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Needless to say, there isn't much time for personal things like diaries and journals when one is on MFT, so naturally my little book has been suffering from lack of attention.

The past two weeks have been an improvement for our team performance, especially with Robert Bovie, who didn't make any kind of result until he fasted for two days. We had over $200 average the second day of his fast. Mariko, our beloved Japanese sister, has worked miracles in making members determined to achieve victory.

Of course, I have had very wonderful experiences fundraising every day, doing mostly small towns in Arkansas, but recently we did Shreveport, Louisiana, for a few days. I have been averaging about $200 this last week.

Now we are in Dallas with all the other MFTs of Commander Hayashi. We have been re-divided into new teams and I have been chosen to be sub-leader with Steven Shute. Our area will be Colorado and Wyoming.

Last night we had about an hour of sleep after arriving in Dallas before we had to get up for Pledge Service. But in that hour I dreamt I was being tempted very terribly. It was like I couldn't escape. I was just being assaulted from all sides. Finally I just prayed and I simultaneously felt so repentful and so grateful for MFT, and then Mariko appeared and put her hand on my cheek and I felt the holy spirit. 

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