Divine Principle Lectures from the 120 Day Workshop

by Ken Sudo


God is the origin of us all. Everything came from God. And without God there cannot be anything. Nothing can exist without God. This is the most essential understanding of God.

Nevertheless, we came to be unable to understand God. There fore we lost everything. We became unable to understand anything. We came not to understand anything at all because we lost God.

Everything came from God, and we lost God. Therefore, there cannot be anything which has nothing to do with God. Nevertheless we lost God, therefore we don't know anything at all in this universe. We lost the beauty of nature, beauty of creation, beauty of birds, beauty of trees, beauty of the world.

Just imagine. Man was created as the lord over God's creation. When we look at a tiny flower, we can see the beauty of creation if our eyes are open. But man should have been far more beautiful than the flowers or the trees or beautiful nature. Man should have been more beautiful than the flowers or the trees or beautiful nature. Man should have been more beautiful than cherry blossoms in the spring. Beautiful cherry blossoms will bloom, but man should have been more beautiful than cherry blossoms. We enjoy seeing beautiful rose, but mar should have been more beautiful than the beauty of the rose.

In the early spring, when we are walking in the mountains, there will still be snow there. But if we come to a small meadow, and we find one tiny, tiny green bud, how happy we will be to see this green and beautiful budding. But man was created far more beautiful than these creations.

But many of us don't like to live with brothers and sisters. Man doesn't like to see man. himself. Instead he like to go out into nature. Why? In the fall of man, man became impure.

Man lost original value of man. Man lost man's nature, man's beauty, man's value. Man cannot find the original beauty of man in men. Therefore, man must go out to see beautiful nature.

This is sad; this is a sad fact, but it is true.

Man became ignorant of beauty of man. Men lost the beauty of man, and man became ignorant of man's beauty. Also, man became ignorant of the beauty of nature. He lost everything. everything. Man became ignorant of the existence of God. And so many, so many atheists are living now. Even though they are not atheistic, they cannot understand God's words. They cannot believe in God. They cannot understand God's words.

"What does this mean'" How deep it is, how great it is, we cannot understand. And we cannot feel God's love. We cannot feel God's love. We cannot feel the deep and warm embrace of God: we believe in God; but still we cannot feel existence of God with us. We cannot feel the fact that God is with us from morning to night. Therefore we don't feel the existence of God with us. Therefore; we think, "God is far beyond myself. Therefore, we can do evil; anything evil. If we truly can understand. "God is with me." we cannot do anything evil. Even we ourselves, as members of the Unification church, if no one is looking at us, we might do something evil. Because we don't understand God is with us.

Even though we believe in God, we understand Divine Principle, we believe that Father is the Messiah, still we cannot understand God. God is with us and He is desperately seeking us.

He is looking everywhere. Without God there cannot be anything. Because of sin, there came to be ignorance of God, ignorance of man, ignorance of nature. There have been many tragedies, but the greatest tragedy of mankind is ignorance of God.

Man became ignorant of God. Therefore, man became ignorant of man, and he also became ignorant of nature, of creation. Man became ignorant of God, therefore man became unable to love God. Therefore man became unable to understand and unable to love man, whom God loves. Therefore, man began to fight against his brothers, and so many troubles and conflicts have arisen because we don't love.

We lost the purpose of man, the significance of life, the meaning of life. Man lost true love and truth through impure love. Man lost these most precious things because man became ignorant of God. But open your eyes. God is revealing Himself through creation, through nature, through man himself. Listen to His voice. Hearken to Him. God is whispering through the singing of birds, through the whispering wind in the trees. God is whispering through them. We can find God. He's appearing, He is whispering! He is walking through the earth.

Therefore, through creations and through man we can see God. We can see God.

As you know, man is made after the image of God, and creation is made as a symbol of God. we know God has Original Sung-Sang and Original Hyung-sang. This is the essence of God.

Perfect Sung-Sang is His personality. The substantial world is the substantiation of God's nature, created after the image of God. Sung-Sang and Hyung-Sang both need attributes of positivity and negativity. And this is man; this is woman. As you know, man has the same shape as God has. Also, other creations are made as a symbol of God. Other creations also have Sung-Sang and Hyung-Sang, and many attributes of positivity and negativity.

For instance, male animals and female animals.

