Father explained that we got a victory over Satan and from now on the indemnity condition was finished, the vertical-horizontal condition was finished. We must also inherit his way of life, how to establish our personality.

As you know, one day Won Pil Kim told that when he was given a wonderful message from Father, wonderful words, he didn't speak to others for a while and he digested the meaning of what Father said and put it into practice and through his own experience now he can begin to speak the message of Father. Then, this one secret to build our personality. Won Pil Kim studied this secret from Father. This is how we can build our personality through Father's tradition: to speak only of what we have done. Then, if we didn't do anything, then we cannot say anything. Therefore, when we are here and hear Father's words, it is magnificent and this is what Father did already. How great he is. We have never seen such a great man like Father. He does before he says, and after he does, he speaks. Therefore, it is very true; we usually say and talk and discuss. But unless our words are actualized, it doesn't work. Therefore, if you understand the contents from the lecture, keep it in your mind and put it into practice, and when it is confirmed that it is true, you can speak. Then the contents of the truth is reinforced by activity and will inspire us and others.

How was your way of life, the same or different from Father's? Far different. Yes. Therefore, words and deeds must be one. The best method is to first do and next speak. Speak what you have done, and based on this truth then you can give deep inspiration to others. This means testimony is best. To give inspiration to others, testimony is best. You must make your own story of tears, sweat and even blood. Then you are qualified to speak.

I myself think I am speaking very good things. If I did as I spoke everything, then I would be like Father, like the Messiah. Maybe in heaven, or in hell; I don't know; maybe I will be persecuted. Judgment. Therefore, lecturing is a terrible job, because we must say everything and sometimes I cannot do what I say. The best method is to say what you have done. But also, if Father says something, it comes true even one year, two years or three years later, it comes true.

There is one blessed sister from Japan in America, Washington PR leader ... when Father came in 1967 or 1965 to Japan, he spoke many things -- "And by the way," Father said to her, "You might go to America." Father didn't give direct instruction in the beginning, but Heavenly Father guided her. Now she is having good contacts with congressmen and senators. She is the leader of a special PR team. Once the words come out from Father's mouth, it will never fail to be realized. If the direction, method and strategy is changed, his words can still come true. Therefore, we cannot miss even one of Father's words. Truly, there is no contradiction between his words and deeds or between his words and reality.

When Father came in 1965 to Japan, he said we must be prepared for Communism. We didn’t think it was so crucial. In several years the Communist movement became so crucial -- everything happened. If we could have understood earlier, we would have been able to do more. Father came to America and said we must be prepared for Communism. Sometimes we cannot understand, but if Father said this way, it will come true within several years. America will be involved in a crucial situation because of Communism. We must be prepared and we must contact students before Communism. If we don't prepare, it will be terrible. If we do what he requires us to do, then Father said within three years, he can be the best influence all over the world. If we just do what Father says to us to do, Father can give definite influence to the world.

Father can manipulate the world. This is true. His words and deeds have no contradiction between them. We must understand his word is truth. Likewise, our words also must be true. This is the personality of man. It is Father's personality before man., and before God. When he was in prison in North Korea, the situation was very severe with no food and heavy labor. Many died. He was sentenced for five years, and he was sent there to die. If he dies, no solution or salvation in this world. He never spared his life, and if he dies, no mankind will be saved. In order to keep his body, he tried to do many things. He washed his body every morning with a wet towel. Sometimes he made a small hole in the wall and put a small pipe to inhale good air from outside, in order to keep his body. He knew it wasn't his body, but God's. In the prison there was a washroom. Most prisoners tried to avoid this place because it smelled so strange, but Father always slept there because Father knew that Father's body isn't Father's body, but God's. Father's body is the temple of God. If he slept somewhere else, sometimes people would step on his body and the prisoners were sons of Satan. Therefore, Father had to keep the dignity of God, so he slept there in the strange-smelling place so that he would not be stepped on. His attitude toward God was like this. He fears God always; therefore, he never defiled God. He, himself, must suffer so much to keep the dignity of God. Jesus was like this.

