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The Real McCoy


National MFT has been reorganized again. My team's area is West Texas. We also have a new commander, W. I think he's younger than me physically but slightly older spiritually. Until now I'd never heard of him. He has a very "bookish" appearance," not someone I would think of as an MFT type. He reminds me of my Uncle Bill. I like him very much.

What happened is that our other commander, Larry Glasner, who took over the region about six weeks ago, broke his toe at a commanders' meeting and it became aggravated to the point about a week ago that it wasn't going to heal without an operation. So he arranged with his father, who is a wealthy doctor in Beverly Hills, to have the surgery done for free.

But now his parents won't turn him loose or let anyone communicate with him. No one has said anything officially, but it looks to me like Mr. Glasner was kidnapped and is probably undergoing deprogramming as we speak. Otherwise New York would not have installed a new commander in our region.

I am leading a small team in West Texas: Jackie Lott, Linda McCoy and David Adams. Linda and I formed an instant bond. She's very cute, with blond hair bobbed short like most of the sisters. Unlike a lot of sisters, short hair looks good on her. She seems very sincere about uniting with me as her Abel. She listens to what I say and shows me a lot of respect in front of the other members, even calling me "Captain," even though I'm really not. Every day she has had good results and makes an honest effort to report her experiences. I feel her unity with me will be the foundation to build a strong team.

In my year or so on MFT, this kind of relationship has been the most consistent factor in a successful team. If the dominate sister on the team -- someone in the position of mother or Eve -- is united with the Captain (Adam / Abel), the rest of the team prospers. This cannot be a phony relationship. The sister has to genuinely feel a bond with the Abel figure, from the heart not the head. In the fallen world it would be called a crush or being in love, but here it has a deeper significance. We're restoring the fall, so relationships between men and women must be restored from boyfriend and girlfriend to brother and sister. The emotion is the same, but the way that love is expressed it pure and wholesome and without sin.

I can tell Linda likes me, and she can tell I like her. We don't have to say anything. Since we both know Principle, we know we won't let our emotions get carried away and fall. We will use the affection between us to raise up the entire team. It's a struggle, but a nice one. Love feels good.

Commander came to visit our team. I could tell right away he liked the unity of our team, which has been reflected in the team's results. We're a small but happy group, ready and willing to work hard for heaven. As a treat, commander took us to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico and we spent the day walking through the cavern, and in the evening we watched the bats come out. Then we went out for a steak dinner.

A couple days later I was summoned to Dallas for a captains' meeting. Commander told us MFT was now in the perfection stage, meaning our unity as a true family would attract monetary results like iron filings to a magnet. Then he took us to a Japanese tea garden in Fort Worth where we walked and talked some more and finally went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant. 

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