Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

Bronx or Bust


Yesterday we went to Harlem and had a parade and rally. The people there were pretty positive. They are looking to Reverend Moon to be another Martin Luther King. At least they are curious. Yesterday was also the fifth day of my fast. It was a bit rough but today I feel pretty good.

After the parade we went back to the hotel to rest. I tried to call home but there was no answer. Then I ran into my spiritual son, Alvaro, from Oakland. His father is coming from Guatemala for the parents conference at the hotel.

I did finally get through to my parents. Mom said she was coming to Yankee Stadium. I was shocked and surprised, but when I said I didn't think I could come home for Gary's graduation, dad hung up. I don't know why.

Today we went to Belvedere to see Father for the first time since January, when True Parents left for Korea. He spoke a lot about Yankee Stadium, of course, but most especially about these final three days being the most critical. Three-day periods have always been significant in God's providence, and Father said these three days can pay all the indemnity for victory at Yankee Stadium. He spoke for a relatively short time.

Then Colonel Pak gave us instructions and a rundown on the format of the festival from beginning to end and what our responsibility was for each part. They don't call Col. Pak "Mr. Bubbling Enthusiasm" for nothing. He is always so excited, and it's infectious. Just listening to him made everyone giddy with anticipation. 

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