Divine Principle Lectures from the 120 Day Workshop

by Ken Sudo

World Affairs

However involved or complex world affairs may be, the difficulties came from the fall of man. If man hadn't fallen, there would be no trouble at all on earth. Therefore, world affairs are also an extension of Adam's family. Adam's failure must be restored. This constitutes world affairs.

As you know, one purpose of World War II was to prepare the growth stage worldwide foundation for the Messiah. Through victory in World War II, a foundation was laid for the Messiah to start his mission on earth. Providentially, the purpose of World War II was to end the satanic dominion of Japan over Korea. Through the surrender of Japan, Korea was liberated and the Korean people were allowed to establish their own government. Therefore, the Messiah was able to work without oppression from the government. Also, Father became a champion of the underground movement to restore Korean sovereignty.

Father used to say that if he thought he could be a politician, then he might be able to lead the world, but he thought politicians could not solve the present or the future or the past. He thought he could be an ideologist. Actually, he must be the greatest ideologist in the world because he already knew the Divine Principle before he was 25 years old. He knew the secret of the world. And he thought ideologists can solve the future, but they cannot solve the present and past. Already, throughout 6,000 years of human history, so many ideologists have been disappointed both here, and in the spiritual world.

Father must save the past, he must save the present, and he must save the future. Therefore, he was resigned to being neither a politician nor an ideologist. He determined to be a religionist, to go the way of indemnity. To solve the past, you must pay indemnity. Ideologists don't have to pay indemnity. Politicians don't have to pay indemnity. Unless indemnity is paid, we cannot realize a sinless world. Sin must be solved. Indemnity must be paid. Therefore, however foolish it might seem, he chose to be a religionist.

He is sinless, but in order to pay for the sin that man has committed, he must live like a sinner. He started from the deepest place in hell. He had responsibility for the failure of Adam, the failure of Noah; the failure of Abraham, the failure of Moses, and for the unfulfilled mission of Jesus.

How did he start? God prepared a wonderful chance for Father's mission to be fulfilled. The Lord of the Second Advent and Syngman Rhee, who became the President of Korea were to be brought together. Syngman Rhee was supposed to hear Divine Principle. He was a pious Christian. Therefore, his spiritual level must have been to this extent. (Mr. Sudo points to a diagram on the board.) And if he received Divine Principle, his spiritual foundation would have been to this extent. (Diagram on board.) Because he became President of Korea, he was the central figure of Korea. If he could have come to understand that Father was the Messiah, then he would have been the central figure for the nationwide foundation for the Messiah.

Then, the central figure for the foundation of faith was Syngman Rhee. The forty days condition to separate from Satan was fulfilled: Korea was subjugated under Japanese sovereignty for exactly forty years from 1905 to 1945. This is like the period when the Israelites were ruled by Egypt for 400 years.

Next, Syngman Rhee was the central figure for the foundation of substance. Centering on Syngman Rhee, all Koreans could have united into oneness. Then the nationwide foundation for the Messiah would have been laid. Then, if the President of Korea had been pious and principled, the Korean nation would have been restored at once. If this had been the case, Korea would have been the Messianic country. This nation would have been different from the usual Christian country. Usually, in a Christian country, the spiritual background is just Christian. This time the spiritual background would have been a new message from the Messiah. Everything would have been decided by God's words. God's words, God's truth would have been put into practice. God's words would have been the foundation for the Constitution in Korea.

The American Constitution is not always good; it is not always in line with God's words. For instance, the American Constitution allows fornication. In the Messianic country, fornication will not be allowed. The American Constitution says that you can do it under certain circumstances. Therefore, the American Constitution must be changed. Therefore, in the kingdom of God, or Messianic country, fornication and adultery will constitute a felony.

Anyway, the Messianic country or Messianic nation must be established. God's words will govern this country. Then this will be the Adam country, the victorious Adam nation. From the beginning, Korea could have been the Messianic country and victorious Adam country. Then in this case, England would have been the Eve country, and America would have been the archangel country because America is born from England. This would have constituted the Abel camp in the third world war.

You may think that Korea is a very small country, a newborn, small country, and that it wouldn't have had much influence on England and America. But, as you know, if the Christians in this country could receive the Messiah as Messiah, then Christianity wouldn't be a racial level religion or a nationwide religion, but a worldwide religion. Therefore, if maybe 10 million or 20 million Korean Christians could have received the Messiah, then this new message would have been given to England and America. America is a Christian country, and England is a Christian country. The President of America is a Christian and the Prime Minister of England is a Christian. If this message had been given to all Christians all over the world, then the governments of England and of America would have obeyed the Messiah. Then unity would have been no problem. Under the direction of the Messiah, the three countries would have been united under the direction of God.

If that had been the case, the Cain camp would have had nothing, nothing at all. The Abel camp would have been able to swallow up the Cain camp with no weapons. Through a political or financial method or desperate calamity, the Cain camp might have been crushed simply, at once. Communism would have been destroyed at once without any trouble, and World War III would have been over. The Abel camp would have been able to get victory over the Cain camp without death or confusion or tragedy. Upon this foundation, the Messiah would have stood as Messiah to all mankind. He could have stood as the True Parents of all mankind. His glory could have shown all over the world. All mankind could have come back to him, and he could have given hope, forgiveness of sins, rebirth and new life.