If you can understand this principle, you can find God in man. You can find God in man and in nature. When We look into man's essence, man's nature - man's original nature - we can see that this nature must have come from God. (This nature must have been the mirror, the image of God. An original man or Sinless man must be a perfect mirror of God. Therefore, when we look into sinless man, we can be very sure that we can see God in him. We can see God's attributes in him. There- fore, when he speaks truth, eternal truth, God is speaking through him. Then we can see truth, we can see God's truth in him. In this meaning, we can see God in him. Therefore, he is a little bit of God. God is speaking through him, and we can see God in him.

And as you know, when Jesus was speaking, some Israelites came to him with one woman, who committed fornication, adultery. And people accused and blamed the woman before Jesus, and they asked Jesus to judge this woman to be stoned to death. They asked, they asked, they asked: but Jesus was silent. He was just looking on the ground. And they came and asked Jesus what to do with this woman. They wanted to stone her. And Jesus looked upon them and said, "Those who have never committed sin, let them throw the first stone." One left, two left, three left. And after a while no one was there except for the woman.

We know this story very well. We sometimes can find God in Jesus. His love is God's love. Therefore, it wasn't Jesus who forgave the woman, but it was God who was speaking. It was an expression of God's love. Therefore, we can see God and we can see God's love in Jesus.

For anyone then, who was struggling to realize goodness, to realize love, this figure, Jesus, was the figure of God Himself. If anyone of us is struggling to see God, to find God - praying to God, seeking God, thinking of God, and reading the Bible, reading Divine Principle - to find God's nature or to find God Himself, this is just a reflection of God, who is looking for His own sons and daughters. God is praying. Yes, man is praying to God, but God is praying to man, 'Please show me your true self. Please show your genuine self to me. My son, my daughter, please show me yourself. I haven't seen you in 6,000 years. I am sad. I am sorrowful. Please come back to me, my son, my daughter."

If some of us are looking for God through prayer, through thinking, through struggling - this struggling is the reflection of the struggle of God for man, to find man, true man. This kind of behavior is a reflection of God's behavior. Without motivation from God, nothing can result. Therefore, without God, we cannot pray to God. Our prayer is the reflection of the prayer of God. Our struggle is the reflection of the struggle of God. Our desire, pure desire, is the reflection of the desire of God. Our love is a reflection of God's love. And if we can find this kind of behavior, we can see God even within our brothers and sisters. And only those who can find God in their brothers and sisters can see God in Messiah.

As you know, someone came before Jesus and said, "Teacher, let me see God." Then what did he say? What did Jesus say? "He who has seen me has seen God. Many and many people looked at Jesus, but they never saw God in him. Even the disciples couldn't find God in Jesus, because they couldn't find God in their brothers and sisters.

If we understand this point, we will always be looking for reflections of God in our brothers and sisters, and within ourselves. If we can find the motivating nature of God in our brothers and sisters, then we can find the entirety of God in each other. And then we can see God's nature, even the wholeness of God's nature in our brothers and sisters. We can begin to love our brothers and sisters. So if we cannot find God in brothers and sisters, then we cannot love brothers and sisters, but those who can find God in brothers and sisters are qualified and able to love brothers and sisters.

Therefore, don't look at brothers and sisters as just brothers and sisters. We must see them as reflections of God. Then you can see God in your brothers and sisters. Sometimes it's true that you can see Satan in your brothers and sisters, but we have a tendency to find only Satan and accuse and criticize our brothers and sisters. But we have to find a reflection of God in brothers and sisters. If our eyes are open, even from now on, we can see God in our brothers and sisters. Okay?

Man's nature, man's essential nature is a reflection of God's essence, God's nature. Therefore, if we can find something good in our brothers and sisters. if we can see God there, then we can meet with God in our brothers and sisters. Through talk with brothers and sisters, we are talking with God.. Through smiling at brothers and sisters, we are smiling at God. When we can find a beautiful smile of a brother or sister, we can find the smile of God. If you find someone serving others with sincere love, you can find God who is serving him or her with sincere desire of love. It's not Carl, it's not Joe, it's not Cindy, it's not Cathy, but it's God, God who is serving, who is smiling, who is speaking, who is crying, who is struggling.

You can find God in brothers and sisters. Okay? (Okay.)

If only our eyes are open, we can see God. Therefore, man is second Bible. We have Bible in our brothers and sisters if only we can see that, in which we can find God and God's words.

And also, we have a third Bible, which is nature. We can find God through nature. We can find God's face in creation. For instance, when you find even a nameless, tiny flower, you can find God there, and God's truth. For instance, it's the nature of flowers to just go on budding and just blooming until the stamen and pistil can reach perfection. Until that time, these petals will never open. Okay?

