Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery



After almost two years in this region, I have finally landed a team in Houston. I am not sure at this moment of just exactly how things stand. I have been fighting hard to beat an enemy I can't see.

One of my biggest breakthroughs came yesterday when I stopped looking at the external situation, which is to say hate and resentment instead of love and forgiveness. I guess you could say I could see my sin as well. It's still too close to be very objective, but I feel that I must unite the past, present and future. In other words, I must clearly understand where I am coming from, correctly analyze where I am in the present, in order to go forward toward the goal of the future.

Anyway, before I get too lost in that I will just say I am sub-captain to Larry Krishnek in Houston and surrounding area with Roger Balabano, Howie Comis, Wade Jones, and eight sisters, including Beverly from my last team, and Michiyo Fujita, who is the Japanese team mother.

She first came to my team in Lubbock, when she first came to this region from Mr. Tsujimura's region in Florida, and it was to her that I laid bare my heart. By her inspiration we did a three-day fast before God's Day, to try to lay some foundation for victory. She called Mr. Suwamaki and he said I must write him and tell him the details of my ordeal, but it was so difficult. Finally I managed to get it done. I just hope I didn't saying anything damning anyone. I just want victory. 

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