Also, to be against Satan -- this is one of the aspects of Father's personality. Maybe, very soon, some are going to Korea for blessing. At the last blessing in 1970, the 777 Blessing, I was responsible for the Japanese candidates. I brought 400 and something people to Korea. I was talking to Father about the schedule of the blessing and many things. Father was smiling and talking, when a small note came to him and he read it, and in the next moment he was out the door like a tiger. He was smiling and laughing one moment, and then the next moment, he was out the door -- in just one second. I didn't know what happened. I could understand why Satan couldn't cope with him. He just dashed for the door. Therefore, when he fights against Satan, he is more than a lion or tiger.

One day I was at a lake, and around this lake Father has an estate. We went pheasant hunting and Father had gone, and I was carrying Father's bag, and Father walked the street, and even on steep ground he keeps a steady pace. I couldn't believe it. If Father aims at a goal he has a pace like a machine. I saw his strong will, and on the way by the lake one of his followers gave him something, a flyer from North Korea, because sometimes from North Korea comes a big balloon with many flyers and flyers will be dispersed in one place. There is a flyer from North Korea and says North Korea under Kim II-sung is like the kingdom of God. Then the disciple brought it and showed Father. Father looked, and next he ripped it up, and his fighting spirit against Satan showed through. He loves us so much, and once he is against Satan, he is very strong. I have never seen such a strong person against Satan. I could see how Satan was subjugated by Father because of his strong nature.

Have you this kind of nature against Satan? Not so sure. Sometimes we almost invite Satan to come, but Father's attitude toward Satan is different. Therefore, Father said that before 1960, Father never sat in a chair -- he had no time to rest. One day President Kim told me Father was walking on the road -- Father is always fighting Satan in the spiritual world, and sometimes his battle against Satan can be expressed through his physical body. Suddenly, Father jumped up and turned and somersaulted through the air and people around him were amazed. Father's spirit body fought against Satan, and this battle against Satan was shown. He is very sensitive to Satan. Speedy, strong and decisive and penetrative, that is why Satan cannot cope with Father. If we want to inherit Father's tradition, we must also discourage Satan. We must also have this kind of resolution to fight and cope against Satan, if you want to be the son or daughter of Father. Truth is like a bomb. Truth is like being substantiated through behavior or activity. Then we can establish personality. God's truth substantiated, is when God's personality is realized. Personality is like flesh.

If you have flesh, you still need warm blood to be alive. Father said we can leave the Unification Church, but Father cannot. It's not because he is the founder, but because he knows God's heart. When he was finding the Divine Principle, he could understand what a poor man Jesus was, what a poor God Heavenly Father was, who was betrayed by the man He loved the most. If God had a body, He would have embraced all mankind directly. But He has no body, and He has no mouth to speak. He cannot do anything unless we do. Father knew the depths of God's grief, and cried and cried and cried. His tears penetrated the floor. This is a famous story. He cried day and night. His face was swollen and no one knew who He was. He cried, because he could understand God's heart. To see him, how happy Heavenly Father was.

The same Father was tortured and his bloody body was thrown out from the door. God must have been looking at this event, but God couldn't do anything. If God had had a body, He would have rushed out to Father and embraced him. Also, God would have been beaten by Satan, and not Master. But God has no body. When and if Father was lost, mankind would have been lost and 6,000 years of salvation history would have been in vain. Penetrating severe tortures, when Father recovered his consciousness, how happy Heavenly Father was. Father knew that if Master was lost, mankind was lost. He was happy to see our Father because He knew mankind was saved. He must have embraced Father with tears of gratitude. Therefore, we cannot imagine this deep relationship with Heavenly Father.

One day, one of our members asked Father, what is your relationship with Heavenly Father?" Then Father said, "No matter how much I may explain, you cannot understand, because no one can come to my depth of relationship with God."

