Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

Spiritual Logjam


Linda and I are on a Greyhound headed to Austin to join Tony's team. Even before commander told me of the change, I knew it was coming. I had been leading a team for the past month out of the center. We didn't get any great crushing victories, but I felt a wonderful unity developing. I spent a lot of time mapping out area in Dallas, really trying to unite with commander and set a high standard.

I miss the center so much. I miss Mother Serenity, whose son Paul is in the church, and her health food breakfasts and lunches. I miss Challenge, the German shepherd puppy that commander bought. Every night we would come home and Challenge, who's about six months old, and I would play in the yard. No matter how badly the world treats you, a dog is always happy to see you. He reminded me of Ailsa, the German shepherd I had when we were kids in Dover.

Sometimes early in the morning, before dawn, commander, Tony and I would get up and go fishing for an hour at Grapevine Lake, which is right at the back of our property.

One time we had to go recover $1,000 from a brother named George, who stole it from Captain Hernandez. It was such an evil condition. I wonder if George is even still alive.

But I feel I am a spiritual logjam in Grapevine. I need a new challenge. Howie is coming to stay at the center to support commander and fundraise from there.

I love Texas. 

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