Divine Principle Lectures from the 120 Day Workshop

by Ken Sudo


When we are talking about God, we call Him "He," not "you." However deep our perception of God may be, God is still "He," not "You." We think of God in the third person. We are looking for God, we are observing God, we are trying to understand God, but we have only an indirect relationship with God. Then however deep you may understand God, have no to do with God. Just understanding.

We need to have communication with God. We need to have a give and take relationship with God. We must communicate with God. Otherwise, we have nothing to do with God. In order to realize God, in order to acknowledge God, we must have a direct relationship with God.

God must be "You." God must be "you," not "He." From "He " to "You." The relationship between God and man must he You-and-I relationship, an encounter between You and I. This is prayer. God must be second person to me. Otherwise, we cannot have direct relationship with God.

God and man were supposed to be one from the beginning. God and man were supposed to be able to have give and take action of love and beauty. But because of the fall of man, man became impure, he lost purity and beauty. Therefore, man was disqualified to be given love, joyful love. Man became the object of love no longer. The relationship between God and man was broken when man fell.

Although fallen man was disqualified to be given love, God had inscribed his nature within man. God cannot erase it. Because man's nature is inscribed by God, it is homogeneous with God's nature. Therefore there cannot be conflict between them, and God's nature within man cannot be destroyed. Therefore, once born as a man - as a son or daughter of God - this nature cannot erased. It is eternal. This is the reason why God couldn't destroy mankind. This is the reason why He has to establish His providence to save mankind.

Therefore, God couldn't stop loving man. But in order for man to receive love, despite his disqualification, the nature of love must be changed from joyful love to the love of compassion. Therefore, God's love was changed from joyful love to compassionate love.

When love is given, creations can manifest or reveal beauty. If a person is given love, he or she will be beautiful. When a girl is loved, she becomes beautiful. It's true. Even fallen man, when love is given, he becomes beautiful. And what is beauty before God? It is faith. The love of compassion is expressed through the providence or dispensation of God. The climax of His dispensation will be the coming of the Messiah. Therefore, when God gives us the Messiah, this is God's portion of responsibility, and to have faith is man's portion of responsibility, his five percent.

Then if we express beauty, God can give love of joy to us and we can restore our original relationship with God. Therefore, whether God can give joyful love or not will depend upon if we can fulfill - if we can have faith or not. Therefore, because man committed, because man didn't fulfill his portion of responsibility, it is impossible for God to give love without a condition.

Therefore, if we want to be given love from God, it's not enough just to ask love from God. We must have faith and we must pay indemnity. In order to close the gap between God and man caused by the fall of man, we must pay indemnity. Then, God can give His blessing to us and goodness can be restored. And the best condition to pay indemnity is prayer. Therefore, prayer is an indemnity condition between God and fallen man. Therefore, in this meaning, prayer must be an offering.

Do you like to pray? (Yes.)

How much? (Much.)

Is there anyone who doesn't like to pray? Be honest. (Inaudible responses.)

'Oh, I don't like to pray' - it's okay to say it; someone, anyone, please. "Sometimes I don't like, sometimes I do like to pray." Okay. Then, is there anyone who likes to pray more than he likes to eat? (Laughter.)

"I like to pray far more than to eat," - Is there anyone? Raise your hands. If only I can pray, then I don't have to eat." (Laughter.)

How about you? (Laughter.)

When you are full, then. (Laughter.)

Do you like to pray mere than you like to eat?

Oh, it's so wonderful that you like to pray. But younger members usually don't like to pray. "Oh, it's so troublesome." "Oh, I like to sleep, but I don't like to pray." They prefer sleep to prayer, they prefer eating to prayer, they prefer watching TV to prayer. (Laughter.)

What else? Next? Eventually. Oh, afterwards, afterwards, afterwards. And at the end of the day - "Oh. I'm going to bed, and in the morning I can get up and pray.' (Laughter) And next morning when the alarm rings, they reach over and shut it off and go back to sleep. (Laughter.) And at the last minute, just before they have to get up, "Oh, Heavenly Father, Heavenly Father. " (Laughter.)