Therefore, even though a butterfly comes or bees come by for pollination, they will just fly by. Do you know what l mean? Until positivity and negativity can reach perfection - formation, growth, and perfection - they cannot be united into oneness. until perfection, there can be no give and take action between positivity and negativity.

Therefore, we can find same principle as Bible. Okay? Can you understand? Same principle as Bible.

I don't know if you know or not, but in Japan. we have some special plum tree. How do you say? A plum tree, whose flower is small; a tiny plum. When its fruit is young or immature,. it contains poison, hydrogen cyanide, a very thin solution of hydrogen cyanide. But when it is ripened, it contains no hydrogen cyanide. Only then can we eat it. What does this mean? What does this hydrogen cyanide mean? Immaturity? Death? This has the same meaning as Gen.2:17. Understand what I mean? No? Why not? Do you know that hydrogen cyanide is? It is very poisonous. If you take 0.015 grams of hydrogen cyanide, you will die in ten minutes - no, no, one minute, one minute. No. If you take this much of hydrogen cyanide or potassium cyanide. Ii you take this much, in ten seconds you will faint, and in one minute you will die. This is a terrible poison. The same thing is in this plum flower.

Now, do you understand what I mean? (Yes) Therefore, it has the same meaning as Genesis 2:17. "Don't eat of it.' While it is immature, don't eat if it. Don't eat of it. "If you eat of it, you will surely die. Therefore. it's very clear that man is lord over creation. God's commandment appeared even in creation - therefore, if we investigate the nature of creations, if we open our eyes and we can find God's words, we can find God's truth. Therefore, in the kingdom God, or in the Sun Myung Moon primary school, we will teach botany lessons this way. Okay'

(Laughter and applause)

This is far different from other schools. Our students will investigate nature and the nature of the creation, and they will be able to find God's truth through scientific investigation - through experiments in the class. We can find God's truth and God's love. And next, we can find God's love because we can find a small, tiny flower. Just look, and look, and look at this same nameless tiny flower. You will find yourself in this flower. You can find yourself in this flower, because if you look and look and look, it will become bigger and bigger and bigger.

Then you will find yourself in this flower. And look around yourself, look around yourself. What a beautiful structure it has, what a beautiful color it is. Red and clear. red and green, blue and green. Beautiful color, beautiful color.

And look; The world is filled with life, vivid life. And what a beautiful environment it is. You've never seen, you'll never have been in such a wonderful environment. And who created this world? Who created this environment? Who?


As I've said before, even the most excellent scientist cannot create even one petal of a flower. However excellent the scientist may be, he cannot create life by himself. Who made this wonderful environment out of soil, water and carbon dioxide? God. God created this tiny flower in which I am living, in which we are now. Then for what purpose, for what purpose did He create this flower without resting even at nighttime? He worked to make this flower from morning to night without rest. Even though no one could understand how precious and how beautiful it was still Heavenly Father created this flower from morning to night, without sleep. For what purpose? For what purpose?

To give joy to whom? To man. Then this tiny flower in which we are now living, is just an expression of God's love to man. In order to give this present to me, Heavenly worked hard every day, every day, every day; even overnight without sleeping He created this flower when I didn't know anything. Have you over cried to see one tiny flower? You have understood God's love for you. Is that right?

Then if you have this experience, you can understand what I mean. Therefore, through investigation - open your eyes and see this world. Then you can find God in creation - in the white snow, in the trees, in the twittering birds, you can see God. You can find You don't have find Satan there. No Satan there, only God. God's truth, God's words, God's love.

Man and creation are the image and symbol of God's nature. Therefore, we can find God's love in them both. And next. Hearken to heaven. Listen to God with a pure mind. Then you can hear God whispering to you through your deep intuition. Not always through man, not through nature, but directly to you. Directly to you, through intuition.

The Bible: says, "Ask and it will he given you', and 'Knock, and it will be opened to you.' How much do you ask of God? To find God Himself, to see Him, to be able to meet with him? How much do you ask? If you truly ask God, you will he able to see God. He will speak to you. Nothing indirectly, but directly, directly.

God appeared to Moses directly when he was walking in the wilderness. He saw brightening of light, and went, and God called him. God began to talk to him. And also the same God spoke to Elijah with a slight voice. And Elijah could hear God speak. And the same God called Abraham from the Ur of Chaldea, and he heard Him. And he obeyed God. He put aside everything and obeyed God. and came to Canaan and became the ancestor of the Israelites. God called Noah, and gave him directions to build the ark, and he did it. The same God is speaking to you, if your ears are open, intuitionally. God can speak to you, through your deep intuition.