His glory would have shown all over the world from the 1950's or early 1960's. Therefore, Father said that he couldn't do anything at all until his 30's or 40's. He was persecuted, mistreated and misunderstood. But he persevered and persevered. He said he was just like cattle driven to the slaughterhouse without any resistance. He said he wasn't supposed to talk to us. We were young and not so special people. He wasn't supposed to talk to us directly. Then what happened?

Between the Lord of the Second Advent and Syngman Rhee were mediators, two ministers. The two ministers were representatives of Christianity. They betrayed Father. Therefore, Syngman Rhee started to persecute the Lord of the Second Advent after he became President of the country. The Messiah was persecuted all over the country -- nationwide persecution -- by the government, by Christianity, by the people. The members were less than the number of people in this room. They were persecuted all over the country, even by newspapers, radio and TV. In this way, Christianity betrayed the Lord of the Second Advent. This is the same pattern as the betrayal of the Israelites against Jesus.

If Jesus had been able to become one with Judaism, Jesus could have established the kingdom of God on earth. Because of the Israelites' failure to unite with Jesus, he had to be crucified. Jesus, who came as a Lord of Glory, had to be crucified. Jesus, who came as a Lord of Glory had to be Lord of Suffering, and he had to go the way of the crucifixion. The Lord of the Second Advent, who came as the Lord of Glory, had to be the Lord of Suffering because of the failure and betrayal of Christianity.

This is the reason why Father had to go to North Korea. It's just like Jacob and Esau in that if Esau had obeyed Jacob from the beginning, Jacob wouldn't have had to go to Haran. When Esau didn't obey Jacob and tried to kill him, Jacob had to go to Haran. It's the same here: if the Christians had obeyed the Lord of the Second Advent from the beginning, he wouldn't have had to go to Haran or North Korea, the satanic dominion and suffer so many tribulations. This is the reason why Father was persecuted, tortured, persecuted and imprisoned. Father suffered greatly, as you know.

The Lord of the Second Advent -- Christianity -- Syngman Rhee (Mr. Sudo writes on the board.) These three also symbolize Adam -- Eve -- the archangel. Christianity was lost; therefore, Eve was lost. Therefore, the mission of the Eve country, England, had to be transferred. Jacob restored Eve in Haran, the satanic dominion. Father restored fallen Eve in North Korea. This pattern had to be expanded to the worldwide providential dispensation. Therefore, the Eve country had to be restored from the position of fallen Eve. In World War II, Japan was in the position of fallen Eve. This is the reason why Japan became the Eve country.

Because of the failure of the Christian ministers in Korea, the Abel camp was destroyed once. Therefore, Satan was able to invade: based in Russia, Communism began to develop extensively. As you know, Eastern Europe was involved in Communism after World War II because of Russia. Russia is the angel. The mission of the angel is to prepare for the coming of Adam and Eve and also to raise them. Therefore, with support from Russia, Red China and-North Korea were born. Red China is the Eve country. North Korea is the Adam country. Both of them are newborn countries: their foundation is old but they are born newly. They have become the strongest countries in the Cain camp. Communism did not develop because of strength in the theory itself or because of superiority in its leaders, but because of the failure of Christianity. The betrayal of two ministers against the Lord of the Second Advent is the providential reason why Communism developed so much. This is the reason why Communism developed so much, and millions and millions of people were killed.

Because Christianity was lost to Satan once, God has had to abandon Christianity once. This is the reason why Christianity has deteriorated so much. For many churches, there is just a big building and very few people -- fifty years old, sixty years old, seventy years old. Old men and women are sitting and living out their latter days and an old minister is praying like this. .. Amen. That's all. How can this Christianity save the world?

This seminary was built forty years ago and many young people came, but we were able to buy it because it had been closed for almost four years. Because of the deterioration of Christianity, no one came here. The decline of Christianity is not due to the laziness of ministers and bishops. It happened because of the betrayal of Christianity against the Lord of the Second Advent.

Christianity failed its mission. Therefore, Satan invaded America. Sexual corruption, the drug problem and family division are all ultimately a result of the failure of Christianity, the betrayal of Christians against the Lord of the Second Advent. This event caused the tragedy of the deterioration of America, the most glorious country in the world. America is now in decline. It's noon, 2 o'clock, then 3 o'clock, 4 o'clock, 5 o'clock in the afternoon. The sun is setting. American people cannot be proud of America like they were thirty years ago. Americans used to say, "My country is the most wonderful country in the world. We can help you. Whatever may happen in the world, we can be responsible for that." America is great, but now America is retreating, retreating, retreating. American people cannot be proud of America. Now we say, "My country is not so good, my friends are not so good, I myself am not so good." America is losing confidence. We cannot take care of Asia. We cannot take care of Europe. Retreating, retreating, retreating. Just because of the betrayal of representative Christians against the Lord of the Second Advent.

Since the Messiah could not fulfill his mission based on Christianity, he had to establish his own foundation. This is the Unification Church. The mission of the Unification Church is to restore the failure of Christianity.

First of all, Christians didn't believe the Lord of the Second Advent as the Lord of the Second Advent. Therefore, the Unification Church must receive the Messiah as the Messiah. The Unification Church must obey the Messiah and love the Messiah. Therefore, we are indemnifying the failure of Christians now through our own activities. Through the victory of the Day of Hope Campaign, Father has now fulfilled what Christianity should have done. Already the Unification Church has exceeded Christianity. From now on Christianity must obey the Unification Church. This is the providence of God. Therefore, we must witness to ministers and bishops from now on. It's possible. We can get victory.

