Divine Principle Lectures from the 120 Day Workshop

by Ken Sudo

Foundation of Substance

Even though a foundation of faith is laid, the Messiah still can't come to you. The Messiah can't come to you until a foundation of substance is laid. This is the Cain and Abel problem. Internal Cain and Abel must be substantiated through an external relationship with brothers and sisters. You must get victory. Then what is the essential meaning of the Cain and Abel problem and also its solution?

The application of the foundation for the Messiah is pretty big, pretty complex, and includes diverse contents. Therefore, these contents must be overcome through a routine life of faith. Otherwise, the Messiah doesn't come to you. Otherwise, you must stay in the midway position and suffer regression, regression, regression, and disappear. Because we didn't put these contents into practice in daily life, so many left the Unification Church. Even though we stayed, still sometimes we are spaced-out, we are not filled with spirit, we are not filled with life, and we cannot get great victory. There are so many troubles between brothers and sisters. Even Jesus' disciples had many troubles as you know. They made mistakes in Cain and Abel problems and in Chapter II problems.

Therefore, the Unification Church is a symbol of the fallen world. We thought the Unification Church must be the kingdom of God, but actually the Unification Church too, is rock bottom hell. I want to give so many negative people understanding, then you will be immunized -- vaccinated. You need a vaccination in order not to go to rock bottom hell in the Unification Church.

In the beginning, in the 3-day Workshop or the 7-day Workshop, if I give you a vaccination, you'll die. The reason why I'm vaccinating and speaking of negative aspects is that I trust you. If you can overcome this negative way of thinking, then you can be a strong member. The more there is of it, the stronger you will be. Therefore, you, yourself must understand each different situation and must have the experience of victory over the environment. Then you'll be wonderful members. Then, even though all are lost because of persecution, you can start the Unification Church by yourself; you can start your own Unification Church. No brothers and sisters at all. In the midst of persecution, you can start a Unification Church by yourself. OK?

If, in the Unification Church, there is no trouble, how can we be winners over Satan? If there is no Satan, how can we overcome Satan? How can you be a winner? Without an enemy, how can you be a winner? Therefore, it's very good there are so many satans. We can be strong. We can eat Satan to be strong -- eat Satan, bite Satan, and chew Satan, taste Satan, digest Satan, and then Satan will be very nourishing. OK? Must eat up Satan. And you will become very fat. Let's eat Satan. Eat up Satan.

The Messiah is here; but unless I establish a foundation for the Messiah within myself, I have nothing to do with the Messiah. We need a foundation for the Messiah within ourselves. When we were discussing how to establish the foundation for the Messiah, in the foundation of faith a central figure was decided upon and the conditional objects were mind, body and things. This foundation of faith must be continued at least three years: otherwise Heavenly Father cannot approve our contents of faith.

What do you think is the reason why Satan complained so much? He was egotistical. He felt he was not given enough love. Lucifer wasn't perfect. If the angel had been perfect, there would have been no possibility of a fall. He wasn't perfect. Therefore, God couldn't give him 100% love which he thought he deserved. Then, after the fall, he was disqualified to be given love from God. Since the fall, God has had nothing to do with Satan directly. Therefore, he has had no experience of being given enough love. He has had no experience of satisfaction of love. This is the reason why Satan complains. God cannot interfere or intervene in the action of Satan. If God intervenes in the action of Satan, God's works will be unprincipled, or Satan's activity must be approved to be principled. Because of this, God cannot interfere with Satan's activity. Therefore, the angel wasn't given enough love at all.

As you know , many people complain, especially those in the Cain position: "Oh, I don't like that central figure. He doesn't love me so much. I don't think he's qualified to be a central figure. I don't-think he's a good central figure. I don't think he deserves to be a commander," something like that. Many complain and complain. But just see, when enough love is given, then those who have complained say, "He loves me! Ooooooooh! She loves me! Oh, ohhhhhhhh! I didn't think! Ah, she loves me. Ooooooooh!" It's very true. Therefore, only when people are satisfied with love, do they not complain. This is the Principle. The angel had no experience of being given enough love, so this is the reason why Cain always complains.

God was able to give love to the angel, but the angel wasn't perfect; therefore, God couldn't give 100% of His love. And after the fall, there was no love given to Satan. He was destined to live on the dust of the earth. But still, Satan is a fallen angel; therefore, in the depths of his heart there must be a desire for being loved. That desire has never been fulfilled; therefore, Satan accuses God's side 24 hours a day. This is the mission of Satan: to complain, to accuse, to persecute and finally to crucify -- this is his nature.

Then, how to solve this problem? God cannot give love directly to Satan, because their dimensions are different. So, instead of God and Satan, God put two representatives who are in the same dimension: one is Cain, and the other is Abel. Cain and Abel are born as brothers. One represents God and one represents Satan. God gives Abel 100% of His love and through Abel, to whom enough love was given, the same amount can be given to Cain. This is the only way the angel or Satan, or one in the angel's position can receive 100% of God's love. By being given this amount of love, Cain can come back to God and the angel, too, can come back to God. This way, God can save the satanic position. This is the essential relationship between Cain and Abel.