Then, because we committed sin, we became ignorant of God. and we became ignorant of man and ignorant of nature. But open your eyes and open your ears. Then you can see God in man, in nature, and you can hear God speak through man, through nature, and sometimes directly through your own intuition.

Now through these understandings we can understand God. Yes, it makes sense. We can understand God, hut we cannot meet with God. Why? We can understand God, but we can not meet with God. Why?

We still have sin and we are far distant from God. Okay. And, we are in the indirect dominion of God. And we don't have God's desire. God is invisible to our physical five senses and spiritual five senses and we can see God through deeper intuition.


Our troubles or our difficulties are these: We can under stand God this way, but we cannot meet with God. We can understand God officially, on the blackboard, whit this kind of talking. I think this kind of talking is more helpful than lecture itself, isn't it? (Yes!)

But still, this is the official God. It isn't my own God. We need our own God. I need my own God, with whom I can have secret and personal communication. And we really want to call

Him our Father, "my Father." We must understand God through experience. Yes, we are looking for God: for an experience of God. Is it true? (Yes!)

Experience God. Is there anyone who wouldn't like to meet with God? (No.)

We have been looking, looking, looking for God, for an experience with God, haven't we? Yes. "Oh, Heavenly Father, if You are with me, please show Yourself to me. Please show Yourself, please reveal Yourself to me. I haven't been with You for 6,000 years. Therefore, I've never been truly happy. I've never experienced true joy with You. I've never been embraced by You." This is our essential desire and intrinsic desire, our long-cherished desire which has never been fulfilled.

Then have you ever met with God?

How deep was it? How many can say that you have met with God? Then how did you meet with God? Stand up. Stand up. Okay, okay, through finding something in nature he found God.

Someone else. How did you meet God?

That's good. That reminds me of Tagore, the Indian poet. He had a similar experience.

Okay. Perfect man. Maybe his eyes must have been open.

Then someone else. Good testimonies.

Even though we met God once, still we cannot be satisfied enough. Our essential desire must be to meet with God every day, every day, every day; every moment, every moment, every moment. We must feel His love every moment, must feel His deep understanding, His warm embrace every moment. "I want to eat up God." Sometimes we try to eat God's head, head of God. But it doesn't taste so good. We must eat up God's heart. Otherwise, we are not satisfied. Until we eat up God Himself, our stomach cannot be satisfied.

We are looking for God, we are seeking for God, truly looking for God, because we know that unless we see Him, unless we are with Him, we cannot feel at peace and joyful. This shows that we are truly children of God. If we are not children of God, why do we seek for God so deeply, so honestly, desperately? If we are Satan's children, we should seek for Satan desperately - "Oh , my father, my father." Have you ever done this? (No!)

No. This shows that we are not sons of Satan. We are truly sons of, God. Daughters of God. How can children without parents be children? How can we be man without God? This is the reason why we must find God. We must see God, we must be embraced by God. We must be in the depths of His blood. Otherwise, we cannot be in peace.

Then why can we not experience God? Why can we not have an experience with God? This is a problem. We are not one with God. This is the reason. Why are we not one with God? Because of sin. Therefore, in order to experience God, not only to understand Him, but also to experience God sin must be solved. Because of same deep reason, or because of merit of ancestors, because of effort of ancestors, we are sometimes given the privilege of an experience of God, just as these brothers and sisters testified: but unless a ceaseless effort to find God is made, it's very difficult to be one with God from morning to night, every moment. We need ceaseless endeavor, trial and effort. Yes, we must pay indemnity. Otherwise sin cannot be diminished. Otherwise we cannot be one with God. This is what Principle teaches.

One wonderful experience can be a foundation, but still we need ceaseless effort in order to be one with God. And by the way, I must say that if we try without the Messiah, we cannot see God. Therefore, through our effort, if we do see God, it's due to the existence of the Messiah.

Then, in order to understand God, in order to experience God, we must pay indemnity. Then what kind of indemnity should we pay? First of all, prayer. We can see God, we can meet with God in prayer. When we are praying deeply, in the depths of our prayer, it's very true that sometimes Heavenly Father can whisper to us. We can catch His words, not with our physical five senses, but with intuition.

Maybe some brothers and sisters who just now gave testimony, have listened to God this way.

