Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

Small World: Tulane University Edition


I'm in New Orleans. Already so much has happened. I don't know if I can recall everything.

I am on a small team with a brand, spanking new captain, Christopher Rood. Yesterday a seller, today a captain. I should be a leader, but I haven't taken enough responsibility. Last night, Tony Scazzero, our sub-leader, said that I love people in the fallen world more than brothers and sisters. Of course it's true. I've focused all of my energy since I've been on MFT on having God's compassion for the people so they'll want to give. Tony's words were really judgmental and I felt so accused I could hardly fundraise.

It didn't help that I already feel accused by spirit world of not loving the people enough as it is. I know the spiritual benefit of them buying, but I've been failing them. Now Tony says I love brothers and sisters even less.

A few weeks ago I ran into Holly Baggett, the girl from Dover who came to dinner at the Washington Street center last year. I met her walking across the Tulane University Campus after I had gotten kicked out of the dorms for fundraising. She was pretty blown away. 

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