Essentially, we have a tendency to dislike prayer. "I know I must, but if possible, I don't want to pray." Because you have been in the Unification Church more than two or three years you must have prayed many time;. Therefore, you must be rather disciplined in your prayer, but in the beginning I don't think you liked to pray so much. Why?

Our essential desire is to go back to God. Through prayer we can feel the close, soft caress of God - and yet, we don't like it. What a contradiction. 'I would like to go back to God and in order to go back to God, I must pray. But I don't like to pray." This means I don't like to go back to God.

Something or someone must be interfering with us. But who? Someone. Who - who is interfering? Satan. Satan. Or, in other words, we like restoration but we don't like indemnity. 'I want to have a beautiful suit. but I wouldn't like to pay? I want to eat delicious food, but I don't like to work to get money. I want to live in a beautiful house, but I don't like to work.

We like restoration but we don't like indemnity. But the essence of Divine Principle is this: without indemnity, no restoration. Yes, prayer is just a convenient indemnity condition.

But to tell the truth, this is a very serious indemnity condition, but, still, it's very handy.

Then we can understand, the purpose of prayer must be to erase or to cleanse sin or, to establish a condition to cleanse sin. The purpose of prayer must be to narrow the gap between God and fallen man. Then through prayer we are assured that we can be closer to God. Then God will be clearer to you. God's nature, God's words, God's will, God's love will be clearer to us. Because through prayer we can pay an indemnity condition, and come closer to God. We are able to come to understand God or come to recognize God far more clearly then before.

Most of you have had an experience of God through prayer. Because we can be closer to God through prayer, we can be closer to God's attributes. For instance, we have had an inspiration about God's truth. If you really want to understand God's truth, understand the meaning of Divine Principle or if you have some problem to be solved through Divine Principle, or a Principle question, you can ask the lecturer, or even Father.

But if you pray deeply, sometimes Heavenly Father can teach you directly. Try to find desperately, and pray desperately, and maybe in the early morning, just before getting up, when you are in the transitional period between sleeping and waking, you might be given a revelation or inspiration. Sometimes a very, very clear answer will be given.

Have you this kind of experience? Some specific experience? Is there anyone who has some specific experience in which you were given God's truth? (Examples were given from the audience.)

I myself have been giving lectures a pretty long time, but because I have been responsible for training session, I have had no time to read Divine Principle. Just giving lectures, no time to read it. I never read over the Divine Principle. Don't believe that. (Laughter.) I hope you don't believe that.

But I had many experiences. For instance, I had to give a lecture in ten minutes, but I had never read this chapter. "Oh, what a terrible situation," I thought. And when I stood on the platform, I had no idea how to give the lecture. Anyway, based on some foundation, I began to speak and just prayed - always praying, and with a smile. Next moment, when I turned to the blackboard, I prayed. "Oh, Heavenly Father, Heavenly Father, help me. " (Laughter.)

Sometimes this is true even in America.

This time, a wonderful inspiration came. and I was amazed at what wonderful things I was speaking. (Laughter.) Then, "Wait a minute, wait a minute," I thought. "This isn't mine, this word isn't mine. Therefore. I must keep it." I always keep a small notebook and record these inspirations, otherwise I forget. Sometimes I made a small corner right on the blackboard and if inspiration came, I wrote it down. Anyway, I gave the lecture, and it seemed to be very nice, just inspiration. Then afterwards, when I opened the Divine Principle book, the same contents, and sometimes even the exact words were there. I was amazed, because I had never read this.

Therefore, through my own experiences; my words, I know that God can work through prayer. These weren't my words, but God's words. I never, never expected it at all.

It was an inspiration of God's truth. Therefore. if you have some deep question continue praying. Then someday. Father will give you the answer.

Sometimes, in the early days, if we asked a question about the secrets of Jesus, or secrets of the Fall, Father didn't answer us directly but said, "just pray.' If you are given secrets from Father directly, you are responsible for them because you heard them from Father.