Many inspirations came in the depths of prayer. Through prayer we can :feel God's truth, and also we can find how sinful we are. Without prayer we cannot feel sin, we cannot discover our sin. Tonight, let's discuss prayer. Maybe at this time I can explain more deeply what prayer is. Through prayer we can see God. In the depths of prayer, we can meet with God directly, directly. Still, prayer must be offered through True Parents.

And if our prayer is deep enough, we can feel very sure that this prayer was taken by God. Then even without being answered directly, we can be very confident that someday this prayer will come true. Then we can be at peace. Peaceful joy comes through prayer. We can become very confident, however difficult any situation may seem. If our prayer is deep, it will make us confident and steadfast. Even in violent storms, we can always see the peaceful blue sky. Then, in faith, and in prayer, we can always see smiling sunshine. We can see God's Smile even in the most violent storm. I always looked for this in Father, in the True Parents. We are always shaking and saying 'What should we do?' What should we do?" But Father is always smiling. And in the final moment,. his faith comes through. We must share his secret. We have his secret. We must inherit his secret of faith in prayer.

I will give one testimony about Father, when Father met with President Nixon. I forget when exactly. But Father told us, When just a few people were talking with Father, he told us that he had to see President Nixon by the end of January. We never told this to the members, but I heard it from Father directly. He had to see President Nixon by January, by the end of January, from a providential point of view, Father said. It was not so far off, only one month - one or two months. We went to Washington and did many things. We went for the Christmas tree-lighting ceremony. And we met President Nixon with flags and said and did everything. But we couldn't do enough, as you know. Father's intention was more. We couldn't do enough. Something more than ordinary things. We couldn't fulfill our portion of responsibility. To tell the truth. Therefore, we were afraid and said. "Oh, the time is near, and we tried once but we were not so successful." And therefore Father called us all to Washington again and we went, and we did everything again. And I didn't know if it was enough or not, but still Father was very confident. And the situation was very difficult.

For instance, Father was invited to President Nixon's Prayer Breakfast, but still it was a very difficult task to get tickets. Father's seat wasn't in such a good place. Many accusations were made against Father. Father was mistreated or treated improperly at this breakfast. So very early in the morning Father came to us - do you remember? On January 30 or 31, very early in the morning. If it was left up to us, we would have been very depressed. There was only one day left.

In that case, could you have kept faith? Father had to meet President Nixon by the next day otherwise the providence of God could not he fulfilled. The Messiah might fail his mission, and his mission in America might have failed. Only one day, and this day was slipping by. Many members were there, and expecting much.

That morning Father spoke very strongly and organized an IOWC and everything, and gave much inspiration. He was acting very different from us. And on the next morning, Father actually did meet with President Nixon.. A telephone call came from President Nixon himself, not from anyone else, the last moment of January 31, just before Father was scheduled to leave. This historical event happened just thirty minutes before his departure.

I couldn't understand this. I was completely in the dark. Father is truly great. He must have prayed deeply. And I felt through his prayer he must have had deep conviction, because he felt that God must have received his prayer. And so his faith comes from his prayer. Yes, truly through prayer we can be very confident that Heavenly Father can work. Through prayer we can see God, we can meet with God. In prayer, we can meet with God. And if this prayer is constant, ever if it isn't realized at that very moment, later it will truly be realized. Yes, Father can answer our prayer. We should have deep conviction. Don't give up in your prayer.

Mr. Cha? Mr. Cha, I heard you prayed five years to come to America. Can you give a short testimony? (Mr. Cha spoke.)

I heard you prayed in Korea five years to come to America, and it was realized now. Can you give us some testimony? How did you pray?

(Mr. Cha gave testimony)

Map. Good method . Always he must have concentrated on America, for America. "Heavenly Father, America; Heavenly Father, America.' Five years he continued, and it came true.

Therefore, we can have an experience of God through prayer.

And next. We can meet with God through challenging our limitations. Challenge limitations. We can experience God through challenge. Through challenging limitations we can see God. Who do think made these limitations on you? Satan. Therefore, if we are within limitations, this means we are within Satan. This means we cannot see God. Therefore, if we challenge, and break through the limitations, in the next moment, God appears to you. God will reveal Himself to you.

Therefore, God is behind Satan. We must meet with Satan first and might fight against Satan, struggle with Satan. And when we can crush him, when we subjugate him, in the next moment.

Heavenly Father is smiling at you. What is the saying? Dark clouds and silver something? However thick and dark clouds may be, beyond - what is the American saying? Every dark cloud has a silver lining.