Secondly, because it was the failure of Christianity that allowed Communism to develop so much, we must be responsible for the solution of Communism. This is the mission of F.L.F., Freedom Leadership Foundation, and the I.F.V.O.C., International Federation for Victory Over Communism. Communism is still developing even now. In Asia, the free countries are being invaded by Communist forces. It's a terrible situation. In Europe, the infiltration of Communism is now very strong. In America, there are many omens of Communism. Many young students have already organized Communistic movements on campuses. Oppression of Communist students by the government or by the police department leads young students to organize a Communist movement at once and the situation explodes just like gas put on fire.

If America becomes involved in Communism, the world has no hope at all. If Communism develops, what will become of the world? As you know, Russia is the angel country. The order of the fall was first of all, the angel, then Eve and then Adam. Therefore, the angel is the foundation and Adam is the fruit. First of all, Communism started from Russia. Next, it spread to Red China, and then, to North Korea. Fallen Adam was the fruit of evil. North Korea must be the fruit of Communism. Therefore, if Communism comes to have dominion over the world, it won't be Russia or Red China, but-Kim IL-sung who will have dominion over the world. He will be boss of the world.

Then 6,000 years ago at the time of the fall of man, who did the angel invade first? Eve. What Abel country do you think will be the first target of Communism? (Japan.) North Korea is trying to bring about a Communist revolution based on the Korean residents in Japan. Three hundred thousand Communists are living in Japan. That is, there are six hundred thousand Koreans living in Japan and half of them are Communists manipulated by Kim IL-sung. They're intending to overthrow Japan.

Red China is also trying to bring about revolution in Japan based on Chinese direction. A couple of years ago, it was a terrible situation. It seemed as if a revolution was near at hand due to agitation by Red China. If Japan becomes involved in Communism because of Red China or North Korea, Russia will invade Japan because each one of these countries knows that if they can dominate Japan, they can dominate Asia. It's very true. Japan is the only country in Asia that can freely compete with America or Europe. Red China has no industrial foundation and it would benefit by seizing Japan's technology. If Russia can get Japan, it can have ice-free harbors. Russia has no ice-free ports along the Pacific Ocean. Russia already has more than 200,000 troops near Japan. As you know, Russia is a past master at invasion. We cannot trust this country. When Russia is thinking, "Oh, America is strong; we cannot stand up to America!" then Russia smiles. When Russia feels, "Oh, we can destroy her," when Russia feels confident, Russia attacks. Therefore, in case of a national emergency in Japan, Russia will attack and the island will be involved in Communism at once.

If Japan is communized by Red China, Russia or North Korea, what country do you think will be invaded by Japan? South Korea. Why? Who did fallen Eve tempt? Adam. This is the reason. If Korea is invaded on two sides, can this small country cope with Communism? No. Then this peninsula will be united centering on North Korea. Then God's Adam will be fallen, and from the unity of fallen Adam and Eve, what kind of children will be born? Fallen children. What does it mean? Multiplication of sin. Multiplication of Communism. Then the whole world will be involved in Communism.

From both the providential and practical point of view this is true. Red China has four or five million armed soldiers. I don't know how many they can create. Then what free nation in Asia can cope with this Communism? No country. Taiwan? It's impossible. It will be crushed in one minute. Father has said that Taiwan couldn't survive for even one week, that within a couple days it will be overcome. And Thailand? No. Indonesia? No. Burma. No. India? No. Even India is now very close to Communism, in a sense. If Asia becomes involved in Communism, then Africa will be involved very soon.

Red China already has many troops and many activities going on in Africa. Because of such strong infiltration by Communism, there is now a terrible situation in Africa. Many Christians are being killed, massacred, in central Africa. Red China is probable behind this. The Red Chinese have killed many people within their own country, maybe from 30 to 60 million people. Many religionists, teachers, landlords, students, and Christians have been killed because of Communism. So many people have been killed that their dead bodies float in the East China Sea. Many ships from Japan see many, many dead corpses floating. The Red Chinese killed many people at once and buried them all, but because of floods all the dead bodies floated out into the sea.

Also, one day someone said that when they got a big fish from the sea the fingers or hand of a man appeared. This is a real story. If you fish for tuna from the Pacific or Atlantic ocean and a big hand comes out. .. This is an omen.

Communist China's next target is Africa. If Africa is involved in Communism, then Europe will also be involved very soon. In Africa and Western Europe, there is a foundation for Communism. If the outside world is involved in Communism, even America will not be able to cope with Communism at all, because from within America so many people are now involved in Communism. And if America is involved in Communism, what country can be responsible for the solution of this world? If the world is involved in Communism there will be no religion at all. No religion at all. Possibly Unification Church members will be massacred and next the Christians will be victims of massacres. There will be no Church at ' all, no love at all, no faith at all, no prayer at all for more than a thousand years.

Satan will be a lord over the world. The purpose of Communism is to destroy the foundation for the Messiah. The purpose of Communism is to destroy the foundation for the Messiah and to make him fail in his mission. This is the purpose of Communism. Satan knows this very well. Therefore, if we are the children of Father and care for Father, we must solve Communism. We must save the purpose by destruction of Communism, Communistic theory, Communistic dominion or sovereignty. If Communism covers, the world, the future of the world will be miserable and the payment of the world will come from Father. This is the reason why we cannot allow Communism to exist. The deepest reason why we fight against Communism is because Communism is satanic. It is the enemy of the Messiah, the enemy of Father. Communism is evil, because Communism destroys the purpose of creation and the happiness of mankind.