But if you are given secrets from heaven through prayer, you are not responsible for the contents before Father. Therefore you won't be judged at the last day. Therefore, sometimes it's better to hear them from Heavenly Father. But sometimes it's better to ask Father. Otherwise, sometimes we misunderstand some things - we take Satan's words for God's words.

And who taught Jesus about God? No one taught Jesus about, but he knew best of all. Why? Because of prayer? Revelation? It was because Jesus was sinless. He was one with God. This is also true with our Father. I sometimes wonder how Father could find such a truth. Father's thinking was always far different from ours. Why? His way of thinking is God's way of thinking because he is one with God. Therefore, if we are sinless we are smart.

Then we can understand the reason we are not so smart. Stupidity derives from sin. If some of you feel that you are not so smart, then don't worry about that, but worry about your own sin. If sin is solved, God can come to you and everything will be clear. Your mind will clear up. When we are depressed, we become ignorant of everything. Don't you think so? (Yes.)

When we are not depressed, we are filled with God's spirit. We feel and realize many things. "Oh, this must be done to solve this, this must be, this is the real meaning of this." But when we are depressed, "Oh. what is going on?" (Laughter.) "Oh, do I have to go to Barrytown?" (Laughter.)

But if you pray deeply, and if you are always paying indemnity conditions, if you are coming closer to God, even before direction is given you will feel, "I think Father must intend it to he this way. Okay, let's prepare."

We can find truth, we can find the providence of God. It's very true. Very true. Therefore, don't worry about stupidity. If your sin is cleansed, every one of you will be smart. You will be able to understand everything. Stupidity isn't inherited. Sometimes you complain, "Because my father and mother are not so smart, therefore I'm not so smart." But don't worry about that. If your sin is cleansed, God can work through you. Then you can find the providence of God.

Therefore, if you ask questions of Father, and the question is very sincere, Father will begin to speak and sometimes he won't stop for even one hour, even two hours. Because God is an inexhaustible source of truth. Therefore Father - our True Parents - is just a faucet of the inexhaustible truth of God. If we can stimulate Father, he can open this faucet. Inexhaustible truth will come out with him. He's a model lump of truth. How wonderful it would be to be sinless. You can find any truth - truth of God's words, and even scientific truth. If you are sinless, you can find scientific truth through inspiration.

Therefore, Divine Principle says that, because of sin man became ignorant. Ignorance was the fruit of sin. Next. Solution of sin - solution of problems - comes from God. Through prayer the solution of problems will be given. When God solves problems, His solution is best. His solution is absolute. We all have difficulties and problems to be solved. We all have defects in our character. "My character is not so good, and no one loves me." we say. And it's true. Sometimes our character is strange and no one likes it. And we try to change, but cannot change. Or we are trying to solve some problem - for example, a conflict between Cain and Abel - and we say, "Oh, I don't like my Abel figure. If possible, I want to change, go to some other state." Is this a solution? No.

But just imagine, isn't it possible for God, who created this world and who has guided human history for more than 6,000 years, to solve your relationship with your Abel Figure? Is God incapable of it? We don't think so. God has the solution. Without believing in God's capability we are alone - we are struggling by our selves. Pray first. Pray first. Then God can show you how to solve this problem. We think, "I cannot understand how to solve this problem." Yes, it's true, we cannot understand, but God knows. "I don't know how to solve this problem' doesn't mean God doesn't know. It is we who cannot solve this - cannot understand how to do it. However difficult it may seem, there is nothing that God cannot solve; this is our faith. Believe in God. Not only in the existence of God, but in the capability of God.

If some of you go to Africa, you must witness to tigers and elephants and pythons and cannibals. We don't know how to do this, but God knows. Do you believe that?


Therefore, if you ask God, He has the answer. If you have extraordinary faith in Him, He will give extraordinary answers through prayer. Usually, we do not have extraordinary faith and belief in His capability, or in His solutions, and this is the reason why He cannot give extraordinary solutions. We need faith and prayer. Pray extraordinary prayers. you can threaten God. You can bite God; "Heavenly Father, tell me, tell me." He will answer, 'Okay, okay, okay I will tell you.'

