Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

Victory or Die


Today had to be one of the heaviest days of my life of faith. The lesson of the day is love God first, put God before everything, save God from His grief, fulfill God's desire.

Steve Rappoli and I began the day at the Woolco parking lot I had fundraised last night, but we got kicked out. We left a message and went to a different area, but Satan stole the note so we were spaced out from the team. I returned to the parking lot later this evening and found the note was gone. Turns out the whole rest of the team got spaced out too.

The sisters had a $37 average. The brothers had around $50 average. I was high seller with $107. Nothing to brag about.

Captain spoke to us tonight and took full responsibility for not putting God first, for always trying to comfort brothers and sisters rather than comfort God.

Tomorrow begins competition, but our leaders are very worried. I feel I must get victory or die. 

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