Divine Principle Lectures from the 120 Day Workshop

by Ken Sudo

Sin and Salvation

Jesus was one, only one. There were not two Jesus. His word was one. His behavior was one, but people regarded him so differently. Some said Jesus was a -prince of Satan. Some said Jesus was a blasphemer. Some said Jesus was outrageous. Some said Jesus was evil. Why? Was he satanic or a blasphemer? Was Jesus outrageous? Was he evil? Why did they say these things?'

Because Jesus was just like an untarnished mirror - a pure, polished and untarnished mirror. The image on a mirror is the reflection of the man who stands in front of the mirror. Therefore, these people saw their own natures in Jesus. The man who said Jesus was satanic was satanic. Because he was satanic he said he found satanic nature in Jesus, in the pure mirror. He who said Jesus was a blasphemer, was a blasphemer. Because he was a blasphemer, he found a blasphemer in Jesus. He who said Jesus was outrageous, was outrageous. Because he was outrageous, he said Jesus was outrageous. He who said Jesus was evil, was evil. Because he was evil, he said Jesus was evil.

They found themselves in Jesus, an untarnished mirror. Jesus was crucified as a sinner. They crucified Jesus because they found an outrageous sinner, outrageous criminal in Jesus. They were sinners, so they found a sinner in Jesus.

Sinners found themselves in the pure Messiah, and they accused and persecuted and crucified the sinless Messiah because they themselves couldn't understand at all that they were sinners. Sinners cannot understand sin. He sees sin in his environment, but he cannot see sin within himself. He loves sin and evil because he is sin itself and evil itself. Therefore, he is very happy in sin. This is the reason why sinners cannot understand sin.

Has God sin? No. Then sinners must be distant from God. If he is one with God, he cannot have sin. Then sinners must be distant from God and sin must be distant from God. Divine Principle says that sin is the condition through which Satan can invade, but another way of expression is separation from God. We have the Principle's definition of sin, but at the same time, this is also very easy to understand. Separation from God. Therefore, we are separated from God, we are distant from God. God became vague and obscure, and we became ignorant of God's nature. Therefore, because of sin we became ignorant of God.

And next. Our relationship with God was severed. Sinners inevitably become selfish and egoistic because they must go by themselves. Separation from God is, from this point of view, fallen nature number one: failure to stand in the same position as God. This is the fallen nature of man.

A typical expression of fallen nature number one in the Bible is Isaac 14:12-15: famous passage. This is a description about Satan. This nature is really satanic. The Bible says: "How you are fallen down from heaven, oh Day Star, son of Dawn." This is typical, typical.

"How you are cut down to the ground, you who laid the nations low. You said in your heart, 'I will set my throne on high, high on the Mount of Assembly in the far north. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds. I will make myself like the Most High.' But you are brought down to Sheol, to the depths of the pit."

This is a description about the fallen angel, Lucifer, or Satan. Therefore, sinners all think they are great, like Lucifer in the Bible. They are champions of Satan. They are champions of sinners. But there is some difference between Satan and sinners. Man became arrogant because man became ignorant of God. But Satan's arrogance didn't come from ignorance of God. Satan became arrogant even though he knew God. "I will make myself like the Most High." - this is Satan. "I will ascend above the heights on the clouds." "I will set my throne on high." This is Satan.

Therefore, we sinners, if only we can understand God, we can be repentant of sin, and we can be humble. Man can be humble because man is a child of God. Therefore, fallen man can be repentant of sin but Satan became satanic - arrogant and satanic even though lie knew God. Therefore, even though God's son shows himself, gives himself to Satan, Satan cannot be repentant of sin. Man can repent, fallen man can be repentant of sin, but Satan cannot repent. Therefore, the only way for Satan to be saved is to pay an equal amount of indemnity. Therefore, Satan must be destroyed. Satan cannot be forgiven because Satan cannot be repentant of sin. In order for Satan to be saved, Satan must pay an equal amount of indemnity.

Therefore, man can be repentant. Man can be repentant of sin and can come back to God through being forgiven of sins he committed. But because of ignorance of God, because of ignorance of sin, they-didn't understand they were sinful. Because of sin, sinners cannot understand they are sinful. They thought they were great. Man is so sinful as not to be able to understand sin, not to be able to understand that he is a sinner.