Because Heavenly Father is our father, we can do anything, we can ask anything. From individual problems to the nationwide problems and to world problems - there is nothing that God cannot solve, if only we have faith in prayer. Even someone who has been in the church a long time - a commander, or a director, even they are sometimes depressed. Sometimes a young member will be very filled with spirit, very high-spirited, but the central figure will be depressed. When he is depressed, as previously mentioned, even a central figure cannot understand what to do at all. "What's going on?" He will be completely spaced out. (Laughter.)

Then members can't believe him at all, and many troubles will follow. In such cases, according to my own experience, when you can't understand what to do at all, then maybe a special prayer condition is necessary. I laid a special prayer condition for one week, and asked Heavenly Father, and said, "What's wrong with me? Tell me Heavenly Father, what's wrong with me. Something must be strange, but I cannot understand what's wrong with me.'

Then after around seven days, usually in the early morning in the transitional period, inspiration comes. Oh, yeah. yeah. I forgot. I was ignorant of God's heart. Oh, I never thought of Father's heart." "Oh, I forgot this kind of feeling." In such cases, not only inspiration, but heartistic vision comes and God can show you what is missing and what's wrong. Or sometimes we find that our own fallen nature made trouble with someone.

In the beginning, we always feel, "He is wrong, he is wrong." But after one week of prayer, we feel, "Oh it is not he, but I who was wrong." And we can clearly understand, "It was my fault, it was my fallen nature." Even when brothers and sisters are wrong in their accusation, still I feel that if I am righteous, I can persevere, and accusation will be false. But through perseverance, I can pay indemnity. I can be raised up, and then overcome and soar up. Then afterwards a wonderful solution will come sometimes.

In the first week, God can show us what's wrong with us, and in the next seven days, we should pray. "Heavenly Father, show me how to solve this problem. Give me a solution.' Then, in the final day of this period, God can clearly show me how to solve this problem. A wonderful solution will be given from above. If prayer is deep and heartistic. If your prayer is just conditional, then Heavenly Father can answer just conditionally. And for the final seven days, we should pray, "Heavenly Father, please give me the heart to fulfill this solution, to realize this solution." Then maybe in one week or two or- three weeks, everything will be solved.

This is a kind of passive indemnity condition. This pattern is good for bringing minus to zero. But even if you don't have any problems or difficulties, you can use this method to fulfill a big mission. If you go to an overseas mission, you can prepare this way. You can prepare maps and materials - population, names of cities, languages, the situation regarding communism and everything. It's okay, but the more important preparation is this kind of preparation, through which God can work. Usually, we forget this kind of preparation.

Therefore, in this meaning, those who are going to overseas mission, you are now in your new countries already. Mr. Olsen is now in Indonesia - already. Therefore if you can get victory here, that victory will be sustained there. If we want to realize a big project, a big plan, we can start right now. And this is a positive or active indemnity condition. Leaders need to lay or establish active - aggressive indemnity conditions. Otherwise, you cannot exceed others. You must always look to the future. You must see one month ahead, one year ahead, ten years ahead. You can make plans. To do this we need aggressive indemnity conditions.

When Mr. Olsen arrives in Indonesia, the indemnity already will have been paid five hundred percent. There will be no need of paying indemnity there. Do you like the situation? (Yes.)

Yeah. Therefore, when a new mission is given, you need this kind of preparation. Through prayer, problems will he solved and new ideas will be given from God. Aggressive indemnity conditions must be laid in order to get new ideas to solve problems or to know God's plan to solve this kind of problem or to fulfill your own mission. Aggressive. Aggressive indemnity conditions. This is a challenge--we must challenge Satan.

Do you know Libby Mitchell? Do you know how she got victory? How did she get victory? How? Who knows best? You? Explain.

