Divine Principle Lectures from the 120 Day Workshop

by Ken Sudo

Foundation for the Messiah

We are in the Unification Church, but still we have nothing to do with the Messiah. The other day, I talked about God. The official God must be my God. The God on the blackboard must be the living God with me. Likewise, the official Messiah must be my savior. We must have a life-to-life relationship with him. We know how the relationship should be, but the understanding, the fulfillment or realization are two different things. Then how can we have a real relationship, a life relationship with the Messiah? A life relationship is the key to get out of the midway position.

Father shed blood instead of me. It wasn't Father, sinless Father, but I who am sinful. I should have been tortured. I should have shed blood. But instead of me, while I was sleeping, while I didn't know anything, Father shed blood for me to be blessed. He sacrificed his life and gave me life. My life came from Father, from the True Parents. Without Father, there is no life. Father is more precious than myself, than even all mankind. Therefore, even at the price of my life, I can be a joyful offering for Father. "Yes, I can die for you because you shed blood and gave your life for me." This relationship is an internal life relationship with Father.

This relationship must be realized. Then how can we realize this life relationship with Father? By hearing him speak? By looking at Father's picture? By reading his speeches? No. It's nice to look at Father's picture, to read his words, to hear him speak. But many people saw Father's picture and read his words and heard him speak and still left the Unification Church. Why? Because they couldn't establish unity; a life relationship. Why couldn't they establish a life relationship? Separation? How can you solve this problem? Perseverance? Father's course? Yes. Foundation for your Messiah and for my Messiah.

Internal foundation for your Messiah. Not like World War I, not on the blackboard. In your insides, we must establish a foundation for the Messiah, in our own insides. This is your portion of responsibility. Otherwise, the Messiah will be here on earth, the Messiah of mankind, but he won't be the Messiah for you. He'll just be a great man. "Oh, he is great." That's all. Just like Hitler. The German people must have felt this way -"He's great; he's powerful." No difference, no big difference. There is no preparation for the Messiah. This is the problem.

Otherwise, even though the Messiah is here with me, I have nothing to do with the Messiah. I cannot be given rebirth. I cannot be given forgiveness of sin. I cannot be given sinless marriage. I cannot be given sinless children. I have nothing to do with the solution of sin. Therefore, these contents must be fulfilled before blessing. Can you understand what I mean?

This is a practical application of the Divine Principle. First of all, we must establish a foundation of faith. Adam and Eve were supposed to reach perfection sinlessly, but they fell at the final degree of the second stage and fell into hell. They must be saved. In order for them to be saved, they must come back to this extent by themselves, and when Adam and Eve come back to this extent, then the Messiah will come. Therefore, when we return to the final degree of the second stage, we can see the Messiah there. Then, to meet the Messiah here means to be given the blessing. Therefore, in order to eliminate original sin, when Adam and Eve come back to the final degree of the second stage, Adam and Eve must marry centering on God. Sin came into the world through marriage. Therefore, sin will be eliminated through marriage. Therefore, without marriage, no solution of sin. This is the true meaning of the blessing.

Therefore, the blessing isn't simple marriage, but the solution of original sin. In order to receive the Messiah, we must establish a foundation for the Messiah. Therefore, in your course of faith in the Unification Church, first of all we must establish a foundation for the Messiah here. Since you joined the Unification Church, you have had to go through the rock bottom of hell. This is the reason why: to establish a foundation for the Messiah.

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