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Can't Argue with Results


This week has been very good for me. Fundraising from a wheelchair has been a stimulating change. Every day I have been in front of small stores like Safeway or TGandY or Furr's. Friday I made $276 and Saturday $306. I even blitzed in my chair a little.

I know many people are giving because they think I'm handicapped, and I'm not saying anything to make them think different. When someone asks me why I'm in a wheelchair, I tell them the truth. I tell them I have a problem with my legs that makes it hard for me to be on my feet. But most people don't ask, and I know the vast majority assume I can't walk.

I've discovered it's incredibly easy to do a wheelie. I can pop the little front wheels off the ground and hold it like that indefinitely. I have no fear of falling over backward. Little kids love it.

It's hard being in a wheelchair too. I get tired of sitting and being in the same spot all day. I want to get up and move around. I miss the change of scenery. But I can't get up. If anyone sees me stand up, even just to stretch, they'll know I don't really need a wheelchair.

That's the irony. I'm not crippled, but do need a wheelchair. I can't do my mission right now without it. I hate the deception, but I'm only doing it because I have to. If I could run around on my feet all day, I would.

No one on the team seems to care, especially Tony. Our team is getting good results for a change. That's what matters. 

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