VOICE: I sold on a team with her. And she explained that the first thing she would do is to claim victory before she started, and she would challenge. She would say, "I'm going to have victory." She was really determined. I'm going to have victory for Heavenly Father." She just was determined ahead of time. There was absolutely no doubt in her mind that she was going to claim victory. And sometimes our team leader would let people off in one-car parking lots and, you know that was it. There was just one car, maybe every two minutes or something - every five minutes - but no matter what, no matter what, she claimed victory and she got victory. She would challenge God, she would challenge Satan. She would pray for people to come with money ,and she would get incredible things to happen. Incredible donations. And it was because she was challenging God and challenging Satan and challenging the parking lot. She challenged everything.

Mr. Sudo: I heard she laid many conditions; prayer conditions, and cold shower conditions, and through this experience, she could understand that it's not herself but God who raises the money. Therefore, through establishing conditions God could do it through her. She really understood this. She believed in God. This is the key. God can do it. We must have extraordinary belief established by this kind of aggressive indemnity condition. Therefore, through payment of indemnity, money can be restored. She applied this principle. If indemnity is paid, restoration comes automatically. To the extent that she was able to pay indemnity, she was able to have victory in selling. Therefore, the area doesn't matter at all. The weather doesn't matter at all. The people don't matter at all. Even if she goes to an area where many fund-raisers visited yesterday, still she can make the same amount, because she paid indemnity. Therefore, she can harvest. She sowed, and so she can harvest.

I think that in order to get victory in witnessing, the same principle must be applied. Therefore, if through this 120 day period, every one of us can master and can truly understand indemnity - restoration through indemnity - I am very sure that every one of you can gain one person in ten days.

In Oakland, Mrs. Durst. the former Onni Soo Lim, brought so many people. It's great. And Father explained the reason. Because she loves Father so much. Therefore without Father she cannot sleep, she cannot eat, she cannot think of anything but Father. This is the reason or her success. Father himself said this, even if someone says, "Oh, no, no, no, she is not so good,"

Father is always loving her. However much anyone may say something about her, Father will just love her. There is some secret to this.

Aggressive indemnity conditions and love for Father. If we can master these two points through the 120 Day Training Session, and these contents are put into practice, yes, we can get victory. Don't you think so? (Yes!) Sure? (Yes!) I think so. Let's gain one person in ten days, okay? (Yes!) Do you feel it is possible?

(Yes.) Sure. (Yes!] Sure? (Yes!) Sure? (Yes.) Okay. Great. These are the two keys for getting victory. Therefore, something essential in each of us must he changed. Most of us haven't had this kind of experience; to have challenged Satan with aggressive indemnity conditions. And most of us do not have such a deep love for Father.

Love is the subject, and the indemnity condition is the object. when both are combined, the result can be tremendous. You can change yourself, you can change the Unification Church in America and the world. I am sure of this.

Through 120 Days Training Session, we must understand these two points, and we must master these two points - not only from a technical point of view, but also from an internal point of view of witnessing. One person each - every one of us should witness to one person in ten days. Okay? (Yes.) Yes.

Then next. Without prayer we cannot love brothers and sisters. Because eventually we derive from fallen Adam and Eve. Therefore, we are filled with fallen nature, egocentric or egoistic. Therefore, unless our fallen nature is indemnified, we cannot be one. We cannot love.

However much we may try just to love and make efforts to solve problems, sometimes the result is just worse. We say, "I cannot love him, therefore, I must try to love him." We go to him and try to speak, but we have more conflict. And we come back, we come back.

Without prayer we cannot love, because prayer is the best condition to pay indemnity. Therefore, through payment of indemnity sin will be cleansed, even symbolically. Then we can love. Therefore, if there is anyone whom you cannot love, first pray for him or for her. This will be very difficult. But just imagine. Jesus prayed for the men who killed him. But the person with whom you are having conflict is not even your enemy. He or she never intends to kill you; they have just disliked you, just quarreled with you. He or she isn't your enemy. He is your brother or sister. However difficult you feel it is, just try to pray for the person you cannot love. This is Very difficult, but we must do it. And we can solve any problem like this.

Have you some victorious experience about this point?

