Divine Principle Lectures from the 120 Day Workshop

by Ken Sudo

Foundation of Faith

We should prepare for the Messiah's coming to us. In order to receive the Messiah, how and what should we prepare?

First of all, we need a foundation of faith. Consequently, we need a central figure. Then who can be our central figure for the foundation of faith? Moses? Noah? Do we have to call them from somewhere in the spiritual world? Who deserves to be the central figure of the foundation of faith? Yourself!! Not any other person , no one can be substituted. However much he or she may love you, he or she cannot be a substitute central figure for your own foundation of faith. This means you must be responsible for yourself. You must be responsible for your own salvation, because this is man's portion of responsibility. Even God cannot interfere with this point.

In this meaning, you must save yourself. Therefore, however you may complain or accuse others -"He's not good. She's not good. Someone said this, someone did this; I don't like him. I don't like her. I cannot obey the central figure. I don't like this commander, or that group leader." The more you complain, the more you accuse, the more you will be accused and complained about. You will decrease, not increase. No one can be responsible for your faith.

Therefore, the biggest Satan is you, yourself, not others. If we can subjugate the biggest Satan within ourselves, we can subjugate any Satan anywhere in the world. Therefore, he who can control himself will be able to control the world.

Then, next, we need a conditional object. Throughout the history of restoration and pre-Old Testament Age, they offered a ram, a sheep, a dove, a pigeon, and so on. In the New Testament Age, instead of things, the son of God was offered on the altar of the world. And instead of things, the son of God became the mediator between God and man. Now, in the Unification Church we can offer ourselves. The central figure is our self and the conditional object is our self.

As you know, in order to be qualified to offer an offering we must establish a condition to separate ourselves from Satan. This is the so-called forty days' condition to separate from Satan. Forty is one number of perfection, as you know. Instead of forty, we use another number of perfection - seven. This is the meaning of seven days fasting. In order to be a core member of the Unification Church, we must fast seven days at least. Who hasn't fasted seven days yet? Otherwise, you cannot start. This is the reason why we fast seven days. Father is intending to give you a chance - not by yourself. If we fast seven days, then seven days fasting must be more significant than you intend, don't you think so? Not only to save you, but also to save the world. This is the reason most of us fasted seven days in front of the United Nations. Both purposes. Also, next year, maybe - another chance will be given. Therefore, until that time you don't have to fast seven days. Okay? Until that time, all together.

In order to offer yourself on the altar, you must make the condition to have separated from Satan. Then, what portion of us should be the offering? Head? Everything we own? But are you sure that Heavenly Father would like such an impure man as I? Then are you qualified to be an offering? Am I qualified to be an offering? I used the first person, but still this doesn't mean just myself. It means each one of us. Are you sure that you are qualified, fully qualified to be an offering? Heavenly Father might say, "Oh, I don't like this offering." That's why there is a Messiah. How happy we should be that Father is here, the sinless Messiah is here. If the sinless Messiah wasn't here and you wanted to offer all of yourself for God, God wouldn't be able to take it. What are the real ingredients that make up "myself"? First, the mind. Then body, and then things: mind and body and things. As you know, mind is first, then body and things follow. First of all, your mind came to the Unification Church. Isn't it true? You thought, "Oh, Divine Principle. Okay, okay, it makes sense." Your mind decided to join Unification Church. Then in a couple of days your body moved in, together with all your things. You brought in chairs, or a radio, a TV, even a bed.

Eventually, if you can catch the mind, then you can catch everything. This is the secret. Many people cannot understand how to catch the mind and just try to catch body and things - like Communism does - things and body, that's all. Therefore, it's unprincipled. First of all, mind must be offered on the altar through True Parents. How can we offer the mind? My feeling, my way of thinking, my imagination, all must belong to God. I must deny my way of feeling, my way of talking, everything. My desire, my hope, my joy, my will must be placed on the altar and be given to God. Then God's hope will be my hope because I have no hope for myself. I have no desire for myself. God's desire is my desire. I have no joy for myself because God's joy is my joy. I have no will for myself because God's will is my will.

It seems as if we are losing the most precious things when we sacrifice or when we offer something; but by offering something to God we never lose anything. God will give back even more precious things to you. God wants to give you everything, everything precious - truth, life, love, joy, eternal life - everything. But even for God it is impossible to give something unconditionally. Therefore, an offering is just a condition through which God can give more precious things than we offered.