Even in the Unification Church, when someone commits sin, he doesn't understand fallen man at all, or fallen nature at all. Even in the Unification Church there is so much ignorance of sin, so much ignorance of fallen nature. Sinners cannot understand sin.

Then how can we understand sin? We can do anything evil in the darkness without being discovered by others. Darkness can cover everything and anything evil. But when light comes, anything evil which is being done in the darkness will be exposed to light.

Impurities will be found to be impure only when purity comes. Untruth will be found to be untrue when truth comes.

What I was talking about was the difference between Satan and man, and also about how man is so sinful so as not to understand that he is a sinner. Then how can we understand that we are sinners? How can we understand sin?

I said we need light. Light. Just several days ago, I gave the Sunday service here, in which I told about one experience. Maybe some of you have heard it. One day when I gave a sermon in Tokyo, the more I tried to give inspiration the more depressed I became. And the atmosphere became strange. I could understand very well that people didn't like my sermon at all. Then I prayed on the Holy Ground and asked Heavenly Father, "Show me why, what was the reason why I couldn't give a sermon." Then Heavenly Father showed me that he couldn't work through me. "Why couldn't you, why couldn't you?" I asked. Then Heavenly Father said, "Because of your impurity. Oh terrible.'

And God showed the essential contents of Divine Principle and said, "While Cain was Cain, by himself, Cain couldn't understand that Cain was Cain. But when Abel came, who was heterogeneous to Cain, Cain could understand that Cain was Cain." Do you understand what I mean? Student: When Abel appeared on the scene, he was different from Cain, heterogeneous, and Cain saw the difference. And in seeing Abel, he recognized himself as Cain. Mr. Sudo: Okay? Better?

This means, because I was sinful, I couldn't understand Him. Therefore, when Abel comes, who is heterogeneous - Abel nature, which is heterogeneous to Cain nature, comes, we can understand we are sinful.

Light must come, and darkness will disappear. God's light, light of God, is truth, God's truth. Therefore, when the truth of God comes shining over our insides, we can understand how sinful we are.

When this new revelation, the Divine Principle, comes into our insides, we can clearly understand how deep our sin is. We never knew why fornication is so sinful. Especially Americans do not feel the depths of the sin of fornication. They feel as if it is natural, a natural instinct. This is just an expression of natural instinct given by God, therefore, we are enjoying it, as they say.

When I was in Ohio, one girl student of the State University, who came from New York or somewhere, expressed the reason why she came to Ohio and said, the State University is a very good university. Maybe she was majoring in some special study. I ' don't know. She said, she came because this university was a party school. And she was smiling. Beautiful girl. No shame at all. This is shameful.

They don't understand how deep the sin of fornication is. They cannot understand at all because of their ignorance, because of sin itself. Because we are sinners, therefore, we cannot understand sin. She was living only in the Cain world. She had never met with the Abel nature. Therefore, she didn't know that there was another nature, Abel.

There is Cain nature and Abel nature within ourselves. We can find the same nature as Satan within ourselves. This nature never comes from God. Can the desire to have fornication derive from God? No. Then from whom? From whom did it come? It must be Satan. This desire is completely in defiance of our original nature, which is pure and good. Then this nature must be impure and evil. Impurity and evil do not come from God. Then this nature must have come from someone who is in defiance of God. This is Satan.

Through an understanding of Divine Principle, specifically through an understanding of the fall of man, we can clearly understand satanic nature, because Divine Principle is the new light of God.

Prayer. We can understand sin through prayer. When God revealed Himself to Moses, Moses hesitated - not only because of weakness, but because of sin. Because he wasn't pure, he could not stand before God. When God appears or reveals Himself, we can clearly understand how sinful we are.

For instance, if I am one with sin, then I cannot understand I am sinful. "'hello, how are you? Good morning, how are you?" "Fine." "I am very happy, I am very happy." Because I am one with sin, I don't see anything at all, and I feel very nice. But in order to understand sin, in order to be able to see sin, I myself must be distant from sin. "Oh, I never knew sin. Oh, sin. Oh, what a sinful man I am."

Only when I am distant from sin, I can understand that I am sinful. If I am distant from sin, I will be closer to or one with God.