(example given from the audience.)

Good example. Through prayer we can love, and without prayer we cannot love. This is the proof we are fallen. We are distant from God. Therefore, first we must be one with God. Then we can love. If we try to love apart from God, it will be impossible to love with true love; with God's love.

Imagine three positions: God, and Person "A" and person "B" -A is distant from God, B is distant from God, and they try to love each other. It is impossible. First, 'A' should be one with God, then he can stand at the same position as God. Then because God loves "B" he can love "B." Therefore, we can love those whom God loves, if we are one with God. Therefore. if we first love God, then we can love brothers and sisters.

This the reason why we must first establish a foundation of faith and next a foundation of substance. Therefore, the best thing is to begin with prayer for others. We must make it a rule to pray for others first.

Many of you will go to overseas missions. There will be one Japanese, one German, and one American. You won't know each other at all. And there will be a great difference in language, in ways of thinking, in tradition. And perhaps none of you will understand the native language of the new country. It will be a terrible situation. But prayer is a common tongue, a heavenly language through which we can understand each other, and love each other.

Be a king of love. In order to be a king of love, you must be a king of prayer. Be a king of prayer. Then you can be king of your country. Everyone is qualified to be a king of love and to be a king of prayer or a queen of love and queen of prayer. Everyone is qualified. No one is disqualified. If you are working in the kitchen, in any place, you can be a king of love and prayer.

Wall of prayer. Wall of prayer. Do you feel a wall of prayer or not? Yes or no? (Yes.)

I think so. Every one of us has a wall of prayer. When we pray, we must struggle so deeply, so badly. Why? Because between God and us there is the spiritual world. The spiritual world is divided into two - Cain and Abel; a Cain-like spiritual world and an Abel-like world. The Abel-like spiritual world is closer to God, and the Cain-like spiritual world is closer to us. In order to be given help from the good spiritual world, and to make contact with God, first of all we must break through the Cain-like spiritual world. Otherwise, we cannot receive help from the good spiritual world and from God.

Therefore, Satan comes first to you?. After subjugating Satan, we can see God. In advance of subjugating Esau, Jacob subjugated the angel. The angel was a substitute for Satan, the evil dominion in spiritual world. Therefore, we must struggle with the evil spiritual world first. Like Jacob. This is the wall of prayer. Therefore, if we feel a wall of prayer and retreat, Satan will come into us. Life and death will be decided by this battle in prayer. Therefore, never retreat; continue desperately and break through the barrier. And in the next moment, you will know a pure and joyful feeling, or a feeling of the existence of God, a feeling of contact with God.

Then from that time on, we will never be bored with prayer: we can continue for one hour, two hours, three hours. Still we will be very, very happy. "Oh, Heavenly Father, Father, Father" -just calling "Father, Father, Father', until joy and peace - sweet, sweet and peaceful joy will cone to you. And you can be very sure that this prayer was received by God.

Prayer is an offering. And an offering must be pure, otherwise God cannot receive it, like Cain's offering or Abraham's offering. Therefore, when you pray, first you must check the contents of your prayer. Is it selfish, is it impure, is it dirty, is it egoistic? God cannot receive this kind of prayer. Instead of God, Satan will claim it, just like Abraham's offering. Offering is usually a very nice thing to claim. God likes it. Satan also likes it. Therefore, when we offer something, Satan is always around. Whether it will belong to God or to Satan will be decided by whether it is pure or not.

Therefore, in this context, the most beautiful offering is tears of repentance. The most beautiful prayer will be tears of repentance. Satan cannot repent;. Therefore, when we are repentant of sin with tears, Satan cannot accuse us at all. And then Satan will retreat, and God will take the offering. We have nothing to be proud of before God. Then first of all, we should recognize that we have nothing of which we can be proud before God. This is the first stage of repentance. We are not qualified to offer anything at all. If we understand this fact, and if we shed tears of repentance, the tears of repentance will be the most beautiful offering on the altar of God.