Even when Jesus asked his disciples for their physical lives, he prepared eternal life for them. It is just a condition through which God can give eternal life - precious eternal life. Therefore, an offering is not a sacrifice. In the life of faith there is no sacrifice. Greater joy, greater happiness, greater hope will be given back to you. Therefore, an offering or a sacrifice is not tragic, but joyful. If you sacrifice your own Isaac, if you offer that which you love most - job, family, friends, girl friends, even husband or wife or children, still it's joy because something of even more value will be given back to you. And those that were thought to have been lost will come back again with higher value. Therefore, an offering, or a sacrifice is a joy. We have no right to own ourselves because everything belongs to God. If my body belongs to God then God dwells in me, God can live in me, and I can be a temple of God. God will speak through me. Then my words will be God's words. God will love through me, and my love will be God's love. God will work through me, and my works will be God's works. This kind of man is called "a man of God." Jesus was like this. God spoke through Jesus; Jesus' words were God's words. God loved through him; Jesus' love was God's love. God worked through him; Jesus' works were God's works.

Yes, we can find God in Jesus. Jesus said, "He who has seen me has seen God." God has no physical body, therefore, He couldn't speak anything up to the time of Jesus. He was betrayed by all whom He loved most. All mankind betrayed Him, denied Him, persecuted Him, and ignored Him, but He couldn't say anything because He had no mouth to speak with, no hand to embrace, no feet to chase after His own sons and daughters. Therefore, someone instead of God must speak out on the street corner. We must speak out God's resentment - six thousand years of resentment. Someone must do that. Someone must be God's hand and God's legs so that God can do anything He likes to do, anything He wants to do.

From now on our mouth must never utter impure words; our mouths must speak pure words - God's words. As the representative of an invisible God, my hand should never be used for any satanic purpose. My lips must be cleansed, my hands must be cleansed. From now on these two hands and ten fingers must be used only for the sake of God. And your legs must be used for the sake of God, for God's purpose, not for any satanic purpose. Our entire bodies belong to God - only to God. Can you understand the meaning of devotion? How to offer your own body? You must do that.

One more point. This leg, this hand, this chest, this head is not mine anymore, but is God's. We must keep them clean and pure. Don't defile your own body because it is a temple of God, a residence of God. God wants to live in you. He's made His reservation already, so don't cancel it. Don't make a reservation with Satan. Keep clean, keep pure and keep healthy because your body is God's body. It must be kept healthy. Therefore, when you feel sick, don't say to yourselves, I feel sick, therefore I must go to bed." Don't think this satanic. When you are feverish and very sick, you must go to bed; but pray to God: "Oh Heavenly Father, I am sorry. I must keep your body healthy, otherwise you cannot use this body anymore. I want to keep well, so today I cannot go out fundraising. Apologize to Heavenly Father because you could not keep well. This is God's house, you are simply renting it for nothing - free rental. God has the right to dwell there anytime He wants; He can come anytime He wants. Therefore, all must be cleaned and kept pure so that He can come anytime He wants and do anything. Therefore, don't defile your body.

Most of us have a big misconception that we own ourselves. This is a big misconception. Okay? So now lets have a discussion, with deep talking and deep thinking based on the Foundation for the Messiah and the Foundation of Faith.

In order to fulfill the purpose of creation, we fallen men must be reborn sinlessly. In order to be born anew sinlessly, we must meet the sinless Messiah and sinless Parents. In order to meet with the sinless Messiah, we must establish an internal foundation for the Messiah. In order to establish an internal foundation of faith, we must first of all decide on a central figure. This is myself. Second, we need to offer a conditional object. This is our mind, body and things. We discussed offering mind and body; now, how can we offer things? How can things be the offering? This lecture will be from the viewpoint of the internal foundation necessary to receive the Messiah. This could also be discussed from the viewpoint of the fulfillment of the three great blessings. From this latter point of view, things is the condition to restore the third blessing, dominion over things: dominion over the visible substantial world and also the invisible substantial world. Restoration over the invisible substantial world is the so-called spiritual problem.

As previously mentioned, an offering must be pure and then God will take it and receive it. When the offering is received by God, if we love the offering, even though we are fallen, God can receive us. By becoming one with the pure offering we are cleansed. Therefore, unless we love the offering we have nothing to do with cleansing our own sin. This is the offering. This is the reason why people offer their most precious things - the things they love - the most beautiful things they have. This is the reason why Cain must love Abel. Then through offering the things we can restore the original relationship with God, and the things can belong to God because we offer the things to God. Then first of all, let's check if we are qualified to have dominion over things or not.

