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Here's Two Bucks, Have a Blast

April Fools Day

We celebrated Parents Day today, although New York celebrated yesterday. Today Mr. Hayashi and Mr. Sawamukai, who is from MFT headquarters in New York, came to visit our team. So we began our competition yesterday. Unfortunately, I failed to fulfill my $175 goal with only $143 at 12:30 am. I got dropped off for one hour but I didn't make a single cent. I felt really bad but I tried to sing and think about the team and Captain Yasuda. We did finally fulfill our team goal of $160 average.

Today we went horseback riding, the first time since I broke my leg three-and-a-half years ago. But it was great. I want to ride again. Then we had dinner at a Korean restaurant in downtown Denver with Mr. Hayashi and Mr. Sawamuki. Then back at the center Mr. Sawamuki showed us a movie about the Yoido Island rally held in Korea last June 7. I was trying to remember when Imoe and I left Atlanta. It was June 17, ten days after the victory at Yoido Island.

Now we are sixty days from Yankee Stadium. Father says that these sixty days represent 6,000 years of human history, so that every day represents 100 years. I think I will make a condition to change my heart to become more serious and united with Captain Yasuda by not eating during the day until 6 o'clock, at least for the competition.

Today Captain Yasuda dropped us off downtown with $2 each to just do whatever we wanted. Mike, Basil and I went to a used paperback and comic book store, but it was kind of depressing because there was nothing of any value there. Basil left and finally Mike and I left.

We stopped by a Catholic church on the way back. It was very beautiful and we prayed. I put my $2 in a donation box by the door which said, "To help the poor." I couldn't spend it on myself. 

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