God gives His love directly through Abel, but if Cain doesn't receive it, God has to pay indemnity. For the indemnity condition, God must sacrifice Abel, whom God loves most. Abel will be crucified, and will shed blood, and by doing this, indemnify the sin of Cain. This is the Cain and Abel relationship. God's purpose in the Cain and Abel relationship is to save Cain and Abel both, but most especially to save Cain. This is the solution of the problem of the angel.

From Cain's point of view, we can say that Abel is one with God. Then, as you know, Cain has to love Abel and obey Abel and serve Abel according to the Principle. What does it mean? This means that Abel must be in the position of an offering. Cain must bring Abel as an offering or sacrifice to God. We offer things above ourselves in order to have communication with God. We offer this offering between God and ourselves -- this is the mediator. Abel is not an external but an internal offering. Therefore, Cain's mind and Cain's heart must obey Abel. The foundation of substance is internal, just internal, while the foundation of faith is an external offering.

In order to receive the Messiah, we must be one with a pure offering. A pure offering will be one with the Messiah and with God. When we are one with a pure offering, our sins will be symbolically cleansed. Then we can establish a symbolically sinless foundation before the Messiah. Therefore, in this meaning where Cain and Abel are one, at the place where Cain and Abel are one, the Messiah can meet them. Then the love between God and Cain will be made up for.

Anyway, this Cain and Abel problem is one of the most important problems to be solved. In order to be given the blessing, in order to be qualified to be given the blessing, we must overcome the Cain and Abel problem. As you know, the Cain and Abel problem has an internal aspect and an external aspect, and they are deeply related to each other. If, under any situation we cannot overcome this problem, we are not qualified to be given the blessing. Then what is the internal aspect of the Cain and Abel problem?

Several years ago, when I gave a Sunday Service (do you remember?), the more I gave the sermon, the more depressed the congregation got. It was terrible. I stopped giving the sermon as soon as possible, and slipped away because I didn't like to see brothers and sisters. Everyone seemed to accuse me: "Oh, no, what a Sunday sermon you gave." Something like this. "Oh no, no, I didn't like it." Then I went to the Holy Ground and prayed and Heavenly Father gave me an inspiration so I could understand that because I was impure, God couldn't work through me. And oh, I was so impure. And next, inspiration came and said: "While Cain was Cain alone, Cain couldn't understand that Cain was Cain, but when Abel, who has a different nature from Cain, came, Cain could understand that he was Cain. Therefore, I could understand that because I was sinful, I couldn't understand sin, but when God's pure words came to me, I could understand how impure I was.

From that time on, when I prayed, I found His nature within me, and also so many impurities -- every kind of impurity was there -- like mud within me. I struggled, struggled, and struggled with prayer. I was almost completely exhausted within one week because of a severe battle against satanic temptation, I was scarcely able to overcome temptation. The next week another chance was given to give the sermon. And I explained my own experience under the title "Pure Vessel of God." I wasn't so excited, I just told it calmly. People were so interested, the contents was printed and went all over Japan; many brothers and sisters read the contents with red eyes, and I received many letters of gratitude.

Through this experience, I could understand that through the internal battle I was able to subjugate my satanic nature somehow. So, while my talking in the sermon wasn't so enthusiastic, still, life was life. It gave so deep an inspiration to many, many persons because God spoke through me in a sense.. Therefore, you need God to give life, purity, joy and hope. This pattern can be applied to every aspect of life: witnessing, fundraising, management or lecturing. Eventually, unless you can be a channel of God, you cannot give life to witness to many people outside, or to trainees.

Therefore, only through struggle with the internal Cain, and only when you can subjugate the Cain nature within you through internal struggle, can you establish an internal foundation of substance. You also need an internal foundation of faith -- you feel God's love. Unless we can cleanse our inside, we have nothing to do with God -- we cannot give life to brothers and sisters, we cannot witness, we cannot raise money, we cannot manage anything. Therefore, one key will open many doors. Purity or purification of the inside is the master key.

If you have some ill feeling against brothers and sisters, your insides are not too pure. Then God cannot work. This feeling or internal aspect will be substantiated through external expression, the external aspect. This is a Cain and Abel problem.

We are here in the Unification Church, then, for what purpose? To pay indemnity. For what? To realize three great blessings; to return to God, to remove or solve sin, to unite with the Abel figure, to resolve original sin, to bring joy to God, to bring people to the Messiah. Okay. But ultimately, we are here to indemnify the failure of Adam's family.

In our veins is running the same blood as Eve, Adam and Cain. In our veins, the blood of fornication is running. The blood of murder is running through our veins; we are in the blood lineage of murderers. Cain was supposed to love Abel, but Cain killed Abel whom God loved most. Cain couldn't love Abel whom God loved most. This is the fundamental contents of the Cain and Abel problem: lack of love. This is the essential problem of Cain and Abel: I cannot love.

Because Cain couldn't love Abel he got angry with his brother and killed him, even though the cause was trivial and the blood of that murderer is running in our veins. Therefore, no one can say that he has no possibility of murder. The same blood (blood of Israel) killed Jesus. The same blood accused Jesus, and persecuted Jesus, and killed Jesus. And that same blood (blood of the Roman Empire) killed so -many Christians. And the same blood (blood of Christians) has persecuted the Lord of the Second Advent. There have been many conflicts, so many troubles, so many murders, so many wars, so many battles, because of this blood lineage. Terrible blood is running in our veins. The same blood is making trouble between us: "I .don't like him. I don't like this or that central figure. I don't think he's good. I don't think she's good."

