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Today was the last day of the 40-day period of pentecost following Washington Monument. It was also a Sunday, traditionally a day of not so high result. We usually only fundraise half a day on Sunday and then go out to dinner and see a movie. But during competition, like now, we fundraise all day no matter how slow it is. I made $132 going door-to-door in an apartment complex, so it was a pretty decent result for a Sunday.

Richard Panzer and Nancy Breyfogel, two of the highest sellers on the national MFT, have come to be with our team for a week. It's a real blessing to be around such powerful fundraisers, a chance to pick up some tips on how to tap into God's heart so we can make big results too.

Right now I'm struggling to see the difference between a good day of fundraising and a not so good day, because a lot of times I feel the same internally. Or to put it another way, I've done really well on days when I felt totally spaced out and disunited and had no enthusiasm or energy. And I've done really poorly on days when I felt deeply connected to God and I had a lot of energy and determination to crush. I know that fundraising is all spiritual, I've had too many spiritual experiences to deny that, but I don't understand why it still seems like most of the time it's just a question of area. Some places are good for fundraising no matter who does it, and some places are impossible.

And then there are people like Richard and Nancy, who can crush anywhere, even places where no one else can get any result. It's presumed that our team average will go up sharply because they are here.

I asked Richard what his secret is, but he said he didn't know how to answer. He just talked about God's heart and determination, all the stuff I've heard a million times before. 

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