Then, in order to understand sin, we must be one with God. God is pure. Then we must be pure. In order to be pure, we must cleanse sin. Therefore, we must pay indemnity. Therefore, prayer is one of the best methods to understand sin. Therefore, through prayer we can understand how sinful we are.

If you pray deeply, you can find your own sin in your prayer. "Oh, yeah, I committed sin. It wasn't good, it wasn't good, it wasn't good." If we don't pray, we are very happy - happiness because of ignorance. We call this happiness "pig happiness." Because of ignorance, we feel very happy.

When I received God's words about my sin, I fought against sin, maybe one week, desperately. I was almost defeated, and I could scarcely push through these difficulties. And after that time, when I gave another sermon, it was very effective and inspiring. I didn't feel so good. I just spoke humbly. Afterwards, I received many letters of gratitude. Due to the subjugation of this one portion of my satanic nature - I established an internal foundation for the Messiah. Therefore, God must have worked through me. Then it was nice.

Therefore, unless we can be a pure vessel of God, a pure channel of God, God cannot work.

Through prayer we can understand sin. And from the depths of sin, we can be repentant. Therefore, an understanding of Divine Principle is not enough. To recognize the depths of sin, it isn't enough to understand Divine Principle. We need prayer.

The repentance of sin is the most beautiful experience in our lives. In order to be repentant, we must understand sin through truth and prayer. Truth and prayer. They are the secrets to understand the depths of sin. Usually, we can understand fallen nature number one, fallen nature number two, fallen nature number three, fallen nature number four, five. It doesn't work. Even our understanding of fallen nature must be clearer and deeper and must be most practical. Otherwise, we cannot be repentant of sin. And also with prayer, we can feel sin. Through Divine Principle we can understand it with our heads, but we don't feel it. In order to feel sin we must pay indemnity. This is prayer.

According to my own experience, in the beginning of the Unification Church in Japan, we never felt sin at all. Just establishment of kingdom of God, restoration of kingdom of God. "Oh, let's go." That's all. "Sin? Oh don't worry about that. Just go." And shouting, fighting. Fighting and shouting and attacking, that's all. It's very nice, but in one year, two years, three years, many members were tired and couldn't do anything more, because no purification had taken place. Therefore, God couldn't work.

And afterwards, Mrs. Choi, not Father's Mrs. Choi, but the Mrs. Choi from San Francisco, came and spoke about many internal aspects of Divine Principle because she had been attending Father three years. Then our concept was completely changed. The members in the Unification Church in Japan became deeper and deeper.

A deep and real, realistic understanding of Divine Principle and prayer is the key to an understanding of sin and repentance. Satan cannot repent, but man can repent. Repentance is the subjugation of the Cain nature by Abel nature. This is the establishment of the internal foundation for the Messiah. This is the reason why the Messiah can come internally. Therefore, we feel reborn. We feel life.

There must be a recognition of original sin. If we commit fornication or murder, then we can feel remorse and repentance. But we cannot be repentant of fornication between angel and Eve, or between Eve and Adam. We cannot be repentant of Cain's murder of Abel. Why? Because we are ignorant of the relationship between our ancestors and us.

We can understand or recognize our own personal sin, but we cannot recognize original sin. Therefore, we can not be repentant of original sin. We don't know the relationship between Adam and Eve and us.

The whole purpose for which we are now in the Unification Church is to indemnify the failure of Adam's family. We must have a clear understanding of this point. Every one of us has come from our ancestors, Adam and Eve and the angel.

Some are like Lucifer. We have the same nature as Lucifer, who seduced Eve. If we can find the same nature of seduction as the angel within ourselves, we can be sure that this nature didn't come from God. Then from whom do you think it did come? Satan. Then if we feel some lustful desire, this never comes from God. We must recognize that this nature has come from Satan. Then, "I am Satan, the same as Satan. Then I am the fruits of 6,000 years of a history of fornication."

So much fornication has taken place in human history, and I am the fruit of historical fornication. In this meaning, 6,000 years of historical fornication came to fruition in me.

If some of us do not like some of our brothers and sisters and say, "I don't like him, I don't like her," or "It's better for him or her not to be here." This means: "Oh, he or she shouldn't be here. Maybe it's better for him or her to go to the spiritual world because then I don't have to see him or her anymore. It's good." Therefore, if we hate someone or don't like someone, if it is exaggerated, or if it is extended, it will lead to murder. This is Cain nature.