Then why? What is the reason why Cain killed Abel? Jealousy. Pride. Cain couldn't love Abel. His offering wasn't accepted by God. Was Cain faithless? Cain made an offering. If he didn't have faith, why did he offer? I think he must have loved God or at least accepted or expected God's love. If he didn't expect God's love, then even if his offering was refused, he wouldn't have been depressed. He was so depressed because God didn't love him. Cain was a man of faith. He killed Abel, but he was a man of faith. How about Abel? Was he faithless? No, Abel was also faithful. Both of them had faith. They lived together as brothers. They must have loved each other. They must have been good brothers, and yet, why did Cain kill? This is the reason: Cain could obey God, but he couldn't obey the central figure just in front of him. Okay? Most of you could obey God's revelation but cannot obey your own central figure. This is the reason why Cain killed Abel. Also, as you know, when the Israelites saw the miracle of the Red Sea, they were so inspired, but when they forgot the miracle, they couldn't obey Moses. Also, John the Baptist obeyed God's inspiration directly, but he couldn't obey Jesus.

We have the same nature. We are obedient to mysterious revelations but we cannot obey the central figure in front of us. This nature killed Abel. This nature is the beginning of murder in human history. Do you have the same nature? (Yes) Is it good? (no) Then how can we solve this problem? Why couldn't Cain obey Abel from his own point of view? One definite point: Cain couldn't find God in Abel, therefore, Cain couldn't understand that God was working through him. It was God Himself who received the offering and who gave the blessing to Abel. If Cain could have found God in Abel, how could Cain, who loved God, kill God? He couldn't find God in Abel. This is the definite reason why Cain killed Abel.

Several years ago, we decided to build a training center in Japan. The President of the Unification Church in Japan, Mr. Kuboki, said, "Let's build a wonderful training center for the many trainees who are coming," and also, "In America at the time of the pioneer age, they built a church for God first, and next, schools for the generation to come, and finally, they built log cabins for themselves to live in." He emphasized that this pioneer spirit in America moved so much. "Okay, we can do it. Okay, we can do it," and we organized a special committee to gather money.

At that time, I was responsible for that! I was the tax collector. From within the populace, at least a foundation was to be prepared. Brothers and sisters from all Japan went back home, some visited friends, some visited relatives, some borrowed money. Within the 40-days time period, a foundation was laid. Some went out for a walk to get money from morning to night; they worked very hard. When the deadline came, they got victory and we got more than was expected. We prayed to God and had a victorious celebration. We were very happy.

The next morning, Mr. Kuboki said, "I want to build not only a training center but also, headquarters -- not in the outskirts but in the midst of Tokyo -- a building of seven stories, maybe half for headquarters and half for training center." And I felt, "Oh, he changed -- before he had money he was pure, but as soon as he got money he became selfish."

He was the central figure, therefore I had to obey him. He said to do it this way and I said, "Yes, you are the central figure, I'm not the central figure. You can do as you like. Yes, yes." Externally I said "Yes," but internally I said "No. I'm disappointed. You can do as you like because Father made you the central figure. It's okay, you can do as you like, but I have nothing to do with it. I can't gather any money at all," I felt. I never said this, but I felt it inside. Then, after a couple of weeks had gone by, we had a meeting. And in that meeting he expressed something -- he said he had been very lonesome recently, and he had gone to the mountain to pray overnight with the only person who could understand his heart. He said the name of that one person and it wasn't me. Did he go to pray on the mountain because no one could understand his heart except for one person?

All of us thought this, especially myself. He had not said this specifically to me, but I could understand that he was speaking to me. Then I thought, "It might be that God spoke through the central figure because we were always told that God can work through the central figure. It might be that God was working through President Kuboki. Then his words might have been God's words. His plan might have been God's plan. Then if that was the case, I rebelled against God, not against Mr. Kuboki. '0h, it's terrible." I felt that but in a couple of days I forgot.

Soon after, in one or two months, Father came. As soon as he came, Mr. Kuboki asked about his plan to build a new training center and headquarters, all together. He said he wanted to build a building of seven stories. Then Father said it's okay and that it should be more than that -- 21 stories. Then I thought, "Then Mr. Kuboki's plan was approved by God." Then I had rebelled against God. Oh, terrible. I had judged the providence of God from the point of view of common sense. I had judged from my own point of view. I repented, and from that time on I could see God in Mr. Kuboki. Therefore, however many leaders in Japan said something against Mr. Kuboki, I never betrayed him from that time on. As long as his words and his decisions were in line with the providence of God, God must be behind him. From that time on, our relationship was very nice, no problem at all. Even though I came to America and left him for one year and a half and just sent him one letter, when we see each other, the same feeling of joy comes. He trusts me and I respect him. I believe him. I believe that God is working through him. The reason why Cain killed Abel is that he couldn't find God in Abel.

