Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

Absolute Order of Melchisedec


Tomorrow begins 21-day competition for Yankee Stadium. A couple things I have learned about Yankee Stadium are that afterward we will be in the perfection stage of the messiah's mission, as Jesus died at the top of the growth stage and Adam also fell at the top of the growth stage. So we must bring victory or all will be lost.

I must make internal as well as external goals or after Yankee Stadium I will feel like I didn't accomplish anything. Externally I pledge $175 a day. Internally I will seek to comfort God's heart through repentance. Each member of the UC is responsible for 3,320 people in spirit world.

Today Lori and Susan had a police problem. Lori spent nine hours in jail. Tonight, blitzing Denver's downtown bars, I was telling people the flowers would bring good luck. It felt good, but Captain Yasuda told me not to say that because it wasn't true.

There is another spiritual group in Denver called The Absolute Order of Melchisedec, based on Hebrews 7 in the Bible, and they fundraise the downtown bars every night with flowers, leathers and trinkets. They have been very down on us and rude to us because they feel we are stealing their area. I have tried to talk to them about what they believe, but they are very evasive. All I know is they have an arts and crafts school that they fundraise for. 

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