Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

You Can't Fight City Hall


Today was a very difficult day. We had a terrible police problem in the town of Opalousas, Louisiana. Christoper dropped me and Michael Rendall there. We had been fundraising less than an hour before the cops picked us up.

The chief of police decided that there had been too many fundraisers and that we as a group came around too often. They held us up for a couple hours while they talked to the city judge. Finally they let us go like they were doing us a big favor.

We went over to city hall to check out the ordinance, but there wasn't one. Still, no one would give us permission. The mayor, the city attorney, the city judge -- all said it was up to the police chief. The chief knew about Father, so I suspect he was negative.

I would much rather fundraise that go through what I did today. I felt God's frustration. We never gained victory.

Our sister Roseanne came back today. She had left with just a note saying she was going to fast for seven days. So Commander said we had to make a prayer condition until she came back. The sisters have been struggling very much. Their course is so much more difficult since the fall came through Eve. 

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