Many might sympathize with Cain and think that it was natural for Cain to kill Abel because God was partial to Abel. But as long as Cain killed Abel, the result of this murder will be taken by Satan. Therefore, even if Cain has excuses for killing Abel, no one can change the result of murder. The result of murder will be taken by Satan and Satan will take the murderer. (Communism also has many excuses, but after killing more than 100 million people during the first half of this century, how can the Communists claim that they are right? It's impossible.) Therefore, no matter how many plausible reasons Cain may have had, as long as he killed Abel, the results belong to Satan. Therefore, at any cost, at any sacrifice, Cain shouldn't have killed Abel. This is definite.

Then how about Abel? Was it only Cain who was wrong? No. Abel didn't offer a solution to Cain. Abel didn't love Cain. Okay. You came back from fundraising; you worked very hard in the coldness from early morning till late at night, and they refused, refused, refused, resisted, resisted, resisted. Even though you worked very hard, still the result wasn't so high. Maybe someone else came back with $200.00. And you think, "I couldn't fulfill. I couldn't meet the goal." Then, when you get back to the center the central figure asks, "How much?" Then you're silent. "How much?" "Just $15.00." "Fifteen!! I expected at least $100 because you promised me that you would make $100." How do you feel?

This is the same situation or position where Cain stood. Cain came back disappointed. He never imagined that his offering would be refused by God. He was prepared to offer everything. He washed the cabbages very well. And this one was a beautiful one. He built a large altar and made a beautiful offering. And on the altar he offered and prayed. The next moment, suddenly, a dusty wind blew the stuff all over the place. "Oh no!" he cried, and he came back, disappointed. He couldn't come back to his home. He went to maybe a cave somewhere, and Abel came and said, "Oh brother, how are you? Look, I was praised by God, and how are you?" The next moment Cain became furious, although he couldn't understand why. He heard God's voice not to commit sin, but he was almost mad. He took his brother outside, "Hey, come on, come out!" Abel was afraid, but he couldn't do anything and came out. Suddenly Cain brought some big branch down on Abel's head, "Crash bam!" His head was broken and blood gushed and he died. Afterwards Cain heard God's voice, where is your brother?" "I don't know. I don't know. I don't know." "Your brother is crying to you, crying for you to me. What happened? What happened? What happened? Already your brother has died." This was a realistic situation of murder. Even Cain had never imagined.

However sympathetic we may be, murder is murder. The result will be taken by Satan. But if Abel had been sympathetic with the situation or sorrow of Cain after his offering was refused by God, then Cain wouldn't have killed Abel. Then what should Abel have done? If your region or team or state is successful, then your leader will meet to see Father and report. If he can report, "My region is now growing very fast this way. In the beginning we had just 50 people but now, 150 people. Almost three times within a short period." Then Father says, "Oh good! How did you do it?" "I did it this way. I did it this way. I did it this way. I planned in this way. I did it this way." Then Father will say, "Oh, you are good. You are leading your team, your state, or your region very well. OK, you are very nice." Then this news will come back to the members in the region. If you are the members of that region or state or team, would you feel happy? (No)

But if he says, "Oh, it's not me. The reason why our region, team or state is so successful is because I have such wonderful sub leaders, such wonderful brothers and sisters who are working from morning to night. For instance, Joe is wonderful, like this ... he is far better than myself. And Cathy is very wonderful. She is guiding many people. She is witnessing very well. And Tom is witnessing very well -- wherever he may go, he can gather 10 people or 20 people. He is very nice. He's young, but he is very nice. This is the reason why we could get victory. All of the members are working very hard. I'm not worthy of them" Then the leader will come back, and soon news will come to the members. Then, if you are a member of that same state, region, or team, how do you feel? (Great) All of you will come to him and say, "Why did you tell a lie like that to Father? It was you and not us who worked very hard. We didn't do anything at all. Why didn't you say you worked very hard? You should have told Father that you worked very hard, but you told a lie, you didn't tell the truth." Then he will get angry: "No, no, no. I never did anything. It's you. That's why we got victory. I never did anything at all.' no, no, no, you did!" A battle can occur, and you kill the commander -- no problem. Heavenly Father is waiting for this kind of murder. It's OK.

Cain was born as the elder, and Abel was born as the younger. It would have been natural for love to come from Cain to Abel. This is the natural course through which loves comes. But because of the indemnity condition, Cain was lower than Abel. Then was it possible for Cain to love Abel? Even if Abel had not been arrogant, still Cain would have been shy. And Abel became arrogant: "How about your offering? My offering is right here. How about yours?" Then Abel became bold. The distance between Cain more distant. Cain couldn't love Abel at all. And he got angry with Abel and became furious. This is the reason why Cain killed Abel.

Then what should Abel have done, so that Cain could love him? Abel should have come below Cain. He should have served him and consoled him. He should have been humble and loved him. The commander in the example who said, "I did," to Father became higher and higher. When he came back to the region or team, he might be ridiculed. But the one who said, "It's not me, but the members who worked" did very well. The appreciation given to him by God, and by the Messiah, was given to the members. He gave the blessing and the appreciation to Cain. When Abel is below Cain, Cain can love him. Then Cain won't kill Abel because of love. Then Abel won't be killed.