How can we solve world affairs? As you know, we are fallen. Fallen man cannot solve sin. Because of the fall, man became unprincipled. Therefore, how can we solve this world? Fallen Adam is the crucial fallen man, in this meaning North Korea. North Korea must be the crucial point, crucial Cain, crucial seven-years Cain. Therefore, North Korea is the final Cain of the world, the fruits of Satan from six thousand years ago. Therefore, Satan loves Kim IL-sung most. Then through him, he speaks. Satan loves him most.

In both cases, Korea will be the internal center of the world. The solution must come from the reversal course. It must start from the Adam country. Through the Eve country, the reversal will come to the archangel. The Adam nation is the center of the world. This cease-fire line in Korea must be the gate at which God and Satan code. The solution will come from Adam.

The Eve country is the target of Satan first. Therefore, Japan is crucial. But however crucial Japan may be, the solution doesn't come from Japan. The solution doesn't come from the Prime Minister of Japan. He cannot understand how to solve the problem of Communism in his own country. The solution doesn't come from America or England. Even the President of America cannot understand how to solve the problem. The solution doesn't come from England; the solution doesn't come from Japan. From Adam we will be saved, from sinless Adam.

Therefore, a new message must be given to the leader of Korea first. It's only the Messiah who knows how to solve the world. This is the reason the Prime Minister of Japan must receive the Messiah, not even as the Messiah, but as the greatest leader of the world. Also, American government leaders must understand he's the only man who can save the world. The solution doesn't come from presidents or Principle, but from the Messiah. Therefore, President Ford needs the Messiah. The Prime Minister of Japan needs the Messiah. The President of Korea needs the Messiah. Also, however Christian Japan may be, however spiritual or strong America may be, the solution doesn't come from them. The solution comes from Korea. Therefore, the government of Korea is the most essential and fundamental and important. The solution comes from the Korean nation. The solution of the Korean nation must be the solution of the world.

One country must be saved, otherwise the world cannot be saved. Korea must be saved first, otherwise the world cannot be saved. If you are the Messiah, how can you save one country? Can you say, "Hear me speak because I'm the Messiah"? Then how? How can you save one nation? By witnessing? By becoming a world renowned figure? With Divine Principle? The Messiah's idea is far different from yours.

The Messiah started from the root. The purpose of restoration is to restore the failure of Adam. Therefore, the Messiah's idea is to indemnify the failure of Adam. Then, this is the Messiah's idea to save one nation on earth. First of all, he restored the failure of Adam's family. He restored his own sinless family. This is called the first seven-year course. Before that, the Messiah had to go through by himself. Then, as you know, from 1960 to 1967 is called the first seven-year course, the course to restore one family for God. This family is the family which Adam should have realized. Through the victory of this seven-year course, the Messiah declared God's Day.

Based on this foundation, the Messiah could start the second seven-year course. The purpose of the second seven-year course is to do what Christianity should have done to establish the condition to restore one nation. Already the internal foundation is laid. Now, based on this victory, the third seven-year course started in 1975. The purpose of the third seven-year course is to establish the condition to save the world. Therefore, in this seven-year course, the world will be involved in confusion, and people will understand that they need the Unification Church. The people of the world will understand that it is only the Unification Church that can save the world. The individual contents of the second seven-year course are already recommended for the third seven-year course.

The Messiah made a foundation, step by step. Therefore, his idea, his understanding, his method is far different from the politician's method. His method isn't to get sovereignty or position, but is to pay indemnity. This is the true way. By sledding sweat, tears, and blood, he has paid the indemnity condition to restore the world. Due to the victory of the Messiah, the solution of the Korean peninsula is near at hand. It is coming closer and closer to solution. However impossible it may seem, if only the indemnity condition is paid, that solves it automatically.

If Christianity hadn't betrayed the Messiah, there would have been no division between North and South in Korea. It was the failure of Christianity to receive the Messiah that caused the Adam country to be divided in Cain and Abel. Cain Adam and Abel Adam. The purpose of the division isn't division itself. The purpose of division is unification. Through unification, Koreans can receive the Messiah. The reception of the Messiah, the solution of sin, and the salvation of this country through the Messiah is the purpose of division.

The chance of solution can be given three times: formation, growth, and perfection. Three times. One chance came in 1950. As you know, Cain killed Abel, therefore evil exceeded goodness first. In the early morning of June 25, 1950, Sunday, more than one hundred thousand North Korean troops invaded the South at once. The Koreans fought with bloodshed, and many people began to flee rapidly. The government of South Korea supported by the United States asked help from the United Nations.

An United Nations emergency meeting was held. The Security Council of the United Nations had a special meeting. Usually the Security Council didn't propose anything at all because of the veto. If America made a proposal, then Russia refused it with a veto. The Security Council of the United Nations almost didn't work at all. But oddly enough, the delegate from Russia was absent this time because he had a stomach ache or something like that. I don't know. Anyway, the delegate from Russia didn't attend this day. Therefore, there was no veto, and the resolution was approved to dispatch United Nations troops to South Korea.

Then after invasion, centering on General MacArthur, the American occupation army in Japan was dispatched to North and South Korea. Armies or troops were dispatched from about 16 countries. Under the command of General Mac Arthur, American troops landed. Mac Arthur was able to land 50 or 100 thousand troops in one place and another two hundred thousand troops in another, and from both sides, North Korean troops were attacked. So many died. So many North Korea troops died. Because of blood on both sides, the rivers became red. And North Korean troops were almost crushed into pieces, and they ran away, they fled into the North. All the way back to the North, they killed so many innocent people, young and old, men and women. Therefore, in front of parents, babies were killed. In front of children, parents were killed. In front of husbands, wives were raped. After this, South Korea became the strongest anti-communist country in the world. A Christian, anti-communist country is truly the foundation for the Messiah. South Koreans understand the nature of Communism after the payment of so much blood. On the way back, as you know, Father was liberated -- October 14, 1950.