God is crazy for Father. Is God crazy for you? Therefore, his relationship is unusual with God. The depths of love between God and Father is completely different from others. These contents of love should be inherited, little by little. To inherit Father's tradition, his relationship with man, we should be reminded by his testimony of how he got victory, because of love. Jesus lost twelve disciples, but Father got twelve disciples in prison because of love. This is how he was able to get out of the prison of Communism. Therefore, we can understand the love through his testimony. His way of love is far different from others.

One day, someone asked Mrs. Choi what kind of man Father is. Then Mrs. Choi said in reply that he loves the ugliest person as much as the most beautiful person. For instance, one day, an old man who had collected all kinds of sin and crime since he was young, came to Father. he had lost his family and became lonesome. His face was ugly because of small pox scars, and it was a strange face; therefore, if a young girl met with him on the street in the dim twilight, then maybe the girl would have fainted -- this kind of an old, ugly man. But Father began to talk, talk, talk. The directors were waiting outside for their turns. Two and three hours passed, and Father was still talking to an ugly man. He loved him as a father born only for the sake of him. Therefore, others were irritated and pleaded for time with Father, but he said, no, he was busy. The disciples were upset, and after a long time talking, the guest went out, and Father came out. Father said to them, "Have you ever had a night, even one night, when you couldn't sleep because of love?" They were speechless. Father said, "That man is thinking of me all day long, and even at night, without sleep." The disciples were ashamed of themselves. He loves this man who is very ugly, but internally he was good.

Mrs. Choi said Father loves the ugliest person as much as he loves the most beautiful person. Just imagine, brothers, if you can find very beautiful sisters, do you feel love? Sure. But you find gradually that she is a very strange person. Can you still love her? You cannot love her anymore. If she is beautiful internally and externally, then you can love her. But, if she is ugly, and also strange and greedy, internally, can you love her as much as the most beautiful woman, internally? Even Father doesn't like ugliness, but still he sees God's latent nature within her, and he loves her. He gives the love of compassion. The compassionate love and the quality of the love is the same as that given to the most beautiful person. This is Father's way of love. We must also inherit his way of love. Then we must begin to try to love those who are not qualified to be loved. If some sister or girl is very beautiful and loving, many young men will gather around her and propose to marry her. But, if her face is burned and it becomes strange, no one can see her face anymore. How about the young men who gathered around her? Do they continue to love her? All will disperse. Then, can parents forsake her? The more miserable she becomes, the more love they will give to her. Why? Parents love not only her beauty, but also her self. Therefore, no matter how ugly she may become, they cannot change their love. They love her existence itself. Not expression but existence, not attributes but essence. This is the difference between parents' love and others' love. Some may love someone because he or she is rich, beautiful, capable, or a good one, but God is Father, and Father is Father. Therefore, He loves existence itself. Therefore, so far as you are you, you are qualified to be loved by the True Parents. Therefore, not love to beauty, but essence.'

Someone can say, I love Tom because Tom is Tom. If Tom is successful I love Tom, and if he fails his mission, I still love Tom, because Tom is Tom. When Tom is pure, I love Tom and if he commits sin and is defiled by satanic blood, I still love Tom. This is Father's love. I love Mary, because I am I, and Mary is Mary. This is God's love. This is Father's love.

