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Ray's Theory on Black Holes


I really don't know who I am. There are the lies that Satan has told me all my life, which make up my ego, and there is my true self, which perfectly resembles God but that I don't know at all. It is still hidden beneath all my sin, screaming to be liberated.

Three days ago, the 23rd, was Children's Day. Everyone met at a country club in the hills in upstate Texas. We spent the whole day playing volleyball and soccer and frisbee and running races and just being in love with each other.

Afterward we went out for pizza. I was talking to Raymond Hoffman, who told me his theory about black holes in the universe and the Second Law of Thermodynamics in light of the Divine Principle.

Raymond said black holes are places in the universe that are like a leak in a balloon. All energy that comes into the field of a black hole is sucked in and nothing can escape. No light, no heat, nothing. Raymond believes black holes are where evil spirits have congregated and greedily rob energy from the universe.

He says this explains the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which basically says that energy in the universe runs downhill. In other words, the universe is slowly losing power. Raymond believes all of this is a result of man's fall. Creation was perfect and was only waiting for man to fulfill his portion of responsibility and become lord of creation, to love and appreciate and use creation as it was intended.

But because of the fall, the purpose of creation was nullified and creation has been deteriorating or dying from want of true love. Like the Bible says: "Creation groans in travail waiting for the revealing of the sons of God." 

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