Based on a promise which Mao made to Kim Il Sung, Chinese troops now came to this border line. One million Chinese troops were mobilized. The American army coped with them with machine guns. Ten thousand came and they coped with it at once and ten thousand were killed. Over the dead troops of the Chinese army, another ten thousand came, another came, another came and dead corpses were like a mountain. So afterwards soldiers became sick. Finally, the UN mission had to retreat.

In 1953, a cease-fire line was set -- truce line or cease-fire line. Now could there be a solution between Cain and Abel? No, because of the truce, the purpose of unification wasn't realized. At this time, General MacArthur advised President Truman to destroy North Korea, including Chinese troops. According to information, Truman had almost decided to do it, but from England, some messenger or minister came and persuaded him not to do more. It was satanic. Then President Truman couldn't decide whether to attack or not. Finally, General MacArthur was fired.

This is the reason why America had to be involved in Vietnam, and the purpose of God was delayed so much. Therefore, common sense or just conscience or contents of the President of America just destroyed the providence of God. Therefore, President Truman couldn't fulfill his mission. The American people didn't know this at all.

Therefore, the formation stage was unsuccessful. Therefore, the second stage, the growth stage, took place in Vietnam with the same pattern, North and South. Cain attacked first, Communism attacked first. Therefore, South Vietnam asked help from America. Then America, who couldn't fulfill its mission in Korea had to pay more indemnity than before because of the failure. Therefore, America had to dispatch more troops to Vietnam than to Korea. More than half a million American troops had to be sent. In the Vietnam jungle so many Americans had trouble fighting. One Vietnamese could kill ten Americans very easily. Americans who had no experience in such a jungle couldn't understand what to do at all -- just bombing and bombing. Americans had no idea how to defeat guerrilla tactics. Those who they thought were farmers and usual people lied. Overnight, a change would come. And next morning they would be back smiling, "How are you?" to the American troops. When Americans learned about the deception, they became very nervous. The American troops had no idea how to solve this.

In the Korean war, Japan sent ammunition -- the Eve country helped from the substance or materialistic point of view. Likewise, Vietnam sent ammunition. The providence of God is to overcome and to subjugate Cain. Therefore, only a satanic movement approves being against this war. Therefore, even in America, behind the antiwar movement is Communism. Communists were able to catch the people by stimulating their consciences, but actually the Communist purpose is to expand Communism. Communism always stands against the purpose of God. Truly Communism is satanic. However sympathetic with people Communists may seem, Communism is satanic.

Eventually, a decision was made in Vietnam -- a truce line was set again. Then, was the mission of President Johnson fulfilled? No. The mission of this war wasn't fulfilled. Therefore, growth stage tactics or strategy weren't successful. The final decision has yet to be made on the destiny of mankind. As you know, this is World War III -- World War I, II, III, formation, growth and perfection. This is the time to decide the destiny of mankind. The final decision must be made in Korea again. The destiny of mankind depends on this nation., where the Messiah and Satan are coping with each other.

As soon as a cease-fire line was set in Vietnam, Kim Il Sung prepared to attack South Korea. In 1968, he had already declared he would attack the South. He always knows the purpose of God. Satan knows very well and Kim Il Sung must be given revelations from Satan. Kim Il Sung prepared to invade: maybe 20 or 30 miles from the borderline there was no cease-fire, there was just a fortress. Also, the nation was armed with Communism. Young and old men were armed with Communism, and even the high school boys and girls -- even the grammar school boys and girls were desperate to use a gun. The fortress was strong, although it was incapable of withstanding nuclear attack.

The invasion was scheduled to take place in early 1972. Because he had already prepared to invade the South, Kim Il Sung declared that his 60th birthday would be held in Seoul. And his 60th birthday celebration was April 15, 1972. Hence, he had to invade before this time. The reason why he had failed the previous time was that he had invaded in the summer season. It was hot and the bridge was broken. The North Koreans couldn't cross the river with trucks and tanks. They had so many difficulties because they didn't leave in the winter. In the winter season, it freezes so much that even trucks, tanks, anything can cross. Therefore, winter season was the best season for the Communists to invade.

Therefore, the winter of 1972 was the best chance for Kim Il Sung to invade.

He gave the direction for invasion to the front lines Christmas day 1971. "The time of attack will be given later." Kim Ii Sung was very impatient.

In order for the North to invade the South, Kim Il Sung also had the difficulty that in the South there is an American army. This meant North Korea would have had to fight America. Kim Il Sung knew that America has the capacity to dispatch more than 20 thousand troops at once. By airplane, America could have sent a large army in one or two days. Then eventually, he couldn't be confident that he could fight against America. To get a victory there, he needed help from Red China or from Russia. Russia wasn't so taken to that position, so North Korea needed help from Red China.