We must inherit this love. We must be able to love this way, not my own way. We must inherit the truth, Father's personality, and Father's heart, which means the way of love. The truth, his personality, and his love. Father restored truth, personality and love through his battle with Satan. His truth is absolute truth. His personality is perfect. His love also is perfect. His way of life must be my way of life. His truth must be my truth. His personality must be my personality. His love must be my love. This is the restoration of personality. As you know, God is Original Sung-sang and Original Hyung-sang, and these can be positive and negative. Positive and negative are substantiated as man and woman, as you know. Jesus said he who has seen me, has seen God. But, however Jesus spoke wonderful words, it was impossible for Jesus to express the complete nature of God. Jesus was a partial expression of God. He needed his bride. Otherwise, the Messiah could not be an entire expression of God. Maybe some of you have some impression from when you first met Father. I cannot forget my impression when Father came to Japan. The first time, I couldn't have a good relationship with him. I couldn't understand Father is Father. I felt he was great, and no more. I was shy. I could only understand that I was far distant from Father. I came to the Unification Church because of him and for the sake of him. I was a member for four years, and still I couldn't have anything to do with him. I was still a child. It took me a long time to realize that Father is Father. I could understand him as Father when his love made me confident in his being Father. Not Principle.

Father is wonderful, but if Father is only by himself, then even Father cannot wholly express God. Only when he is one with Mother can we see the living God with his eyes. When he came to Japan, he spoke much first and many were inspired. Especially brothers were inspired, because they saw their own ideal image in him whom they had been looking for. They saw their own ideal image in him. Even sisters were inspired, but sisters never want to resemble Father. When you see Mother, then you can find your ideal self in Mother. You call feel your ideal shape and self in Mother. This is the reason why sisters especially feel nice with Mother. Therefore, when she came seven or eight years ago, especially sisters were inspired because they found their own ideal image in Mother. No matter how pure and beautiful she might have been, brothers did not want to resemble her. Eventually, the Messiah is a man. The Messiah answers to the question of what is man? We have been looking for true man but never seen a true man before. Man has been trying to find the answer to what is true man in books, but Father and Mother is answer to the question of what man is. if you want to understand what man is, you have only to investigate Father and Mother, and then you can find the answer to the question what is man. His way of life is man's way of life. His way of love is man's way of love. His example is an example of a man of life. If you want to understand what man is, you can see Father and Mother. Then you can find the answer. God is invisible, but Father and Mother are an expression of God and when they are united into oneness, we can see the nature of God with our physical eyes. We can understand what God is, and what man is. If you want to understand what God is, you have only to investigate Father to find what God is. If you want to understand God's will, then you must ask him. His words are God's words, and his love is God's love. We have the answer in reality which is the Messiah. No matter how wonderful the Messiah may be, if we don't understand he is Father, then we can't have a relationship with him, and we can't inherit his tradition.

The tradition of truth, personality, heart and love. In the beginning, when he first came I couldn't understand. The second time he came, we had a 40-Day Training Session and we heard Divine Principle from the late president, Mr. Eu. Mr. Eu gave lectures for 40 days and we gained new understanding. For the first three days, Father prayed beside the lecturer. We were more impressed by the prayer of Father, than by the Divine Principle itself. To see Father praying, we were much inspired. After the lecture in the afternoon, Father told many things. When I was hearing the lecture I was sleeping, but when Father came I never slept at all. Father told many things about Principle, about the providence of God, and about how he found the Divine Principle, many things. Some portion of the testimony I gave the other day came from his talking at that time. When he was talking, he said if he stayed two days with someone, he felt like giving all he had to them, and the 40-Day Training Session was finished, he was supposed to go back to Korea. When the last moment came, Father gave direction and final messages to us, and Father said, "Can you do that?" We said yes. This is the tradition of the Unification Church; this is a good answer. After we said yes, yes, yes, then Father said good-bye.

He walked down and went, but soon after, he came back and we asked what happened. Anyway, Father began to talk. From the beginning I couldn't understand anything, but then I began to understand Father's feeling of heart. Some may be weak, some may be lost before he can come back again. They have no parents, they are working very hard but they have no parents. Some had trouble, some were weak -- Father knew very well that this might be the last moment for Father to see them. Once he went back, he might never be able to see some of them anymore. The children might be lost. He couldn't do that. He couldn't leave us and he began to talk another few minutes and said good-bye and went and came back, and began to talk again. Again and again. We became serious and felt a different feeling than before. He felt Father might be feeling that he might lose us, that this moment might be the last moment to Father and son. Father said finally, good-bye. This time he went definitely. He couldn't come back anymore.