In this meaning, who can say that he has no possibility of murder? Who can say that he has no nature of Cain, the first murderer in human history? Can you say that? Then no one. The nature of murder did not come from God. Then from whom did it come? Satan. Six thousand years of the history of murder must have come to fruition in me, even though we ourselves may have never committed fornication or murder.

Then if we observe ourselves, sometimes we stand in the same position as Lucifer, who tempted and seduced Eve. Sometimes we are like Eve, who was tempted and seduced by Satan. If she just feels like Eve, when some temptation comes, it is the same nature as Eve. Sometimes we are like Adam, who was tempted by Eve. If fallen Eve comes - this means some woman, mainly from outside, comes to you, comes close to you, then some of us might be tempted by the fallen Eve. If we feel some lustful desire, then it is the same as the fallen Adam. Some are like the angel, some are like Eve, some are like Adam, and some are like Cain who killed Abel, some are like Abel, who was arrogant. Some are like Seth, who didn't understand anything at all. Spaced-out Seth..

Whoever you name, even good people, all are strange in some way. This is the reason why every one of us has some strange things. Therefore, if we can understand this point, we can say that, "I am Lucifer who seduced Eve. I am Lucifer." If you feel lust or lustful desire toward a sister, then this is Satan. "I am Lucifer, I am Satan himself." You cannot deny that.

If a sister is encountered by someone, or by some brother, - she is Eve, fallen Eve, who committed fornication and who destroyed the happiness of mankind. "I am the very person, the very Eve, who committed fornication with Satan, who destroyed the happiness of mankind, and the purpose of God. I destroyed the happiness of mankind, I destroyed the happiness of Adam. I destroyed the happiness of Eve.

"I was there, I lived 6,000 years ago in the Garden of Eden, and I committed fornication with Eve. I committed fornication with Adam. I tempted Adam and made him fall. I am Cain who killed Abel."

If you find brothers just beside you, you can understand, 'Oh, it is I who killed ago. Then I am here to indemnify my own murder. I killed you, time I will never kill you. I will love you." This is the solution Abel problem. And if you see a sister, we must feel that, "I seduced ago. I seduced you, and I destroyed your happiness, I am sorry. time, you are the original Eve, and I am the original angel. The here and you are here is this: because I seduced you 6,000 years ago, therefore, I will never seduce you again. I will never tempt you again. I couldn't love you with God's love before. Therefore, I will love you with God's love."

If we can understand this point, we will feel original sin as if it were our personal sin. Original sin must come down to the earth. If we feel that original sin is our personal sin, then we can be repentant of original sin. This is the secret of being repentant of original sin. Therefore, throughout the course of life of faith, we must pass through at least this repentance, the repentance of original sin. Otherwise, we cannot be close to God.

If we cry for sin, cry for original sin, cry for the defiled satanic blood lineage, cry for the blood, the satanic blood which is running in our veins, then God will also cry for your own sin, for your original sin; and God and you can embrace each other in tears of joy, tears of joy.

Unless we can understand the meaning of original sin this way, we cannot be repentant of original sin. Unless we can be repentant of original sin, God cannot embrace us.

Then, when we see the depths of sin from the rock bottom of hell, we must cry out to God for help for the whole solution of sin. This is salvation.

For instance, if anyone of us commits fornication, driven by lustful desire, driven by satanic desire, after committing the sin, we must cry and we must shout. We must pound our chests. "Why did I do it? What have I done? What have I done?" Repentance. Remorse and repentance. "Why did I tempt?" This feeling must be the same feeling as Eve and Adam felt after the fall.

We must feel that we must try to indemnify what we have done. We must pray to God with tears of repentance and say, "Oh, Heavenly Father, please let me fast three weeks." And you can fast three weeks. Then can you feel that your sin is forgiven after three weeks fasting? No, not at all. Fasting is fasting and sin is sin. Then how about forty days fasting? Does it work? Doesn't work. Even after forty days fasting, still fasting is fasting and sin is sin.

