Sun Myung Moon, The Early Years, 1920-53

By Michael Breen

Korean Names

The following is a list of the Korean names which appear in the text, indicating their relationship to Sun-myung Moon

Aum Duk-moon, Korean student in Tokyo, joined Unification Church

Baek Nam-ju, controversial co-founder of the Jesus Church

Cha Sang-soon, Unificationist from north Korea

Chang Bong-hee, Communist friend in Tokyo. Changed his name to Chang Chol. Currently, arts minister in north Korea

Chi Seung-do, Unificationist from north Korea

Cho Eung-soo, prisoner in Hungnam

Cho In-Bok, school wrestling champion in Seoul

Cho Man-slk, Christian nationalist leader, head of interim government in north Korea

Choi Pil-gun, president of Pyongyang Seminary

Choi Sun-kil, Moon Sun-myung's first wife

Chong Choon-shik, prisoner in Hungnam

Chong Dal-ok, Unificationist from north Korea

Chong Deuk-eun, Unificationist in north Korea

Chong Myong-sun, Unificationist in north Korea, husband of Kim Chong-hwa

Chong Shin-taek, teacher in Monum village

Chung Suk-cheon, son of Kim Song-do of the Holy Lord Church

Emoto Ryumei, Sun-myung Moon's Japanese name

Gye Hyo-on, minister at local Presbyterian church when the Moons converted

Hahn Byoung-ku, prisoner in Hungnam

Han Joon-myung, co-founder of the Jesus Church


Han Kyongjik, Presbyterian minister, co-founder with Yoon Ha-yong of Christian Social Democratic Party in north Korea

Han Sang-dong, refugee Christian minister in Pusan

Hong Yi-sun, female celibate at Israel Jesus Church retreat

Huh Ho-bin, leader of the In-the-Belly group in north Korea

Im Nam-sook, Sunday school student, daughter of Lee Kee-bong

Ju Heung-shik, prisoner in Hungnam

Kang Do-sun, teacher at local church school

Kang Hyun-shil, Unificationist in Pusan

Kang Shim-heun, prisoner in Hungnam

Kang Suk-kyong, wealthy Jesus Church member

Kang Yang-uk, Protestant minister, maternal uncle of Kim Il-sung

Kim Baek-moon, founder of the Israel Jesus Church

Kim Bom-joon, spiritualist who prophesied Korea was the new Israel

Kim Chang-soon, Communist friend in Tokyo

Kim Chi-joon, Presbyterian church elder, father of Kim In-ju

Kim Chong-hwa, leading Unificationist in north Korea

Kim Chee-son, deacon at church in Seoul

Kim Hwa-sik, Christian leader in north Korea

Kim Il-sung, north Korean Communist leader

Kim In-ho, prisoner in Hungnam

Kim In-ju, Unificationist from north Korea

Kim Je-san, Unificationist in Pusan

Kim Jin-soo, Christian minister in Hungnam prison

Kim Ku, nationalist leader

Kim Kyung-gye, mother

Kim Nam-jo, woman who introduced Kim Baek-moon to Christianity

Kim Nam-seon, team leader in Hungnam prison

Kim Seung-tae, prisoner in Hungnam

Kim So-wol, poet from Jeongju county

Kim Song-do, founder of the Holy Lord Church

Kim Won-dok, follower from Hungnam prison

Kim Won-pil, Unificationist from north Korea


Kim Yeon-ok, prisoner in Hungnam

Kim Young-oon, Jesus Church member and, later, Unificationist theologian

Kim Yongjin, male celibate at Israel Jesus Church retreat

Ko Hee-yong, wife of Aum Duk-moon

Kwak No-pil, friend in Heuksok-dong, arrested by police in Seoul

Kwon Duk-pal, fellow lodger and lay preacher at church in Seoul

Lee Bom-sok, first prime minister of South Korea

Lee Ho-bin, co-founder of Jesus Church, officiated at Moon's wedding

Lee Han-shin, co-founder of Jesus Church

Lee Il-duk, husband of In-the-Belly group leader, Huh Ho-bin

Lee Kee-bong, landlady, Jesus Church member, daughter of Kang Suk kyong

Lee Kee-ha, landlady, Jesus Church member, daughter of Kang Suk kyong

Lee Kee-hwan, daughter of Kang Suk-kyong, follower of Kim Baek-moon, joined Moon in Pusan

Lee Kwang-su, writer from Jeongju county

Lee Myong-nyong, local landowner, church elder, independence figure

Lee Seung-hoon, founder of Osan School, independence figure

Lee Yo-han, Unificationist in Pusan

Lee Yong-do, Charismatic co-founder of the Jesus Church

Moon Chi-kook, paternal grandfather

Moon Da-song, 7th century ancestor of the Moon clan

Moon Hyo-shim, sister

Moon Hyong-chon, first teacher in Morum village

Moon Ik-jum, 13th century diplomat who brought cotton to Korea

Moon Jong-bin, follower in Hungnam prison

Moon Jong-ul, paternal great grandfather - his pen-name was Sun-ok

Moon Kyung-bok, uncle and next-door neighbor

Moon Kyung-chun, father's cousin and next-door neighbor

Moon Kyung-koo, uncle

Moon Kyung-yoo, father


Moon Seung-gyun, second cousin Changed his name in l960s to Seung-yong

Moon Sung-jin, son

Moon Yong-gi, cousin

Moon Yong-gwan, younger brother who died in childhood

Moon Yong-ho, younger sister who died in childhood

Moon Yong-hyon, cousin

Moon Yong-myung, Sun-myung Moon's original name

Moon Yong-soo, elder brother

Moon Yong-sun, cousin

Moon Yoon-kook, great uncle and local Presbyterian minister

Mu Jong, north Korean general

Na Choi-sup, female celibate at Israel Jesus Church retreat

Ok Se-hyun, Unificationist from north Korea

Pak Chang-je, teacher in Morum village

Pak Chong-hwa, follower from Hungnam prison

Pak Ki-ho, teacher in Sangsa-ri

Pak Kyong-do, Sunday school student, follower of Kim Baek-moon, joined Moon in Pusan

Pak Kyongjoon, brother of Pak Kyong-do, deacon at Pentecostal church in Seoul

Pak Myeong-hwan, prisoner in Hungnam

Pak Song-san, minister at Pentecostal church in Seoul

Pak Sul-nam, female celibate at Israel Jesus Church retreat

Pak Ul-nae, Unificationist in north Korea

Rhee Syng-man, (usually known as Syngman Rhee) first president of south Korea

Song Moon-kyu, young neighbor in Pusan

Woo Jong-ae, daughter of Ok Se-hyun

Woo Jong-soon, daughter of Ok Se-hyun

Yoo Koo-bok, fellow student and lodger in Seoul

Yoon Ha-yong, Presbyterian minister, co-founder with Han Kyong-jik of Christian Social Democratic Party in north Korea


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