At the same time, one other happening occurred. What was that? President Nixon decided to visit Red China. His visit to Red China was on February 21, 1972. At that time, America was involved in Vietnam. Also, in America there was the antiwar movement and there were so many troubles in the land. And while America was involved in Vietnam, Russia prepared much, especially navies and ICBM navies -- aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines that are in a sense more excellent than the American submarines. Nuclear bases on the land are easier to find than nuclear submarines. Therefore, nuclear submarines are the best weapon for attack. Russia became stronger and stronger. It almost exceeded America. Then President Nixon was irritated, and very angry and anxious about that. But in order to cope with and exceed Russia, America needed bigger armament. America needed many guns but because of the commotion caused by Vietnam there were so many antiwar movements -- strange doves were flying, and accusing, and doing everything around the Capitol building. Finally the election was near at hand. Therefore, if he asked the doves for armament, his reputation would be damaged. He could not continue his mission. Therefore, he found another method to deal with Russia.

Nixon knew that there was some trouble between Russia and Red China at the border line. Therefore, in order to control rising Russia, America had to shake hands -- with Red China. America is China's enemy. This was America's strategy: President Nixon sent Kissinger as an incognito ambassador. Kissinger showed the Chinese aerial photographs of Soviet nuclear bases taken from arctic base flights. So many Soviet bases, nuclear bases focused on Red China. Mao never knew it at all. He was surprised and disturbed. And in order to cope with Russia, China had to welcome President Nixon even though the Chinese hated Nixon. This is the reason why, when the time arrived, Mao decided to invite President Nixon to visit China. The time of the visit was to be February 21.

Now let's return to Kim Il Sung. Kim Il Sung, in order to cope with America, needed help from someone. He needed help from China. If China sends troops to North Korea, that means China will eventually have to fight America. This means China will be involved in war. This means a China-America war. Then America will shake hands with Russia and attack China. Then China will be crushed to pieces at once. She is scared. Therefore, even though Kim IL-sung petitioned for help, China couldn't say yes. Therefore, because of President Nixon's visit to China, North Korea couldn't attack South Korea. This is the reason why Kim Il Sung eventually couldn't attack or do anything at all. He must have gnashed his teeth because he couldn't attack South Korea. This is the reason why Korea was saved from satanic invasion. This prevention we owe to President Nixon. He saved Korea, the Adam country, through extraordinary strategy. The usual man cannot imagine such a strategy. Usual persons in America cannot understand such a strategy. But President Nixon did it and saved the Adam country.

Then President Nixon is far greater from the providential point of view than Presidents Truman, Johnson, and Kennedy. Kennedy also wasn't successful in his mission; that is why he was attacked by Satan and killed. Even though the Watergate cover-up took place, God still loved Nixon. God loved him so much, because he was the first President of America who fulfilled his mission. The American people couldn't, understand at all. God said, "Forgive him, he accomplished something." Therefore, God said, "Forgive." And God said "Love and unite." God said this to Americans, but Americans couldn't understand. This means six thousand years ago the angel seduced Eve, and Eve tempted sinless Adam into committing sin. Therefore, we must indemnify this failure.

Now, instead of fallen Satan, America is a good angel. This time, the good angel tempted fallen Eve to God's side. The good angel tempted fallen Eve to God's side, so that she cannot tempt Adam. Therefore, this is the mission of America through extraordinary strategy. Therefore, at the same time, Nixon didn't understand the problem and the discussion, especially of Free China, Taiwan. In the United Nations, delegates from all over the world were discussing if Red China could be invited to the United Nations or not. If they invite Red China, Free China must be cast out. At this, America helped Free China, but actually at the same time, President Nixon was smiling at Red China. Many neutral countries couldn't understand what the intention of President Nixon was. So, many delegates couldn't decide whether or not to help Free China and because of this, many delegates couldn't decide whether or not to vote for the entry of Red China into the United Nations. Because of this, many delegates helped Red China and Free China was cast out of the United Nations, and Red China joined.

Before the United Nations, President Nixon branded Red China as an invader, and without changing the name of the invader, the United Nations invited the same rascal to join the United Nations. This was the fall of the United Nations, degradation and corruption of the United Nations. Because of Satan, Free China was cast out and the relationship between Japan, the Eve country, and Free China was broken. Therefore, Japan was exposed to satanic invasion, and Communist infiltration became stronger from this time on. This is the reason why the Unification Church had so many difficulties in Japan. And also, why Japan had so many difficulties with Communism.

Therefore, this is the place where President Nixon gave entirely too much. Therefore, he gets a grade of maybe 70 or 80, but not 100. Still, President Nixon must have been the best president throughout the history of America from the providential point of view. It is because America lost President Nixon (because of America's disobedience to God's will) that America must suffer so much right now.

Kim Il Sung couldn't invade. His attempt to invade the South failed. Therefore, the next method must be an internal method. This is ideology. As soon as he failed in invasion, he proposed having family communications between people in North and South Korea. Because of the Korean War and the cease-fire line, families were divided: a husband is living here and a wife is living there, parents and children living in different locations. Therefore, to give them a chance to see each other, communications started.