When Cain came back, Abel, who was blessed and appreciated, should have come to him and said, "Oh brother, what happened? Didn't God bless you? Oh, no, no. It wasn't me but you who should have been blessed. I didn't deserve to be blessed at all. But it's you, you were born elder than myself and you work very hard, you taught many things to me, and you were a good example to me. This is the reason why I was appreciated, I was blessed."

Then how would Cain have felt? He would have been consoled. Then Cain would have said, "No, it's OK, it's OK. My brother, thank you for your sympathy. Don't worry about me. If you are happy by being blessed, I'm happy also, because you are my brother. When you are happy, I'm happy. Don't worry about it." When could Cain have killed him? Not at all. In this situation, Cain and Abel would have embraced each other with tears of love. From the beginning, the foundation for the Messiah would have been laid. The Messiah would have come, and the kingdom of God on earth would have been realized. The humble attitude of Abel gives a great blessing to all members. I think Mr. Salonen is this kind of leader. I respect him very much. Also Dr. Bergman. Even other leaders. I'm very happy here in America. The future of America will be great.

If the quality of trust is high, then many values can come at once. If only you have value, then a position will come. It's very true. Also, if we have no value, and try to be given position, then the position will run away. For instance, how do you think, sisters, if a man who has no value chases after you, "I love you, I love you, I love you." The more he tries, the more you retreat. But if a man is very wonderful, even if he doesn't have any interest in you, you will feel, "Oh, he's wonderful." Is it true? (Yes) Therefore, don't worry about your position. Try to accumulate and increase your internal value and also your external value.

To tell the truth we have nothing of value yet even if our position is high, from God's point of view we are not qualified at all. Because of our position in restoration history, without value, position must be given. One morning you were appointed to be a regional director; did your contents change overnight? No. Your contents are the same. Then what can you do? You may try to get this position and control the members, "Oh, you must do this. I planned this way, you can do this. You can do this." Many members won't do anything. And, "Why don't you do this? I'm Abel!" How many will say good-bye, because you don't understand this principle? If we feel we are not qualified enough, the best say and safest way is to serve Cain -- to come through Cain and to love him, serve him, and support him. This doesn't mean to be timid. You must be strong, but in order to make others happy, and in order to make others fulfill their own missions and the purpose of creation, make a plan for them and show them the best example. When you come back, after the brothers and sisters are sleeping, then you can sleep, after making the next day's preparation and after prayer for each of them. If you continue this way, and make wonderful plans, and show the best example to them, and aren't proud of yourself, within three months, all the members will understand what kind of leader you are. Then all will approve you. Then you are truly their leader: "I like him," they say. "I like you." They love you. Then from this time on, you can give direction. Through this method, this course, you can restore your own value until it is equivalent to your position as commander, or something like that.

And from that time on, you can say, "Hey, come with me! What are you doing? No, no, it's not good. Why didn't you do that? Oh, I said you should do it this way. 'Why didn't you do it?" But still, members will be happy. "Yah, yah, I'm sorry." They will be happy because they feel you are concerned about him. If you didn't scold, then they would feel shy: "My central figure is not interested in me. I love him, but he doesn't love me." And you can do anything you like. "Hey, Gary! You must make $100, otherwise I'll kill you!" (laughter) And all are very happy. Therefore, without achievement of service and love, we are not qualified to give any order or direction. This is Father's method. Some of you must go out for fundraising and be good leaders -- therefore, learn it.

Abel's first mission is to establish the foundation of faith. He must establish the condition to restore the three great blessings. This is the position of the Abel figure -- and Cain will obey; he will be subjugated naturally. If every leader were like this, there would be no problem at all. Don't you think so? (Yes) But practically speaking, our leaders in the Unification Church all over the world are not like this, but are mixed-up. Six thousand years have passed.

Someone said Abel should have run away -- maybe, if he hadn't come back for three nights or a week, Cain's anger would have subsided. Then Abel should have run away, and after three weeks it would have been okay. Jacob's mission was successful because he ran away. What was the best thing for Abel to do? To have gone to Eve -- the mother? Even though Eve was fallen, Mother was Mother, and she should have taught love to the children. When Cain was furious at Abel, if his Mother had come before him, would he have killed his Mother? No. If his Mother had come, "Oh Mother!" He would have broken down before her and cried, "I don't like him" "Oh, what happened, my son!" she would say. Then within 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or 30 minutes he could have spoken to his Mother. He could have told her that he was refused by God and that when he was hurt, Abel was arrogant. He could have told everything to his Mother. She's in the mother position, therefore, "Okay, I can talk to Abel." She would come to Abel. "What happened? What did you do?" Mom, I don't like my brother, and he got angry with me. I didn't do anything and he got angry with me. He was about to kill me. I'm scared, Mom." Then, already she had prepared everything, therefore, she could explain his brother's situation. Then she would blame or scold Abel from a Mother's point of view. Then, Mother is Mother. Therefore, it would be easy for Abel to say "Mom, I was wrong. Yes, I was wrong." Then next, Mother will call Cain and Abel together and say, "Abel, you must apologize to your brother." "Yes, brother, forgive me, I was wrong." If Abel apologizes, if his younger brother apologizes, then can Cain still kill him? (No) "It's OK. It's OK. It's OK." Then finally, for the sake of their Mother, they would have been reunited. Cain should have gone to his Mother, but he didn't go to his Mother, he just attacked Abel.