When we go out in the field, spring is coming, birds will sing very soon, and flowers will bloom very soon. Children will enjoy the spring nature and they will run and jump in the field and will pick the flowers and enjoy them. Then, can the flowers be happy this way? If you are gazing at a tiny flower with a feeling of joy and, because of the beauty of the flower, you shed tears, at the same time the tiny flower is crying. The tiny violet is crying tears of sorrow. If Miss A. is looking at this tiny flower and is moved by the beauty of the flower and is crying, at the same time the flower is crying, not because of joy, but because of sorrow. Then, another girl, Miss B., comes to the same flower and, looking at the flower, says, "What a wonderful creation of God it is! Oh, Heavenly Father, what a great Creator You are. You have created such a flower from the earth. What a beautiful flower it is. Heavenly Father, You must have created this flower just to give me joy, without sleep, without rest, from morning to night, from night to morning, without rest, just to give me joy. If she cries, not because of the beauty of creation but the depths of the motivation of God's creation, if she cries from this motivation, Heavenly Father will also cry and the flower, too, will cry with tears of joy. Can you understand?

Have you ever observed or looked at flowers from this point of view? When we cry to see the creation because of understanding the very depths of the motivation of God, we can be one with creation in the depths of our heart. This unity will be the same or the image of or reflection of God Himself. Creation can be one with God, then creation can come back to God and shed tears of joy. Can you understand? Heartistic unity is to see the flowers and understand God's heart. This unity will be the third object of God heartistically. Then God and this unity can be one. Through understanding the depths of the motivation of God's creation, if we cry, then creation will also cry and these tears, united with God's tears of joy, God cannot forget and the beauty of this flower will be deeply inscribed in God's heart. As long as God exists, this flower will never die away. Then the value or beauty of the flower will be eternal.

Jesus loved nature and he loved the flowers. Even the flower which Jesus loved must have faded away very soon, but the beauty of the flower was inscribed in the depths of Jesus' heart and was also inscribed in the depths of God's heart. Therefore, even two thousand years after Jesus' death the flower is living in the Bible and so many people are inspired by the beauty of God's creation which Jesus observed. Every creation is craving to be inscribed in the heart of a sinless man who can be one with God. In the Bible, in Romans 8:19 it says, "For the creation awaits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God."

Until the Son of God comes on earth, creation must have been crying for God. Creation couldn't have been happy and was not happy at all. Creation is pure; fallen man is impure. Creation does not like to be dominated and defiled by the impurity of man. Through impure man, creation cannot come back to God; creation will belong to Satan, in defiance of the purpose of creation. We must understand the grief of creation; we must listen to the grief of creation.

The blessing of dominion over creation will be fully given after realization of the first and second blessings. This is the third blessing. Except for the Messiah, has there been anyone who could fulfill the first, second and third blessings? Then who do you think is now fully qualified to have dominion over creation? Father, the True Parents. Only True Parents have fulfilled the first two blessings and are qualified to have dominion over the creation. When Father came to Japan, he visited some of the most beautiful scenic places in Japan and before going there Father said to us, "You may think that I am just going to enjoy that scene, but if I don't go there, the nature of Japan will accuse me." Because, from the beginning of creation, creation has never seen perfected Adam who fulfilled the second blessing. Even Jesus couldn't fulfill the second blessing. Father is the first Adam who fulfilled the second blessing.

This is the first time for the creation to have a true Lord over it. It must have been waiting for the appearance of our True Parents. Then Father said He likes to go up the mountain and sometimes up the way to the mountain the rocks speak to him and say, "Please come to me and sit on me." When he stands on the top of the mountain and looks around the creation, from the point of view of God's creation, creations bow to him. He must be a true and real man of God. Therefore, every creation must have been looking for Father, not only man but God. Who can dominate the creation and give it the highest joy? Father. Every creation will dash to Father. Father has qualification to have dominion over everything. Only when the creations are in his hand are creations the happiest.

Do you like to make green bills happy? When green bills are in the hands of fallen man, can they be happy? Why don't you make them happy? So many green bills are crying. Have you ever heard them crying? Not yet? You must hear. They are all destined to go to Father. This is our responsibility. Eventually, unless everything goes through Father, it cannot be happy. This is a heartistic understanding of the offering of things. When Jesus came, he couldn't fulfill the second blessing, so he wasn't fully qualified to have dominion over the creation and to restore this. Christians think that the Messiah must be poor and miserable. He did not come for this. The Messiah must be the richest. Only he is qualified to have dominion over things and unless the Messiah can have dominion over things, neither God nor the Messiah can be happy. Even though Father is fully qualified, his dominion is all for others. People cannot understand this point.

Because God created things, things originally belong to God. Once things come back to God, God will give things to His children. If we ourselves try to have dominion over things directly, things will cry because this is false dominion. Once they are given to Heavenly Father through the Messiah, then the same thing can be given to us through the Messiah and under the approval of God and Father. Then, even though the things are under evil dominion, they are happy. Everything must be offered to God through Father, and God will give us the same things through Father. We can make things happy this way. Is this building happy or not? This building is happy because we offered it to Heavenly Father through True Parents and Heavenly Father give it to us through the True Parents. How about dollar bills in your pocket? Happy or not? We must understand. If you get money and use it by yourself the money cannot be happy. Everything must be offered to Father first, then we are qualified to use it. This is the key point to management or using money or things.

