Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

Sleepless in Sambo's


Greeley, Colorado -- the only town that smells like a feed store.

Basil and I came back to Denver this morning after completing the last day of competition, which for us lasted two days and one sleepless night. It began on the 19th, when Basil and I got a bus to Cheyenne, but we didn't do so good as the place had been fundraised so much. So we went to Laramie, but that was even worse. The church has a center there next to UW campus and most of the townspeople knew us and were generally negative. So we left town the same day and came to Greeley.

But we still didn't do so well as Greeley has also been fundraised a lot recently. Still, the next day, the 21st, we got an early start after Captain Yasuda called us and said we must each make $250 or don't come back. By 9 o'clock that night Basil had just over $100 and I had about $150. I called the center and Kate said we had to fulfill, and as long as we didn't go to sleep, even if it took three days, it would still count as one day.

So Basil and I determined that we would do it. We went out blitzing, but we made very little and spent the night in Sambo's drinking coffee. We tried to fundraise the place, but the manager wouldn't let us and there was nothing open, so we just stayed there and took turns bringing our product from the shopping center into town.

We decided to go to Loveland, but then we found out there was no bus to Loveland, so we finally decided to get a rental car. We finally made our goal by 8 o'clock last night and then drove back to Greeley and spent the night at the apartment of a couple of sisters who are pioneering and whom we had met while they were witnessing in a bar the night before. Cathy and Jan gave us dinner and at 10 o'clock we listened to an interview on the radio that Cathy did to refute the allegations of brainwashing and to counter the false information about the church and Father.

We arrived back in Denver to find Mr. Hayashi and his wife had come for a visit for a couple days. They brought us a new van, and tomorrow Mr. Hayashi will give us a report on the world situation. 

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