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No More Regrets


Satan attacked very hard today. The team only averaged around $80. I managed to squeak out $141 after a little overtime. I am sure the money only could come on the foundation of this last week.

Today Kimiko told me that this third week was perfection stage for me. The first week was when Jack, Michael and I were together in the small car and I made my goal every day except Monday and Sunday, the first and last days of the week, which Kimiko said were most important. The second week I fulfilled every day except Monday, the first day, and ended the week yesterday with a $200 average.

Kimiko said now I don't need to focus so much on making money but can focus more internally on loving the people. The money will come automatically because I got victory.

Today was a fierce battle in Fort Smith, the town where I first made over $300 on Richard Panzer's team in February. This final week I determined to challenge $350 every day and not end the day with less than $140. More and more I am coming to just have faith in God and forget my own concepts about making money.

When I think about Washington Monument being so close, I realize that never again for eternity will we ever have the chance to overcome so much in such a short amount of time. We will never have this chance again to serve True Parents on the individual level.

All my life I have looked back in regret. But this time I am determined to leave behind a legacy of victories. All things that we do are recorded for eternity spiritually and historically. We are in the spotlight and everyone is watching with keen interest.

The victory of Washington Monument depends on individual and team victories, especially mine. 

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