Pray with faith. You may think, "I'm praying because I must pray, but don't think this prayer can be received." You may not say that, but you feel it. If you are not confident that the prayer is received by God, then it comes true, and God cannot receive it and the content of the prayer will not be realized. Pray with faith.

If you pray with faith, you are very sure that the prayer was received by God, and once received by God, it will come true sooner or later. You are very sure. Then you will feel peaceful. You can be sure that your prayer is received by God, even though the situation is very difficult, and from the point of view of common sense it seems impossible that it will be realized. If you have faith in your own prayer and you think, "Yes this prayer was received by God; therefore, it is coming true" - if your belief is as strong as that, because of your faith, God must answer.

I will tell you a personal experience: When I joined the Unification Church, I didn't go back to my physical parents for almost seven years. My father was sick in bed with a bone sickness. He came to Tokyo even though he was sick. He couldn't even move because of sickness, but he came and talked to me and we quarreled and he went back. And he said, "I am not his father: he is not my son." He cried, and with red eyes he went back. Even afterwards, he wrote many letters and said, "Come back" - because he was dying, he said, "Come back." I never, never went because I had faith. I had asked Heavenly Father, "Please let him live till he can understand what I am doing.' It was just one small prayer - one minute, maybe just one minute. I don't know why. Still I have deep confidence that this prayer was received by God. Even since I came to America, I wrote just two letters, that's all. Just before coming, I called my brother and said, "Say hello to Father. I am going to America and work." That's all. Still I am Very confident. It's not we but God who can decide life and death. Therefore, if God approves it, he will live till he can understand what I am doing. I am very confident. No doubt at all. Then this must come true.

Therefore, if you are very confident that your prayer is received, you are very peaceful. In any situation, we can be peaceful and joyful. We can be filled with spirit. Therefore, prayer is very nice. Faith is very nice. Don't you think so? Therefore, pray with faith. Pray with faith.

Next, pray with love. Don't pray with hatred. Satan will take it if you do. Satan can invade the motivation of prayer. Pray with love.

Next, pray with hope. With hope. Prayer is the secret joy of the life of faith. We need bread to nourish our physical bodies. Prayer is the bread of spiritual life. If you don't pray, your spirit body cannot eat. You spirit body will be skinny, starving to death. Prayer is the life of the life of faith. Without prayer, we cannot love. Without prayer we cannot find food. Without prayer, we cannot solve problems. Without prayer, we cannot fulfill our mission. Without prayer, we cannot accomplish the restoration of this world. From trifling things to the greatest things, we need prayer. We need prayer. Prayer is the life of the life of faith. If the motivation is impure, Satan can invade the impure motivation, and the offering itself will be taken away. The prayer itself will be taken away, and it won't work at all. This will be good food for Satan. Can you understand? Just like the offering of Abraham. Okay? Can you understand?

This should be the order of your prayer. For instance, when Moses came to the wilderness and God revealed Himself before him, God said to Moses, "Take off your shoes." What does it mean? Moses must have trodden the way on which Satan had trodden. Therefore, his shoes must have been defiled by satanic blood, symbolically. This is the reason why God said to Moses, "Take off your shoes."

Because God is pure, God cannot have communication with impurities. Therefore, to be able to have communication with God we must be pure. But we are not pure. Then what should we do? We need repentance first. Tears of repentance must be the first offering on the altar of God.

Repentance does not mean just tears. First of all, we must understand that what we have done was wrong. It was unprincipled - wrong. And next, we must deny what we have done before God. Aid third, we must do what is principled - to make God happy - to give joy to God. First stage, second stage, final stage. Therefore, first of all, repentance. Then Satan cannot accuse you. Then your prayer will be deep. Pray with gratitude. A prayer of gratitude is one of the most beautiful prayers. When you cannot raise much money - maybe just $30.00 - you usually think, "Oh, I cannot do anything at all, I can't, I can't." But before you say that, be grateful that you could get $30.00. Gratitude. Even one dollar - we must be grateful for God. Gratitude. So, repentance and gratitude. And next, you can talk to God as you like. Okay?

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