This plan seems to be very nice, but there is satanic invasion behind this tactic. Because the population of the North is maybe 15 million and the south about 30 million, the ratio is one to two. The people of the North are armed with the ideology of Communism, but the people of the South have nothing. As you know, America can destroy some Communist country with nuclear weapons, but can America destroy Communism in America with a nuclear weapon? It's impossible. Then with what? Truth. Truth is the only light that can destroy darkness, it's only truth that can destroy untruth. Only ideology exterminates Communism. A counterproposal to Communism is needed. The Divine Principle and its application, VOC are needed. Korea needs a new heavenly ideology to cope with Communism, to overcome Communism. The government of Korea knows very well that it's only the Unification Church that can save Korea. They know already. They knew already a couple of years ago or more than that, but because of the fallen nature they have, they are scared of the Unification Church. They think that if they receive the Unification Church and the Principle of the Unification Church, then Mr. Moon might be President. Therefore, they can't, they must retreat. This is the one reason why Father came to America. God said to Father, "Go to America in 1972." And he came to America and began the Day of Hope campaign -- seven-city campaign. He came here to establish the fundamental condition to exceed Christianity. Therefore, at the start of this campaign, Father began the IOWC, International One World Crusade. It was to form, expand and substantiate the victory of Father and to save the world, especially the free nations, and especially to save Christianity. Therefore, the IOWC was sent mainly to Christian countries, free nations, to substantiate the victory of the Day of Hope campaign.

Now in 1972, seven-city campaign, in 1973, the 21 city campaign. In 1974, Father's eight city campaign. After the campaign, Father had established the condition to have exceeded Christianity abroad. From that time on, after the Hawaiian campaign, Father was able to indemnify the failure of Christianity. Therefore, that indemnity condition was paid out. Father declared the Day of Victory over Resentment. This was May 1, 1974. This victory must be substantiated. Now, after the vertical victory, this victory must become horizontal. Therefore, from now on, we must be widening our scope in the world. Therefore, we will evaluate the Unification Church from the point of view of a higher and higher standard, year after year.

Now the victory gave strong influence to Korea. As you know, even 10 years ago, the Unification Church was a center for accusations from all over Korea -- accusations and persecution -- persecution and accusations. Now that same man who came from Korea to America got a wonderful reception in America. Therefore, even now, he is a nationwide hero in Korea. Korean people are very critical; they are very smart and critical, and they are independent. More than 100 professors signed for the Unification Church, because the Divine Principle is great. More than 1,000 ministers heard Divine Principle. The practical world is starting to study. Then, maybe someday, under the direction of the government or state, the Korean people will be honored with the efforts of Father.

Then in the United Nations this year... after the failure of Kim IL-sung, the next idea was that North Korea and South Korea both join the United Nations simultaneously. It was discussed in 1974. North Korea also proposed that United Nations troops retreat from South Korea. Because of a treaty between America and Korea without the United Nations, American troops would still be all around Korea. But if the United Nations retreated officially, it would be easy for North Korea to propagandize. These were key points of discussion between the North and South in the United Nations in 1974. In the United Nations, the propaganda from North Korea is very strong. UN delegates from all over the world were about to become involved with the North Korean delegates. When we started, we started. And we invited to Belvedere many delegates from the United Nations. And we fasted for seven days against North Korea just in front of the United Nations and we persuaded, persuaded, and persuaded and when we sent the letter, we got victory. Because of all sorts of Unification Church members, North Korea was defeated. The United Nations decided to stay in South Korea, therefore, Father was very happy to see this victory. Therefore, the Korean government is much indebted to the Unification Church.

Judy Grant: Last year, when we started at the United Nations, there were 21 nations supporting South Korea and 34 supporting North Korea. And when the vote came up, there were 61 nations (which was an increase of 40) supporting South Korea. Another question that was brought up in the UN was the question of unifying Korea. Unlike the troop vote, that vote was secret. We wrote a lot of them and that came out 48 to 48. They are going to vote again next year. So there are 78 nations that are neutral. Before next year we've got to change those 78 nations to support South Korea. So that is our job with the UN.

Mr. Sudo: Therefore, this year will be the year for the decision based on North and South. The simultaneous joining will be decided here.

After this decision then, the first Communist program is one of general popular election, not only the South but also the North. But now Kim Il Sung is hesitating, in a sense, because he hasn't the population. Therefore, the general popular election will decide whether the Korean peninsula belongs to the free nations or to Communism.

Under the auspices of the UN, the election was supposed to have been held maybe 20 years ago. In those days, the United Nations troops meant American troops. This time, the United Nations troops may mean Red Chinese troops. Because the United Nations invited Red China. So the solution is not so easy. If there were no Red China, it might be easy to get this victory in the election. However, Red China is there.

The Korean government knows this very well. People are poor in Korea, so, China will maybe bring money. Bribery. And if the people don't obey, they will bring pistols. And those who have no ideology or money will be easily persuaded to vote for Communism. The people must be armed with the Divine Principle and VOC. When 30 million people are armed with the truth, who do you think will get the victory? One man will be spotlighted. Who is he? (Lord of the Second Advent.) If one man is spotlighted close up, then his name should be world famous. Therefore, from that time on, even if Father is hiding in some cave in the mountains, many people will try to find him from all over the world. Then he said, if this time comes, the kingdom of God on earth will have arrived. Then this is the miracle of the 20th century.

Therefore, three weeks later, Father's intention to save the world will be a plan. It will come. Then the best witness will be given to the neighboring country, Japan. Then the Communist parties, including many students, will be convinced that they must "die." They will say with depression "Oh, no, no, no, I can't say anymore." Then the Unification Church in Japan and VOC will suddenly be spotlighted. The Japanese government must hear Divine Principle, and maybe all over Japan, all Japanese must hear Divine Principle. Then Unification Church members in Japan will be one with Koreans. The small angel Taiwan will be saved at once.