It is difficult to bring everything to God, but still we must understand this point. If you raise money from the field, you should pray and offer the money to Father and then you can use it. Money should be reported to Father. We need to report money to Father not because of tax exemption or protection from investigation but from a deeper point of view and pray when we get money from fundraising. We must offer it to Heavenly Father through Father to use for a heavenly purpose. It you members, especially new members, sometimes get money from physical parents, you might take it all just for yourselves. This is not making the money happy. We must donate or offer it. This is the principle of the Unification Church. Because of this point, .we may lose eternal life. We must have fundamental understanding of dominion over things: clothes, money, everything. Only things given by Father are free from accusation. Offer things through Father and they will be given through Father. If someone donates things to Father, then Heavenly Father can protect them, because this is a conditional object. This is the expression of faith. Donation is an expression of faith, so God can give a blessing. If we can donate $1,000 now, this will be worth a million after the third 7-year course.

Another important point: things in the Unification Church are one with God because they are offered to God. God owns the things in the Unification Church - things that we've offered. Heavenly Father is not so rich now, He needs money so that He can give His children money, but He has none to give. Everything, this chair for example, is given by God and the ownership is God's. If we can understand this point, we can understand how to use this chair. Things in the Unification Church are different from things outside. If we use chairs or a sheet of paper for satanic purpose, then it is in defiance of Heavenly Law. If you use money for the purpose of Satan, then it is in defiance of Heavenly Law. Last time during the training session, $700 disappeared. It is sad to lose one's eternal life for $700. Someone must be responsible for that before God. It was an accumulation of the tears and sweat of brothers and sisters.

Unless we can understand the tears of brothers and sisters we are not qualified to use the money. They went fundraising and sold mints in the coldness of winter. Some must have been sick, but in order to serve Father, they did it. Without understanding the pain, grief and sweat we are not qualified to use any of the money. Especially leaders must be careful about this point. Money is sometimes most poisonous. Heavenly money is most poisonous, for if we abuse or misuse it, it might be fatal - it might be ruinous.

There are Cain and Abel expenditures. In order to realize the purpose of creation - to fulfill the purpose of restoration - you need money. Most Abel-like expenditures are a direct offering to True Parents. The four holidays and the Holy Birthday are the most precious Abel-like expenditures. Also the indemnity fund; do you know the significance of the indemnity fund? Usually $30 must be paid for four continuous years; this is one of the qualifications of the blessing. Father came to indemnify the mission of Jesus. One of the most direct reasons for Jesus' crucifixion was the betrayal of Judas Iscariot; he betrayed Jesus at the price of 30 pieces of silver. But when Jesus was sentenced to death, Satan left Judas, because his satanic mission was finished. He became sane and realized what he had done. Frantically, he came to the temple and threw the coins inside. The priests did not have any idea of how to receive or dispose of this defiled money, defiled at the price of Jesus' blood. Finally, they bought a field with this money which they called Potters' Field. This Potters' Field is a symbol of the resentment of God, a target of the resentment of God. We came here on earth to console God's or Jesus' resentment. At any cost, even at the price of blood, we must establish the condition to restore this failure. In order to restore this failure, each of us must pay an indemnity condition for this field. To do this, we ourselves must work at the price of tears and sweat, and even blood to make money and donate it to establish the condition to console God's resentment. In Korea, they had nothing to sell, so many brothers and sisters sold blood; even in Japan they did this.

Also, money is used for official purposes: witnessing, public relations, buying vans, etc. These are all Abel-like expenditures.

Then what are Cain-like expenditures? It is money used for private purposes. In order to fulfill our mission we need shoes, medical care, food, transportation; these are Cain-like expenditures. Sometimes Cain expenditures may be greater than Abel expenditures, still the Abel-type has priority. Even without eating, we must witness. We must offer our money to Heaven directly. If this order is misunderstood or violated, Heavenly Tradition will be destroyed and this order is most important. Leaders must understand this point very clearly or they cannot make financial plans. If national leaders make a mistake from this point of view, then their nation will be accused by God.

This is also one aspect of the foundation of faith centering on myself: I must offer my mind, my body, and also my things. Many aspects of our routine and daily life are included in the establishment of the foundation of internal faith. For at least three years we should be disciplined in this way. America has lacked training for this kind of understanding. America must start from now; otherwise, we cannot establish a Heavenly Tradition. We should establish a three-year indemnity condition through which we go through the sacrifice of our mind, body and things. Only then can we establish a foundation of faith.

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