Because of this failure, Mother and son must cooperate to restore this failure. This is so called Mother-son cooperation. Do you know? Moses and his Mother. Jesus and his Mother. Okay?

Sometimes in the Unification Church, difficulties come out. In case of difficulty, a mediator is needed who knows both and who both can respect. When a mediator is needed to solve a problem, this mission is given to an itinerary worker. Maybe you can understand? Now you can understand what Cain and Abel both could have done.

Then, in actual aspect, what would the difficulties be like usually? There are three reasons why there are conflicts between Cain and Abel. (Abel's position is usually called the central figure.) Reasons for conflicts: one, difference in character; second, difference of opinion; third, failure of central figure, sometimes including deviation from the Principle.

First of all, difference of character. As the Bible says, Jesus had 12 disciples. Twelve disciples had twelve different characters. One is standing this way. Another is standing this way. The other is standing this way. The other is looking this way. One is looking just at heaven. One is looking just at the earth. One is like spring. One is like winter. One is like summer. One is like fall. So different, therefore, even with Father's disciples, if there were no Father, there would be many wars. Sixty-six kinds of wars. Combination. Out of twelve: two ..two ..two ..two ...sixty-six combinations. Therefore, sixty-six kinds of wars. Terrible, terrible disciples, if Father isn't there to unite them. It's only Father who can unite them.

Twelve disciples -- twelve gates. In the Bible, book of Revelations, there are twelve gates. Therefore, East, West, North and South. This is spring, summer, autumn and winter. Three of the disciples symbolize East -- Peter, James and John. These three, just East. Then, if you can love 12 different kinds of people, you can get into the kingdom of God from any area, from any gate. Then you are free -- free to pass to the kingdom of God. People have different natures. Therefore, even in the center somewhere you may love someone very much but may not love someone else so much, "Yes, he is very faithful. He loves True Parents and his achievement is very nice. No problem. Yes, I can agree, but I don't love him." Someone has the nature of summer and is very vital, energetic. Another brother is like cold winter. Completely different natures. Therefore, in the corridor they don't look at each other and turn in opposite directions. There are many difficulties because of different nature. Also, sometimes, behind some difficulties the main trouble is in the spiritual world. Sometimes there's a battle in the spiritual world of ancestor against ancestor.

We had a pioneer mission in 1963 or 1964, five, six, or sometimes even two, sometimes only one, sometimes two by twos and the decision was made by lot. "Oh, Heavenly Father, I can go with anyone except with him." Open. The paper from the drawing has his name on it. He went, too, when they went on pioneer witnessing. When they came back, no result at all, and they became very thin, just like skulls. Not because of pioneer witnessing, but because of the battle between themselves. Why? How do you solve this kind of differences? Difference of character.

In Japan, when we were blessed, when we were given blessing, one couple had difficulties between them. The wife didn't like the husband at all because the wife was very strong and just like a man, and the husband was very nice who at that time was not too strong. Therefore, a manish woman and a womanish man. However, the woman was a very smart wife, and she asked her husband before the blessing among the many sisters, who do you respect and like? He named several sister. Then from this time, the wife began to talk with these sisters. They were completely different from her. Then from that time on, she began to train herself. In the beginning, it was very difficult, but gradually, gradually, she was able to change her character. The more she changed herself, oddly enough, her husband began to love her. And when she saw his love, she gave love to him. And gradually, gradually, this couple became more and more wonderful. Now, I think they are one of the best couples in Japan.

Therefore, if you can overcome differences in character this way -- if you can love someone that you have difficulty loving because of their character, you can love anyone. And this is the quickest, easiest way to love brothers and sisters. If you are put in such a position, you can be confident that Heavenly Father trusts you because you can do that. If it were impossible, Heavenly Father wouldn't put you in such a position. Therefore, be a winner of the battle of love. Then the value will be eternal.

Next, difference of opinion. Your central figure has a different opinion from you. Sometimes your central figure cannot decide anything: "What should we do? What should we do?" Sometimes your central figure is so strong, he is like a parent. "You should do this. I order. I give direction." Or, he has his own opinion, but you don't think that his idea is so good because you have more experience than he has. And he decides, and the result is not so good. And gradually, gradually, you cannot trust him, you cannot believe him. "He can do as he likes. I don't know. I don't know." Externally you obey him, but Satan can come internally. How should we solve this kind of problem? Difference in opinion, difference of understanding, difference of point of view.

First of all, you don't have to think that you're Cain and you don't have any qualification to say anything at all. A wonderful opinion is a wonderful offering. Therefore, if you have this just for yourself, it doesn't work so much, but if this good thing is given to the Abel position, and if it is substantiated and realized, it works very well. The offering must be pure. If you, yourself, are involved in your opinion, pray and check your feeling and opinion to see if your feeling is selfish or not. If it is pure, you can offer it to the central figure. If you have many difficulties, you can talk through a mediator. Then, if your central figure is not so stubborn, if your opinion is good, maybe he will accept it. "Oh yes, it's a good opinion." Then you will be satisfied.

