Rune Rofke - Glenn Emery

Why, Buford, Why?


Today is True Parents' birthday. Happy birthday.

Yesterday we were in Stuttgart, Arkansas, where I had my best day yet with $232. Physically I had to fight it out. My left ankle and thigh bothered me, so I set many running conditions to overcome. Today they hardly bothered me at all.

We were in Helena and West Helena, Arkansas, today. Spiritually it was really good. I felt the spirit of True Parents for the first time, where it lasted the whole day. I could concentrate on loving the people and it was just so good. Everyone on the team felt the same spirit. Kent broke $200. Tim did well. Robert broke through. I made $186.

We quit early, around 7:30, to celebrate True Parents' birthday. We had spaghetti, which was great after fasting yesterday in Stuttgart. Then we went out to a movie, "Walking Tall, Part II," which was pretty good, a true story of Principle in action. God was always protecting Buford as long as he was fighting for goodness, so that even though he had many attempts on his life, God always saved him. But when he quit being sheriff, then Satan invaded and killed him in June of 1974.

Tonight we are in Clarksdale, Mississippi, where we will fundraise tomorrow. Richard has asked me to drive the team tomorrow. I accept the challenge. 

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