If some of us kill someone, can he cleanse the blood of brothers by forty days fasting? No. Then if we fast seventy days, eighty days, does it work? Yes or no? Then 120 days? Then how about going to spiritual world? This means - this fact means, if we once commit fornication - even with the price of death, with the price of our life, our physical life, the sin cannot be cleansed. Fornication cannot be cleansed, even with the price of life. We never knew the depths of sin. We never knew how sinful it is to commit fornication or murder.

You may say that you have not committed fornication, but can you say that there is no possibility of committing fornication? No. Because if you feel some lustful desire, if this lustful desire is expanded and expanded, we can be sure that we will commit fornication, even in the Unification Church. Fornication isn't love. It is spiritual murder. It is worse than murder. It cannot be indemnified even with the price of life.

I am Lucifer. I am Eve. I am Lucifer, who seduced Eve. I am Eve, who was seduced by the angel. If we really understand the meaning of original sin, we cannot say that we never committed fornication or we never committed murder because it wasn't Lucifer, it wasn't Eve, it wasn't Adam who committed fornication, but I who committed fornication. Therefore, I am a sinner. I committed sin. Therefore, from this point of view, if we can understand the true meaning of original sin, no one can say that he is innocent.

As you know, sin is a condition through which Satan can invade us. As long as I commit sin, as long as I am sinful, Satan can accuse and invade me. The purpose of Satan is to destroy the purpose of creation. The purpose of creation is the realization of three great blessings, the greatest happiness. Therefore, Satan's purpose and plan is to destroy the purpose of creation, to destroy my happiness.

As long as I am sinful, Satan can invade, and he can make me commit sin again. There is no one who wants to commit sin. There is no one who wants to do evil. No one can be happy by doing evil. But is there anyone who hasn't done anything evil? No. Then everyone must have done what he didn't like to do, in defiance of his own pure desire. Then he must have been driven to do evil in defiance of his will. We say, "It isn't my desire, it isn't my desire to have done evil," and "Someone must have driven me to do evil." Then who do you think it is? This is Satan.

Then can you say you have nothing to do with Satan? No. We are very familiar with Satan.

Therefore, we must understand the action or activity of Satan within us or around us. We must clearly understand the behavior of Satan. Therefore, as long as I am sinful'. Satan can make me miserable by doing evil - by driving me to do evil. For instance, even within the Unification Church, sometimes brothers and sisters commit fornication. Neither of them had ever intended to do so. They never imagined that they would commit fornication.

Even just before the moment of fornication, they didn't know what was going on. Satan, this is Satan. As long as we are sinful, Satan can destroy our happiness. Both the brother and sister will be miserable, and their central figure will be ashamed and Father will be sad. God will cry. Nothing good at all. But we do it, because of Satan. Therefore, as long as I am sinful, Satan can make me miserable.

And next. My sin cannot be cleansed even with the price of life. As I mentioned, my sin is deeper than to be indemnified with physical life. Have you many lives? No, only one. Therefore, if you give your life as the price of fornication, still you cannot indemnify it. Then eventually we cannot pay for it at all. This means we cannot be sinless by ourselves. Satan will be able to manipulate me as he likes, and he will crush me, he will drive me into misery. We cannot have salvation at all, and eventually we are destined to be driven into hell by Satan. This is the inevitable destiny of every one of us.

If we really understand this, we should have no hope at all. No hope of happiness. We must see into the depths of original sin, and we must go through the depths of despair because of sin. We must cry and shout because of our sin. Otherwise we cannot feel the real necessity of salvation. We have come to understand "my God," and now we must come to understand, "I have committed sin against my God."

For instance, if one of us commits fornication and fasts forty days, still, fasting is fasting and sin is sin. We don't feel we are relieved or that we were saved. Then how can we feel that - how can I feel, first person, I - how can I feel that my sin is forgiven? How?

How can I express it in English? Your friends, perhaps even your physical father will come to you and console you and say, "Don't worry about that. Everyone is doing it. It's very natural." Will you feel happy? Then how about your teacher? What if your teacher says, "Don't worry about that," can you be relieved? No. How about the President of America? No. Then who is qualified?

Is the Messiah the final person who recognizes it? No. God. Because if someone of us commits fornication, it is committed against not just one woman, one sister or one brother, but committed against God. People don't know why fornication is a sin. Intrinsically, fornication is against God because fornication destroys the purpose of creation, the four-position foundation.