Sometimes, because of fallen nature, someone doesn't like to be given good advice from the Cain position, because his stubborn self doesn't like it, and doesn't receive it. Eventually, if you have said it and explained it deeply enough and he can't receive it, then you should do as he has decided. If that is not good, the results will decrease and gradually, gradually, his position will be taken away and a better Abel will come in his place. Once the central figure has decided, do your best, even though you feel that his is not the best way. If you don't obey, then there will be separation, and Satan will destroy you both. It is better for you to get 70% if you cannot get 100%, rather than to lose 100%. Don't you think so? (Yes) Therefore, try one, two, three, four, five times. If you still don't feel good and the result is depressing, you can ask an upper central figure, a higher Abel position: "Please check my opinion. If my opinion is good, please think of our state, our region." Something like that. "If I'm wrong, please forgive me, or please give advice." You can say anything: "But to tell the truth I am feeling this way. Please tell me whether my feeling is good or not." This kind of honesty will work. And if your higher central figure feels that he must check, then he will visit your center and check if it is good or not. Therefore, a higher central figure will be responsible for it and you don't have to worry about it anymore. Okay?

This is a difference of opinion. Even though opinion is different, it doesn't constitute sin. Okay? For instance, God gave love and entrusted everything to the Messiah. The Messiah is responsible for all restoration of heaven and earth. Therefore, the Messiah is responsible for all. The Messiah appointed maybe a central figure, President of America, and he is responsible for the restoration of America. Therefore, he has the right to decide how to save America, in a sense. Therefore, in order to do this, he will appoint other leaders and give them each a region, or something like that. Then within this region the leader can appoint people to fill leadership positions. This method will be 90% successful here and the method will be 70% successful there. Satan here has the right to choose, to decide. Now 90% is better than 70%, therefore, you need talking, and the best one will be chosen by the central figure. Once the decision is made, we should all work together without complaint, because we are an offering, and an offering has no mouth.

Then, always, think about this: unity, unity, unity. When unity is made, the Messiah can come, the region-wide foundation for the Messiah will be established, the statewide foundation for the Messiah will be established, and the Messiah can come. Okay?

Then, finally, failure of your central figure. Sometimes a central figure is incapable and fails in many aspects; the central figure is the most depressed. He's in bed because of depression, and doesn't get up. Another brother is telling the members what to do. Or sometimes, the central figure himself is involved in a strange idea, in strange spiritual guidance.

When the movement itself is young, this kind of thing can happen. Therefore, in Japan, in the 1960's, many things like this happened, but in the 1970's, nothing. The members have matured. First of all, in such cases, if you're feeling strange, it must be because some of the members are feeling the same way. When you can find a person with a similar feeling, then talk and pray, and go to the central figure. If the central figure is involved in a Chapter II problem, say to him: "If I'm wrong, please forgive me, but to tell the truth I feel ... Am I wrong? Am I wrong?" And if he is conscientious, and if he can understand that he was wrong, he will come back. It's okay. If still he is strange and cannot understand, to clear it up, you can go to a higher central figure. Then the higher central figure will be responsible. Then finally, there is Father -- therefore, an absolute decision or final solution will come. If you are in this kind of position, you can go to the next higher, and next higher Abel, and you can solve this kind of problem.

If you are the central figure and you have members, sometimes they will fail in their mission. Sometimes they are depressed, and sometimes they are sick. Sometimes they commit sin. If you look at the member from your point of view, you can find no reason to accuse. You are not qualified enough.

One small story: one Japanese lady went to Korea and scratched herself and the scratch was bleeding. A Korean lady, old member of the Unification Church, came and said, "Oh, let's take care. I can take care." Then the Japanese lady said, "Don't worry about me. It's OK, it's OK. Don't worry about me." Then the Korean lady said, "No, no, you are wrong. If you feel bad, Heavenly Father feels bad. That's why you should take care of this scratching." Then if your brother or sister is feeling bad, to see this fact means that God who loves him or her is reaching out, feeling bad. To see this fact, Heavenly Father must be feeling worse than himself or herself. This is the reason we must take care of brothers and sisters who are having difficulties and troubles. Their trouble can be solved; God's trouble cannot be solved. We cannot console and give back joy to God. That's why we must take care of him or her.

One small testimony -- one sister had a central figure whom she couldn't love at all because she had some Chapter II problem. She was feeling strange and couldn't love at all. In fact, she hated, but she felt the sting of conscience and prayed, prayed, prayed. Her central figure was one of the first members who came to the Unification Church and he had gone on a pioneer mission in the coldness. One day he had fasted, and fasting in the coldness he fell down, and still he continued witnessing. But he had a strange nature, and had some trouble with sisters. Therefore, this one sister couldn't love him, but because she felt bad, she prayed. Then Heavenly Father said to her, "You don't love him, but he is a very good brother; he is my son who works very hard there. I love him." God loves him because when no one responded, he responded. Many people joined the Unification Church who had selfish desire. With selfish desire they cannot stay. If he had selfish desire, he could not stay. He had responded earlier than she had. Just to make Heavenly Father happy, just to console Heavenly Father and make this world happy, she got motivation. But because of fallen nature within her, she was invaded by Satan. She was invaded by Satan and Satan made a mess of him and a mess of her, her purpose, her mission, and her joy. Seemingly, she and he were doing strange things. She was the victim of Satan. She was the victim of Satan because she didn't go with him, she didn't help him, she didn't love him before. Are you qualified to accuse him? No.