Then light will come from the East to the West. At almost the same time, America will be involved in confusion. From 1970 to 1978 is the critical time for America. America has to go into celebrating the bicentennial celebration in 1976. The two hundred years of American history is just the fruits of two thousand years of Christianity. Therefore, the sacrifice of so many martyrs and Christians has come to fruition in America. Still, Christianity isn't the kingdom of God. Christianity is just the midway position. It must be decided whether Christianity belongs to God or Satan. Therefore, the destiny of the world will be decided by whether America belongs to God or to Satan. If America has faith, the world will belong to God. If America loses faith, America will be taken by Satan. This will be decided within several years.

It's very difficult to restore everything after the coming of Communism. Therefore, before the coming of Communism, we must have dominion over America. We must touch the mind and the heart of Americans before the coming of Communism. Anyway, America is presently involved in confusion. The government in America cannot understand how to relieve these problems. The President of America can't understand what to do. The Congress of the United States cannot understand what to do. When they are in confusion, what will come from the East? Then even the President of the government of America must hearken to the light. Then the government, the President, must hear Master speak in order to find out what to do. Presently, because of the invasion of Communism, the government can't do anything at all -- can't do anything about big problems: so many drugs, so much movement against the government, so much violence, so much corruption.

New life will come from the East. At the same time when the members of the Government look around themselves, there are so many young people who are against Communism. This is the reason Father is intending to speak next year at Yankee Stadium, and the next year hold the rally at Washington Monument. Then, maybe 500,000 people will gather around him, and shout. All half a million people will shout just like people in here shouted when he gave a lecture. Don't be deceived by Communism. Communism is Satan. America must come back to God. Otherwise, America cannot be saved, and the world cannot be saved. The only decision is to obey God, to obey God's words. God's words come through Rev. Moon. For over 20 years he has received them, since he was 16. From all over the land they will come to hear him speak. This message will be spread all over this land. All the world will be excited. "What's going on between Rev. Moon and the government of America?" From this place, Father's words will completely cover the earth. They will cover the President of America. He will give direction to America. He will give a message from God directly. God's words will be given directly to him. Then American citizens will be able to understand how precious it is to hear his words.

His words are far beyond those of any leader of the world. He is the highest special leader of the world. He can save the world. If it is done, the foundation of Father will be famous all over the world, all at once. His name will fly all over the world. Then, if this foundation is laid, within several years the world will be involved in a Messianic movement. Don't you think so? (Yes!) Then Father's third seven-year course will be greatly victorious. Then, if America can understand God's message, then America, Korea, and Japan will be united at once. This is the purpose of the third seven-year course. If this is made very soon, Communism will be disintegrated. Communism will be disintegrated in Russia, North Korea, and China. Then Communism will be exterminated and Koreans, and Russian people, and even Chinese will come back to God with tears of repentance. To do this we must serve, we must give truth, love and service. We must all be able to embrace each other with tears of love and reconciliation. This is the final victory of World War III. Therefore, the atmosphere of the situation of World War III is far different from the last two.

The victory of World War III will be the victory of love and truth. This was the victory of Father. Then upon this foundation, Father will stand as parents to all mankind. And all mankind will come back to him with tears of repentance for sin that they committed. He will give forgiveness of sin to all mankind. Sinless marriage and a sinless world will start. This is a big decision to do this.

Now what we should do is this. The third seven-year course is a worldwide dispensation, therefore, IOWC members will be dispatched to Asia, South America, Europe, and Africa. America is the base of this world. Therefore, manpower must be given from America. Therefore, Americans will work all over the world. Then those to whom you witness from now on will work all over. Manpower must be given from America to save the world. To do this, what should you do? 'Witnessing. Father is intending to send 10,000 IOWC all over the world. Now how many were sent? Three hundred IOWC are working very hard, and their victory is now resounding. They Soon will be sent to Korea, and I think they will be more resounding in Korea, then Free China, then they will go to Europe and they will establish the foundation for the salvation of Europe. This IOWC will do that. The next IOWC will be sent this year -- another one, a third one still later this year. Another 9,000 will be sent. Mainly Americans must go. OK? (Yes) You like to do that? (Yes.) Where? (Anywhere.) Can you go to the North Pole? (Anywhere.) Therefore, this is the first mission.

Where they are sent to Europe, Africa, Asia, it is very difficult to raise money. Even in Europe, it is almost impossible. In Asia, it is only Japan that can raise money. In Korea, it's completely impossible, because if you sell there, no one buys. Candy ? No, no, no. Even if you work hard from morning till night, one month we can get $200. That's all. We can make $200 in one day in America. Then in America and Japan we can raise money. In other countries, it is almost impossible. Therefore, we will send 10,000 IOWC, and also missionaries will be sent to 120 countries this year. One Japanese, one American, and one German, three members will organize one country; and they will be sent to 120 countries. Therefore, Father is intending to establish 10,000 MFT'S.

This is the mission of America. This is the real mission of America: manpower and money to save the world. You, yourselves, must raise money, you, yourselves, must witness, and you, yourselves, must go all over the world. At the same time, America is the key country to save the world. Therefore, America itself must get victory. Therefore, what is next year? Yankee Stadium is next year. What is the next year? Washington Monument. Formation, growth, and perfection. This perfection will decide the destiny of mankind. Therefore, we are directly involved in the solution of the world and salvation of the world.

Therefore, the Messiah is the Messiah of yourselves, to solve your own original sin, but at the same time, he is the center of the universe to change the world, to save the world. Real center of the world. OK? Therefore, from now on we must be deeply determined to save the world. We are responsible for the salvation of the world. OK? Are you coming? (Yes.) Sure? (Yes!) Sure? (Yes!). OK. Let's pray.

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