We dispersed, and in a couple of hours I was sitting in a room in the headquarters, and suddenly the door opened and I saw Father. He said, "Have they gone?" The next moment, Father turned and I would understand: you know if always your parents, your brother, and sisters are living together and you open the room and see no mother anymore, do you understand this feeling? More than two weeks we had lived together. He must have embraced us as children. When he came back, the children had gone and he might not be able to see them anymore. In an unexplainable empty heart -- can you understand? Father is strong against Satan, but weak in love toward his children. I wish I could have embraced Father at that point. I knew he is Father because he loved us, and through many kinds of this kind of experience I could understand Father is Father after five years in the Unification Church. I joined in 1962. Afterwards, I went many times to Korea as a lecturer, and talked with Father. I've had many unforgettable experiences. You may think my case is special, but you mustn't think that you have no relationship directly.

How about the Christians? Have they seen Jesus? Still, they have had piety and faith and have loved Jesus more than their own lives. One day a member, who was a driver of Father's visited Father's house and Father asked him to come and join with us, and Father served him and geve him food. The food was rice and curry. The driver didn't like curried rice, but Father gave it to him to eat. Father asked him if he liked it. "Is curried rice your favorite dish?" Because Father brought it, he said yes. He was scarcely able to eat it up. Then Father asked if it was good and he said yes, thank you, and Father put another dish in front of him. I don't know if he ate it or not. He must have eaten. He had a very difficult time. Afterwards, the driver could understand; Father loves every one of us even though he doesn't know the name of each.

Because of physical limitation, Father cannot give food directly to all, and then he can't express his love to all. Then he works through representatives which represent thousands of family members. If any one of you goes to Father and is given the same chance he was given, you will receive more love than the driver was given. You can be very confident even though Father doesn't know your name and can't identify who is who because of physical limitations. Truly, he must be your Father. This is the way of his love. This is the love of True Parents, God's love. We must understand his love and then receive his love and then we can receive the love he gave us. This is the tradition of love.

I'm sorry I couldn't explain the second and third blessings and how to further actualize the words of truth. We have a different truth, personality and love from his. Therefore, we have a Cain type of truth and love. Cain must be subjugated by love. Only by understanding Father fully can we understand Father's love, heart and personality. And then it can be given to me and I can resemble Father and be a small Sun Myung Moon. This is inheritance of heavenly tradition. Some day I want to inherit Father's truth, personality, and love.

Because of the beginning of the seven-year course there is a blessing. At the beginning of the first seven-year course three couples were blessed: President Kim, Won Pil Kim and the late President Eu. Three, just like Peter, James and John. Afterwards, the next year 33 were blessed, and the next, 72 couples, then 124 couples. This was a foundation to save mankind. How great it is. In the beginning of the second seven-year course, 430 couples were given an international blessing and then there was the 777 couples blessing. This is the foundation of victory for the second seven-year course. In order to get victory in the third seven-year course Father must give the blessing. There are so many candidates who must go to Korea.

I don't know how many from America, but quite a few will go this time. Honestly speaking, we need 40,000 dollars. How do we do it? Will you fund raise?

Of course they will do their best, but we must help. This victory will be an historical victory in the history of the universe. This is true. This is the historical victory of Father. Even if they don't go, we need the money or we fast for 40 days, like Jesus. From tomorrow on we will have a one-week fundraising campaign to help heavenly Father and True Parents. With love we must sacrifice ourselves for victory and for True Parents. How much we can give tears, sweat, and blood for Father must be deeply inscribed in his heart. From now some real aspects will be discussed and we’ll organize and discuss how to raise money. Anyway, Heavenly Father is planning a big victory for the third seven-year course. If Father can't get a victory in this blessing, then the third seven-year course can't be successful. The key to the success of the third seven-year course is this blessing.

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