Then how to do? If your elder brother is sick in bed and has so many scars and his blood is running and he has so many bandages and has feverish cheeks, do you go to him and say, "Let me feel your scar. What happened with you?" No. Instead of doing this, maybe a younger sister without saying anything, looking at him, with some ointment and bandages, just standing there beside him with tears trickling down her cheeks can ask him how does he feel. He will be completely melted. Because of the love of the sister, he will embrace the younger sister with tears of gratitude. Because this consolation was so good., he can say, "OK, don't worry about me. I can do. OK. Because you are here with me I can do." He can begin his mission again. These are tribulations between brothers and sisters..

Unification Church is the school of love. Therefore, we are studying here how to love brothers and sisters. What is God's love? What is true love? Therefore, if someone is having difficulties, instead of accusation, pray for him, pray for her. Maybe a special prayer condition or something. Then afterwards, when he or she hears that you set a special prayer condition just for him or her, then how grateful he or she will be for you. This is the true relationship between brothers and sisters.

Everyone of us is in the position of restored Jesus or Jesus' bride. Because our mission is the solution of Jesus, if you can find a 21-year-old brother, he is Jesus who came again. Jesus was crucified because when he was 21 years old, when he decided where to go, people didn't serve him, people didn't love him. This is the reason why he was crucified. We are sorry so much, "Please give me a chance to serve you this time, to love you this time." Sisters are in the position of the bride of Jesus. If there is an 18-year-old sister, she is in the position of the bride of Jesus at 18. If she was 18 years old 2,000 years ago, no one gave brotherly love to her; that's why she was involved in tragedy. It wasn't the contemporaries of Jesus' day, but I who didn't love her; therefore, please give me a chance to love you. This love is pure love. If she's Jesus' bride, how can you not love and respect, love and esteem? This is the relationship between brothers and sisters. This point should be discussed in greater depth at some time.

Finally, God gave position of Cain and Abel. Don't think that Cain and Abel are enemies. Instead of being fundamentally different positions, opposite positions, Cain and Abel are fundamentally brothers. If you are Abel and you go to Father by yourself, then Father will say, "Why did you come by yourself? I have nothing to do with you, you evildoer." You will be cast out. He will say, "I order you to bring your Abel or your Cain." You cannot obey Father without being accompanied by Cains. The purpose for which Father sends you in the Abel position is to restore Cains. Therefore, without the restoration of Cains, you are not qualified to be Abel. Even the Messiah himself cannot be the Messiah. Disciples can make the Messiah, Messiah. Therefore, Abel is just for Cain. Therefore, without Cain, Abel cannot be saved either. Therefore, Abel must be deeply grateful to Cain. "Without you I can't be Abel. Without you, I cannot be saved. I can't have eternal life, I can't be given the blessing. I can't be saved." Therefore, Abel must always be grateful to Cain. Cain will be saved through Abel. Therefore, however different an Abel he or she might be, without him or her, you cannot be saved. When both Cain and Abel are grateful for each of them, they can be united into oneness and the Messiah will come. This is the foundation of substance -- the internal one will be expressed through the external one.

Therefore, in the establishment of a foundation of faith the central figure is myself. The conditional object is also myself, my mind and body and things. The time period is three years, a forty days condition and seven days fasting. Next is the foundation of substance. The central figure is Abel. Centering on Abel, Cain means myself. Sometimes Abel is myself and then we can love each other more than physical brothers and sisters, more than parents. When we can love everyone on earth, we can become the strongest in the world. Upon this foundation, the Messiah will appear. The foundation of faith is restoration of vertical love between God and man. The foundation of substance is restoration of horizontal love between brothers and sisters. When these two lines are crossed, this is the foundation for the Messiah. Upon this foundation the Messiah can come and give a blessing to you, and your original sin will be solved. You will have a sinless marriage, sinless children, and eternal life. Therefore, Jesus said in Matthew 22:34-40:

But when the Pharisees heard that he had silenced the Sadducees, they came together. And one of them, a lawyer, asked him a question, to test him. 'Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the law?" And he said to him, 'You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments depend all the law and the prophets.

Therefore, Jesus said all the laws and prophets which means the Old Testament. The Old Testament depends upon these contents. The Old Testament is a book to prepare for Jesus' coming. Therefore, these contents must be contents of the foundation for the Messiah. Therefore, to love God first and to love brothers and sisters as we love God, at this crossing point the Messiah will come. This is a successful establishment of the foundation for the Messiah. Do you understand?

Therefore, same thing Father said. "Love God and love brothers and sisters as you love God." Father once gave a sermon in Japan on these contents. Thirty-nine books of the Old Testament depend on these contents. All ... that's all. That's the true meaning of the foundation for the Messiah -- the real meaning of the foundation for the Messiah. Simple, love God and love brothers and sisters as you love God. OK? That's all. That's the Principle.

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