Therefore, unless we are forgiven by God, we cannot be peaceful. We cannot be in peace once we commit fornication or murder. Even if we go to prison, for five years, ten years, still it has nothing to do with the solution of sin. It's just social chastisement and cannot be solution of sin.

Then can God forgive you or forgive me unconditionally? No. Why not? God is love. Then God should save me. Can God save me who committed fornication? Why Not? Can God save me? Yes or no. Then why not? It isn't God, but man who committed sin. Therefore, it isn't God but man who is responsible for the solution of sin. God is True Parents. His essence is love. Since He lost His children, His heart has been aching. However deep His wounds and scars may be, it is impossible for God to solve the sin, to solve His own wounds and scars by Himself. This is the reason. Throughout the history of restoration, God revealed Himself time after time. God spoke to the Israelites through many prophets. Were the Israelites saved through the prophets? Were the Israelites given forgiveness of sin by receiving commandments? (No.)

No, not so. Moses met with God. By seeing God was Moses' sin solved? No. If we are given revelations from above, directly from God, it has nothing to do with solution of sin. We hear Divine Principle, we hear God's words, but God's words cannot solve sin. Truth cannot solve sin. Therefore, we must clearly understand that God cannot save me. However much He may love me, it is impossible for God to save me by Himself. Because it was not God but man who committed sin. Therefore, man must be responsible for indemnification of sin. Fallen man cannot solve sin, because fallen man is under Satan. Satan is subject, we are object.

It is natural for subject to have dominion over object. Therefore, it is natural for Satan to have dominion over us. But it is unprincipled that object have dominion over subject. This is the reason why fallen man cannot subjugate Satan. Therefore, how must the man be who can save me, and who can solve my sin?

He must be sinless. A sinless man must come. Otherwise, we have no hope of being saved. A sinless man is good, and Satan is evil. If the goodness is weaker than the evil, then the evil will crush the goodness. Therefore, the goodness must be stronger than the evil. Then this sinless man must be stronger than Satan. Then who is qualified to be stronger than Satan?

This is perfected Adam; because the position of angel is below Adam, perfected Adam, principally, it is only perfected, sinless Adam who is qualified to subjugate Satan and to solve sin. He is called "Messiah." Okay? This is the reason why the Messiah must be a man, not God, and a perfected man. Christianity couldn't understand this point; therefore, Christians thought that Jesus was God. If Jesus was God, Jesus wouldn't have been able to save mankind.

In the case of fallen man and Satan, Satan will attack us, and we will have no chance of being freed from Satan, and satanic invasion. Satan has the right to crush me into destruction and misery. Someone must come and absorb the satanic invasion-and take charge of Satan. Someone must come to take charge of Satan. It's the only hope for us to be saved. Our original mind is crying out to God, but God by Himself cannot do anything at all. How much He may love us, He just hears our cries, but He cannot do anything at all to save us.

When the Messiah comes to us, he will invest himself into this battle. He will take charge of satanic invasion. When all mankind is about to be destroyed by Satan at the end of the world, the Messiah will come and jump into this battle, and through a bloody struggle, if he subjugates Satan, we will be freed from satanic invasion.

We cannot fight against Satan. Therefore, Father said to us, if we had been involved in a battle in the spiritual world against Satan, we would have been crushed into pieces, to the bone. Because he loves us so much, in order to protect us from satanic invasion, he took charge of Satan by himself.

This is the reason why the sinless Messiah was tortured and crucified. Is Satan qualified to attack sinless man? Jesus was sinless. Then why was the sinless Jesus crucified? Because Jesus was responsible for us. Jesus took the responsibility for our sin. Therefore, Jesus was treated as a sinner, a terrible sinner, and destroyed by Satan. Christians were able to be saved without being crucified. Likewise, our sinless Father, who spoke here just a while ago, was tortured, imprisoned, and persecuted and became more miserable than a beggar, and shed blood. Was Satan qualified to torture the sinless Messiah, sinless man? No. Then why did God allow Satan, to torture him? Because Father took responsibility for my sin.

Therefore, instead of me being tortured, the sinless Messiah was tortured by Satan. When he was tortured by Communists, even though he fought against Satan, his flesh was torn, his skin was torn, and his blood gushed, because of his physical limitations. He became unconscious and His bloody body was thrown out into the darkness. The bloody body of the only son on whom Heavenly Father was able to rely was thrown out into cold, into darkness. How grievous Heavenly Father must have been.