Therefore, usually we give up when we meet Satan. Therefore. Heavenly Father is just waiting for us, but we give up, Therefore, Satan wins, And we say, I couldn't, I couldn't."

Maybe this kind of - no time, already no time. I just intended to speak maybe one hour. Already it's been two or three hours.

Therefore, challenge limitations and destroy the barriers and in the next moment, God is waiting for us with both hands outstretched. Therefore, when you feel the situation very difficult, almost impossible, that is the very moment Satan is feeling. 'Oh he's strong; he's almost impossible.' And if you retreat; Satan wins. But at the next moment, at the price of your own life, if you penetrate to the depths with a desperate effort, Satan retreats and God will receive you. This is the one key to make miracles. The word 'impossible" doesn't come from God. Who made it? Satan made it and we made it. We made it. We are always putting limitations on God. God isn't limited. There are no limitations in God. We are putting limitations on God. We are making Heavenly Father impotent. Abandon this idea. Then after breaking through this limitation, this satanic limitation, God will be waiting for you with both hands stretched. Then Satan will be shrinking away, like this.

Number three. I've been talking about how to pay indemnity, and how can we experience God, through prayer, and through challenging limitations. And next. God is pure. Therefore, God cannot have give and take action with impurities. But even though we are in the Unification Church, we still have so many impurities within ourselves. This is the reason why God cannot reveal Himself to you.

Tears of repentance are the key to open the door to Heavenly Father. The biggest hindrances are arrogance and selfishness. Also Chapter Two problems - lustful desire. Arrogance, selfishness, lustful desire - these should be deeply repented. Then God can come to you, and you can have an experience with God. Tears of repentance are the best way to see God.

God reveals Himself to purity because He is pure. Therefore, don't say, 'I cannot understand God." But say, 'I am impure.' Therefore, if someone says, 'I cannot understand God." this doesn't mean he cannot understand Divine Principle, but it means he is impure.

If we cannot understand God, the existence of God, the works of God, God's words, God's love, it's not because we cannot understand the truth, or because we cannot understand Divine Principle. It's not because of lack of knowledge. We are given so much knowledge. It is not because of lack of knowledge, but lack of purity. Because of impurity, we cannot understand God. Therefore, we are without excuse. As the Bible says, we are without excuse.

We see beautiful nature, we see many people, we see Father, we understand Divine Principle. We are completely without excuse. Yes. Purity. Since we are not pure, therefore, we need to repent. Repentance will take us to God. Tears of repentance are far more precious than a brilliant diamond.

And next. God appears based on our faith. God can reveal Himself where faith is, where faith exists. We can have an experience of God when we have faith.

And next. We can see God and we can meet with God in the rock bottom hell. We don't want self-centered happiness, where we cannot find God at all. By sacrificing ourselves, shedding tears, sweat and blood, and by serving others we can see God. We can meet with God. Because Heavenly Father is doing it this way, therefore the situation is same for us.

Therefore, we can have communication with God, we can have give and take action with Him. And if can see God, we can meet with God Father calls this, 'God's way of life.' He always talked in the Day of Hope banquets about God's way of life.' If we lead God's way of life, we can always meet with God.

Number three was purity, repentance, and faith. And rock bottom of hell. Maybe next time I will peak on some other key points. There is no time this time. Changing our point of view is the key to understanding everything. We are always feeling, understanding, looking and doing everything from our own point of view. Understanding, feeling, looking, judging, evaluating everything from our own point of view. If we continue to do things this way, however long we will have been in the Unification Church, we will have nothing to do with God. We will have nothing to do with God's heart and, we will have nothing to do with Father's heart. We must change our point of view from our own point of view to God's point of view.

I think this will be good homework for you; changing your point of view. What does it mean, what does it really mean? Maybe from this time on, maybe for a couple of days, really think - change your point of view. What is changing your point of view? This will be a fundamental theme throughout the 40-day training session, also the 120-day training session. If we can substantiate these contents, the entire atmosphere of America will change: the entire Unification Church will be changed.

Sometimes I feel the Unification Church is Godless; God is absent in Unification Church, because of this point, simply. This is just the beginning of the changing of the atmosphere of the Unification Church.

I prepared some personal testimonies of these five points but of course, there is to time now. Therefore, maybe during this training session or some other time. I can give a testimony of my life.

Do you have your own God? Not the official one, not the official God, but your own God, your own Father. If you have, please tell your brothers and sisters. If you don't have your personal God, find out how you can have your own God, okay?

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