Very often his conditions were more miserable than those of a cave dweller, more miserable than a beggar's. It wasn't Father, our sinless Father, but I who was destined to be tortured, and to be imprisoned, and to shed blood, because it wasn't father, but I who committed sin. Were we tortured? No. And without being tortured, still we were given new life, sinless life. Especially our blessed family, our blessed members. We are given sinless life. And we are given sinless marriage and will be given sinless children. Without torture, without shedding blood. Why? Because Father shed blood instead of me, instead of you, instead of us.

It wasn't Father, but I who should have been tortured, should have been imprisoned, should have shed blood, who should have been thrown out into darkness and cold. Instead of me, Father was tortured, Father shed blood. Father was imprisoned - only for the sake of myself, to save me, to give, me the blessing. This is love.

While I was committing sin, Father was shedding blood to cleanse my sin. Because he shed blood, he was qualified to give life to me. Blood is life. He took charge of Satan and after a terrible battle against Satan, he was able to subjugate Satan. Therefore, if I am one with Father, I can stand in the same position as Father, and Satan will retreat from me.

Never lose even one word of this. Very important point. Never lose even one word. Unless we can clearly understand this point, we cannot have a life relationship with Father. How he can save me, why he is my Messiah. We cannot understand this unless we can understand this point.

Father subjugated Satan, therefore, if we can be one with him, Satan will retreat from me, from us. Therefore, Satan must obey Father to some extent. Not one hundred percent yet, but at least at the individual level or family level. And Father is given authority here on earth by God to forgive sin. Therefore, if he says your sin is forgiven, this will be approved by God. Once approved by God, no one can accuse you anymore. You're freed from sin. I'm freed from sin. We are freed from sin. When we were blessed in 1969, Father came to us, and asked us, "What did you talk about to each other?" And one brother began to report to Father about his confession of what he had done in the past; then Father said, "Don't say that anymore, because I forgave you already. I forgave you already. Therefore, don't say that anymore." he said. We were so relieved.

Once our sin is forgiven, we are free from satanic invasion. Then we can be sinless. This is salvation in the Unification Church. Through Father and Mother we can be born anew, sinlessly. We will have nothing to do with satanic blood, and we can be born anew sinlessly as the lineal children of God. Not adopted sons and adopted children, but the lineal children of God.

Father was tortured, Father was imprisoned, and he shed blood only to give me life, only to give me the blessing. We don't know how precious the blessing is. His entire life was sacrificed only to establish a condition to give the blessing to you, only to give you life.

Therefore, if he says, "Your sin is forgiven," you can be free from Satan, and you can be born anew. You can be given sinless marriage, you can be given sinless children, and you will be able to be lineal children of God. This is salvation.

Once man is linked with God, with 100% love, there can be no force that can destroy the bond between God and man. Nothing can destroy the bond between God and man. Then man will never be separated from God anymore, in the physical world and in the spiritual world. God is a God of love; man is one with God, then man will by the man of love, he'll be filled with love. God is a God of goodness; because man is one with God, man must be the man of goodness. Evil has nothing to do with him anymore. He has no desire of doing evil. He cannot have even a slight desire of doing evil. His own desire is to do good.

Then he can do anything he likes, and it's good, everything is good. Then he's free; he can do anything he likes and it's good. He's free, he's free, he's a man of freedom. If he wants to love, he can love, and it's good. If he wants to cry, he can cry, and it's good. And he can smile, and it's good, and he can eat, and it's good; he can sleep and it's good. He can rest, and it's good. He can complain, and it's good. Whatever he may do, it's good, because therefore, he can even get angry with something, but it's good; the. anger is righteous. He's free, he's free; there's no evil at all. He's free, and filled with love. This is perfected man; he's perfected man.

This is individual salvation, and through the second blessing and third blessing, when three great blessings are accomplished, fulfilled, he can fulfill the purpose of life.

The time will come when we have no sin. Someone might commit fornication, but because Father has achieved victory over Satan, however deep is the sin you may have committed, there is no sin that Father cannot forgive. Therefore, if he says he can forgive you, the next moment God will approve it, and Satan cannot accuse you anymore. You are then free from Satan.

In order to give this solution and forgiveness of sin, Father's entire life was sacrificed. Father's entire life was sacrificed because of me, because he intended to give me life, because he intended to make me happy. Because he intended to give me life, I am given life, you are given life, we are given life.

The sinless Messiah cannot have direct give and take action with an impure world. In order for the Messiah to come, a Satan-free foundation must be laid, through man's portion of responsibility. Based on this understanding, let us discuss salvation through the Lord of the Second Advent. In case of the Lord of the Second Advent, if the foundation for the Messiah was steadfast, and wasn't invaded by Satan, the Lord of the Second Advent didn't have to go through the course of suffering, course of crucifixion, course of torture. But Christianity, the foundation for the Messiah, was invaded by Satan. Christianity rebelled against the Lord of the Second Advent, betrayed the Lord of the Second Advent. Then Satan was qualified to attack the Lord of the Second Advent directly again. Therefore, the Lord of the Second Advent had to fight against Satan by himself.

Father was tortured in North Korea or in Japan because I committed sin, because I seduced Eve, because I seduced Adam, because I committed fornication. We must clearly understand this point. Because of me, Satan tortured Father. Because of me, Father shed blood. Not because of mankind, but because of me. In this meaning, it was I who tortured Father - or at least who made Satan torture Father. If we can clearly understand this point, we can begin to understand Father's love. Father's love is not only his smile.

Someone might feel, "Because Father smiled at me, therefore I feel he loves me." "I've felt Father's love - I felt Father's love because he gave me something." This is just a superficial understanding of Father's love. ..His true love has been expressed through his entire life, through his entire sacrificial life.

If we pray deeply, every one of us can have a heartistic understanding of these points. Check them out one by one, with heart and prayer. Then you will feel a deep heartistic relationship with Father.

Also, without Mother we cannot be born anew. Therefore, we must understand our relationship with True Parents. We were born from True Parents. Parents are first and children are second. Can children be born without parents?

Then, without parents, no mankind can be born anew. With parents, everyone can be born anew. With True Parents every one of us can be born anew. Then which of the two do you think is more precious - the life of the Parents or your own life? (Parents.) Then which of the two do you think should be sacrificed - Father's life or our own life? (My life.) Are you ready for that?

If the parents are alive, at the price of my own life all mankind can be born anew. But if I am alive, and the Parents' life is lost, no one can be saved. Then the Parents' life must be more precious than the life of the children. The Parents feel that at the price of their own lives, they will preserve the life of their children. But without the Parents, no children. Therefore, the life of the Parents is far more precious than the life of the children. Are you ready for that?

It's very easy to say yes, but it can't be words. If it becomes a reality, America will be saved and the world will be saved. Father gave me life by stepping through the difficulties and by passing through the crucial moments. Just to save me. Now it is my turn to give life to Father.

"Father, I can give my life. In case of emergency please take my life first. If only you and Mother and Father's family can be saved, I am willing to die. If only Father can fulfill his mission, and all mankind can be happy around Father, I will be happy in the spiritual world seeing the happiness of all mankind around the True Parents." Can you feel this way?

If this is true - if Father could have 300 people, 400 people that way - I think Father can save the world. We would be a joyful offering on the altar of the world. If you truly feel it is a joy to die for Father - not only lip service, but reality - it's great.

This is the life relationship between Father, the True Parents and me. This is the lifeline of the Unification Church. Are you sure of it? Are you sure?

Being sure of it in yourself is a qualification for being a member of the Unification Church.

Father sacrificed his life for me, shedding blood, shedding tears. Now I can sacrifice my life for Father. This is a relationship of life and life; a life and life relationship between Father and me. This is the life line of the Unification Church.

Then can you be apart from Father?

Then you will never leave the Unification Church as long as Father is in the Unification Church. If he says he cannot leave the Unification Church, then we cannot leave the Unification Church. Based on this understanding, on this foundation, we can inherit Father's tradition. This is the basic foundation of the Unification Church. Is it okay with you?

Therefore, if you are not sure, then please pray. And if you feel sure, please check - one by one, what I said this afternoon. Is this point okay with you? How about next point? And how about being a joyful offering? Check one by one. Make sure with yourself if you are truly devotional or not. Then you will be sure that you are a true son or daughter of True Parents and that you are a member of the Unification Church.

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